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For the week of January 28 – February 3, 2019

Welcome to the final full week of this unbelievable wormhole passage, prompted by the truth seeker, and completing with a jolt of awakening that can’t be denied.  Expect the unexpected, stay seated in the heart, and witness what’s birthing from within. Anything new must be in alignment with the integrity of our soul’s promise in this lifetime.  As with any wormhole passage, our willingness to surrender and say yes, from the heart, will bring us home to a brand new beginning, the result of a quantum leap of consciousness.

Quantum leaps are occurring everywhere these days, and as quickly as the old structures and paradigms are dismantling, the presence and voice of the New Earth and the Divine Feminine are already in place, and have been, waiting in the background for quite some time.  Change doesn’t just randomly appear overnight, though it might seem that way at times.  Sustainable life altering change is the result of much disciplined consciousness and consistent practice, emerging spontaneously in the blink of an eye when the atmosphere is ripe and ready.


Like a time release capsule, we all contain the seed of our greatest contribution in this lifetime, and whether that seed is actively expressing yet or not, the seed is nurtured and cared for by every thought, word, and action along the way.  Events at the personal, global, and cosmic levels are mirroring the evolution of our seed, as we each reveal ourselves in divine timing.

Nothing is random in our universe.  Codes of possibilities communicate like mathematical equations, amplified by scenarios of chaos and moments of transformation.  Anytime we interrupt the status quo, there is an opening for something new to awaken.  When the atmosphere is ripe for something new to emerge, or something unprecedented to appear, the seed releases as magic, seemingly from thin air.  A lifetime of growth, daily practice and attention has been invested in every seed that’s taking center stage right now.  There is a divine orchestration occurring, that couldn’t be scripted any better than it’s currently unfolding.

We’re undergoing a profound process of metamorphosis. The butterfly’s journey – the transition from a caterpillar, disintegrating into itself through the magical portal of de-manifstation.  The code for the butterfly was always in tact.  The promise to emerge was always written and embodied.  From within the actual skin of the caterpillar, the journey feels like a slow unrecognizable death, dying unto oneself and the old ways of expressing and embodying its consciousness.


The identity crisis of losing touch with the familiar, the loss of traction and grounding to hold onto, actually opens the atmospheric conditions to awaken something so unprecedented, never before recognized as a tangible possibility.  Our world is undergoing such a rapid metamorphosis, and the more interruptive and unexpected, the bigger the quantum leaps.

As we relinquish our grip on the steady and familiar webbing of reality, we soften our gaze and begin to see the universe (Self) emerging in the space between the old threads and particles.  3D vision merged with 5D vision until we let go of the attachments and begin to see clearly, everything.  Unfiltered, without any projections, assumptions, or attachments.  Cosmic vision from the heart, opening our very eyes to the New World of possibilities, infinite magic in manifestation now.  This is the lightning that awakens our seed, calling forth the promise and the blueprint from this lifetime, to take center stage now.  There’s a divine remembrance of the role we each play now, although it’s not calculate from the mind.  That remembrance awakens from the Heart.


The week begins on Monday 1/28, with a Vesta Ixion resource, a Venus Eris manifestation, and a Black Moon Uranus stepping stone.  Our inner fire of devotion supports the unveiling of our divine blueprint, as the heart awakens and sheds the old cloudy skin of discomfort and illusion.  This unveiling process, whether it appears to be occurring within or externally, is being generated by the awakened heart.


On Tuesday 1/29, Uranus is in resource with Vesta, as the Sun forms a new cycle with Mercury.  More unexpected turbulence and surprises can actually feed the fire of devotion within, as we begin a new chapter of Aquarian consciousness communicated through the Messenger.  When the Messenger becomes the lightning bolt to awaken humanity, there’s no way to avoid or ignore what’s coming to Light.  This is epic, and the timing within the wormhole is divinely on cue.  It’s important to remember, it’s not about the Messenger himself/herself…it’s about the awakening that is generated in the minds and hearts of the collective.  The One who communicates is a conduit, or a lightning rod, and the aftermath shakes up the atmospheric conditions for a new possibility that wasn’t previously available.  What we do with the awakening moving forward is what matters.  How we step into the new environment, and the quantum leaps in consciousness we’re willing to embrace.


