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For the week of January 21 – 27, 2019

This unprecedented week starts off with a massive reflection of full blown Light.  The Super Full Moon/ Eclipse, powered by the Aquarian Sun, gives an extra boost of awakening energy that’s up close and personal.  The moon’s undeniable presence, enhanced by the most exquisite multidimensional lens, calibrates our hearts to Love as we see ourselves clearly, in our wholeness.

If we’ve ever been afraid of being seen, the Moon is showing up as close to the Earth as she can possibly be, like a massive spotlight to reveal it all.   In order to witness the divine unveiling of anything, we must practice neutrality and equanimity.   Eclipsing any fears, worries, or doubts that have ever kept us hiding, the shields of invisibility are now outdated and obsolete.  The nature of 5D is transparency and wholeness, which means every part, every piece, and every fiber is whole, exactly as it is… and when viewed through the lens of equanimity, our highest vision is restored and the heart shines bright as a sustainable generator of Light.  Transparency reveals everything, and even the invisible realms become fully recognizable with astonishing high definition.  There’s truly no place to hide, and we’re being called forth to light up the sky with the fullest reflection.


The amount of energy required to suppress, hold back, or compartmentalize anything is not only exhausting, it’s detrimental to our evolution.  In order to move forward and expand, we must liberate from our old holding patterns, releasing the attachments and conveniences of status quo stagnancy and blind distractions, opening our hearts to what we haven’t seen yet…the vision of a New Earth that’s unfolding and manifesting through us, before our very eyes.  When events are hard to swallow, when we fear we’ll lose it all by risking our vulnerability or exposing a weakness, we can find our seats in equanimity and open wide to allow the universal flow.  As we surrender to the electrical current of awakening, we become conduits of a new feedback loop, a new possibility, and an elevated shift in perspective.  By nature, the awakener creates friction…in order to interrupt the old operating system and shake up the system, changing the channel to a new messaging system.


Transformation and evolution don’t occur in stagnant predictability.  Transformation requires a catalyst, an interruption to the existing container, something unexpected and out of the ordinary, that loosens our grip on the normal daily structure.  That shake up is a blessing, of the highest divine order.  When we trust in miracles and believe in divine grace, we can navigate the unfamiliar terrain, allowing adventure and curiosity to show us what we’ve never seen or expected before.  Anything new has the capacity to stretch our hearts beyond the current default setting…and the more we expand, the greater our capacity to generate Love through our authentic expression.


We’re manifesting brand new terrain below our feet.  Without knowing the “how”, we can co-create in alignment with a higher vision that reminds us of who we truly are, our true nature.  When we see that reflection in the mirror, we remember our wholeness, and most importantly, we remember why it matters, why we said yes, and why we’re here, now.  This recognition and remembrance is the vital fuel required to elevate, fly, and expand…full throttle.  We came to awaken, to remember, and to unify.  We can’t leave any aspect of ourselves behind or try to walk with an invisible footprint.  Our footprint must leave behind the sacred geometry of Love…the new manifestation that we gift to the Earth and the generations that follow.   We came to contribute, to make a difference, and to evolve…while being the caretakers of this sacred space, for ourselves and for All.


When each of us remembers our divine spark, something magical occurs at the cellular level.  The sum total of our infinite power, love, and wisdom is awakened and calibrated into our physical structure, and we elevate the game of what’s possible to manifest in this lifetime.  We anchor our spiritual DNA and spiritual inheritance, and begin manifesting from that code of Light.  There are truly no limits to what we can create when we embody our divine mastery and co-create with the consciousness of Love.


The week begins on Monday 1/21 with the full Lunar Eclipse and Full Moon at 1 Leo, just after midnight EST, followed by a Black Moon Orcus great eliminator, Mars Saturn stepping stone, Uranus Ceres great eliminator, Mercury Sedna manifestation, Sun Salacia resource, Chiron Ceres manifestation, Sun Varuna Light Bridge, and Mars manifestation with the Great Attractor.  That’s a high dose of 5D consciousness!   As the super charged Full Moon has been making her presence known over the last several days, she emerges front and center, as the brightest spotlight that reflects the undivided attention of all who gaze in.  There’s no ignoring or denying the full blown expression of Light that calls us forth.  We’re being awakened by our own reflection.  In order to see anything clearly, we must first begin to see ourselves, as the embodiment of divine light.  Once we can be in an intimate relationship with our own reflection, we can allow space for others to walk in their truth too.


Equality – whether gender, race, religion, nationality, sexual orientation – requires intimacy, equanimity, and the recognition of the divine wholeness through both unity and diversity.  We are One – reflecting the same divine source of Light, expressed through the trillions of individual cells that make up the billions of people on this planet.  Each cell carries an energetic signature that is unique, containing both the universal wholeness and the contribution of a particle of the whole.  Our uniqueness is only discovered through our contribution to the whole, not by our separation.  When we hold back, suppress, separate, or compartmentalize, we deny our unique authentic expression, and we limit possibilities of manifestation.   By allowing our divine light to shine – uncensored and uninhibited – we activate abundance and sustainable vitality to realize completion, which returns us back to One where we start again, brand new.  The cycle of conscious evolution.



