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For the week of January 7 – 13, 2019

Welcome to the first full week of 2019..  We’re moving forward, full throttle through this winter wormhole eclipse passage, coming off the heels of last weekend’s Capricorn New Moon and partial solar eclipse, quickly on our way towards the 2nd eclipse coming in 2 weeks.  The Capricorn new moon was conjunct Saturn and Pluto, which seems to have dissolved our old relationship with time and structure as we’re currently free flowing faster than the speed of light and manifesting new beginnings in a heart beat.  It’s important to trust, have faith, and allow all that is occurring, whether it feels too fast or too soon, the time is now and all we need to carry forward is our awakened heart, calibrated to Love.

We’re moving towards Love…which really means we’re learning how to surrender to Love.  Moving forward requires a willingness to fall back, to trust and let go.  As we do, our rate of motion is quickly accelerated and we find ourselves riding the waves that are delivering us through these quantum leaps, manifesting new possibilities never before considered or imagined.  Or perhaps we’ve dreamt of the possibilities, but couldn’t imagine how the path would unwind to drop us off at exactly the right space in time to connect with our heart’s desire and soul’s purpose.  Remember, the mind can only repeat what we’ve seen or known before.  The mind, on it’s own, can’t conceive of where we’re headed…but the heart knows the way.  The heart is encoded with the truth of our soul, and when we bring our mind into the cockpit of the awakened heart, we can finally see clearly, observing the truth from the highest lens of Love where all things are revealed.


Any moments of temporary disorientation are actually serving a purpose to loosen up our grip on what we think is coming up ahead, in order to expand our gaze into the realms of “I don’t know” which is where we begin to see what’s been right in front of us all along.  Not knowing is a good thing right now, it serves us well to be open minded, unattached, and receptive.  The minute we think we know something, we’ve attached our own predetermined meaning to something that may or may not be accurate, and in the process, we could limit our view of any possibility that’s in front of us.  Remaining open, loose in our grip, surrendered, and trusting….we can allow this rapid momentum to carry us like a fast moving river divinely guided by intuition.


This week ahead isn’t overwhelmingly full of aspects, but what is consistent is the opportunity to elevate up in perspective, to take the high road, and welcome the new beginnings from a fresh perspective.  Everything is brand new right now, everything has changed.  What might look familiar on the surface requires a second glance and a more intimate connection.  Surface level appearances don’t reveal the depth and breadth of potential that lives below the surface, beyond the veils.  Remember, the best navigation system is found within the cockpit of the heart, and the best 5D lens of higher vision comes from looking through the crystalline structure of the heart.  When in doubt, find the still point of the mind and heart union, and listen from there.  Eventually the movement of the river will carry you to the next opening, without needing to decide or choose or make anything happen at all.


The week begins on Monday 1/7 with no aspects, however Venus enters Sagittarius.  After retrograding back and forth through Scorpio these past several months, the heart emerges as the truth seeker, clearing any confusion or illusion, completing old cycles, and elevating to a new dimension for a brand new cycle.  This is a beautiful time to remember that there’s nothing to search for “out there”….the truth is always found within the heart.  The more we look within, and trust what we find, the more our hearts open and expand, revealing the abundance of the universe that’s been within all along.  Venus is now moving towards Jupiter, preparing for a huge expansion and beautiful homecoming.   When we end the confusion, we can finally see what’s been in front of us all along….and the celebration is contagious.


On Tuesday 1/8, there are 4 stepping stones!  Black Moon Juno stepping stone, Mercury Mars stepping stone, Chiron Ixion stepping stone, Venus Salacia manifestation, and Mercury MakeMake stepping stone.  It’s so important on a day like today to step up in order to see the truth.  Elevate beyond the default setting, rise above any challenge, conflict, or resistance, and from the higher perspective, there is new ground to walk upon.  We can’t take things at face value or even try to interface with events or people from the old lens or the old context that was just recently eclipsed.  We must be rigorous with ourselves in order to consciously choose to step up, otherwise we’ll hit a wall or trip and fall down.  We have an infinite capacity to transcend anything in our path as long as we’re neutral, equanimous, and surrendered to the higher laws of Love and Oneness.  Our personal mastery reveals our souls purpose through the exercises on tap for today….like walking on a stair stepper to develop strong glutes.  Every obstacle is a challenge that calls forth our greatness, and in doing so, refines our mastery and manifests crystal clear magic from the heart.


