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For the week of April 8 – 14, 2019

Welcome to a fast moving week that delivers multiple calibration points for new settings in our foundation, setting the context for unbelievable new beginnings and manifestations.

We’re moving forward by leaping in consciousness, and what might appear to be slow or stuck in a linear sense reveals portals of rapid evolution.  Awakening occurs as we shift gears and elevate beyond the structures of time and space.  Like traveling through wrinkles in time, we’re seeing the potential in everything to make a quantum leap beyond the old vibrational stories and patterns, unfolding the illusions to reveal pockets of new beginnings in the blink of an eye.

There is infinite potential for manifestation, always.  When we release our attachments to the current scenario, defined by the structure of time and space that we experience in the physical dimension, we gain access to the limitless realm that beholds the space for new possibilities.  Like unfolding origami structures to reveal the hidden patterns of sacred geometry, we uncover the patterns and codes that have held together structures of images and illusions.  Through the uncovering and unpacking, we release creative potential, and that potential is fuel for new beginnings and manifestation.


Mercury is still recovering his retrograde shadow this entire week, and is moving through the sign of Pisces towards the 29th degree of spiritual wisdom, the entry point to the portal of truth that unifies the limitless realm and the individual spark of creation.  From an awakened observer’s mind, traveling at the speed of mastery through the limitless realm, we can fully observe and explore this portal of creation, and moment of inception we all choose – either consciously or unconsciously – as creators of our reality through our intentions, based on our personal context (pattern coding) of core values and beliefs.   This portal is the divine masculine portal of truth, the way we insert our free will into the void, planting seeds to harvest and take shape so we can observe and engage with our thoughts as form.


If we use our free will to overpower, manipulate, force, or override our true nature (or to override the true nature and free will of another being) we manifest results that are out of alignment with our spirit, which creates disharmony and disease, locally or systemically, personally or collectively.  When we use our free will to align our thoughts from the heart, to elevate our personal power in partnership with divine power, we manifest miracles, beyond what our personal minds could ever imagine.  Consciously disciplining the mind to think loving thoughts from the heart elevates and aligns our mind with higher thinking, and new thoughts can form.  Those new thought forms hold the template for new manifestations and divine creation.


Collectively, we’re in an increasing state of flux which can feel like temporary chaos at times.  That state of flux is the facilitator for rapid transformation, and if we can rest into a surrendered state of mind, new thought forms can arise from the unpacking of old beliefs and interpretations, revealing new potential for new beginnings that are already taking shape faster than we can blink.  There’s nothing to think about, other than disciplining our minds to Love, and surrendering attachments to what we think we’re seeing in any given moment.


If there’s more to the story than meets the eye, what else is revealing, what’s emerging and taking shape in the moments of temporary chaos?  We’re learning to trust the periods of uncertainty, allowing the current of unpredictable change to facilitate a greater movement of divine will, versus forcing change from a fixed belief or the need to control.  As we surrender more and more, finding peace within our hearts, we can experience radical movement and awakening with grace and ease.  Just because the entire landscape is changing below our feet doesn’t mean we need to white knuckle the ride and suffer through the turbulence.  This is the moment of a profound unfolding, birthing infinite potential through the fluidity within everything physical.  Nothing is set in stone, everything is being made up as we go, because everything is our reflection.  As we evolve in consciousness, so does the world around us.  As we awaken new dimensions of our minds, we see those new dimensions revealed through our bodies and everything physical.   Mirrors are everywhere, and every reflection holds the potential for awakening, which accelerates our expansion even more.


Letting go of what we’ve become through conditioned responses to social norms, we’re beginning to see clearly the truth of who we really are…boundless, infinite, and universal…a unique god spark that holds the promise of divine creation.  The more we honor that truth, the more quickly our path unfolds, like an escalator delivering us to the next dimension.


The week begins on Monday 4/8 with a Black Moon Orcus bridge, Jupiter Juno bridge, then Ceres stations near the Great Attractor, and Saturn forms a stepping stone with Pallas.  We’re uncovering our immortal consciousness, the vast connectivity through lifetimes of incarnations, expanding through our experience of Unity.  As Ceres stations retrograde in the sign of Sagittarius, we begin an inward journey through the birth canal of the Truth Seeker.  When we have the courage to stand as wise midwives of truth, we can usher an expansion of higher vision that changes the game for humanity.  The truth shall set us free…and the courage to birth truth collectively, without resistance, fear, or judgment, sets All of Us free.  Liberation is freedom, which births us back to our infinite spirit and true nature.


On Tuesday 4/9, the Black Moon is in a resource with Ceres, Mercury manifests with the North Node (Soul Star) and forms a resource with the South Node (Earth Star), Chiron forms a new cycle with Vesta, followed by a Black Moon Venus conjunction, Black Moon Neptune conjunction, and a Sun Pallas bridge.  Mercury is still recovering his shadow, and the calibration with the Nodes manifests nourishment through our operating system while feeling supported by divine power and authority.  There’s comfort in trusting divine will to align with our inner operating system.  That kind of surrender requires conscious devotion and mastery, and reveals a new template of enlightened creation from the heart.


