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For the week of January 14 – 20, 2019

Welcome to the halfway point of this incredible wormhole passage!  This is the balance point, the intimate subtle space between the two eclipses.  As said before, everything is new, nothing is what it appears on the surface, and the only way to be in relationship with the truth is to be willing to dive into the heart of the matter, with no attachments, fears, expectations, or assumptions.  Equanimity is the name of the game, and when we can find peace in the unexpected discomfort as easily as we can rest into bliss, we can see everything clearly and manifest miracles in the blink of an eye.

We’re on a journey of becoming the alchemists of our reality, the empowered co-creators of all that we experience, by our willingness to generate Love unconditionally, altering the course of our future.  Nothing is set in stone, which means everything is shiftable, flexible, and transmutable.  The purest agent of transformation is the alchemy of Love, and as we master Love in all dimensions, we master ourselves and liberate beyond the human condition.  The practice is easier said than done, and it will take nothing short of a lifetime to integrate and embody.  For anytime we’ve wished we could elevate out of the human story in order to rise above and return to our spiritual roots, our path now requires us to keep our feet on the Earth, hearts open wide, present to the holistic experience without collapsing into the illusion of the matrix.



Just as we’ve been consciously merging mind and heart for the template of balanced yin/yang creation, we must also be willing to see the unification of spirit and matter as the mirrored reflection.  Everything is energy, and everything is spirit, manifested into form and structure…yet nothing is set in stone.  Everything physical contains 99.9% empty space, which contains the infinite realm of pure spirit.  The only constant is spirit…resonating at the frequency of Love, expressing through free will at the individual level.  When we remember this, and consciously calibrate Love through our lower 4 Body System (spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical) we unify our still points of mind/heart as well as body/spirit.   This activates our wholeness to unify with Cosmic Consciousness..elevating the game while still embodying our cells.


Everything is a reflection and embodiment of wholeness.  If we don’t like what we see, we’re judging our experience.  If we recognize any incongruence or misalignments, our inner work is to purify through the heart and elevate our response to Love.  Love calibrates matter with spirit…or better stated, Love is the frequency that awakens matter to remember infinite spirit.  If we’re not willing to be in relationship with our physical reality or the current results that are manifesting in our body, home, community, or planet, then we can’t own our power as alchemists to generate Love and awaken our current reality out of its slumber.


As the bridge that unifies heaven and earth, we are lightning rods of Love, both generators and receivers of the frequency of Love that initiates the universal messaging system that awakens all of life.  Last weekend, Saturn and Mercury joined together for a new cycle, establishing the new infrastructure of our communications system, broadcasted by our own free will.  We each have the divine power to calibrate our antennas to Love, and amplify the volume of that channel through our root system, into the Earth and connected heart to heart with all beings.  The new frequencies are sound waves infused with Light codes of awakening, recognizable by the heart.  With a unified mind/heart connection, we can instantly receive, download, assimilate, and respond through these light codes.  We can also digest and assimilate the 5D blueprint that is encoded within the heart, aligning ourselves with our highest purpose and promise in this lifetime.



Communication requires relationship, and relationship requires intimacy.  Equanimity allows us to be in relationship with all that exists, all that appears and emerges, without judging, resisting, avoiding, or refusing.  Only when we’re willing to see what’s right before us with open eyes and a compassionate heart, can we begin to fully awaken and assimilate the highest realizations that we are manifesting our reality, and always have been…which means we have the power to alter the course of our future by altering our inner state of conscious awareness.



We are the ones we’ve been searching for.  It’s time to allow our authentic Light to shine, in resonance with our divine nature and our soul’s integrity.  There’s nothing to force, nothing to push or make happen.  Our most authentic expression lives on the path of liberation, freedom, and equality, and can be activated and generated at any time, by any experience.  Our disciplined practice is to refine our instrument, as every great master does, so that our light can expand and express in the most sustainable way for all beings to benefit.



