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For the week of February 4 – 10, 2019

The week ahead is a life altering rapid fire launch into the new future for humanity – into the community of Oneness with Love.  Get ready for an unexpected ramping up, especially in the physical dimension, and remember that time and space are fluid and relative.

Anything can happen in the blink of an eye, and a new vision is awakening faster than we can think.  Let go of the need to think things through this week, and allow the organic rhythm and pace of what’s unveiling to create the new cadence.  Now more than ever, it’s important to go with the flow, even if the current is being struck by lightning.  The infusion of electricity will elevate us out of the current status quo and deliver us right where we belong…a completely new frontier…if we can allow and have faith.


Where we’re headed is beyond what our minds can comprehend or consider, and the consciousness required to deliver the cutting edge comes from an awakened heart, not the analytical mind.  We’ve been aware that the old structures are crumbling while the new are emerging fully in tact, however to fully embrace the new, we’ll need fresh eyes to see what we haven’t considered before.  Our physical eyes are being overhauled to allow for a greater expansion of Light.


In the physical dimension, our eyes are projectors.  Our physical eyes project the vision of what we believe or assume onto the blank canvass before us, and we observe our own projections like watching a movie screen from within our own reality.  In order to change the script, we must not only change the the lens we’re looking through, but also reboot the entire projector system that is broadcasting through the filters of our own eyes.  Surrendering our “story” is critical right now, in order to clean out the filters we’ve been witnessing our lives through.


If anything is possible, it would support us to unattach ourselves from the old definitions and agreements that we’ve been identifying with/ as.  In order to dissolve any limitation, we first need to reveal the story that’s been running behind the projector.  There’s a detoxification of the mental body through our scope of personal vision as we release the script and the code of that personal identification, and watch it disappear like particles of dust evaporating into thin air.  There’s a new story, a much higher version of our mastery that is coming online, ready to upload into our projector screen.  Our personal communications and operating system takes center stage this week as we make the necessary shifts and upgrades that recalibrate our entire experience of reality by altering the frequency of the specific channel we choose to participate in.


We each have the freedom to change the channel of our regular operating program.  By elevating the quality of the conversations, we change the game completely…within ourselves, and on the planet.  Any elevation that occurs at the personal level impacts the social consciousness of our planet and elevates the holistic vibration.  We are the calibrators of our community by our willingness to be responsible for changing the channel, and our cellular frequency to Love.  There’s nothing more important than that.   This is the game we came to engage in, not just as spectators, but as leaders, visionaries, and humanitarians.  Change the frequency, change the game.  These shifts are occurring at lightning fast speed within our cells, our DNA, and our nervous system…and the universe is calibrating with us (in Unity) in a cosmic orchestration of the expansion of Love.


Love is a frequency, a vibration, and a state of consciousness.   Love is equanimous and neutral by nature, allowing for universal sustainability, expansion, and clarity.  Love is freedom, unattached surrender through compassion, gratitude, and grace.  Love is the frequency that resonates in alignment with the higher laws of nature and the Universal Law of One.  As we consciously elevate our frequency to Love, we change the game on the planet.  Through Love, we allow the highest vision to manifest, without needing to control it, understand it, or force it into being.  Through Love, we become the guardians and midwifes of the future, ushering a new consciousness to the planet, a new way of operating for humanity.


The week begins on Monday 2/4  with a Black Moon Jupiter resource, a Vesta Varuna great eliminator, Black Moon Mercury conjunction, then the New Moon at 15 Aquarius, conjunct the Black Moon and Mercury, in subtle intimacy aspects with Neptune, Saturn and Pluto, and in resource with the Great Attractor and Jupiter.  Ruled by Uranus, which is currently disposed by Mars in Aries, this New Moon is a rare and potent opportunity to self realize and awaken to our highest vision of Self.   This Aquarian New Moon officially ends the wormhole passage by awakening us All out of the limiting stories we’ve been generating behind the scenes through our unconscious physical expressions, activating the consciousness to see clearly and shift on a dime.   This is not the time to go back to the way things have always been…this is the time to stand on the edge of a newly expansive possibility, something never before imagined or experienced, that unapologetically calls us forward, out of hiding, with Love.


