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For the week of March 4 – 10, 2019

The week ahead heralds a very dignified new beginning, a renewed fire of devotion to the path of enlightenment.  As we allow our hearts to be awakened, we move forward with grace and beauty through the limitless realm of Unconditional Love.  There is nothing more beautiful, nothing more powerful than the spontaneous miracles that manifest from the consciousness of Love.

Mercury turns retrograde this week at 29 Pisces, the Master degree of the limitless realm of Unconditional Love, and the same degree Chiron recently activated 3 times.  Our minds are slowly beginning to observe the mastery we’ve refined through every moment of discomfort or vulnerability in the name of expansion and mastery through Love.  “The wound is where the light enters” (Rumi), and wherever our greatest core wound has originated, our minds now hold the wisdom and enlightened perspective of Unconditional Love to floss through at the vibrational level, transmuting any final layers of debris or entanglements from our operating system.


Imagine bathing our entire lower 4 body system with liquid light, awakened water from the limitless ocean.  Like pure holy water washing away the old imprints of limitations from our minds, soothing any gravitational attachments to suffering, and transmuting any chronic inflammation that holds patterns of smallness.  This Mercury retrograde journey has the capacity to deliver the mastery of awakened ocean, or Christ Consciousness, through our holistic communications system, installing the universal language of the new paradigm, which is Divine Love and Oneness.


Awakened water carries the consciousness of lightning striking water…and the unification of Light with water, illuminating as liquid light, the current of enlightenment.  Lightning striking water can be deadly, but a moment of enlightenment can yield connection with the infinite realm of universal consciousness.  When one has a near death experience, the veils of separation between “life and death” become fluid and visible.  Once those veils are lifted, there is no way to close the filters of higher vision.  The scope of vision is forever altered and expanded, with unarguable clarity.  That kind of awakened enlightenment is possible always, and certainly through this Mercury retrograde journey that initiates just before the New Moon in Pisces conjunct Neptune and Vesta.


Uranus moves into Taurus just before the New Moon, grounding the lightning bolt of awakening into the Earth and into our hearts.  In Cosmic Consciousness, Taurus represents Gaia, and Venus is the dispositor….meaning the heart governs the Earth.  In Taurus, we use our Conscious Power to mind our heart, or tend to the awakenings of the heart.  This is our theme for the next 7 years as Uranus moves through Taurus…minding the heart, as good stewards of the Earth, and witnessing the alchemical transformation that occurs from holding such sacred space.  A higher vision is manifesting.


There is so much coming to light, so much falling into place, and so much falling away.  It’s best to trust, allow, and have faith as we journey through this breathtaking portal of transition and new beginnings.  Everything is brand new, and nothing is set in stone.  Therefore there’s nothing to resist, because we haven’t yet met what is unfolding in this now moment.  Any resistance we experience is coming from our own mind, rooted in the past.  This moment that is unfolding is unmanifested potential, crystalizing as we bring our consciousness into relationship with it.  How we interpret our experience of what we think we’re seeing collaborates with the very consciousness that is revealing before us.  Everything is relationship, everything is universal creation, in motion.  Even in our equanimity, we are not neutral witnesses…we are participating, collaborating, and designing the next moment with our current state of consciousness.   When we remember this, there is nothing to fear and nothing to resist.  As long as we’re awake, present, and in our hearts, there can be only Love in every moment that unfolds.


The week begins on Monday 3/4 with a Pallas Ixion resource.   Divine feminine wisdom supporting the truth of the soul’s blueprint and promise.  It’s continually important to remember that we all have access to divine feminine wisdom, it’s not limited to gender or gender expression.  The yin wisdom of our true nature reveals our divine purpose with clarity, ease, and grace.