The week begins on Monday 1/14 as Haumea forms an intersection with the Moon’s Nodes, then manifests with the Black Moon.  Mercury and Neptune form a resource, the Black Moon forms a stepping stone with Sedna, and with Ceres.  The week literally begins with a calibrated balance point of 5D wholeness in our evolutionary journey, unifying our relationship with the Earth Star Chakra and the Soul Star Chakra.  There’s nothing to resist or suppress, nothing is better or worse, every piece and part is valuable and impactful from the cosmic lens.  This kind of acceptance and allowance manifests liberation and freedom.  Our communications offer the potential for refined clarity and insight from any past confusion or distortion, and our empowered feminine wholeness elevates with Sedna, the cosmic record keeper, for the deliverance of a different story we’ve never considered before.  The more open and free our minds are, the more we can open to see new possibilities and begin to write new chapters.


On Tuesday 1/15, Ceres and Sedna form a Light Bridge, the Black Moon manifests with Pallas, then forms an intimacy aspect with the Sun, and the Sun forms a stepping stone with Pallas.  The birthing canal is wide open for the highest cosmic records to be delivered, as if the universal cosmic codes are literally downloaded into the Earth, with natural grace and ease.  There is divine feminine wisdom all around, and wisdom is cultivated through subtle connection and intimacy with everything.  The more aware and alert we are to the subtle movements and awakenings that are occurring, the more we can integrate and absorb as we continue moving forward.  It’s a day of harvesting each experience for rich wisdom that can help nourish our next steps.


Wednesday 1/16 is a Ceres North Node (Soul Star Chakra) manifestation, followed by a Black Moon Eris resource, Black Moon Juno stepping stone, Sun Sedna manifestation, Black Moon Vesta conjunction, and a Sun karmic node (Earth Star Chakra) conjunction.   We’re birthing through our crown, continuing to expand and awaken through any moment of temporary discomfort.  We’re all in this together, and there’s an abundance of 5D Light available to support in guiding the way.  It almost feels like every struggle reactivates our fire of devotion to keep going, and our perseverance becomes crystal clear, rooting our divine power into the Earth for a new octave of Leadership.  Every moment that we consciously choose to connect through our Earthly root system, we’re like torchbearers channeling Light into the planet for all to benefit from.


On Thursday 1/17, the Sun and Haumea are in a stepping stone, Mars and Orcus form a great eliminator, Black Moon and Pluto are in a subtle intimacy aspect, followed by a Sun Ceres resource, a Venus Orcus stepping stone, and Black Moon Mercury intimacy aspect.  Another huge step up into our wholeness, which requires surrender and acceptance in order to access the universal meaning and divine message.  Our physicality is a gateway to our immortality, if we can embrace both with Love and let go of any fear or separation.   This is another day of birthing new awareness through the subtle aspects of our consciousness.  All that’s requires is an awakened heart and an open mind.


Friday 1/18 brings a Vesta Eris resource, Venus Mars manifestation, Mercury Pluto new cycle, Juno Vesta stepping stone, Sun Chiron resource, and a Sun Uranus stepping stone.  We’re becoming more and more accustomed to the unexpected moments of discomfort, and the liberation and release that occurs as a result…we’re now devoted to honoring those experiences, embracing instead of resisting, which opens our hearts to all that’s occurring in our physical space.  True relationship occurs when we can touch our current reality from the heart.  There’s a resurrection of the mind today, as the mind surrenders any preconceived interpretations or ways of operating, in order to experience new life on the other side of what we think we know.  Unified with devotion, our personal mastery is evoked as we rise up to any unexpected challenges or surprises.  We all have divine greatness within us, sometimes it needs to be awakened in an expected spontaneous way.


