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For the week of 9/10 – 9/16

Welcome to the blank canvas and the new terrain of infinite possibilities! The entire summer long eclipse passage is now complete, and last weekend’s New Moon in Virgo will continue reverberating and calibrating the divine wisdom of the heart through our lower 4 body system. Calibrations can take some time to fully integrate and take root. The wholeness of this summer’s life-altering journey will take some time to process before we can see clearly what’s been transformed, and recognize what’s already begun taking shape.

Integration requires patience, retracing our footsteps as we embody the divine wisdom of the calibration.  As we consciously practice living our transformation, we establish new grooves, new vibrational patterns, that support and sustain our evolutionary expansion.  These new grooves will become the structures of the New Earth moving forward.  From the empty space that’s been cleared over these last several months, from the formless intangible free flowing realm of possibilities, we have infinite potential to call forth and manifest in alignment with our highest vision.  Anything is possible, and our willingness to be mindfully present with each intention, thought, and action is important.

If anything is possible, why wouldn’t we consciously tune into the heart of the matter and channel our prayers and sacred intentions onto the blank canvass before us, with loving attention and committed action?  Why wouldn’t we be bold, crystal clear in our heartfelt communication?  Like moving into a new home that currently sits empty and pure, it’s wise to be mindful of each piece of furniture we carry forward, and which pieces we choose to let go of because they simply don’t resonate any more.  Letting go of judgment of what we should or shouldn’t do, based on guilt or pressure to “do the right thing”, what’s most important now is to allow each possibility to move through the heart’s filter of discernment, and let the heart reveal what resonates and what doesn’t.  Simplicity, patience, and honesty will support us well during this time of transition and refinement.  When the impulse arises to rush ahead and push a result, just to be “done” and back on “solid ground”, take the extra time to connect intimately with each breath while taking a step.

Refinement is a sign of mastery, and we’ve all refined some aspect of ourselves this summer.  Refinement is also a sign of maturity and wisdom, which elevates us to a whole new beginning of innocence and purity.  To embody the divine wisdom of enlightenment by remembering our innocence, in such a way that we don’t rush to clutter up the space or trip over the holy water as we welcome the manifestation and arrival of our heart’s calling.  In a way, we’re walking blindfolded, feeling our way from the heart, with eyes that can’t quite see the distinctions yet of what’s right in front of us, waiting to be revealed.  Trust, faith, and courage are required, now more than ever.  What we “think” we’re seeing may not reflect the wholeness of what’s really there, until we adjust our eyes, and practice navigating from the heart.

The physical eyes can only see what we believe is true, and our belief systems have been stretched and expanded like a massive rubber band, never to return back to our original default setting of comfort zone limitations.  We don’t recognize yet what’s been expanded within, until we begin to recognize new possibilities emerging before us.  It’s best not to make any assumptions, and especially not make any judgments or comparisons, until we see fully what we’re dealing with.  Energy doesn’t lie, but it can appear distorted if we’re looking from outdated perspectives through a lens of separation consciousness.

The more we practice unifying our mind/heart connection, grounding our communications into the heart, and grounding the roots of our heart into the Earth and with each other, we upgrade the entire cellular network of communications, that elevates our vision to the unified I (eye) of Oneness.  That unified eye is multidimensional, and activates the highest scope of vision with Love.  This is the calibration we’re integrating through the lower 4 body system, and this is the calibration that supports in navigating the new terrain.  We see what we believe.  When we begin to see Unity, we will experience Divine Love through our physical manifestations.

The week begins on Monday 9/10 with a Venus Chiron great eliminator and a Uranus Ceres great eliminator. Living from a context of Love and operating from the heart yields personal mastery, which elevates beyond any historical default settings of limitation, and changes the landscape for unprecedented possibilities to emerge, sight unseen.  Miracles appear instantaneously, every moment, yet it requires an open heart to experience and receive those gifts of awakened consciousness.  If we doubt the miracles, we eliminate the magic.  When we eliminate the fear, magic can unfold as the mastery of Love.  It’s time to rock our world with the abundant emergence of miracles and Love!

On Tuesday 9/11, Mars enters Aquarius, Ceres forms a resource with Varuna, Mercury and Orcus conjunct for a new cycle, the Sun is in a resource with Jupiter, the Black Moon is in an intimacy aspect with Neptune, the Sun and Pluto are manifesting, and Saturn is in a stepping stone with Ceres.  Mars is still in uncharted territory, retracing our footsteps from the summer’s eclipse passage, bringing us back into our bodies as we revisit the actions taken, this time with fresh eyes and an elevated perspective.  The Mercury Orcus conjunction calibrates our operating system and communications to the 5D octave of enlightened multidimensional communication of Oneness.  Our awareness expands socially as we begin to see things more clearly, what was once hidden is now in plain sight, willing to be seen, and inviting acknowledgment.  That awareness facilitates harmonious transformation, almost effortless, and new definitions and structures are birthed as a result.  This is the way we move in the new world…as we continue to liberate and reveal what was once hidden or suppressed, clarity becomes contagious, emerging effortlessly, unraveling the old structures, simultaneously manifesting the upgrades, transitioning seamlessly as we redefine and reinvent moving forward.  Transformation can happen in a nanosecond.