In Cosmic Consciousness, Aquarius is Divine Love that awakens us out of our slumber, out of the status quo of social conditioning and our automatic pilot default settings, in order to elevate beyond the current matrix towards the innovative expression of spiritual Love, and the parts of us that have not fully felt comfortable being seen, up until now.  Aquarius energy is cutting edge, not cookie cutter or one size fits all, and at times feels uncomfortable because there’s nowhere to hide, and oftentimes nothing familiar nearby.  It’s hard to know where we stand when we’re the ones shaking up the very ground we currently stand upon, unearthing the outdated structures in order to awaken a higher vision.  When it’s time, it’s time…whether we think we’re ready or not.


Through our Aquarian consciousness, we have the capacity to fully recognize the divinity in All, living the word “Namaste”.  In seeing All beings as their original spark Light, everyone belongs and all beings contain the reflection of the divine.  This kind of consciousness requires our vision to be calibrated through the awakened heart.  Our physical eyes become like magnifying lenses, scanning and revealing the truth of everything, crystal clear, so that there’s nothing hidden, nothing covering up the purest expression of the Divine.  When our eyes are like X-ray machines, everything is out in the open, we’re operating in transparency, and we’re living in oneness with all beings.  Visibility creates intimacy which elevates the frequency of our connection – with humanity and with all beings and all resources on our planet and in our universe.  Through intimacy, we recognize our divine connection and oneness, and we see ourselves in everything.  Self Love becomes Universal Love, and Divine Love for All.  When we operate from this frequency of consciousness, we change the game on our planet and restore the most original divine blueprint.  These awakened visionary eyes now become the new projectors that broadcast and restore divine light back into our planet, everywhere we look.


On Tuesday 2/5, Venus and Varuna form a great eliminator, followed by a Venus Salacia stepping stone, Black Moon Eris resource, Venus Vesta resource, Black Moon Mars resource, and Juno Ixion great eliminator.   The heart elevates to see everything from the cosmic lens of Love.  The more we uncover, the more we shed and the more liberated we feel in our physical skin.  The skin that once kept us hidden and separate has shed, and our new skin is the lining of the heart, illuminated and revealed.  Our hearts (and new skin) hold the template of our soul’s promise, which is now readily available for all to see.


Wednesday 2/6 is a Venus Quaoar new cycle, Mercury Eris resource, Black Moon Sedna stepping stone, Black Moon great eliminator with the Soul Star (North Node), Black Moon Haumea manifestation, and Vesta Quaoar resource.  The new paradigm begins at the heart, and our inner operating system literally begins to shed and detox the old threads of limiting beliefs that have clogged up our filters and our skin.  We’re liberated through nourishing self care as we tend to the detoxification symptoms, reminding ourselves why it matters to take good care of these bodies, hearts, minds, and vessels that channel pure consciousness into the planet at this critical turning point.  Self care is Global Care, and our devotion to both ends of the spectrum is supportive of the new paradigm and the New Earth.


On Thursday 2/7, the Black Moon forms a stepping stone with Juno, a manifestation with Pallas, a resource with Uranus, and a subtle intimacy aspect with Chiron, then the Sun and Jupiter form a resource, Uranus and Pallas form a bridge, and Mercury resources with Mars.  Everything that’s coming to the surface now is in alignment with unity, wisdom, awakening, and mastery.  It’s important to continue celebrating and welcoming anything unexpected that becomes crystal clear, with an equanimous state of consciousness.  The theme is transparency, revelation, illumination..and whatever way that manifests is a blessing.  How we navigate theses stepping stones and moments of awakening is what refines our personal mastery.  As we learn to walk with grace, compassion, non-attachment, and unconditional Love, we integrate the new consciousness into our tangible practical living.  If we react with judgment, anger, or resistance to anything at all that is revealed, we’re continuing the old habitual patterns of conditioned suppression, guilt and shame.  This is the time to lift the heaviness of anything that has ever been hidden in shame, fear, or resistance…anything we’ve ever resisted seeing because we were too uncomfortable to look, too afraid to confront, or too comfortable with our status quo to risk losing our footing or rocking the boat.  It’s time to let the truth come out, and celebrate the liberation of energy by honoring the purity of transparency, wiping the slate clean, and moving forward with crystal clear communications.