On Saturday 1/19, get ready for a Black Moon Jupiter resource, Mercury Eris stepping stone, Black Moon Saturn intimacy, and Black Moon Venus resource.  There’s a lot of Black Moon energy today, which means a lot of expansion from the release and unveiling of anything at all that has ever held us back or been hidden.  Not only are we shedding our skin and revealing our deepest truths…we’re also shedding the very structures of our mental body, and any attachments to the need to hide, give up our power, or become invisible.  The relationship between power and intimacy is huge, and our hearts can no longer repeat any historic patterns of avoiding, ignoring, or resisting intimacy.  Intimacy = the willingness to be seen, the willingness to allow another to see in.  If we’ve historically used our power to turn ourselves invisible, or to blend in with social norms instead of honoring our authentic truth from the heart, it’s now becoming too uncomfortable to continue to live in that skin.  The shedding of skin is a release of the masks, armor, and shields, so that our authentic vibration can be accessible as we broadcast our Light into the world…uncensored and unleashed.


And Sunday 1/20 delivers a Pallas Sedna great eliminator, followed by Mercury Juno manifestation, Black Moon Mars resource, then the Sun enters Aquarius, Venus calibrates with the Great Attractor, Pallas intersects the Moon’s Nodes, and Venus forms a stepping stone with Neptune.  More divine feminine wisdom from the highest source, communicated through the voice of Unity, sparking new action at the cellular level as the Sun moves into Aquarius.  Aquarius is the sign of Divine Love, the highest form of spiritual Love for all beings that is delivering the New World.  The Aquarian Age is a revolution of Love, from the awakened heart, and today magnetizes the heart with universal momentum and enlightened clarity.  Divine wisdom calibrates our evolutionary path, from the Soul Star Chakra to the Earth Star Chakra…at the same calibration point of wholeness that began our week.  The manifestation of heaven on earth is the Aquarian Vision, and that purest vision will be reflected in the Leo Full Moon/ Lunar Eclipse overnight/early Monday morning 1/21.


The momentum of this week crescendos into next week and takes us through the final release of this wormhole passage on February 4th at the Aquarian New Moon.  We’re moving at warp speed, almost straddling future realms and higher dimensions with every conscious breath and footstep.  This is such a pivotal moment in our evolutionary journey, and an epic moment of Life on Earth.  We are the visionaries, the pioneers, and the Light bearers…embodied and connected through the root system of humanity.  It doesn’t get any more intimate and rich than this..


The practice this week is to stay present and in your body, no matter what is occurring.  The key to our awakening is to be present to everything that occurs, no matter how pleasant or unpleasant, expected or unexpected.  The only way to activate our lower 4 body system as a powerful instrument is to welcome each embodied experience, just as much as spiritual enlightenment and out of body bliss.  In fact, our enlightenment comes in the form of experiences that transcend our current reality…not by ignoring, but by embracing.  When you catch yourself wanting to check out, ignore, avoid, or move away from anything unpleasant, take a deep breath and feel your feet, feel the palms of your hands, find your heart, and bring your undivided attention to your heart.  Take a seat within the heart space, and breathe.  Root yourself in Love, and open your higher channels of vision from there.  The heart awakens like a multifaceted prism, revealing universal truths with crystalline clarity.  Let the heart motivate your actions and responses as you generate Light by being fully Awake, embodying of the Consciousness of Love.


“When the stories of our life no longer bind us, we discover within them something greater. We discover that within the very limitations of form, of our maleness and femaleness, of our parenthood and our childhood, of gravity on the earth and the changing of the seasons, is the freedom and harmony we have sought for so long. Our individual life is an expression of the whole mystery, and in it we can rest in the center of the movement, the center of all worlds.” 
― Jack Kornfield, A Path with Heart


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  1. Thank you Christine for flushing out the hidden meaning of intimacy, I was stuggling to understand its relationship in Cosmic Consciousness and here you identified how elegant and intricate the system is.

    I do want to share with you tangable evidence that the indigenous peoples of Canada’s north continue to use the earth energy to help them heal. Although most live in small communities, their desire to be on the land is a constant activity year round. In the north there are vast spaces where there is no human activity for 100’s of miles which allows natures power to be the prominent force. When people engage with nature they are realigned to nature’s frequency simply by just being there without external interference. In a sense it is a physical recalibration. I think if you combined that with your calibration work the transformation would be in a word amazing.

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