On Tuesday 3/5, the Black Moon is resourceful with Jupiter, Mercury stations retrograde at 29 Pisces, the Black Moon and Eris are in a resource, Neptune conjuncts Vesta for a new cycle, calibrating the upcoming New Moon for tomorrow, and Venus manifests with MakeMake.  Today calibrates the ripple effects and reverberations through the limitless ocean of Unconditional Love as Mercury stations retrograde.  Neptune is the dispositor of the Pisces New Moon, and Neptune’s conjunction with Vesta in Pisces is extremely dignified in aligning our inner fire of devotion to our capacity for enlightenment.   The energy is extremely waters, which can easily feel overwhelming, especially to our communications system.  Technology doesn’t tend to do well when wet….however, water does hold a much more profound mechanism for communication.  Think of the late Japanese scientist, Dr Emoto’s studies in Messages With Water, proving the science behind communications and crystallization of water molecules in water as a result of intention, thoughts, attitudes, and sound waves.  Imagine our historic attachment to the “air” element of communications going underwater, bringing us back to a very ancient and historic capacity to listen through the heart, through fluid pulses and resonance of energy, and the creative potential to manifest anything through the reconstruction of water molecules.  Since the earth is 70-80% water, as is our physical body, this is an important distinction to remember in such a potent time of manifestation.  What we’re thinking, silently in the inner realm of our hearts, is determining the molecular structure we see in our health, our environment, atmosphere, and even the collective stream of consciousness.  There’s a lot to reflect on during this Mercury retrograde journey, and the element of water with a New Moon in Pisces delivers unlimited opportunities for enlightened revelations to emerge.


Wednesday 3/6 begins with a dramatic shift as Uranus moves into Taurus, then the New Moon in Pisces occurs at 11:03am ET conjunct Neptune and Vesta.  Then a Black Moon great eliminator with the North Node (Soul Star Chakra), Black Moon Sedna stepping stone, Black Moon Haumea manifestation.  Later that evening, the Sun conjuncts Neptune exactly,  and Venus forms a stepping stone with Albion.  Uranus delivers unexpected wake up calls, and this one strikes deep into the earth and into the heart of the matter like no other to establish the themes of the upcoming 7 year passage.  Whatever gets awakened is meant to serve our greatest enlightenment, with Love.  We must awaken the dormant layers of dense distractions and fog in order to remember who we truly are and what matters most.  We don’t know what we don’t know, and anything unexpected shakes up the very ground we stand on, which allows us to find new ground in a new relationship with a new perspective.  Even if all the pieces go right back together the way they were, the context and the consciousness are forever altered, which means the experience is illuminated with Light.  Light manifests clarity when the atmosphere can support Light.  If the atmosphere is too watery or cloudy, Light can appear distorted, congested, and shadowy.  Uranus energy awakens the atmosphere with Divine Love so we can see clearly what’s occurring right in front of us on this planet.


This very dignified Pisces New Moon initiates a new cycle of enlightenment and clarity on our planet.  If we want transparency, we must begin practicing equanimity with truth telling, even in the most dramatic of scenarios.  Every wakeup call reveals the density that’s been distorting our perception of our true nature and altering our relationship with divine order.  The density of confusion is beginning to lighten up, the veils are lifting, and this is the beginning of the great reveal.  Remember, in order to see clearly “out there”, we must be willing to look with clarity inside of our own hearts.  The excess dampness and congestion that has distorted our inner perception of the messages from the heart is about to clear by the newly inspired fire of devotion that burns away the foggy residue so we can illuminate like diamonds from our own hearts.  Diamond Light is the purest essence of Clear Light that restores clarity through the consciousness of Unconditional Love.  Pure Light that shines so brightly through the atmospheric density, reveals the truth of the universe and restores divine power and authority through the heart in an instant.  There’s nothing hidden, nothing suppressed, everything comes to Light as the Earth awakens with Love.   The process itself requires a full on commitment to living in equanimity, in order to hold sacred space for the necessary clearing and realignment to occur.  Love is the answer, always.  What’s awakening in each of us is our Christed Consciousness, our Buddha Nature, our most compassionate presence through purified Light.


