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For the week of February 11 – 17, 2019

This week delivers a breathtaking inner alignment with higher law and order.  As if we’re being awakened by lightning, all of our pieces and parts are shifting and reconfiguring, reconstructing a new cellular expression, the reflection of the new paradigm.  Any moment that takes our breath away this week is an opportunity to awaken to a higher vision, and simultaneously embody that vision at the cellular level.

Transformation of the highest order can happen in a nanosecond, in fact it already has.  This week is awakening awakening our consciousness to realize the shifts that have already transpired with last week’s New Moon in Aquarius.  When lightning strikes, we first see the flash of light, followed by a delayed sound, and then the physical rumbling through the earth and our bodies.  That New Moon on 2/5 delivered a bolt of lightning that may or may not have been fully recognized in the moment.  However, this week delivers the impact that can be felt at the cellular level, sparking a holistic calibration that changes the game completely.


Life altering reconstruction is the key to liberation from our repetitive karmic loops and pattens.  If we’re not willing to go through the discomfort of redesign and reconstruction, we’re destined to repeat the same story, again and again, as we sleep walk through our days of status quo familiarity.  When the storm comes and lightning strikes, we’re shaken out of our familiar grooves and patterns, we jump out of our skin for a moment, which is the split second needed to interrupt and reboot our entire cellular communication and expression.


Our physical bodies are made up of approximately 80% water.  When water is struck by lightning, there is an electric shock, which is powerful enough to wipe out current messaging system, erasing historic files from our operating system, limiting beliefs and trauma patterns stored within our physical body.  It’s a precious gift of amnesia, if we can allow ourselves to take the leap with the jolt of energy, and consciously clear the vibrational residue from our muscle memory, while downloading our newly awakened consciousness into our cells.  Like hitting “control, alt, delete” we can clear the old attachments to the karmic body, shed the old skin by clearing the vibrational muscle memory, and in the flash of lightning install the new paradigm while grounding it into our roots.


It doesn’t matter what event creates the lightning strike, what matters is that it occurs.  The reboot is instantaneous, then we begin a journey of integration  What matters is that we let go of our attachments, be equanimous through the release of aftershock waves and emotional release.  This is the beginning of a new chapter, the alignment with our soul’s purpose and promise.


This week delivers a necessary adjustment, the aftershock of last week’s Aquarian New Moon.  The shifts will reveal the wholeness of what’s just occurred by next week’s Full Moon in Virgo.  The rapid change this week might feel a bit chaotic and unimaginable, but that’s par for the course.  Transformation requires an environment of rapid moving chaos and uncertainty, that’s the only way to break apart the current patterns of muscle memory and gravitational attachments.  The moment we let go of the story that’s held within our skin, we’re free to discover our new skin…the authentic expression of our heart.


If we resist or insist on staying stagnant, we will only create the illusion of delay.  There’s nothing to resist, nothing to hold onto.  The new paradigm is already calibrated in our consciousness, this week delivers the realization of that new paradigm in our physical bodies.  The awakening is profoundly transformational, and right on time.  Remember, this is a “3” year of manifestation, from the highest dominion of the heart.  It’s a whole new way of living in our skin, and consciously creating from the equality of yin/yang wholeness.  Life is the facilitator as we awaken by our current experiences.  There’s nothing to fear, nothing to judge…simply let go, trust, and watch the stories unravel as we open our eyes to the magic that’s unfolding.


The week begins on Monday 2/11 with a Mercury Quaoar resource, Mars Ixion manifestation, and Sun Eris resource.  This is the activation of the brand new paradigm, which holds infinite possibilities, beyond any blindspots we’ve been living in.  Through our central nervous system and inner operating system, we’re stretching beyond our current default settings, which can feel like static interrupting the current channel of communications, until we stretch into a new channel of clarity.  That new channel reveals the blueprint of our soul’s purpose/promise like a crystal clear broadcast, that manifests a new cellular configuration and molecular structure.  As this occurs, our consciousness literally sheds the attachments to our old vibrational skin, revealing the new.


On Tuesday 2/12, Ceres and Vesta form a stepping stone, followed by a Vesta MakeMake great eliminator, Ceres MakeMake resource, and a Venus Orcus manifestation.  Devoted to the birthing process that’s occurring, we elevate ourselves to a higher plane of surrender and trust, allowing the forces of nature and divine law and order to birth the miracles of oneness.  There is a timeless expression of unwavering Love that becomes obvious and available, superseding any veils of separation, beyond timelines and lifetimes.