On Tuesday 1/22, Mercury and Pallas form a stepping stone, followed by Mercury South Node (Earth Star) new cycle, Mercury Haumea stepping stone, Venus Jupiter new cycle, and Pallas Haumea new cycle.   When we elevate our perspective with divine wisdom, we can see a brand new story emerging…one that transcends the chronic condition and reveals the beauty of our wholeness.   There’s nothing to fix, there’s nothing wrong…we are simply witnessing the most beautiful unfolding and divine expansion of our newly calibrated social consciousness.  This couldn’t have been written or planned any other way.  Every moment of discord and breakdown has led us to this moment, as we stand on sacred ground that is fluid and ripe for change.  Nothing is set in stone, because the soil has been tilled.  The status quo of the earth beneath our feet has been unearthed and set free, ready for reinvention and conscious creation.   Those who are awake and present are the authors and the pioneers.  The power is in our divine presence, which is awakening now.


Wednesday 1/23 is a Mercury Uranus stepping stone, Mercury Chiron resource, Mercury Ceres resource, and Black Moon MakeMake manifestation.  The inner messenger awakens, delivering an unexpected manifestation in accordance with divine law.  When our minds are clear and free from debris, we begin to channel our inner voice of awakened mastery.  This is an epic shift that feels divinely timed and seamless in deliverance.


On Thursday 1/24, Mercury enters Aquarius, Pallas is resourceful with the Galactic Center, the Black Moon conjuncts the Sun, Varuna manifests with Salacia, Haumea is resourceful with the Galactic Center and then stations retrograde, and Vesta forms a stepping stone with Sedna.  The Messenger, Mercury, is exalted in Aquarius, and the awakened communication from yesterday calibrates like a tuning fork for higher consciousness.  For anyone who is awake enough to hear, there is a silent revolution rippling through the atmosphere that instantly calibrates our highest channel of cosmic vision with the divine remembrance and realization of wholeness.  It’s as if we suddenly see more clearly than ever before and remember the truth like awakening from a dream.


Friday 1/25 delivers a Mercury Varuna Light Bridge, Mercury Salacia resource, Black Moon Mercury conjunction, Black Moon Varuna Light Bridge, Mars Jupiter manifestation.  Then Ceres enters Sagittarius, followed by a Vesta Haumea manifestation, and a Sun MakeMake manifestation.  This is another super high consciousness day, our channels of communications are stretching beyond the personal self and merging with the Cosmic Self.  Our capacity to see through the invisible realms expands through the visceral awareness that the universe exists within each of our own cells.  We are the embodiment of the cosmos, and as we embrace this realization, we are birthed to the truth of who we are.


On Saturday 1/26, the Black Moon is in a resource with Ceres, Vesta is resourceful with the Galactic Center, and the Black Moon forms a resource with Chiron.  After yesterday’s revelations, today is a more gentle surrender and allowance that supports in cultivating a renewed inner devotion to our awakened mastery.


And finally, on Sunday 1/27 the Black Moon forms a stepping stone with Saturn, followed by a Mercury MakeMake manifestation, Pallas Vesta manifestation, and the Black Moon stations direct, changing directions and moving forward again.  Every event that has occurred this week has been on purpose to support in rewriting the script according to our true nature and the higher laws of divine wisdom that are governing this resurrection process.  As we reflect back on the last 7 days, we can see that there’s nothing that could have deterred us from the path that is emerging now, and there’s nothing more divinely perfect that where we find ourselves now.  There’s no turning back, we’re moving forward, fully awake and fully present.


The practice this week is to surrender.  Find your footing through your heart, in the fluidity of each unfolding moment.  There’s nothing to figure out, nothing to plan for.  Simply allow yourself to be moved from the heart, and trust.  Each event is a catalyst for freedom, clarity, and transparency.   Without needing to know the final destination, stay tuned to what’s being awakened and revealed at each turning point.


“Beyond even any teaching, though, the aspect of spiritual life that is the most profound is the element of grace. Grace is something that comes to us when we somehow find ourselves completely available, when we become openhearted and open-minded, and are willing to entertain the possibility that we may not know what we think we know. In this gap of not knowing, in the suspension of any conclusion, a whole other element of life and reality can rush in. This is what I call grace. It’s that moment of “ah-ha!”—a moment of recognition when we realize something that previously we never could quite imagine.” 
― Adyashanti, Falling Into Grace


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  1. Thank you Christine for sharing divinely guided wisdom from your heart as always. I’m still reverberating from and integrating your powerful full moon calibration.

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