Wednesday 9/12 is a Jupiter Pluto resource, then Venus moves into a bridge with Uranus, with Varuna holding the still point of the intersection, and the Black Moon forms a great eliminator with Mercury.  As our social consciousness  continues to expand and transform, our hearts activate a massive awakening, which activates the still point – the observers perch – of the highest scope of vision, the lens of Love from the heart.  An awakened heart has access to not only see the universe unfolding, but also to invite the universe to manifest through the sacred space of the heart.  An awakened heart contains the infinite universe, reflected multidimensionally as the cosmos.  An awakened heart knows itself, inside and out, and can see it All, crystal clear.

Thursday 9/13 delivers a Venus Saturn resource, then Quaoar stations direct, Mercury forms a stepping stone with the Great Attractor, and Mars is in a resource with Chiron.  We’re reminded that the awakened heart is the inner guru.  Our paradigm shift reveals the expansion of our belief that we contain every possibility within ourselves, and our reality is a reflection of all that we believe is possible.  From this context, we are empowered to embody our personal mastery, which is the embodiment of our awakened consciousness, transcending what used to be our greatest limitation or restriction.  Our greatest challenges serve as our greatest opportunities for enlightenment, transformation, and evolution.

On Friday 9/14, Juno conjuncts Sedna for a new cycle, Mercury and Neptune form a bridge, and the Black Moon conjuncts the South Node (Earth Star Chakra) in a bridge with the North Node (Soul Star Chakra).  As we remember our origin of unity,  we also remember that we always have access to everything through the invisible realms, beyond what we can physically see or understand.  This communication untangles us from any thread of karmic attachment as we remember our roots, remember our wholeness, and remember why we chose this story to begin with.  We came here to remember who we are, and as we do, we are liberated to return to our wholeness.  This is the path of conscious evolution.

Saturday 9/15 is a Ceres MakeMake new cycle, manifesting with the Black Moon, followed by a Black Moon stepping stone with Venus, a Black Moon intimacy with Saturn, and a Black Moon Varuna Light Bridge.  The divine midwife is delivering the higher laws of Oneness and Love through the cycles of nature, manifesting a release of feminine energy as the heart can elevates, fully empowered.  Venus is the daughter of Ceres, fully empowered now to lead, from the heart.  Out of the shadows and into the Light, out of hiding and smallness and into her divine power and authority.  The empowered feminine steps into a light bridge with Varuna, holding the highest scope of multidimensional vision of One through Love.  The empowered feminine IS leading the way in the New Earth, with eyes of the awakened heart to see everything, crystal clear, and an enlightened heart that understands we are all connected.  We ALL have divine feminine within us, it’s not about gender, it’s consciousness.  The age of patriarchy is over, the divine feminine is resurrected.

And on Sunday 9/16, Mercury and Pluto are manifesting, the Black Moon forms a stepping stone with Uranus, Venus intersects the Moon’s Nodes, Ceres is manifesting with the South Node (Earth Star Chakra), Mercury and Jupiter are in a resource, Saturn and Varuna are in a great eliminator, the Sun and Eris are in a great eliminator, and Mars is in a conjunction with the Black Moon.  The great messenger delivers feedback of what’s being created now, and if we honor the messages without judgment, we can shape shift moment to moment while manifesting the new structures.  This is the beginning of fluid communication between the tangible and intangible realms.  Learning to decipher the feedback loops, and navigate with empowerment, to continually awaken, evolve and elevate.   We’re no longer bound to anything physical.  The physical is a feedback loop, a messenger, revealing our current state of consciousness.  We’re not stuck, we’re fully empowered at every step.

Our greatest empowerment is in our ability to navigate the transitions, operating from vision, letting go of attachments to what we’re physically seeing, while remaining in an intimate dialogue with the physical dimension for feedback, messages, and wisdom.  The heart leads, the mind holds the spotlight, with discipline, focus, and reverence.  We truly are the pioneers of a brand new world, and every step reveals our greatness, our grace, and our relentless commitment to LOVE.

The practice this week is to take some time each day for “closed-eye” movement.  Practice walking with your eyes closed, or better yet, dancing with your eyes closed, or with a blindfold.  The more comfortable we are in the unknown, the more strength we develop to navigate uncertainty, and pioneer new possibilities.  The New Earth hasn’t been seen before from our current physical eyes, yet it already exists, in the intangible realm.  To bridge the gap, practice navigating through darkness, beyond physical perception, and find your footing in the unknown, uncharted territory.

Practice seeing through the other senses; through your heart, hands, breath, and ears. When the sense of sight is temporarily removed, the other sense are heightened.  Try a closed eye journey for at least 10 minutes a day. Our experience of limitation, even our experience of death, only occurs in the physical realm.  As we consciously let go of our attachment to seeing through physical eyes, we awaken higher vision, and expand beyond our current reality.  Be creative, be free…and see what you can see.

The deepest of level of communication is not communication, but communion. It is wordless … beyond speech … beyond concept.” 

― Thomas Merton        


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