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For the week of April 1 – 7, 2019

The week ahead sparks a huge foundational shift in the way we manifest, and the available potential that can be accessed from a new way of thinking, from the heart.  The heart reveals infinite potential, available space.  When our thoughts arise from the heart, we manifest from a blank space of limitless potential, awakening a higher vision from the frequency of Love.

Our beliefs create our available thoughts, and our thoughts produce vibrations like sound waves to create our physical experiences, manifestations, and cellular expression.  Shift the belief, altar the thoughts, and transform the physical expression through the embodiment of a new molecular structure.  We have the power to shift our cellular frequency and altar our molecular structure, and that power exists in the infinite realm of limitless possibilities.


In order to access this infinite realm, we must surrender our gravitational pull towards the historic tendencies and patterns that are held within our own minds, and begin thinking from the heart.  The heart holds the blueprint of our soul’s promise in this lifetime, and the heart is the embodiment of the limitless realm.  The conscious choice to think from the heart requires discipline and commitment to master and refine, and in doing so, we access incredible power to manifest a much higher vision.


If we unplug an electronic device, it ceases to work, even when we press the “on” button.  Similarly, if we unplug from old karmic patterns, whether positive or negative, that have held together our current infrastructure of “status quo”, we diffuse the very fabric of that reality, and open the portal of creation for a new expression.  Our current experience of reality, our current results, are manifested by the definitions and structures within our belief system and our operating system.  By shifting any of our core beliefs or values, we also shift the program that’s running our inner operating system, which altars the framework and infrastructure that’s supporting and calling forth our physical results.  Sustainable change occurs at the mental body level, even though the results are measured and seen in the physical.  The moment we decide to allow something new, the moment we awaken to the value of shifting our patterns, beliefs, or perspective, is the moment we open ourselves up for true sustainable transformation that can be seen and experienced in the physical realm.


Temporary results that aren’t sustainable haven’t been initiated at the level of core belief system and mental body operating system.  Short lasting results can be produced by sheer willpower to manipulate a current physical expression, however that willpower to alter the physical is usually from resistance or judgment to the current physical result, not from a conscious awakening to shift a belief.  When a belief shifts, there will be physical results, there will be evidence.


This week brings us into a “4” vibration of the month of April, and the number “4” involves structures, foundation, and the core values and beliefs that create the infrastructure that we build our reality upon.  If we don’t like the current results that we’re seeing, we must be willing to examine (with curiosity, not judgment) the core values and motivating intentions that supported those results.  Understanding the value system that contributed to the current results and current experience of reality is extremely valuable.  If we want to shift anything, we must be willing to see the truth behind what we currently have and explore what matters most.  The more clearly we can see the wholeness of our current results, the more efficiently we can spark conscious change.


This week also brings us to an Aries New Moon, which holds the spark of mental power for conscious creation (or an unconscious reaction that reinforces karmic expression).  The choice is ours, moment to moment, and the more disciplined our minds are to be awake and aware, the more empowered we will be to choose a higher scope of vision, from the heart.  We are the pioneering leaders of the New Earth, and our commitment to awakening consciousness, through our own personal experience, makes an impact in our collective vibration on the planet.  Every time we choose to elevate ourselves and our cells through the frequency of Love, we are supporting in the awakening of the planet.


The week begins on Monday 4/1 with a Vesta Ixion stepping stone and a Venus Albion resource.  Our devotion to the higher blueprint of our soul’s promise is taking front and center, and the heart holds the available space to embody that vision through committed belief in the invisible limitless realms.  Form and structure emerge through relentless faith, from the awakened heart.


On Tuesday 4/2, Mercury and Neptune conjunct for the 3rd of 3 times, sparking a new cycle of enlightenment through our inner operating system, at the mental body level, revealing the highest resolution of clarity from the recent Pisces New Moon a month ago in March that we’ll thread through our system for refined mastery by April 15th.  Today is also a very important stepping stone with Eris intersecting the Nodes (Earth Star Chakra and Soul Star Chakra).  The Black Moon is in a resource with Eris and a great eliminator with the North Node.  Eris signifies an awakening that occurs from within, one that releases the tension and perceived duality or conflict from seemingly opposing extremes that we’ve lived within for lifetimes.  This is collective karma/dharma tension rod, and the struggle between historic conditioning and limitation that produces the need to evolve, which can create a polarized experience of evolution that generates even more resistance to the very source of the tension.  Eris provides the awakening that erupts the entire tension rod, and in doing so, sheds the skin of attachment to the entire polarized story.  Awakening doesn’t produce more tension or resistance to the outdated story.  Awakening is liberation and freedom from the entire matrix, dissolving the invisible structure that held together the gravity of the original story.  Whether we are sitting on the left of the right is irrelevant, as long as we’re in opposition to either side.  True awakening dissolves the tension, shatters the entire illusion of opposition, and transcends any directional position, revealing a whole new dimension of consciousness, unity, and co-existence.  Eris sheds the skin of gravity that holds the attachments to the story, without losing our traction of evolution from necessary friction.  In other words, we need a story to provide traction for evolution, however the story isn’t meant to be the primary source of our attention and gravitational weight, it’s just a doorway to walk through as we gain access to an earthly incarnation, the vehicle for our purpose to manifest from.