Friday 2/8 is a Black Moon Varuna great eliminator, Mercury Sedna stepping stone, then Sedna stations direct, followed by a Pallas Juno great eliminator, Mercury Haumea manifestation, Venus MakeMake stepping stone, Mercury forms a resource with the Galactic Center, and the Black Moon forms a resource with Quaoar.   This is a huge day, full of high frequency aspects that we might miss if we’re not fully conscious and in our bodies.  We’re clearing the filters of our highest scope of cosmic vision, and in doing so, our personal communications (visual, auditory, and kinesthetic) are elevated to the frequency of Sedna, the cosmic remembrance and record keeper of universal truth.  Like grooves on a crystal that store the records in high definition clarity, our bodies have the capacity to receive such crystalline communications through the cosmos, regardless of time, space, or distance.   We must be dialed in, present, and awake to receive and interpret these messages, otherwise our nervous systems can get overloaded or overwhelmed with high frequency static.  We are able to communicate through our 5D channels of oneness and wholeness, which means our personal filters need to be crystal clear so as to not project our local story onto the universal screen.  The universe is infinite and limitless, and that’s the pure space for our personal operating system can calibrate to.  When we become universal, we expand.  The truth is, the universe is our reflection in the mirror, so we expand by seeing ourselves fully.


Saturday 2/9 is a Venus Albion manifestation, Black Moon Vesta conjunction, Black Moon Ceres stepping stone, Mercury Ixion resource, Mars Haumea bridge, Black Moon MakeMake great eliminator, Chiron Juno resource, Mercury Uranus resource, Mercury Pallas manifestation, and Mars is manifesting with the Galactic Center.  The heart manifests unseen potential today as we continue on the devoted path of birthing the ultra pure space that is rich with miracles.  Anything can happen in the blink of an eye when miracles appear from thin air.  When the space is pregnant with magic, the atmosphere is ripe with the unmanifested promises our soul agreed to fulfill, and all we have to do is say yes, and allow our true nature to express and take shape.  It’s already here, right at the tips of our fingers and the tip of our tongue, waiting for the magic of YES to launch it into tangible form.  The moment a possibility takes shape, it is  actualized, realized, and known.


And on Sunday 2/10, Mercury forms a stepping stone with Juno then enters Pisces, Juno enters Gemini, and Mercury forms a great eliminator with Varuna.  This is a beautiful spark of magic that brings our communications online through unity and oneness.   Mercury in Pisces communicates the infinite limitless realm of unconditional love and spiritual wisdom that is without boundaries or borders, beyond time, space, or distance.  We’re communicating in the realm of Christ Consciousness, which is the universal language of Love that unites all beings, all souls, regardless of any perceived separation or disconnect.  This kind of communication comes from the awakened heart, and activates the universal cosmic eye of vision.  Juno in Gemini creates the still point through the multifaceted prism of diversity.  We are free to express, radiate, shine, and move…while remaining in the still point of connectivity, in Love.  There’s nothing more beautiful than a community of freedom, diversity, and awakened mastery, united by a still point of Love.  Welcome to the vision of the New Earth.


The practice this week is to clear out the filters of your inner communications network, specifically through the channel of physical vision and your inner projector.  Imagine inhaling violet light in through your left eye, all the way through your optic nerve into the visual cortex, then exhale out through your right eye.  Then reverse.  Inhale violet light in through the right eye, all the way through the optic nerve and the visual cortex, then exhale through the left eye.  Floss back and forth as you clear out the filters and the projector of your physical vision with violet light.  Just like clearing out the search history in your computer or electronic device, clear out the filters of your search history, the recorded library of what you’ve seen before, what you expect to see before you, and what you’ll allow yourself to see emerging.  As you wipe the slate clean and calibrate to the purity of Love and equanimity, your eyes will be opened to see something new.   Remember to greet all transparency with Love, compassion, and grace, as you lighten up the atmosphere around you and expand to new possibilities.


“The deepest of level of communication is not communication, but communion. It is wordless … beyond speech … beyond concept.” 
― Thomas Merton


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