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For the week of April 15 – 21, 2019

The week ahead is a massive transition, a conscious turning point that changes the game and altars the landscape forever.  Once we untangle the gravitational threads of karmic attachment, we can never go back to the way things were, and our forward movement is inspired by the pioneering voice of visionary leadership.

We didn’t come here to be repeat the same status quo stories and structures, we came to be agents of alchemy and transformation, inspiring a movement of Love through the collective consciousness of our planet.  Birthing Heaven on Earth requires a surrender to Divine Love, no matter what is unearthing or unfolding in the process.  Keeping our focus on the high road, the vision of Love…while deepening our roots and planting ourselves into the Earth as One Awakened Heart.  There’s nowhere to go, nothing to choose, except Love…as the response, and the vision.  When every response matches our vision, we become the living breathing embodiment of a new world, walking our talk, inside and out.  It matters that we be congruent with our highest vision, being fully responsible for a new beginning and a brand new world.

The manifestation of Love in physical form results from a powerful cross of the vertical axis of awakened consciousness and the courage to engage that consciousness into ordinary actions and daily life.  If we generate Love when things are easy, but get agitated and hurtful with any unexpected glitch of disappointment or unmet expectation, we lose power and leak energy, collapsing into the gravitational pull of chronic tendencies.  If we experience depletion, imbalance, or scarcity, we can look to the wholeness of our power cross to see where we’re leaking energy, and gently restore our alignment with integrity.  We must be willing to tell the truth, to ourselves and others, as we get the heart of the matter and untangle the loops and cycles of limitation and inflammation.

This week delivers us to the portal that unifies our Aries and Taurus consciousness, as we shift from Mental Power to Mental Love, moving from fire to earth, from the original spark of creation to the sacred space that emerges when we discipline our  mind to obey the heart.  This “4” vibration month has brought us into relationship with the mirror as we examine our current structures, foundations, core values and beliefs that are holding the space for our next manifestation to emerge.  If our foundation is shaky, unclear, or built upon unexamined beliefs or automatic pilot reactions, we can’t support or sustain the new vision that is awakening from within.  Only by being willing to let go of the past, standing on a blank slate of forgiveness and Love, can we see the truth of our own heart, and build from there.

The Full Moon on Friday is the 2nd Full Moon in Libra (a Blue Moon), and we’ve been traveling the horizontal relationship axis from innocence to mastery, refining our experience of the mind/body connection and the power of the mind to choose our reality, from the awakened vision of the heart.  From the infinite realm of limitless potential, we remember our true nature and spark new beginnings from that most authentic light.  The more in tune we are with our true nature, the more crystal clear and effortless our nature becomes reality, reflecting our consciousness as the landscape we walk upon and the world we live within.  Our private thoughts are as powerful as the spoken word, sending sound waves and vibrations of energy through the ethers as a broadcast frequency that sets the universe into motion.   “The words you speak become the house you live in” ~ Hafiz.

The week begins powerfully on Monday 4/15 with a Black Moon Jupiter stepping stone, Black Moon Venus conjunction, Black Moon Eris subtle intimacy aspect, Venus Jupiter stepping stone, Black Moon Pluto resource, Sun Haumea bridge, and Mercury Ixion stepping stone.  We’re uncovering the keys to our expansion, unearthing the threads and beliefs that have blocked us from becoming the clearest expression of the heart.  As we unleash the truth of the heart, there is transformation, resurrection, and new beginning.  Our willingness to confront endings and completions, liberates us through the limitless realm of infinite possibilities.  Shining light on the wholeness of all things, we access the blueprint of our purpose and promise in this lifetime.

On Tuesday 4/16, Mercury recovers his retrograde shadow at 29 Pisces, the Black Moon is in resource with the South Node (Earth Star) and is manifesting with the North Node (Soul Star), and Venus is in a great eliminator with Haumea.  This important degree of Mercury’s shadow completion delivers our observer’s mind through the portal of truth that unifies Spiritual Wisdom and Mental Power.  29 Pisces is the final degree of Spiritual Wisdom, the realm of Christ Consciousness, the infiniteness of our true nature, which is Unconditional Love.  From that degree of consciousness, we realize the individuality of our God Spark, the unique frequency that we came here to create.  From this moment of self realization, we spark an original thought that spirals into creation, manifesting as our physical reality and cellular expression.  Passing through this powerful portal of Truth with a clear observer’s mind, we gain the experience of free will, personal power, and personal responsibility…to be responsible with our thoughts as the conscious spark of creation.  We’re either manifesting our reality from unexamined unconscious thoughts and knee jerk reactions, or we’re choosing each moment from an awakened Self, a pioneering God Spark of authentic self expression, a conduit of the limitless realm, manifesting Christ Consciousness – compassion, love, acceptance, and forgiveness in action.   This is a moment of truth that holds the potential to altar our physical results, including our environment, relationships, and overall health.

Wednesday 4/17, Mercury enters Aries, Neptune and Pallas form a great eliminator, the Sun manifests with the Galactic Center, Mercury manifests with Varuna, Chiron and Quaoar are in a stepping stone, Venus and Sedna are resourceful, and Juno is in a Light Bridge with Ixion.  As Mercury enters Aries, we begin a conscious relationship with the mind/body connection, and our meditative minds gain the power to choose loving thoughts, no matter what is occurring.  We discipline our minds to choose Love, thereby calibrating our inner operating system and cellular network of communications to the frequency of Love.  When our cells communicate consistently through the frequency of Love, there is vitality, clarity, and wellness.  Chiron in a stepping stone with Quaoar invites us to elevate and expand our paradigm, so that every experience serves to refine our personal mastery, not to punish or wound us into suffering.  There is nothing “wrong”, everything is a part of the wholeness of our own infinite consciousness, and how we view the world and our experiences, determines the power we receive and integrate from each moment.  The Juno Ixion Light Bridge reflects the clarity of our soul’s blueprint through every interaction today.  Our reflection in the mirror reveals our purpose and promise, if we can see the unity and oneness in all things.

