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For the week of March 18 – 24, 2019

The week ahead calibrates the balance point of equanimity that yields a brand new realization through the mirror of all relationships.  The Full Moon on Wednesday occurs along the relationship axis, prompting new conscious creation from the mind/body connection.

The mind holds the power to manifest results…consciously or unconsciously.  A healthy relationship with results requires intimacy, in order to see clearly what we’ve manifested, and see clearly the messages being reflected back.  The mind/body connection is a feedback loop, and the Aries/Libra axis is reveals the power of our minds to create our reality.


If we only use our minds to move forward, without bringing our conscious attention to the relationship with the mirror, to closely examine or look into our current results, we can’t fully know what we’re manifesting from an unconscious mind.  In other words, we are always manifesting, whether intentional or not.  If we never take the time to lean into our current reality from a lens of reflection through personal responsibility, we miss the opportunity to wake up to our unconscious behavior or subconscious projections.  If we only pay attention to the thoughts that arise from our conscious mind, and dismiss the ongoing feedback from our bodies, physical sensations, relationships, environment, etc, we give our power away and lose the opportunity to elevate, refine, and shift our current reality.


Mastery and fine tuning of anything – physical health, financial health, relationship health, environmental health, etc – requires a high volume of intimacy in order to look into the mirror, with equanimity, to see the results of our current commitments, actions, and behaviors.  We know what we know from our conscious mind, but what’s super valuable is to uncover what we don’t know, that’s contributing to, if not authoring, our current patterns and results.


The seat of higher vision, as the awakened observer though the meditative mind, is the most powerful seat to master.  That level of universal or cosmic vision is only accessible from the heart, which means looking through the lens of Love, or equanimity.  Equanimity means we see all things with equality.  We don’t turn away from what makes us uncomfortable, and we don’t just lean in to the things that feel good.  When we can hold our seat with equanimity, eyes and heart wide open to sit with the truth of all things, the karmic attachments and entanglements begin to loosen up and evaporate, unraveling any holding patterns of unconscious creation.


When our minds are clear, still, open, and neutral, we can use our minds to spark new creation, from the heart.  Our relationships elevate in consciousness, reflecting back our individual commitment to Love.  Love balances the scales to neutral, Love elevates the quality of our relationships, and Love elevates the quality of tangible results that we manifest from the heart.  There is healing through awakening to Love.  There is healing through equanimity.  As we bring ourselves into an intimate relationship with our current results, it’s the commitment to equanimity that liberates the attachments to those results, which frees up our scope of vision to see the full story, clearly.  When we know where we stand, we can consciously choose to start again, or shift our focus, our elevate our consciousness.


The moment of awakening can happen in a split second.   That awakening is precious fuel to spark new creation, from the limitless realm of possibility.  If we’re stuck in patterns of unconscious programming, we’re limited to only manifest what aligns with that programming.  If we don’t take ownership of our current state of consciousness, we’ll be victims of our own reality, over and over again.  The truth is, every person on the planet has the free will to choose their thoughts, attitudes and beliefs.  Every person on this planet also has the free will to choose to take ownership of their reality, thereby owning their capacity to create.  When we pass of the ownership to another, we give our power away.  And in a time where conscious creation is heavily needed on our planet, it matters that we take this week to check in with ourselves with a magnifying lens, and see where we’re giving our individual power away and limiting our possibilities.


Leadership requires full ownership and personal power…not from an ego perspective to manipulate results, but from an enlightened perspective that makes conscious discipline a priority.  When we take full responsibility for our current perspective of reality, we become empowered leaders and conscious creators of the next moment.  In order to manifest an unprecedented future, we must take responsibility at the individual level for our state of consciousness and the unconscious projections that produce unwanted results.  Our relationship with the mirror is crucial, and how we bring ourselves to that relationship is everything.  Letting go of judgment, blame, shame, or resistance is imperative in order to see clearly what needs our full attention.  If we judge what we don’t like, shame what makes us uncomfortable, or resist the intimacy required for relationship, we keep ourselves bound to the patterns that produce the current symptoms and outcomes.  We embody infinite potential to create new beginnings, cutting edge results, and uncharted adventures…through the power of our own disciplined consciousness.


Chiron is now in Aries, and will conjunct the Sun as a major player in this week’s Full Moon in Libra.  Chiron is the archetype of personal mastery, that comes from the willingness to take on the vulnerable journey of the wounded healer.  Chiron and the Sun will be in a subtle intimacy aspect with Uranus during the Full Moon, and manifesting with Varuna, which give us All the potential to awaken higher vision as we lean into the subtle intimate aspects being revealed through the mirror of relationships.  Mercury is still retrograde, and our minds are literally being calibrated to the frequency of Unconditional Love, spiritual wisdom, and the limitless realm.  Now is the time to see what we haven’t been willing to see before, take ownership, and shift the unconscious projections and assumptions that our minds have been operating on to create the current results we see in the world around us.  This week is a precious pivotal turning point in the healing and mastery of our mental body, and our potential to manifest and create from the limitless realm, with Love.  Because we’re in a “3” month of a “3” year, in full blown manifestation mode, it’s crucial that we take a time out to examine our inner software and operating system for any unknown glitches or detrimental patterns.  If we don’t look into the feedback that currently exists, it will only get louder until we pay attention to ourselves, from the inside out.


The week begins on Monday 3/18 with a Mercury rx Mars resource, Pallas Haumea conjunction, Black Moon Juno stepping stone, and Black Moon Ceres stepping stone.  Mercury and Mars rule the mind and the body, and this resource opens the week up with a supportive entry point into the mind body connection through the relationship axis.  Feminine wisdom enters a new cycle with 5D wholeness, which allows us to see the big picture with a higher perspective of clarity and understanding of how all the piece and parts, including all the dimensions of our lower 4 body system, create the tangible results we experience around us.