Wednesday 2/13 is truly life changing.  Mars and Uranus conjunct at the master degree of Aries for a new cycle of awakening and self realization at the cellular level. Mercury forms a great eliminator with MakeMake, Mars is in a bridge with Pallas, Mercury and Ceres form a stepping stone, and Mercury begins a new cycle with Vesta.  Remember, Mercury is in the sign of Pisces now, which is the limitless ocean of spiritual wisdom and unconditional Love.  Our operating system has full blown access to Christ Consciousness, the Pisces enlightened ocean of Love.  As our physicality conjoins with the Great Awakener, we realize the creative potential we each embody, through the first spark of an original thought.  Which means, the stories we tell ourselves, the interpretations we believe, become our cellular expression.  We are the creators of our bodies, through our attitudes, thoughts, and beliefs.   Which means, when we change our mind, we literally transform our physical reality.  When we elevate and expand our world view, our paradigm, we gain the power to redesign and reconstruct our entire landscape.  When we awaken to the new paradigm that is already available, that reconstruction manifests almost instantaneously.   What’s important is to remain seated in our higher consciousness, which is Love.  Choose Love over Fear, and observe the experience without becoming entangled within it.  The experience is temporary, and will deliver us to new ground, and the elevated consciousness of devotion.


On Thursday 2/14, Mars enters Taurus, Mercury conjuncts the Black Moon, Juno forms a resource with Varuna, the Black Moon conjuncts Vesta, then forms a stepping stone with Ceres.  The moment Mars enters Taurus, the awakening energy from yesterday is instantly grounded in the new expression.  Literally overnight, the landscape changes, higher consciousness is rooted into the new terrain, and planted there for safe keeping.  It’s quick and sustainable, offering the necessary traction to move forward with a sense of tangibility.  When the chaos discharges, what remains is solid, and when we know what we’re dealing with, we can begin to tend to the changes at hand, obeying the heart with every step.  A lot has shifted, but we can see the road to evolution.  Not the road to recovery, because there’s nothing to fix…but the road to evolution, where we navigate the necessary integration that delivers the reconstruction phase.  We’re not going back to the old status quo, we’re stepping into a brand new frontier.  This is the beginning of the integration of our new skin.


Friday 2/15 is a Sun Sedna stepping stone, a Black Moon MakeMake great eliminator, Sun Haumea manifestation, and the Sun is in resource with the Galactic Center.  Remember, the Sun is still in Aquarius, which is awakening a higher vision of Spiritual Love for humanity and our planet.  A revolutionary movement is taking place that is forever changing the status quo and the landscape of our current reality, taking us to the cutting edge of where we’ve never been before.  It’s vitally important to choose Love and see the wholeness of what’s unfolding…it’s breathtaking and exquisite.  We’re on the edge of a whole new world.  In order to manifest the vision of brotherly love for humanity, we must also be willing to allow for the de-manifestaion of our current expression, in order to wipe the slate clean and spark a new beginning.  We can’t have the new vision without releasing the old…and our willingness to see the whole story in motion is what calibrates our own consciousness to Love.  Fear is resistance, lack of trust, and the result of a limited in perception.  Sedna gives us a cosmic reflection of the highest perspective, which supports in elevating beyond the local story to a much more universal understanding with wisdom.


On Saturday 2/16, Mercury and Orcus form an exact bridge, followed by a Mars Varuna stepping stone, Black Moon Quaoar resource, Black Moon Juno stepping stone, Black Moon Mars resource, Black Moon Varuna great eliminator, and Juno Salacia resource.  There’s a lot being revealed, purged, and unclogged from our filters of vision and the filters of our belief system.  This cleansing can be felt at the physical level, especially through our skin, liver, and eyes.  Take the time to allow for whatever clearings come, be patient with self through this process, and welcome any release of old residue.  Anything at all that has clogged the old filters must be released and set free, regardless of how long it’s been there, or how or why it came to be.  Now is not the time to go into heavy processing or analysis, just let go in order to move forward with clarity.


And Sunday 2/17 is a Venus Neptune resource, a Sun Ixion resource, Black Moon Pallas manifestation, Black Moon Uranus resource, and Black Moon Sun conjunction.  This is the clearing that reveals the new direction, the sun burning away the clouds of confusion, allowing us to see the new template, the roadmap, and the revelations.  We can see the writing on the wall, our hearts are enlightened, and we’re moving forward, liberated, empowered, and free.  Next week’s Full Moon at 0 Virgo is the calibration that purifies our hearts and holistically integrates the wisdom from our awakening so that we can move forward in alignment and integrity with our purpose and what matters most.


The practice this week is to observe what’s occurring, stay present and aware, eyes and heart wide open, without collapsing into the uncertainty of change.  Moments of rapid transformation can feel similar to stretching a rubber band beyond it’s comfort zone, the muscle fibers begin to rip apart.  Imagine the old holding patterns of muscle memory being activated and stretched, there can be a temporary sensation of stress or trauma.  Practice observing the experience, without identifying with the muscle fibers that are being challenged.  The redesign is necessary, so find a comfortable spot and witness the transformation occurring.  There’s nothing to make happen, nothing to force or fix.  Simply allow, while making yourself comfortable through the process.  Let go of any knee jerk reactions that cling or hold onto the past, and consciously open to the newness that’s being revealed. The goal this week is to move forward with the reconstruction, not to cling to stagnancy.  Everything is changing this week, so trust and allow.


“Letting there be room for not knowing is the most important thing of all. When there’s a big disappointment, we don’t know if that’s the end of the story. It may just be the beginning of a great adventure. Life is like that. We don’t know anything. We call something bad; we call it good. But really we just don’t know.” 
― Pema Chödrön,


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