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For the week of March 11 – 17, 2019

This week is a radical game changer if we’re willing to refine our practice of observing through the lens of Love, thereby calibrating and creating the next moment as Love. We’re awakening and mastering higher vision from the heart, while grounding the consciousness of Love as the New Earth.

Mercury is retrograding through the Pisces ocean limitless possibilities – upgrading our capacity to observe with equanimity, with an open heart of compassion and grace. That IS our communication, our message, our gift, our contribution.   How we interface with and hold space for all that’s occurring makes the difference…not what we do, but how we’re being as everything comes to LIGHT and reveals what’s been hidden, suppressed, or withheld.


The insights and revelations continue this week as we continue to move forward in our reflection of the Pisces New Moon.  Moving forward, allowing the current to deliver the highest realizations and awakenings from the deepest reflections that could only occur with a retrograde Mercury, while swimming in the Pisces infinite ocean.  Navigating the current with grace and ease requires the ultimate surrendering of attachments, especially the attachments to our deepest core stories that add weight and gravity.


Compassion lightens up our being, making it easier to float and surrender to a higher vision that’s flowing through the current.  When we’re attached or fixed on a particular outcome, story, or agenda, we can get tangled up in the threads of tension and gravity, generating a drag against the movement of the current.  If we want to keep moving forward in our evolutionary path, we must practice swift surrender and let go of the drag that pulls us like an undertow current, making it more difficult to breathe.  Learning how to swim, without controlling the current, is important.  Learning to trust the divine flow, divine timing, and right alignment of all the pieces and parts that are coming together and coming to light is crucial.


What’s being refined right now is our capacity to navigate the unknown and uncertain waters with a clear mind, calibrated to equanimity as the awakened observer, with faith and trust.  Water is intuitive and ultra sensitive, any inclination of judgment or fear can be felt through the water, and instantly calibrates the water molecules into a structure that reflects those sensitivities.   If we can remain equanimous, our new structures will be crystalline reflections of Unconditional Love, universal sacred geometry.


Water is receptive to the thoughts we think, the intentions we set, and the volume of ease or resistance we generate moment to moment.  In such a fluid time, we’re literally creating the next moment and the new earth with every breath and each conscious response or unconscious knee jerk reaction.  If we can be clear in our intention to be the response of Love, unconditionally, then we can navigate the waters, no matter how choppy or turbulent they may be from time to time, building an infrastructure of sacred geometry as the new Earth below our feet, the new structure that is arising at the core of all that’s brand new.


The old structures of distortion and chaos are simultaneously rising to the surface through our consciousness as they emerge for clearing, and our willingness to receive those waves with compassion, grace, and non-attachment are super important right now.  If we get snagged or triggered by what we see, we become attached and even attracted to the very structures that are releasing for recycling.  If we don’t allow those old threads to recycle, we’ll continue to repeat them again and again by pulling them back into our consciousness and starting all over again.


Messages in water, our communication calibrates the molecular structure of water into universal brilliance or distortion, and our willingness to observe our own creation in motion is what gives us the instant feedback so we can shift and elevate in the moment.


In order to have a healthy relationship with feedback, being responsive to what we witness, we must be fine tuned in our consciousness of Love and equanimity, as the neutral observer, seeing everything through the lens of Love.  When we notice ourselves generating distorted structures, we must soften with compassion, remember what matters most, and elevate our frequency.  We are the conscious creators of the new Earth, and nothing is set in stone.  We’re making it up as we go, which requires in-the-moment intimate connection and a fluid relationship with feedback, and the refined mastery to witness and choose again.  If we hold onto any resentment, regrets, or judgments over past choices, actions, or creations, we cloud the very water we’re manifesting from in this moment.  Keeping our water clean requires us to continually operate on a black slate of forgiveness, grace, compassion, and Love.  There’s no time for anything else.


The week begins on Monday 3/11 with a Venus Ceres resource, Black Moon Neptune conjunction, and Mercury stepping stone with the Galactic Center.   Venus is still moving through Aquarius, which means the heart is awakening to higher vision, a vision of Divine Love for our planet and all of humanity is being birthed through the consciousness of our awakened hearts.  This week is clearing the blockages and congestion from our realization of that new vision as the veils are lifting and our inner messenger is receptive to every reflection through the lens of Love.


On Tuesday 3/12, there’s a Black Moon Mars resource, a Mercury(rx) Haumea great eliminator, Mercury (rx) Sedna resource, Haumea Sedna great eliminator, Black Moon Saturn resource, and Ceres Juno bridge.  The unveiling becomes very tangible and physical this week, as we see physical evidence and materialized clearings that shed light on the whole picture, connecting the dots and restoring integrity to the full story.  As we fill in the gaps of anything that’s been confusing or limited in our scope of awareness until now, we can finally see clearly and deliver clearest reflection in the mirror, which prompts a massive opportunity for refinement and recalibration through unconditional Love.