On Thursday 4/18, Venus and the Galactic Center are in a stepping stone, and the Sun is manifesting with Ixion.  Our manifesting spark of consciousness is in harmony with our blueprint, which was just revealed yesterday through the lens and the mirror of Unity.  Once we see clearly from the heart, manifestation becomes almost instantaneous.  Seeing is believing, and when we believe in the intangible promise that we recognize as our own soul’s potential, we begin to see it manifesting before our very eyes, at lighting speed.  The universe literally unravels in response to our recognition of truth, and we can see clearly what’s been within us all along.

Friday 4/19 is the Full Moon (Blue Moon) at 29 Libra, followed by a Venus Ixion stepping stone, Black Moon Neptune conjunction, Mercury Quaoar stepping stone, Mercury Chiron new cycle, Sun Juno resource, and Mercury Salacia new cycle.   Libra is the sign of Physical Power, the relationship with the mirror, and the realization that I am You, and You are Me.  Today is an incredible day to calibrate the full blown mastery of the relationship axis, which holds the power of our mind/body connection and reveals the key to personal mastery of conscious creation.  When we understand how we manifest and demanifest our physical reality, we become the masters of our reality, self realized, and the awakened conduits of a much higher vision, in partnership with divine law and order.  Today not only calibrates the Full Moon, but also the Mercury Chiron new cycle, the awakened mind that’s disciplined to think from the heart, unlocking the soul’s full potential to manifest in this lifetime.  Take ownership of your schedule and your life today, and make the conscious choice to align with your heart and choose Self Love, no matter what.  When we understand that our unique individual Self is a God Spark, it becomes important to develop and master that Creative Spark as a conduit of divine expression.  Self Realization isn’t selfish, it’s the point of unification with God consciousness, which is the most important primary relationship to cultivate.   Embodying the union of divinity within the Self (at the cellular level) is important in the manifestation of Heaven on Earth, spirit in flesh, mind in heart, holistic Oneness and Unity with All.

On Saturday 4/20, the Black Moon and Pallas form a great eliminator, then the Sun enters Taurus, followed by a Venus Juno stepping stone, then Venus enters Aries, Juno enters Cancer, Mercury forms a bridge with MakeMake, the Sun and Varuna form a stepping stone, and Mars forms a bridge with Ceres.  Taurus is the sign of Mental Love, the conscious obedience to obey the heart, or tend to the heart from the mind.  As we become good stewards of the sacred space within the heart, we plant ourselves into that consciousness, and everything we generate extends from that space.  Like a massive tree of life, our minds become planted into the heart, deeply rooted, and ever growing, reaching up and out, offering sacred space through our grounded presence and the stillness of Love.  Wherever we go, we are home when our mind is rooted into the heart.  There’s nowhere to run, no reason to spin or worry, when the mind rests into the truth of the heart, planted in Love.  We are Home, we are at Peace, and All is Well.  From that state of mind, we become the ultimate alchemists, shape-shifting our physical reality with the frequency of Love.  Everything we touch is instantly infused with Love, and grows as such.  Venus in Aries empowers the heart as the creative spark of authentic self expression.  Mercury in a bridge with MakeMake aligns our inner messenger with higher divine law and order.  The Mars Ceres bridge births a physical deliverance of Truth.  There’s a lot happening today, and if we can allow it all to unfold with grace and faith, we can witness divine creation in motion as a new expression comes to life.

And on Sunday 4/21, there’s a Venus Varuna manifestation, Black Moon Mars stepping stone, Black Moon Ceres stepping stone, and Mars in a bridge with the Great Attractor.  The higher vision of the heart is manifesting, motivating and inspiring our physical actions, as we’re moving through the birth canal of a new authentic expression.  That personal expression brings us into alignment through the laws of attraction, resulting in a whole new possibility that literally appears as truth emerging through thin air.

The practice this week is is to let go, with Love.  Let go of any chronic addictions to worries, insecurities, or doubts…let go of anything that’s been taking up space in your mind, heart, body or environment.  Surrender it and place it on your altar with Love.  If there’s a conversation you’ve been delaying or putting off, say what you need to say, or write it all out in a letter, offer it to the universe, and then burn it, set it free.  Come to completion with that energy, and then let go with Love.  If there’s a physical burden or wall you’ve been fearing or resisting, come to completion this week and resolve that cycle of energy.   Love yourself enough to be free.  Love yourself enough to let go of any toxicity, unnecessary weight or imbalance that doesn’t serve you or others.  When we bring ourselves into alignment with the heart, and choose responsibly from a place of truth, there is liberation, freedom, expansion, clarity…and new beginnings.  At the end of the day, what matters most, and what can be released with Love?  Take a risk this week, be a catalyst for change, in the context of Letting Go with Love… in order to be free.

“In your light I learn how to love. In your beauty, how to make poems. You dance inside my chest where no-one sees you, but sometimes I do, and that sight becomes this art.”
― Rumi

***Exciting News!  Beginning next Monday, 4/22, we’re changing domains from .com to .LOVE.  The website will soon be ChristineClemmer.Love…. committed to grounding the frequency of Love in all ways, always.  

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  1. Thank you Christine for your weekly navigation. I go to it practically every day … and i’ve been “taking a break from astrology” – but your expression of the cosmic love always feels beyond – in the expansive realm of limitlessness – and therefore TRUTH.
    Congrats on your .love! And AWESOME that this weekly will be offered as part of your membership offering. Thank you for the light you shine.

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