On Thursday 3/7, the Black Moon manifests with Pallas, then forms a resource with Ixion, Chiron and Varuna are manifesting, the Sun Vesta conjunction is exact.  Then the Black Moon is resourceful with Uranus, forms a great eliminator with Varuna, and activates a subtle intimacy aspect with Chiron.  There are a lot of Black Moon aspects, serving in the uncovering and revealing of anything dense, heavy, or confused.  As we bring our 5D consciousness to these aspects, we transcend the gravitational pull or the atmospheric weight of anything hidden or suppressed, and everything lightens up in plain sight.  There’s nothing to dig for or process, instead there’s a very graceful and easy de-shedding as the density literally elevates into thin air for all to see.  What once was a heavy burden or weight to carry is now literally floating in thin air for all to see.  Our attachments to “gravitational weight” are beginning to lift as we ground our awakened consciousness into the Earth.  Historically, we’ve needed gravity to keep us in physical form, in relationship with the Earth.  A lot is shifting now as we lighten up and remember our awakened mastery.  We don’t need to hold on to anything…it’s ok to let it all go.  The more we let go, the more we can see.


Friday 3/8 is a Juno Orcus stepping stone, Black Moon Quaoar resource, and Black Moon MakeMake great eliminator.   Unity reflects our immortality…as we recognize ourselves in each other, we begin to see the manifestation of our own karma through the eyes of All.  We’ve been here before, we’ve known and played every story, every character, every part.  It’s time to elevate the story, to liberate the entire matrix through Divine Love.


Saturday 3/9 is a Mercury(rx) Ixion stepping stone, Sun Saturn resource, and Venus Orcus great eliminator.   Our reflection of the authentic blueprint, while swimming backwards through water, illuminates a new form of identity that is recognizable from the heart.  It’s as if we’re recognizing the fluid, formless immortality of our consciousness.  It’s important to let go of attachments, fears, and doubts as we let go of the familiar structure we’ve identified as in this lifetime.  This lifetime is only a fractal of our infiniteness, and we have access to so much more if we can soften our gaze, from the heart, and let go.


And Sunday 3/10 is a Black Moon Orcus bridge, Black Moon Juno stepping stone, Mars Neptune resource, Black Moon Ceres stepping stone, Mercury(rx) Pallas great eliminator, Saturn Vesta resource, and Venus Juno manifestation. Another huge day that delivers revelations beyond our current experience of physicality, in order to uncover what’s been right in front of us all along.  When we get attached to what we see in the physical, we limit our reality by generating a story to identify and reference where we belong in that scenario.  The more and more we expand our communications beyond physical vision, the more we begin to see that we’ve barely scratched the surface on our own infiniteness and the possibilities that exist in every breath.  It’s as if we’re being born into a brand new world..


The practice this week is equanimity, period.  No matter what is occurring, find your neutral seat through the heart, with Love.  No matter what realizations awaken from within, let go of any judgment, assessment, or categorization, and simply open unconditionally with Love, and let go.  No matter what is showing up around you, in the world or in your most intimate relationships, remain neutral with Love, and let the moment wash over you, as if each event is bathing you in pure diamond light.  Anything that triggers or sparks an emotional reaction, open unconditionally to the experience and allow diamond light to rinse through it all, without needing to fix, resist, or change anything.  We are refining ourselves with the purest frequency of Love, and in doing so, we’re inviting clarity to emerge, effortlessly.  If we truly want to experience Heaven on Earth, we must be willing to let go of our attachments to ONLY Heaven or ONLY Earth.  The unification reveals our current attachments, and equanimity releases those attachments to expand our vision back to Love.


“Of course, we all know that water is transparent and has no taste, smell, or color. What’s amazing about water is that it is able to show us myriad “faces” depending upon the condition it is in or the information it is given.” 
― Masaru Emoto, Messages from Water and the Universe


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