On Wednesday 4/3, Quaoar stations retrograde, Vesta enters Aries, Pallas and Juno form a manifestation, Venus and Orcus form a bridge, the Black Moon is in resource with Jupiter, and Mars is resourceful with Chiron.  Quaoar reflects the new paradigm of the infinite realm, and any retrograde planet is moving towards Source in the purest reflection.  The new paradigm is being re-calibrated through our consciousness as we amplify our commitment to embodying our mastery of the infinite realm.  As we altar and expand our paradigm and belief system, we open the threshold for divine creation that expands beyond the lower 4 body system, unifying our cosmic wisdom and mastery into a brand new cellular structure for multidimensional embodiment.


Thursday 4/4 is a Sun Ceres manifestation, Sun manifestation with the Great Attractor, Black Moon Haumea manifestation, and Vesta Varuna manifestation.  Remember, we’re in a powerful “3” vibration all year, which is the number for manifestation and creation.  Aries energy is the spark of creation that comes from the vibration of our thoughts, which come from the structure of our belief system.   And today is a 4/4 vibration of structure and foundation.  With so many powerful manifestation aspects occurring today, we’re consciously creating the new foundation, through higher dimensional frequency, birthing the new structure that supports the universal wholeness of the highest vision.


Friday 4/5 is a Ceres manifestation with the Great Attractor, then the New Moon in Aries occurs at 4:50am ET, followed by a Black Moon Sedna stepping stone, Mars Salacia resource, Mars Quaoar great eliminator, and Quaoar Salacia stepping stone.  The New Moon in Aries forms a grand power cross, intersecting the Moon’s Nodes, in a bridge with Pallas.  In Cosmic Consciousness, Aries is the sign of mental power, the beginning of the mind/body connection, and the initial vibrational spark that initiates a physical experience or a tangible result.  Aries is a fire sign of original pioneering creation, and as we realize that creation comes from frequency and vibration, we can powerfully discipline our minds through Love, elevating the frequency of any thought or conversation to change the story on the planet.  Those who are consciously awake hold the power to redesign and reinvent the new structures that will deliver and sustain a higher vision of Love for humanity.  When we commit ourselves to mastering the mental body discipline of “thinking with the heart and loving with the mind”, we create a massive shift in the structure of divine creation that changes the landscape and the future for All.


On Saturday 4/6, Pluto and Juno form a great eliminator.  In order to transform our reflection of unity through the mirror, we must commit to the frequency of Love, unconditionally.  Not that we love what’s occurring, but that we generate Love no matter what is occurring.  Love unifies, Love heals, Love transforms.  Resistance separates, breaks down, and diminishes any idea of unity.


And Sunday 4/7 is a Mars MakeMake manifestation, Juno Eris resource, Mercury Saturn resource, Venus stepping stone with the Great Attractor, Venus Ceres stepping stone, and Mercury Pallas great eliminator.   Mars is the dispositor of the New Moon in Aries, and MakeMake is the universal law of Love, the higher law of oneness.  This manifestation is a force of nature that delivers right action through right relationship and right timing, shaking loose anything that needs to clear in order to restore personal power and authority and alignment from the heart.  If we’ve been out of alignment within ourselves, now is the time to allow the higher alignment to recalibrate us at the personal level so we can move forward with clarity, precision, and heartfelt devotion to our true nature and higher purpose.


The practice this week is to create a vision board for the New Moon in Aries.  Find visual images that resonate with your true nature, expressed from an infinite belief system, woven through the fabric of your soul’s blueprint.  Find the images that resonate with your heart, and let your cells calibrate to the visual frequency of this vision.  Identify the core values and structural shifts that would need to occur in order to sustain and nourish this vision for yourself and for the world, and meditate in reflection.

“A visionary thrives in all circumstances.” 
― Abraham-Hicks 

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