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For the week of April 22 – 28, 2019

The week starts off on Earth Day with a major wake up call (or a dharma bell)… loud and clear, shaking us out of our slumber and calling us forth to get grounded, centered, and present, from the heart. There’s no time to waste. The New Earth begins Now.

The new beginnings are rooted from the authentic blueprint of truth that is encoded within. If we refuse or disobey the authenticity of the heart, we’ll feel the edge of discomfort like an annoying snooze button that keeps getting louder and louder until we respond and say Yes, no turning back. Life is facilitating our moment of transformation, and there’s nothing off limits for the purpose of our awakening.  There’s nothing to push, force, or make happen…simply surrender to the current moment and be fully here, now.

Transformation requires an edge of discomfort, so its important to honor the messenger, honor the experience, and allow the wholeness of the moment to deliver an unexpected new beginning and authentic expression.  Just because our world might get shaken up out of familiar territory doesn’t mean anything is “wrong”, but we do need to pay attention. What’s required right now is presence, and a commitment to channel our undivided attention into each tangible moment. Watch the ways we get distracted, even if those distractions look appealing or purposeful. Keeping our attention planted within the heart, the divine blueprint awakens and unfolds from within.

Self care is important, even more so as we navigate new beginnings and transitions. When the terrain looks unfamiliar or uncharted, we’re vulnerable…and that vulnerability makes us ripe for awakening beyond what we already know. When we have a false sense of security, we tend to take things for granted, becoming reckless with our attention, slipping into automatic pilot without discerning the subtle indicators that our presence is slipping. In order to navigate the epic portal of de-manifestation and new beginnings, we must be wide awake as conscious creators, collaborators, and pioneers of the New Earth.

In moments of vulnerability, our requirements for trust and excellence are elevated, we look for something solid that we can count on. It’s important that we develop that sense of dependability within ourselves, and that relationship starts with the mind/heart connection and divine partnership of yin and yang. When our minds spin in fear, or race ahead trying to plan, predict, or figure things out, we actually create separation and fragmentation within, which escalates sensations of anxiety, confusion, and insecurity. The shift is to bring the mind back home, to the safe space within the heart, and trust. A deeply rooted mind becomes like the Tree of Life, centered and still, expansive and supportive, holding sacred space for transformation, allowing a higher vision to manifest with Love. Until that relationship is solid, we can’t realize our fullest potential, which means we can’t fully manifest our highest vision. As with any relationship, the way to strengthen is to build trust, and that takes practice, patience, consistency…and authenticity. We have to walk our talk, mean what we say, and have the courage to obey Love…even if it takes a thousand times, a million breaths, and a billion steps. We can’t get irritated or frustrated with the repetitive practice of trust building…if we do, we’ll create a shaky foundation that’s temperamental and conditional.

In order for a higher vision to take root, there must be consistency, stability, and disciplined practice that etches the new frequency deeper and deeper until it becomes the new “groove” in the crystalline structure. The moment of awakening doesn’t matter unless we consciously practice and live our breakthrough, which creates a new series of results that otherwise wouldn’t have been possible. If we resist or refuse consistent practice and integration, if we find it boring or inconvenient, we’ll miss this crucial building block of redesign. Oftentimes visionary leaders can be more focused on the next big revelation, the unprecedented idea, the new forward thinking movement…but unless we invest the time and energy into the disciplined practice of that idea, we’ll never see it come to fruition. The day to day investment into the ordinariness of tending to the garden is the most important place to focus right now.

The truth is, we’re awakening a higher vision and grounding it into our consciousness as the new foundation moving forward. Never before have we manifested solid ground at lightning fast speed, and everything right now is in flux – fluid and uncertain. Those who have the mental power, discipline, and devotion to hold sacred space for this new vision to take shape are the leaders of the new frontier. This is where our meditation practice becomes life practice. Our ability to hold our seat, from the equanimous seat of Love, neutral in our gaze, as the world around us transforms. Holding our seat in the vision of the heart, awakening the authentic blueprint of our divine purpose, whether we have any proof or evidence that it’s even possible, trusting in the divine guidance and truth of who we are until we see the new taking shape, recognizing ourselves in the mirror, the bringers of Light, the torchbearers of a whole new world grounded in Love.

