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For the week of February 25 – March 3, 2019

This week ahead facilitates an awakening of the heart – of the highest order.  When the heart awakens, not only do we gain access to higher vision, but we also gain access to higher octaves of creative potential.   As we move into a “3” month of a “3” year, we’re stepping into a super conscious and ripe opening for divine manifestation like never before.

The connection between our hearts and the heart of the Earth is sacred.  Venus is the dispositor of Taurus, the sign of Gaia, where we root ourselves deeply into the consciousness of the heart.  Venus also used to be the ruler of Libra, the sign of unity through the mirrored self, and as we awaken and elevate in consciousness, we see ourselves reflected through the hearts of All, just as we feel ourselves grounded through the One Heart.  Above and below, inside and out, the only presence that matters is the awakened heart.  As the heart awakens and calibrates to equanimity through Love, we gain access to the infinite universe, through the eye of Oneness.  The heart is the portal to our divine I AM presence, and the more we know ourselves, we recognize our intimate oneness with All.  This is the essence of liberation, self realization, and awakening.


Imagine journeying through the crown chakra into the heart, finding sacred space, and settling in.  Then imagine journeying from the still point of the heart, through the root system, into the Earth, traveling through the deepest densest layers of soil, lava, and crust, into the most crystalline pure core.  The core of the earth is the purest crystalline water, untouched, full of life, vibrancy, and limitless possibilities.  The inner core of the Earth is the Pisces limitless ocean of Love, and the crystalline molecular structure of Love in liquid form.  Crystalline water.  That sacred space is the portal of divine feminine rebirth and remembrance.  The consciousness of Lemuria and Atlantis is held deep within that crystalline ocean, in a timeless portal of sacred space, underground, within the Earth.  The womb of the Earth is the heart, which holds the highest vision for All.  Heaven on Earth lives within the awakened heart.


The journey from the human heart to the One Heart requires courage to travel through the unconscious layers of bedrock and debris, that appear real on the surface, yet hold only the necessary amnesia that creates the illusion of separation.  That mirage dissolves with fresh eyes calibrated to the consciousness of Love.  We see what we believe, and our current state of consciousness either lifts the filters and clears limitations, or congests our filters with blockages and debris that distort our perception of what’s right in front of us.


This week delivers a divine awakening of the heart and delivers a higher vision, which removes the illusions and amnesia from our scope of vision, allowing us to remember clearly what’s held within our own heart and the heart of the planet.  This lens of Love is a bridge that connects Heaven and Earth, providing an incredible turning point and a portal for conscious creation.


The week begins on Monday 2/25 with a Mercury Venus resource and a Juno MakeMake manifestation.  Mercury and Venus together represent the union of mind and heart, and the oneness of the yin/yang relationship.  When the observer’s mind takes a seat inside of the awakened heart, the heart becomes a multidimensional lens of higher vision, allowing the observer to access higher universal vision through the neutrality of Love.  Mercury is neutral, equanimous, and as such can observe everything without attachment, limitation, or distortion.  The more equanimous we are, the more the heart opens, revealing the infinite universe in high definition.  This elevated relationship supports us in manifesting through unity consciousness and the universal laws of oneness.  This dimension of consciousness brings us into alignment with the higher laws, and when we manifest in the highest good of All, we expand far beyond our individual capacity, and we access a whole new octave of creative potential.


On Tuesday 2/26, Venus conjuncts the karmic South Node (Earth Star Chakra) for a new cycle, Venus manifests with Sedna, Venus forms a stepping stone with Haumea, then Mercury manifests with the North Node (Soul Star Chakra) and finds resource with Sedna.  There’s a lot happening at the heart level.  Our willingness to dive deep into our collective karmic roots, beyond the unconscious shadows, sparks a new cycle of divine feminine remembrance.  The earth is a record keeper, as is our physical body, holding the cellular memory of our past incarnations.  Sedna is also a cosmic record keeper, reminding us of the unawakened light that lives in the shadows of our unconsciousness.  The heart holds the key to wholeness, and the divine remembrance that there is only Love.  Moment to moment, we’re either operating from an awakened or unconscious awareness, and when our communications align with this truth, we find ourselves swimming in the limitless ocean of Love, free to see the infinite potential that is everywhere.  There really are no limitations, as long as our minds are fluid enough to swim in the frequency of Love.


