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For the week of March 25 – 31, 2019

The week ahead is instrumental, and one that will never be forgotten.  As more and more revelations occur, light is awakening what matters most, from the heart, and in the process, evoking right action and revolutionary change with every single breath.  We may not fully understand it all just yet, but it’s rapidly occurring, and changing the very landscape of our reality.

When light shines, revealing everything in plain sight, there is liberation, transformation, and infinite opportunities for healing through wholing.  Universally speaking, light awakens anything unconscious.  At some point, all stories must emerge and unearth, coming to the light so that the truth be revealed as we wipe the slate clean, practice forgiveness, and begin a new chapter on freshly tilled soil.


When we bring our awakened consciousness to anything hidden, there is light, and we have an opportunity of how to respond in relationship with what we see revealed before us.  We each have free will in every moment of how we choose to respond to the events that are unraveling and illuminating before us.  There are numerous choice points or forks in the road, opportunities to shrink or expand, to rise up empowered through the wave of transformation, or hide in the uncertainty of visibility, exposure, or transparency.


Whether the revelations are personal in nature, or shocking for the collective consciousness, how we respond to any scenario creates the next wave of consciousness that we’re manifesting from.  If we react in judgment, and use our free will to engage in unnecessary gossip, bashing or shaming of others for their previous wrongdoings, we’re sourcing a lower vibration of consciousness on our planet.  If we respond with unattached compassion, we can be moved into right action through clarity and discernment that forwards our evolution, instead of collapsing it.


In order for the shadows to emerge on this planet, for humanity to liberate from historical karmic patterns, stereotypical stories, and chronic societal injustices, we must find neutrality in our capacity to witness events, keeping our focus always on what we’re generating in this current moment by our thoughts, words, and actions.  Nothing is more important than this moment, and the impact our consciousness makes on the planet at this time.  Moment to moment, we’re choosing our response to the current scenario, which is creating the next moment, and feeding the atmosphere of our collective consciousness.  If we get triggered or distracted by every layer that emerges from behind the veil, we will engage in the very threads of consciousness that are unearthing to be resolved and cleared.


Our engagement in drama can actually interfere with the massive clearing process that is occurring at this time.  There is a massive unraveling of truth that is already in motion, and it’s best to allow it to occur, while holding a space of unconditional Love, forgiveness, and acceptance as we elevate the frequency of consciousness on our planet.  We’re in a collective purging exhale of truth telling, similar to a die-off process in a parasite cleanse.  If we react to the current chaos as if it’s real, we’ll feed the parasitic activity and lower vibrational patterns that are currently unraveling.


A gravitational shift is occuring, and what was suppressed, hidden beneath the surface, is now spontaneously rising up in plain sight.  Fear is what holds back the truth, and now that the truth is emerging, the volume of emotions associated with that original fear is also unearthing and evaporating like steam rising up into rain clouds.  We (and all beings) must be willing to look our fears in the face, infuse them with Light, and let go.  We must also be willing to confront our greatest source of pain or suffering, and see it for what it is, in order to release the gravitational pull it’s had on our thoughts, words, actions, and bodies.


As we move towards liberation in our upward spiral of evolution, we can no longer be bound by fears and insecurities.  As we elevate in consciousness, we shed light on the gravitational pull of heaviness and weight, and set it free, so that we can move forward with freedom, grace, and Love.  As we do so, we transmute our cellular structure to a crystalline frequency of Love, redefining our relationship with gravity and weight, which alters our physical experience and our physical bodies.


Our physicality is no longer based on the gravitational pull of karma as our carbon cells transmute to crystalline and we remember the truth of who we really are.  What matters most in our consciousness is what gets our full undivided attention, and its important to discipline our minds to think loving thoughts from the heart as we undergo this transmutation process  The mind belongs to the heart, not the ego, and the heart holds the remembrance of our soul’s purpose, our true nature.  As we bring our undivided attention towards our true nature, we shift the experience of gravity and begin to manifest a higher frequency of matter.


This week ahead is an opportunity to discipline the mind towards the heart, and to witness the awakening of our highest vision, with Love.  Everything else that’s occurring before us is simply airing out the density of our reality, redistributing the weight on our planet as we shift our focus in order to make room for what truly matters.  We must let go of the collective hidden agendas, mistruths, fears, and insecurities as these things hold the greatest volume of weight and inhibit the greatest mass of dense space.  Welcome whatever shines through this week, and stay committed to what’s next, moving forward through our evolutionary transition.


The week begins on Monday 3/25 with a Black Moon rx Venus conjunction, Mars Haumea great eliminator, Sun MakeMake bridge, Venus Ixion resource, Black Moon rx Mars stepping stone, Black Moon rx Haumea manifestation, and Mars Sedna new cycle.  The fact that the week starts off with a Black Moon Venus conjunction is profoundly meaningful.  Massive revelations from the heart, and the opportunity to choose right action from wholeness as our consciousness aligns with higher law and order.  This is a continuation of last week’s Full Moon in Libra conjunct MakeMake, and we’re shining the light of conscious manifestation towards the higher universal laws.  The heart nourishes our soul’s blueprint and true nature, as we’re each holding the future in the palms of our hands.  What comes next is up to us, now.  The awakening is occurring, from the heart, now.