Remember, in every moment we have the choice to respond with Love or Fear, and as more revelations come to the Light, it’s important to choose Love as the calibrating force that elevates and purifies our collective water.  How we witness and observe the events around us is more important than what we’re observing or witnessing.  By the time we’ve observed something, it’s already occurred.  How we hold our consciousness as the observer is what creates new vibrational currents set in motion moving forward.  If we get triggered by the revelation of past events, we get tangled up in the gravitational pull, creating a drag in the momentum, instead of riding the wave and calibrating the water as we go.   Water in motion becomes purified.  Congested water becomes stagnant, heavy, and cloudy with residue.


Wednesday 3/13, the Black Moon conjuncts Vesta, the Sun and Pluto are resourceful, Venus is in a resource with the Great Attractor, and the Sun is in a stepping stone with Jupiter.  Our fire of devotion is committed to the liberation of truth telling and the freedom that results.  Transformation occurs instantly when the gravitational weight of suppression is lifted and the truth comes out.  We can only expand when we let go of any density of weight that has been confining and heavy.  Holding on is an act of control that limits the available space for growth and expansion.  Our hearts are attracted to something greater, and it’s time to let go and stretch wide open.


On Thursday 3/14, Mars manifests with Saturn, the Black Moon turns retrograde and revisits all of the aspects so far this week and taking a deep dive into the reverberation from the New Moon in Pisces conjunct Neptune and Vesta, uncovering and liberating anything that might be blocking or congesting the manifestation of new beginnings in the infinite ocean of possibility.  The Black Moon retrogrades back to Vesta, and the Sun conjuncts Mercury rx.  Mars and Saturn manifest the new potential that grounds the higher authority and integrity of the heart.


Friday 3/15, the Black Moon Mars resource is revisited, Mercury rx is in a stepping stone with Jupiter, and Jupiter forms a manifestation with Eris.  Another day of expansion by stretching through the old limitations, shedding the old skin of our previous default settings, and revealing the newness that already exists below the surface.  Our new skin is already illuminated with the new sacred geometry, the new molecular structure of unconditional Love.  As we shed the old debris, the density and heaviness of our old skin, we reveal the newness of our awakened consciousness, already grounded into our cells.  New ground arises from the inside out, and requires an exfoliation of the old in order to realize the new.


On Saturday 3/16, the Black Moon rx is resourceful with Saturn, Mercury rx is resourceful with Pluto.  This new skin from yesterday reveals the new identity, structure, and integrity, emerging from our transformational journey and path of evolution.  We’ve all been through so much, and our physical structures are truly beginning to reveal the newness, the reflection of our higher consciousness integrating in physical form in a tangible, visceral structure.


And Sunday 3/17 is a Sun Haumea great eliminator, Black Moon rx conjunction with Neptune, Sun Sedna resource, Sun Pallas great eliminator, Mercury rx Vesta conjunction, Pallas Sedna great eliminator, Sun stepping stone with the Galactic Center, Juno bridge with the Great Attractor, and Mercury rx Mars resource.  Our wholeness is coming to Light, in crystalline clarity, revealing wisdom from every stage of this metamorphosis.  Like a puzzle coming together, every piece and every part, connecting the dots and illuminating, within and without.  Every moment of awakening reveals higher wisdom through compassion and understanding.


The practice this week is to observe the physical sensations within your own body to sense feedback messages of surrender or resistance.  No matter what’s occurring, practice surrendering to the experience and maintaining equanimity with compassion, grace, and ease, allowing emotions to rise and fall like waves, as you remain centered, clear, and neutral, as Love.  Practice riding the waves, letting go with each rise and fall, feeling your way through the movement of the current, while awakening the crystalline structure of your water molecules.  When you surf the waves as the response of Love, the collective water calibrates to reveal sacred geometry of Love, and that very structure becomes the new ground below your feet.  Remember, we’re awakening higher consciousness and grounding it into our cells and the Earth, through the vast ocean of water that makes up 70-80% of everything physical, including our cells and the earth.  How well we ride the waves determines the conscious creation of crystalline structures within the same collective water that’s producing the waves…eventually the waves flatten and what remains is crystalline consciousness, the new structure of creation.


“If you feel lost, disappointed, hesitant, or weak, return to yourself, to who you are, here and now and when you get there, you will discover yourself, like a lotus flower in full bloom, even in a muddy pond, beautiful and strong.” 
― Masaru Emoto, Secret Life of Water


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