If we lose faith when we see things occurring that shake our belief, or if we get swept away by the gravitational pull of karmic patterns and chronic grooves, we’ll find ourselves repeating the past, or stretching ourselves in two as we try to hold space for competing commitments of incompatible frequencies. When in doubt, mind the heart…follow the deepest truth that lives in the heart. Not the impulse, not the emotional attachment, but the clarity of Light that can’t be denied or ignored. That’s the roadmap, the inner navigation messenger. Emotional attachments feel confusing, but the light of truth is crystal clear. Sometimes we don’t want to take a look at what’s in plain sight, but if we have the courage to be disciplined, that Light reveals the path of grace.

This is not the path for the faint of heart, and it requires a deep inner conversation of radical truth telling. We have the support of Ceres and Jupiter both traveling through Sagittarius, the sign of the Truth Seeker, delivering us to that moment of revelation that changes the game. Once we recognize the clarity of truth, we can never go back to sleep. We can pretend, we can try to fake ourselves out, but deep down, we know. The Truth shall set us free, and the Truth builds Trust in relationships, always. It may not always feel good, but honesty is the path of Oneness.

The week begins on Monday 4/22 (Earth Day) with a Black Moon Orcus bridge and a Sun Uranus conjunction (new cycle). The Black Moon unearths the connection to our immortality, as we awaken the Truth of who we really are. The Sun and Uranus in the early degrees of Taurus (an earth sign), at the beginning of this new 7 year cycle in the part of our consciousness that holds sacred space, through the presence of mind deeply rooted within the heart. There’s nothing more powerful than the stillness of mind calibrated to Love, and the frequency of consciousness generated from that space is enough to nourish and tend to the garden of new vision. We’re not only awakening a higher vision for the Earth, we’re also consciously planting that vision into the Earth, like seeds of dreams that take root in the consciousness of the Universal Heart of All. When something is in the soil, grass roots, it goes viral. Not by a flash in the pan kind of way, but in a solid, tangible, real kind of way. Sustainability, long lasting, enduring, and timeless. We must be willing to go slow in order to go fast. What feels unbearable soon becomes the rocket fuel for the manifestation of dreams and visions.

Tuesday 4/23 is a Vesta Orcus great eliminator, Venus Quaoar stepping stone, Venus Chiron conjunction (new cycle), Sun Quaoar manifestation, Venus Salacia new cycle, Mars Pallas manifestation, and Mercury Orcus great eliminator. The fire of devotion clears anything that might be blocking our connection to the infinite realm, which is where we access the new paradigm of limitless potential from the heart. The new cycle with Venus and Chiron activates personal mastery from any vulnerabilities or core wounds at the heart level, revealing super powered strength we never realized we had. That strength fuels new beginnings that, up until now, may have felt unimaginable. The key is to allow the wisdom from every moment of vulnerability refine into motivation for new actions, new ways of operating. When we feel weak, we hold back, we slow down and become cautions. When we integrate new wisdom, we take bold leaps, empowered by our resiliency, changing our internal messaging channels to faith and trust from the immortal realm. “What would you do if you knew you could not fail?” Our past stories can either hold us back out of caution, fear, or resentment…or they can refine us into brave courageous living, where we leave nothing on the table, take nothing for granted, and give ourselves fully to every moment. We didn’t come here to play small, to hide or shrink. We came to manifest a higher vision, one that isn’t currently in existence. We mustn’t doubt that vision or our capacity to deliver. We were born for this moment, we are exactly enough, in exactly the right ways.