Wednesday 1/30 is a Black Moon Ceres resource, Black Moon Varuna Light Bridge, Ceres Varuna manifestation, Mercury Orcus great eliminator, Juno Sedna new cycle, Sun Orcus great eliminator, and Pallas Ixion resource.  Revealing anything that once was hidden, activating the highest scope of cosmic vision to birth clarity from illusion or confusion.  This is a super empowered moment of removing the blinders so we can see fully what’s right in front of us, within us, and beneath our own feet.  When we can see clearly, we’re empowered.  When there’s nothing hidden, we are free.  It’s important not to fear the unknown in a time like this, and allow the mind to observe what’s behind the veils, in communication with the immortal spirits that are supporting and assisting.   This is a collaborative movement, we’re not in this alone.  Our divine remembrance and recognition of this sacred partnership between the visible and invisible, the tangible and intangible, allows us to recognize and appreciate all dimensions of contribution.  We are functioning at all dimensions of consciousness, all the time.  Which means we have access to the highest scope of vision, always…if we’re willing to take ownership of our current focus and reality.


On Thursday 1/31, Ceres and Salacia are manifesting, Saturn and Neptune are in resource, Venus and Sedna form a great eliminator, Black Moon and MakeMake are manifesting, Venus and Juno are in a great eliminator, and Venus is resourceful with Haumea.  This is another day of birthing from the invisible realms.  There’s so much more than meets the eye, until we learn to see clearly from the heart.  All of the revelations are manifesting a higher divine order, and we begin to birth in accordance with our true nature.  Everything matters, everything is relevant, even though we may not always see the connections to the bigger picture in the moment.  There is significance and purpose to all that is occurring right now, and there’s nothing to fear.


Friday 2/1, Juno and Haumea form a great eliminator, Venus conjuncts the Galactic Center, Vesta enters Pisces, Uranus manifests with Ixion, Mercury is in resource with The Great Attractor, Mars and Pluto form a stepping stone, and the Black Moon forms a great eliminator with Orcus.   The bigger picture is coming together, and we’re renewed by the limitlessness of our inner devotion.  There’s nothing we can’t walk through with faith and trust that comes from the heart.   Our soul’s promise, that original seed, is awakening, and the physical deconstruction is catapulting us at lightning speed.  There’s nothing to force or figure out, simply allow the unraveling and the clarity that’s emerging.


On Saturday 2/2, Venus and Ixion conjunct for a new cycle, Juno is in a great eliminator with the Galactic Center, Venus is manifesting with Uranus, and the Black Moon conjuncts the Sun for a new cycle.   Powerful new cycles today, specifically with the blueprint awakening within the heart, and the final revealing and clarifying of anything that’s been misunderstood.  Everything is out in the open, on the table, with the purest light to illuminate the truth.  It’s full speed ahead now, in alignment with our highest vision and purpose…unified and empowered, with Love.


And finally on Sunday, 2/3, Venus and Chiron are in a stepping stone, the Sun resources the Great Attractor, the Black Moon calibrates the midpoint between the Saturn Neptune resource from Thursday, creating subtle intimacy aspects with both,  followed by a Mercury Jupiter resource, then Venus enters Capricorn, and Mars conjuncts Eris for a new cycle.   Another huge day of powerful aspects.  The heart elevates to a whole new level of mastery, and there’s so much clarity illuminating the empty spaces, the subtleness of intimacy can be felt everywhere.  There’s truly no separation between anything, including the dimensions of consciousness or our channels of communication socially.  As Venus enters the sign of the Divine Executive Director, the heart is truly leading the way, moving us forward into new territory and new skin.  The subtle sensitivities are facilitating a shedding of skin, as we literally embody our hearts and give our hearts full reign to take action.


The following day, 2/4 is the New Moon in Aquarius that delivers us from the wormhole and awakens a brand new consciousness for unprecedented manifestation.  If we’ve softened our edges through any ounce of discomfort this week, we will find ourselves standing on higher ground, in our new skin, ready for full throttle manifestation of magic.

The practice this week is to allow any physical sensations of discomfort to loosen up the fibers of attachment through your skin, and start to let go, sloughing off the old matrix of embodied expression.  Any source of irritant, stress, or frustration is an opportunity to dissolve old holding patterns of the inner atmospheric conditions, which creates the opening for new possibilities to awaken and emerge.  The focus is not in finding steady ground this week…the focus is on shedding attachments to the need for ground, recognizing we’re inventing new ground from the empty space.


“Awakening is not a thing. It is not a goal, not a concept. It is not something to be attained. It is a metamorphosis. If the caterpillar thinks about the butterfly it is to become, saying ‘And then I shall have wings and antennae,’ there will never be a butterfly. The caterpillar must accept its own disappearance in its transformation. When the marvelous butterfly takes wing, nothing of the caterpillar remains.” 
― Alejandro Jodorowsky


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