Tuesday 3/26 is a Vesta Haumea great eliminator, then Venus enters Pisces, followed by a Black Moon rx Pallas manifestation, Mars in a great eliminator with the Galactic Center, Black Moon rx Jupiter resource, and Black Moon rx North Node (Soul Star) great eliminator.  We must be more devoted to our liberated wholeness than to fear based limitation or compartmentalization.   As the heart enters Pisces, the infinite realm of Unconditional Love, we remember there are no limits in the consciousness of Love.  Whatever is unveiling before us holds great wisdom for the future, and will be revisited again by the end of the week.  How we react or respond is up to us, and brings us face to face with our current capacity for forgiveness, compassion, and understanding.  Evolution requires expansion, stretching beyond our familiar status quo, which calls forth a higher consciousness than our normal default setting.  Evolution rewrites the story, correcting the imbalances and injustices as we transmute our collective karmic DNA.


On Wednesday 3/27, a Black Moon Eris resource, Jupiter Pallas resource, Vesta Sedna resource, Venus Varuna great eliminator, and Venus Uranus resource.  There is discomfort in expansion, like fibers of a rubber band being stretched beyond they’re normal capacity for structure.  As we stretch and expand, we reveal and unearth any holding patterns that have been stuck and engrained in our own personal matrix.  The more we open, the more we see, the greater the opportunity to awaken through Love.


Thursday 3/28 brings us to the Mercury station at 17 Pisces, the degree of the recent New Moon in Pisces conjunct Neptune (at the start of Mercury’s retrograde journey), and also Vesta is in a stepping stone with the Galactic Center.   This Mercury station is extremely important as our minds prepare to make sense of all of these recent revelations and awakenings.  We can’t even begin to wrap our heads around what has shifted and cleared in these recent months, however everything is new, and there is a quality of transparency in the air, as witnessed from the lens of the heart, that changes the game moving forward.  Those with eyes to see, those who are committed to planting the mind within the heart in partnership, have access to a brand new channel of transparency, clarity, and intuitive communication.


On Friday 3/29, there’s a Pallas Eris bridge, then the Black Moon stations in a very subtle intimacy aspect between Pluto and Saturn.  Mars and Ixion form a great eliminator, Venus and Quaoar are in resource, and Ixion stations retrograde.  Today is an extremely subtle day of higher dimensional shifts that can be felt but not fully seen.  Like a vibrational shedding of skin, we’re releasing the old residue of historic identifications, stories, and limitations held within the encoded memory of our skin, in order to awaken the signature blueprint – like a finger print – encoded within our new skin, which is the new skin of the Heart.   It’s so subtle, yet incredibly profound.


Saturday 3/30 is a Saturn Juno great eliminator, Sun Orcus great eliminator, Venus MakeMake great eliminator, and Pluto Pallas stepping stone.  The new definition is Unity, and as such, I recognize myself in all that I see, which means I bring myself into full high definition focus to let go of any fears, doubts, or insecurities every time I face myself in the mirror.  As we release our fears and insecurities, we remember our infinite nature, the aspect of ourselves that transcend time, space, and death.  Any fear is defined by a story line of an incarnation.  As we soften our gaze and transcend this incarnation, we release the attachments to any fears, and remember our true nature, which is Love.  Love is the only thing that is consistent, lifetime after lifetime.  Love is why we’re here.   Love is the fuel, the magic, and the wisdom of every lifetime.


And on Sunday 3/31, Mars enters Gemini, followed by a Black Moon Pallas manifestation.  Gemini is the sign of Mental Wisdom, which reflects as the ultimate Physical Wisdom in the mind/body connection.  Our physical bodies are synching up with our messaging system, receiving the recent updates from Mercury’s retrograde journey, downloading through our cellular network of communications.  There’s a lot of activity occurring within our cells, as we’re upgrading to a brand new expression of wisdom from the limitless realm.  There are no limits in the consciousness of Love, which means when our cells are calibrated to the frequency and the consciousness of Love, there are no limits to our cellular communication and cellular health.  We’re manifesting some amazing wisdom today, far beyond what we can fully comprehend yet..   Love is the language and the law of infinite possibilities that delivers us to our true embodied nature.


The practice this week is a candle gaze meditation.  As we move through the Aries realm of our consciousness, it’s important to discipline the mind to think from the heart.  Take a small white tea light candle, and place the intention of Love on that candle.  For 10 minutes a day, focus your undivided attention on the light of the candle, representing the consciousness of Love.  Each time your mind is distracted or wanders elsewhere, gently bring your attention back to the Light and start again.  This is a practice in conscious discipline, focusing your undivided attention towards Love, no matter what is occurring around you or within you.  Consistent practice develops mastery, so let go of any judgment, let go of the need to be perfect, and simply be in the consistent practice each day.


“Love is a flame that burns everything other than itself. It is the destruction of all that is false and the fulfillment of all that is true.” 
― Adyashanti     

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