Tuesday 3/19 is a Sun Ixion stepping stone and Pluto Vesta resource.  Ixion reveals our soul’s blueprint and promise in this lifetime, which requires an elevation of consciousness to awaken and acknowledge.   Once we do, the necessary transformation unfolds effortlessly, through our own fire of devotion to say “Yes” and make the necessary shifts.


On Wednesday 3/20, the Spring Equinox, Mars and Pluto are in a manifestation, Mercury and Saturn are in a resource, the Black Moon forms a bridge with Orcus, and the Sun enters Aries just before the Full Moon in Libra at 9:43pm ET.  Today is a HUGE day…the Equinox is a major calibration day of equality and equanimity, bringing us to the balance of yin and yang, dark and light.  When we can travel through both without resisting either, we are free to come full circle through our results and our relationships, without judgment or resistance.  When we bring that consciousness into all relationships, we calibrate our scales to Love, which changes everything and redefines what we think we’re seeing here on Earth.


In Cosmic Consciousness, Aries is the sign of Conscious Power, a mental body sign through the element of fire that sparks new creation from our thoughts.  Aries is ruled by Mars, which highlights the significance of our conscious thoughts in the way we take action in the physical world.  When we use our mental body power to consciously discipline the mind to think from the heart, to observe through the lens of equanimity, we become conscious creators, pioneering leaders, and responsible manifesters of the physical reality.  Libra represents Physical Power, our realization through the mirror that everything is our reflection, which empowers us to awaken, self realize, and thereby alter what’s possible in our reality.  Libra is ruled by Venus (3D) and Sedna (5D), which signifies the heart as the 5D lens and the universal record keeper that we meet and embrace when looking in the mirror.   This Full Moon in Libra (the moon is in the polar opposite position of the Sun) is especially dynamic because it occurs along the relationship axis, at 0 degrees, which is the purest power and innocence of the sign.  When we embark through life with a beginner’s mind, unattached to what we think we know, and free from any assumptions or projections, we can see clearly.  When we think we know everything, we project our assumptions onto the blank canvass before us, and continue to see only what we believe is true, based on the power of our own minds.  The ego can make a strong case towards believing in past patterns, stories, and results, whether conscious or unconscious, until we interrupt our “normal programming” and start to awaken to something different.  If we can remember the power of purity through equanimity, we can bring our full selves into an intimate relationship with the present moment, without any preconceived expectations or assumptions about what’s right in front of us.  This is the sweet spot of divine creation where we begin to see the infinite potential waiting to manifest, requiring only a blank space to finally show up.  As we wipe the slate clean with this Full Moon in Libra, we also recalibrate the scale to Love, which also recalibrates the mirror to clarity, so we can see things in a new light.  Imagine that nothing needs to be fixed, healed, or changed…the mirror only needs to be recalibrated and returned to the frequency of Love, restoring our vision and our ability to manifest infinite potential, crystal clear.


Thursday 3/21 is a Venus Eris resource, Venus Mars stepping stone, Venus Jupiter resource, Jupiter Vesta stepping stone, Sun Varuna manifestation, and Mars Jupiter great eliminator.  The heart awakens from within, shedding old skin and old attachments in order to elevate to a higher perspective of expansion.  We’re awakening higher vision from the heart, which allows us to expand through Love.  This opens the doorway for a profound connection through all the people, places, and scenarios we find ourselves in relationship with.


Friday 3/22 is a Mars Vesta resource, Sun Chiron conjunction for a new cycle, Venus Pallas manifestation, Uranus Varuna stepping stone, and Black Moon MakeMake great eliminator.  The new cycle of the Sun and Chiron brings our conscious attention to the journey of personal mastery, and the power we each have to discipline our minds through Love.  Again and again, this is the refined practice as we awaken a much higher scope of vision, and it’s life changing.


On Saturday 3/23, there’s a Black Moon Quaoar resource, Venus Haumea manifestation, Mars Pallas great eliminator, Neptune Juno stepping stone, Venus Sedna stepping stone, Sun Salacia conjunction, and Pallas Vesta great eliminator.   The new paradigm, infinite universal wholeness, reveals the oneness and unity in all things.  That universal wisdom is infused within our hearts, and is remembered through every glance in the mirror when we choose Love over resistance or fear.


And Sunday 3/24 is a Mercury Juno stepping stone, Sun Quaoar stepping stone, Black Moon Uranus resource, Black Moon Varuna great eliminator, Mercury Neptune conjunction (2nd of 3), and Black Moon Ixion resource.   As our minds continue to upgrade to unity consciousness, we awaken, uncovering any patterns or limitations that have every clouded our vision or blocked the manifestation of a higher purpose.


The practice this week is to consciously discipline the observer’s mind to equanimity through meditation, and to open unconditionally to anything that has been previously unknown, misunderstood, or simply unavailable to see clearly.   This is a week to reveal the blindspots within our own inner operating system, so that we can begin to pioneer new results as conscious creators of the New Earth.  The ego must soften in order to see what we haven’t been able to see before, and equanimity is the practice of equality through the lens of love, from the heart.  This week has the potential to change everything, in the blink of an eye.

“People usually consider walking on water or in thin air a miracle. But I think the real miracle is not to walk either on water or in thin air, but to walk on earth. Every day we are engaged in a miracle which we don’t even recognize: a blue sky, white clouds, green leaves, the black, curious eyes of a child—our own two eyes. All is a miracle.” 
― Thich Nhat Hanh


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