On Wednesday 1/9, Venus and Varuna are manifesting, the Black Moon and Eris are in a resource, Mars and MakeMake form a bridge, and the Black Moon is manifesting with Pallas.  This is a day to realize higher vision from the heart, and experience the manifestation that comes from the lens of Love.  When we calibrate our scope of vision to the frequency of Love, everything we see begins to elevate with beauty, clarity, and precision.  How we see is more important that what we see.  How we’re seeing determines what we’re able to see.  If we look at anything with judgment, limitation, or fear, we alter what’s right in front of us.  The observer affects the object, and we have infinite potential to call forth divine greatness by looking through the universal lens of LOVE.  The MakeMake Mars bridge unifies our physicality with the higher laws of Love.  For anytime we’ve used our free will to force, manipulate, or make something happen, our bodies have held the karma of those experiences, and our physical energy resources have been depleted as a result.  When we align our free will to take right action with the universal laws of Oneness, our actions benefit All, which means our physical conduit receives abundance, vitality, and creative fuel that supports our actions and movements.  This is divine synchronicity, and it’s a sustainable way of operating in the new world.


On Thursday 1/10, Haumea intersects the Moon’s Nodes, the Black Moon is in a stepping stone with Ceres, and Eris stations direct.   Haumea is the 5D octave of wholeness, which is the new method of healing.   There’s nothing to fix, healing is now wholing, which requires a 5D consciousness to see the big picture, all the pieces and parts, exactly as they currently are, with divine vision and Love.  When we accept what is, instead of resisting and forcing to change what we don’t like, the environment shifts.  Acceptance elevates the frequency to Love.  Resistance lowers the frequency to fear.  We are delivered to wholeness by surrendering through any discomfort, and honoring the divine awakening that reveals itself through every disruption.  The drama isn’t important…the awakening and the shift in consciousness is what matters.  And any awakening that elevates our consciousness is a divine work of art, no matter how messy or uncomfortable the process might be.  When we can love a moment of discord as much as we love an experience of bliss, we earn our seat of equanimity as the highest observer through wholeness.  All things find balance, harmony, meaning, and grace in an environment of Love and wholeness.


Friday 1/11 delivers a Sun Pluto new cycle and a Black Moon Sedna stepping stone.  Pluto is the archetype of death, resurrection and transformation.  Anytime there’s an ending, death, or completion, whether sudden or anticipated, we pass through the portal of alchemy.  How awake we are in that moment of transition, how conscious we are as we navigate any period of metamorphosis, has a direct impact on what we allow ourselves to see next.  If we fear those moments, if we avoid and disconnect, we end up giving our power away and lose our seat as the alchemist, the highest divine agent of transformation.   If we can remain conscious through every ending, we can remain in fluid relationship with the cycles of life and infinite spirit, and we can see beyond the veils of illusion and separation, and harness the greatness, magic, and mystery from anything.


On Saturday 1/12, Mercury and Orcus are manifesting, the Black Moon is in a great eliminator with the North Node (Soul Star Chakra), the Sun and Juno are manifesting, Jupiter forms a new cycle with the Great Attractor, and Venus is resourceful with MakeMake.


And on Sunday 1/13, the Sun and Eris are in a stepping stone, Mercury and Saturn conjoin for a new cycle, and Jupiter is in a stepping stone with Neptune.  Remember, every moment of discomfort or edge of discord is an opportunity to elevate in consciousness and navigate from a new perspective.  We have an opportunity to recalibrate our inner messaging system and operating system with an empowered perspective of leadership as we take responsibility for all that we experience, and elevate the conversation that’s being broadcasted through our cells and nervous system.  This is a game changer in our personal responsibility and self empowerment to literally change the channel of old negativity or limiting beliefs as we rise up and select a new default setting in our most private, intimate communications.   As we select the voice of empowerment within, we also expand our social consciousness, which lifts the veils of separation or confusion, and shines crystalline light through any unresolved conflict or polarization.


The practice this week is to pause before making any assumptions or conclusions.  Whatever is occurring this week, don’t take anything at face value.  Be willing to breathe into your heart, and see from the universal seat of Love, which slices through any illusions, preconceived conclusions, or distractions.  Remember, everything is brand new…things are not what they were a week ago, a month ago, or a year ago.  No matter how familiar something appears on the surface, take the time to engage at a deeper level, and allow the current of the river to move through your heart.   See what’s new, allow truth to emerge right before your eyes, and most importantly, allow yourself to be delivered to experiences you’ve never imagined possible.


“When we least expect it, life sets us a challenge to test our courage and willingness to change; at such a moment, there is no point in pretending that nothing has happened or in saying that we are not yet ready. The challenge will not wait. Life does not look back. A week is more than enough time for us to decide whether or not to accept our destiny.” 
― Paulo Coelho    


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