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For the week of February 18 – 24, 2019

This week produces a dynamic catalyst that pivots the weight of the world into revolutionary momentum for new beginnings, from the heart.  Any heaviness we’ve been processing or carrying contains infinite potential to spark the fire of creation, activating the divine blueprint, accessing awakened personal mastery, and inspiring right action.

We’re moving forward at lightning speed…spiraling upward, and simultaneously grounding Light…faster than we can even think at times.  In the process, we’re changing the landscape, pioneering a brand new terrain of possibility, never before experienced.


This period of time is truly epic.  Whatever we’ve previously held or witnessed in our belief system as “impossible” or “ahead of our time”, is now emerging almost seamlessly through a newly calibrated configuration of fluid creation.  What once was a solid wall is now a malleable, a fluid-like membrane that can easily be stretched beyond, reconfigured, and redesigned, for the benefit of All.  When our consciousness holds the wholeness of all dimensions, we gain access to the power to shape shift anything, for a higher purpose governed by a higher law.  That higher law is the universal law of Love, the language of the cosmos, and those who understand, respect, and adhere to these laws also inherit limitless capacity to co-create in this unprecedented redesign.


Everything is possible because the infinite universe holds every imaginable code of potential.  When we align ourselves with universal frequencies and unity consciousness, we become the vast, infinite realm of Oneness.  Through that consciousness, and from our refined and attuned personal conduit (our lower 4 body system), we become instruments of cosmic creation.  We become participants, contributors, and rising stars of the orchestration that is divine creation in motion.


Each of us holds the key to a particular note, a unique frequency or signature that only we can create.  When combined in harmony with a conscious collective, that holistic sound opens portals of new potential.  The same way our hearts open to music, the universe opens and expands to the divine sound of beauty, love, and harmony.  As we polish our instruments, refine our mastery, and wholeheartedly play our unique individual note, in conjunction with our soul group or community, our composite creation unlocks the secrets of the universe and we open to new dimensions of consciousness.  There are doorways we can’t enter alone, we must unify our light with others, defragmenting from the old experiences of separation.  Now is the time to find our voice, find our unique sound, fine tune our instrument, and say yes to our ensemble of community.


The week begins with an electric charge and a boost of lightning on Monday morning 2/18 with a Black Moon Ixion resource, a Sun Uranus resource, then Chiron enters Aries, Venus conjuncts Saturn for a new cycle, the Sun is manifesting with Pallas, Mercury is in a stepping stone with the Great Attractor, Pallas stations retrograde, Mars is manifesting with Quaoar, the Sun enters Pisces, and the Black Moon manifests with Haumea.  WOW!  Any of these aspects alone would be worthy of an entire chapter of a book at this particular time, and this sets the major themes for this week.  The Sun Uranus resource, at the master degree of Aquarius and Aries, offers support for the pioneering spark of awakening.  This week is so ahead of its time, and yet we’re awakening at such rapid speed, we’re catching up with the future in a fury and making up for lost time.  There are enough souls who are hungry and ready to awaken, the quickening of the current keeps accelerating as quickly as it’s unfolding.   Movement, absorption, and integration opens the channels for quicker downloads.  When the current can’t be digested or metabolized, there is a sluggishness that dulls down the vibration and feels heavy and stagnant over time.  That is not the case now.  The quickening is catapulting our metabolism into quantum light speed, in fact we’re beginning to digest light through our cellular configuration and our crystalline bodies are coming online stronger than ever.


Chiron’s ingress into Aries marks a profound shift in the metabolism of historic suffering, the transfiguration of heaviness into vital creative fuel.  Similar to ketosis, we’re now able to fully metabolize the weight of the world, using the old density as fuel to burn away the fog and lighten up our minds and hearts, sparking new expressions from the old stagnancies.  Excess water lightens up and evaporates in the presence of fire.  29 Pisces contains an infinite, almost overwhelming volume of water that can easily get out of balance, until that volume shifted towards the creative spark of fire, Aries.  As long as our consciousness is disciplined towards the higher octave of our heart, we can expect some incredible manifestations from our awakened mastery.   This instrumental shift is even more significant since Chiron is the dispositor of the Virgo Full Moon tomorrow, which calibration our lower 4 body system to the purity of the highest octave of the heart.


Tuesday 2/19 is a Mercury Neptune conjunction, Black Moon Soul Star (North Node) great eliminator, Black Moon Sedna stepping stone, Juno Quaoar great eliminator, then Mercury enters his retrograde shadow just before the Full Moon in Virgo.  Mercury is in resource with Saturn, and the Sun forms a great eliminator with Varuna.  A continuation from yesterday’s momentum, bringing the mind online with the authority of the awakened heart.   The fact that Mercury enters his retrograde shadow just before the Full Moon indicates the calibration will take some time to thread through our operating system and align the channels of communication through every cell of our holistic being.  The Full Moon serves as a tuning fork of the highest order, reflecting the enlightened frequency of the high heart.  In Cosmic Consciousness, Virgo is the progenitor of the entire system, the purest heart of the Virgin Mother that births Christ Consciousness.  Virgo consciousness is emotional wisdom, refined by the journey of personal experience.  We must honor each and every experience as a facilitator of awakening and purification, as our hearts return to their original “virgin” condition of pure Love.