On Wednesday 4/24, Venus and MakeMake form a Light Bridge, followed by a Black Moon MakeMake great eliminator, Black Moon Sun resource, Mercury Vesta conjunction (new cycle), Black Moon Quaoar resource, then Pluto stations retrograde. The Sun forms a great eliminator with MakeMake, and the Black Moon forms a resource with Uranus. Today is off the charts, reflecting the full blown transformation we’re All in the midst of, whether we realize it yet or not. The Light Bridge of Venus and MakeMake reveals the path of higher law, divine power and authority, and leadership from the heart. The new cycle of Mercury and Vesta calibrates the fire of devotion through our mental body operating system to think loving thoughts. This is extremely important as we step into the Pluto station, the portal of alchemical transformation. Like the journey of the caterpillar becoming a butterfly, the process can feel like death, it requires nothing short of a letting go of everything familiar and certain as even the old cellular structure melts down into imaginal cells of pure, infinite potential. We are in that passage, letting go of who we’ve become, in order to remember and resurrect as who we truly are. That truth is the new expression our cells are calibrating to, and we don’t yet know what that will look like, or how the process unfolds. What is required is a high level of trust, and the capacity to think from the heart, especially when the mind doesn’t understand what it’s seeing. The mind will project assumptions and worst fears onto the current moment if we’re not centered in Love. Every brush with death, endings, and transformation calls forth an open heart and still mind. The truth is, there is no death, there is only the portal of change through spiritual alchemy. Crossing back and forth through that doorway reveals the entire wholeness of the universe, beyond time and space. Learning how to navigate that portal with an open heart/mind generates mastery and self realization of the highest order.

Thursday 4/25 is a Black Moon Juno manifestation and a Black Moon Varuna great eliminator. Today is a day for manifesting oneness and unity by eliminating any fears or doubts that have ever limited our vision through the lens of separation consciousness. We’re clearing the filters that have prevented us from seeing the big picture.  Unity manifests through the lens of Oneness and Love.

Friday 4/26 is a Uranus Juno resource and a Mercury Ceres manifestation. Awakening Unity Consciousness, we’re communicating through community. When our thoughts go viral instantaneously, we can send Love or Fear in a nanosecond. Being mindful and paying attention of what we’re birthing through the community channels of conversation is important.

On Saturday 4/27, Juno and Quaoar form a Light Bridge, followed by a Mercury manifestation with the Great Attractor, Mars Neptune stepping stone, Mercury Pallas bridge, and Black Moon Ixion resource. Another super high frequency day, the Light Bridge with Juno and Quaoar unites us All through the new paradigm of infinite possibilities. There is no “special privilege” or entitlement in the New Earth…we All have infinite potential to manifest greatness, as the conscious creators of our reality. We all hold the mental power within to choose our thoughts, beliefs, and values…and we all have access to the infinite ocean of Unconditional Love, if we choose it. We All have a divine blueprint encoded within, like a time release capsule waiting to emerge. We can choose to honor our life and the lives of others, or discount and discredit, but ultimately, all of Life is Divine. When we choose to see the world through this lens, there is expansion, inspiration, and joy.

And Sunday 4/28 is a Sun Albion conjunction (new cycle), Venus Orcus great eliminator, Chiron Juno stepping stone, and Juno Salacia stepping stone. Our consciousness begins to recognize what’s been in front of us all along, and we eliminate the distractions that have taken us off course and blocked our heart’s voice of truth. We’re stepping into the invisible realm of potential, allowing a new seed to enlighten, awaken, and take root. More than ever, it’s important to filter out the distractions and fine tune our focus on the heart for navigation moving forward. The roadmap of a higher vision is already in existence, all we have to do is honor and obey the heart for guidance.

The practice this week is a candle gaze meditation. For 10 minutes each day, meditate on a single candle, practicing discipline and focus as you strengthen your attention. Light a simple white tea light candle, set your timer for 10 minutes so you won’t be distracted by time, and grab a piece of paper or a journal and pen. Hold your gaze and your undivided attention on that flame, and each time your mind wanders (because it will…), promptly bring your attention back and start again. Each time you bring yourself back and start again, give yourself a hash mark in your journal. Discipline your observer’s mind to notice when you wander and bring yourself back home. Suspend any judgment, there’s no right or wrong, no “good scores” here, and you’re not looking for perfection. You’re building awareness, discipline, and focus to stay present on what matters most. Invest in your practice, not for any specific end result, but for the quality and consistency of the practice.

We’re deepening our grooves of the mind’s capacity to ground within the heart, and it matters that we practice, again and again. Every hashmark is a groove in the crystalline record keeper, and over time those grooves become bonds of unshakable trust that cannot be broken.

“Like everyone else, you want to learn the way to win, but never to accept the way to lose, to accept defeat. To learn to die is to be liberated from it. So when tomorrow comes, you must free your ambitious mind, and learn the art of dying.”
― Bruce Lee


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