Wednesday 4/10 delivers a Venus Neptune new cycle, Sun Saturn stepping stone, then Jupiter stations retrograde at 25 Sagittarius, followed by a Black Moon Pallas great eliminator, Black Moon Saturn resource, Vesta Quaoar stepping stone, Black Moon North Node (Soul Star) manifestation, Black Moon South Node (Earth Star) resource, Mercury Pluto resource, and Vesta Salacia new cycle.   This is a full day of important movements.  There’s so much going on, it’s best not to try to understand it all, simply clear some time and space to navigate with an open heart, clear mind, and a commitment to expansion through enlightened evolution.  Whatever comes to light is meant to serve a greater evolution, moving us forward with clarity and Love.  Trust, allow, and keep your mind focused on the movement that’s occurring within your own heart, versus what’s happening “out there”.  The heart is the vessel for new creation.  Everything new is birthed from the consciousness of the heart.


On Thursday 4/11, the Black Moon forms a resource with Pluto, then conjuncts Mercury in an intimacy aspect with Eris, followed by a Venus Pallas great eliminator, Juno Haumea manifestation, and Mercury Jupiter stepping stone.  More is coming to the surface and being revealed, providing the necessary friction to shed old vibrational skin and let go of old attachments, stories, and patterns.  Cultivating wisdom from the heart, we can eliminate any congestion of residue or inflammation.  From an elevated perspective, we can see the unity and harmony in all things, and the wholeness of every scenario that is unfolding.


On Friday 4/12, the Sun intersects the Nodes, forming a powerful calibration point between the Earth Star and Soul Star….followed by a Black Moon Haumea great eliminator, Black Moon Juno stepping stone, Venus Saturn resource, Ceres rx conjunct the Great Attractor, and a Vesta MakeMake light bridge.  Today is an extremely powerful catalyst for divine creation, beyond the chronic story that holds so much gravitational weight to our past limitations and definitions.  Today is a day to choose something new, something unfamiliar, in alignment with higher law and order.  Every moment holds a choice of gravitational inertia or evolution.  When we choose the path less traveled, the path with heart, we move beyond the current default settings and into a new formless space of potential that contains the spark of devotion for higher law and order.  We didn’t come here to continue our manmade patterns and agendas, or to repeat the cycles of chronic stories and repetitive loops.  We came to liberate beyond the gravity of human earthly conditions, in order to manifest heaven on earth.  As we shift the way we discipline our minds to choose, moment to moment, we align our core values and beliefs with the heart and with higher divine law, which alters the structures that support our next manifestation.   We can choose to birth the next moment from an attraction and alignment with divine truth vs our attraction to karma.  This choice point altars the landscape and changes the game through conscious creation.


Saturday 4/13, the Black Moon stations retrograde, the Sun is in a stepping stone with Pluto, Mercury and Haumea form a great eliminator, the Black Moon rx conjuncts Mercury again, then Varuna stations direct and the Sun forms a new cycle with Eris.  Peeling back the layers of an onion, we’re going back for more shedding and revelations, another opportunity to speak our truth, to liberate and release through letting go.  Whatever feels uncomfortable holds the potential for awakening when released and set free.   Letting go is the mantra for today, no matter how uncomfortable it might feel.  Anything that is released becomes freed up energy, pure creative potential to harness for new manifestation.


And on Sunday 4/14, the Black Moon rx repeats the great eliminator with Haumea, Mercury and Sedna are in resource, Mars form a stepping stone with Orcus, the Sun and Jupiter are manifesting.  Then Mercury forms an exact intersection with the Juno and the Galactic Center, and Venus forms a resource with Pluto.   Mercury is almost complete with his retrograde shadow, and the calibration point between Juno and the Galactic Center holds a powerful alignment of Unity and Source through the spiritual wisdom that flows through our newly upgraded operating system.  The consciousness of our personal creator Self holds the power to choose to unite with Source.  We can either use our free will to manifest our ego’s agenda, or we can allow our free will to unite with Source, becoming vessels of Conscious Creation and Divine Manifestation, on behalf of All.  This powerful calibration point unlocks our unlimited potential to manifest true miracles on our planet.


The practice this week is to choose the high road, choose Love, and choose Unity, without getting entangled with the magnetic pull of karmic cycles and patterns.  Allow yourself to be a midwife of Truth in the daily events that unfold around you this week.  Moment to moment, we’re either contributing to the status quo of stagnant unconscious slumber, or we’re facilitating enlightened awakening, which benefits All.  Light reveals pockets of congestion, and as long as Love is present, that congestion can release, let go, evaporate into thin air… transforming into abundant fuel for divine inspiration and new creation.  As Light Workers, we don’t need to force anything to be revealed, simply allow it to emerge.  In the presence of Love all is seen, all is revealed, and all is set free.  When there is freedom, we All benefit.


“Three things can not hide for long: the Moon, the Sun and the Truth.”
― Gautama Buddha


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