Mastery results in innocence, pureness of heart, and discernment that maintains integrity, alignment, and excellence.  We achieve mastery only through countless hours of practice, navigating breakdowns, losses, wounds, and bruises.  Every wound contains the portal to universal wisdom, from the heart.  The journey must be felt, and holistically experienced, in order to extract and tangibly integrate the hands on wisdom of the heart.   That’s the difference between wisdom and knowledge.  Wisdom is gained from experience, and most of those experiences tend to be uncomfortable.   Chiron, the dispositor of Virgo, represents the journey of the wounded healer to the Master Healer/ Teacher.  It’s not for the faint of heart, the path of mastery requires great courage and faith.   The polarity of Virgo is Pisces, the limitless realm of Unconditional Love, and the infinite ocean.  Visualize the intimate relationship between the ocean and the sand.   Virgo is the earth sign of sand:  shiftable, malleable, and flexible to redesign and reconfigure in relationship with the waves that come and go.  The salt water from the ocean purifies the shoreline as a blank slate with each return, washing away the residue, yet leaving behind an imprint of divine wisdom through impermanence.


On Wednesday 2/20 the Black Moon is in resource with Eris and Uranus is in a bridge with Pallas.   Liberated and empowered, we continue to shed the outdated vibrational muscle memory by stepping out of the old skin and freeing ourselves up for new expressions through authenticity.  Divine Feminine wisdom is awakening everywhere, and it’s important to remember the rising Feminine voice is not about gender, it’s not exclusive to females.  Gender is a 3D expression of physicality.  5D wholeness transcends our physicality, and our liberation from limitations reveals the Divine Feminine in All, equally.  Permission and empowerment, beyond surface level appearances and assumptions, awakens the feminine, and we unify through the wisdom shared in our individual stories of awakenings.  Uranus is the dispositor of Aquarius, which awakens divine love and equality for humanity, as the reflection of The Divine.


Thursday 2/21 is very subtle with a Black Moon Pluto intimacy aspect, Black Moon Jupiter resource, Black Moon Venus intimacy, and Sun Quaoar resource.  These subtle intimacy aspects are important today, bringing us into relationship with the necessary death, completion, and new beginning required for every expansion and redesign.  Any aspect of change, even the seemingly small or insignificant aspects, can be felt from the heart.  As we’re expanding our entire paradigm and world view, we become increasingly aware of these subtle shifts and fine tunings.  Sensitivity is on the rise, which keeps us present and in our experience.  It’s becoming harder and harder to ignore anything these days.


On Friday 2/22, Vesta forms a bridge with Orcus, the Black Moon forms an intimacy aspect with Mercury, Mercury and Jupiter form a stepping stone, and Venus conjuncts Pluto for a new cycle.   Our fire of devotion points to our immortality, the aspect of our consciousness that extends beyond the physical realm.  From there, we find more subtle aspects in communications and sensitivity beyond the veils of separation.  The more sensitive we are, the greater the opportunity to expand…as long as we don’t shut down or disconnect from overwhelm or distraction.  There’s a fine tuning process underway.  And the heart begins a brand new cycle of alchemy and transformation, infused with the power and authority to take the lead.


Saturday 2/23 is a Black Moon Saturn intimacy aspect, Sun Juno stepping stone, Mercury Pluto resource, Mars Albion new cycle, Black Moon Neptune intimacy, and Venus Eris stepping stone.   With the heart leading the way, our relationship with power and authority is shifting, becoming more of an internal navigation system, versus external compliance or resistance.  The communication that motivates action is now from the heart, and it takes us into uncharted territory that we couldn’t imagine before.  The heart is leading us into a new physical experience of reality, that may feel a bit fuzzy or confusing at first, but the new groove is taking shape.


And Sunday 2/24 is a Sun MakeMake great eliminator and a Sun Albion resource.  Higher law and order makes a powerful presence, as long as we can view all events from a lens of Love, and surrender any tendencies to interpret from fear based bias.  Our state of consciousness is everything during this time of massive transformation and evolution.  How we perceive the events around us determines what we allow ourselves to see, and how we can engage and respond.


The practice this week is to allow the Full Moon in Virgo to calibrate and attune every cell to the purist frequency of Love, and reflect the divine wholeness, holiness, and wisdom of the universal heart.  So much is shifting and changing this week, major new cycles are beginning, and the tides are turning in our capacity to create from a higher octave of Love.  There’s nothing to do or force right now, simply allow the current events to facilitate an awakened refinement of personal mastery, and allow yourself to contribute and participate through the most authentic expression that’s coming alive.

This is a week to be fine tuned, to let the waves wash over and through you, and awaken each individual cell like a tiny crystal of consciousness.  Without needing to understand it all right now, allow the process to occur, and continue to elevate through the highest lens of Love.


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You come to us
from another world

From beyond the stars
and void of space.

Transcendent, Pure, 
Of unimaginable beauty,

Bringing with you 
the essence of love

You transform all
 who are touched by you.

Mundane concerns,
troubles, and sorrows
 dissolve in your presence,

Bringing joy
 to ruler and ruled

To peasant and king

You bewilder us
 with your grace.

All evils
 transform into

You are the master alchemist.

You light the fire of love 
in earth and sky

in heart and soul
 of every being.

Through your love
 existence and nonexistence merge.

All opposites unite.

All that is profane
 becomes sacred again.”

― Rumi


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