Wednesday 2/27 is a Mercury Haumea great eliminator,  Mercury stepping stone with the Galactic Center, and a Sun Mars resource.   What comes from the mind manifests as physical reality.  The mind/body connection is a significant part of our wholeness.  Nothing is separate, irrelevant, or by accident.  When we realize our wholeness through the mind/body connection, we gain greater insight, wisdom, and empowerment to be responsible with our thoughts and our current state of consciousness.  If thoughts arise from anything other than love, we can choose to elevate the internal conversation, shifting our current experience of reality.  This isn’t about ignoring what’s occurring, it’s about being responsible for how we engage and interface with current reality.  We are the conscious creators of our own cellular frequency, and as such, we have infinite potential to calibrate our inner and outer atmosphere to Love.


On Thursday 2/28, there’s a Sun Ceres stepping stone, a Mars Ceres great eliminator, Venus Pallas stepping stone, and a Sun Orcus bridge.  Deliverance requires faith, trust, courage, and surrender to allow the process to unfold in divine timing.  There is wisdom in the feminine capacity to birth new life, new potential, and new shifts in consciousness.  It’s not easy, births are messy and uncomfortable.  If we can let go of the need to control the process, the miracle can reveal itself.  Orcus connects us to the immortal aspect of ourselves, the infinite soul that birthed itself into this particular incarnation.  As divine as our own birth was, it’s equally divine to reconnect to our immortality, while remaining in our bodies.


Friday 3/1, we shift into a powerful “3” vibration of the month of March, combined with the universal “3” vibration of the year.  The environment is bursting with magic to support our unique creative spark of manifestation, and our state of consciousness is imperative to what we’re manifesting.  Venus and Uranus form a stepping stone at the master degree of Capricorn and Aries, Mars is manifesting with Orcus, Venus then enters Aquarius, which is disposed by Uranus, the Great Awakener, and Vesta forms a stepping stone with the Great Attractor.   To say this is a heart opening day is an understatement.  This is an earth shattering awakening that ushers in higher consciousness through the root system of the newly calibrated heart.  In 5D, the heart chakra becomes the new root system that connects us into physical form and into the earth.  Our new skin is the lining of the heart, and the root system is the extension of the heart underground, through our Earth Star Chakra, into the Heart of Gaia, Mother Earth.  We manifest from the heart, we take action from the heart, and we lead through the heart.  At the master degree of Capricorn, Venus is holding the divine power and authority of the I AM Presence.  This upgrade to the fully awakened High Heart transitions into Aquarius, which reveals the new vision for humanity through Divine Love.   The fact that this is occurring on the first day of March, a “3” month in a “3” year is an indicator of the new vision in the atmosphere that is ready to awaken and take shape in physical form.  The status quo is being interrupted in order to manifest something new…like changing the frequency of the current channel to watch a new program.


On Saturday 3/2, Venus and Chiron form a resource, Mercury and Ixion form a stepping stone, Venus and Varuna form a beautiful Light Bridge, Mercury and Pallas are in a great eliminator, and Ceres is in a stepping stone with Orcus.   Another incredible day!   The visionary heart combined with awakened self mastery yields the potential for brand new creation of the highest order.  The inner messenger is elevating up to consciously interpret and download the blueprint of our higher purpose and soul’s promise in this lifetime.  And remember, when our minds are calibrated to equanimity, seated within the awakened heart, we gain access to universal and cosmic vision…the Venus Varuna Light Bridge unlocks everything in plain sight, crystal clear cosmic vision, from the lens of Love.  There’s nothing more powerful than the capacity to be in Love and witness the universe in creative motion.  The universe truly is Love expressing and manifesting in magical abundance through the limitless realm.  This is key to witnessing the vision of Heaven on Earth.


And Sunday 3/3 is a Venus Salacia resource.  Our hearts are infused with the infinite beauty and creation that is waiting to be revealed.  All possibilities exist and are literally right in front of us, waiting to be acknowledged and seen.  Looking through the lens of the heart, we can see the richness and the miracles that exist all around us, always.


The practice for this week is to find time each day, even if only for 7-10 minutes, and listen from the heart.  Bring your consciousness into your heart space, take some deep breaths, and listen for the sounds of underwater communication through the heartbeat of Love.  The earth is made up of 80% water, so as the heart grounds into the earth, the heart is also grounding into the purest water that holds the remembrance of Unity through Love.  The heart knows how to communicate beyond words, and the heart remembers the universal fluid connection with All, beyond time and space, through the infinite realms of Oneness.  Remember what it’s like to listen from the oceanic frequencies of Love, from the consciousness of the Heart.  For 7 days, 7-10 minutes a day, be still and listen.


“You have the innate power to discern that a presence is arising within you that is not the mind. The Divine is giving you a kiss from within. And even a lightly blown kiss from God will be enough to stir you into embarking upon the search for freedom. That kiss will set your heart on fire!”
― Mooji


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