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For the week of September 3 – September 9, 2018

Get ready to experience the crescendo and deliverance of a lifetime! This week IS the grand finale, the completion of the life altering eclipse passage we’ve all been journeying through.  Since June 13th, every soul on the planet has been undergoing massive transformation, at the densest deepest karmic level, to unearth the attachments and blindspots of our most ancient historic stories that have kept us sleep-walking in repetitive motion.  Like pulling weeds by the root, we’ve loosened the surrounding soil, and exhaled the compressed energetic residue from layers once held together by tightly packed suppression.  The result is liberation and freedom…and after this week, our follow up work is holistic integration as we unlearn the familiar norms and consciously allow new upgraded options to manifest.

In order to go up, we must be willing to go down…deep down into the crevices of our foundation, below the bedrock of our soul’s connection and original attachment on this plane.  Ascension requires a shift in perspective, to see the unification and wholeness beyond directionality, beyond judgment or comparison about which is better/worse than the other.  Old patterns and reactions to light vs dark, expansion vs contraction, up vs down, are transcended by a willingness to be equanimous with any situation we observe ourselves through.  If we resist, react, or prefer one over the other, we calibrate our lens to that story, which perpetuates that story’s ongoing manifestation.  All we can see is that same repetitive story, over and over again.

The same thread of consciousness holds yin and yang expressions of energy, and to intimately know one, we must have the full scope of wisdom gained by experiencing the wholeness of the pendulum swing, including two seemingly polar opposites, and every point in between.  In order to transcend the nature of polarity, we can’t be attached to either/or aspect of opposites, and instead, see the whole thread as one unified bridge or unified experience, with infinite multiple perspectives to choose from.

Every point of contact, every inhale, holds the potential for radical awakening, changing the holistic experience and expression on a dime, and the atmosphere calibrates, shifts, and adjusts accordingly, reflecting new tangible results as feedback.  Ripple effects of energy expand and contract, connecting each of us to our experience and each other, and as One awakens, the vibrational frequency of the atmosphere elevates and impacts the unified field.

In Cosmic Consciousness, Virgo is the reflection of the Divine Mother, the purest heart that births Christ Consciousness, the sustainable frequency of Unconditional Love that manifests infinite miracles and new beginnings from the limitless realm.  There is no ending, no scarcity, no depletion when we’re living in a context of Unconditional Love.  Love manifests enough, always.  As long as we’ve surrendered our attachments and expectations, there is always plenty, for All.  When we forget that we are One, when we forget that the ones we serve and heal are our mirrored reflection, we start to believe that we are the ones “doing” the miracles…instead of being the hollow empty vessel of an pure open heart.

This wormhole eclipse passage has brought each of us to our personal edge of definition and clarity around our current human limitations and opportunities for expansion through the limitless realm of Unconditional Love. Only by intimately observing our edges of limitation can we consciously transcend them.  The shift comes from our current state of consciousness.  The lens from which we view the world, the filters that determine what we believe we’re seeing, what we believe is happening, and our interpretations of meaning, are defined by our current state of consciousness.  Which means, any opportunity to awaken consciousness is an opportunity to expand our world view, owning our divine power to redefine the structure of our reality.  Not by our ego’s attachments and agenda, but through our Divine I AM Presence.   As a human ego, I am limited.  As divine presence, I AM INFINITE.

So much has occurred since June 13th, much of which we can’t begin to fully realize or wrap our heads around. Allow this final week of the wormhole to wash over and through any final remaining threads or unresolved attachments.  Offer up any confusion or lack of clarity, and invite a calibration that unifies all the pieces and parts into proper perspective and holistic alignment.  Starting September 10th, it’s a brand new page, brand new world.  Allow this final surrender to be sacred, divine, and pure…from the heart.

The week begins on Monday 9/3 with a Venus Ixion resource, a Mercury Ixion manifestation, a Mercury Venus resource, a Mercury Vesta manifestation, and a Mars Ceres manifestation.  The heart reveals the blueprint as the mind interprets the messages, like reading a roadmap from the passenger seat.  The observer’s mind is the co-pilot.  This sacred partnership and devotion of mind and heart, yin/yang, reveals the language and frequency of the heart in a way our operating system can download and integrate, manifesting new actions and results.  The heart leads, the mind holds disciplined focus for equanimous interpretation of messages, symbols, and codes, and the result is right action, from the heart, that delivers our highest potential in tangible form…efficient, sustainable, and crystal clear.

Tuesday 9/4 Pallas enters Virgo, Mercury is manifesting with the Galactic Center,  Pallas is manifesting with Quaoar, and Mercury is in a stepping stone with Sedna.  As Pallas enters the sign of Virgo, representing the holistic integration of refined spiritual wisdom, birthed from the heart.  Today’s heart calibration of divine wisdom is broadcasted through the infinite realm as the source point of creation.  This is a powerful alignment for birthing the remembrance of wisdom, with high resolution clarity, distilled crystalline purity, and the unmistakable reflection of the infinite realm that is accessible through Love.

On Wednesday 9/5, the Black Moon is manifesting with Venus, Juno is in a great eliminator with Ixion, Venus is in a resource with the Galactic Center, Mercury is in a great eliminator with Mars, and Venus is in a great eliminator with Sedna.  The emergence and remembrance of the divine feminine empowers the heart to open and reflect Oneness.  In that reflection, Love corrects any distortions in the mirror, unlocking the blueprint.  Everything this week is clarifying and fine tuning our perception of that blueprint, not only to see it clearly, but also to navigate powerfully with discernment as we let go of what’s not in alignment, and remember our truth and what matters most.

Anything physical that no longer resonates at the highest frequency of our blueprint, is to be surrendered with Love.  That conscious release becomes a necessary recycling of resources that sources the next inhale of creation, in pristine alignment for All.  Anything we release offers benefit to another, and our willingness to dissolve attachment quickly liberates what once was heavy, into freedom and light.  We’re lightening up, letting go, and a new currency is in motion.

Thursday 9/6 is absolutely amazing!  Mercury enters Virgo, Black Moon is in a resource with Ixion, Mercury is manifesting with Quaoar, Chiron is in a great eliminator with Pallas, Ceres enters Libra and is then in a stepping stone with Quaoar, Saturn stations direct at 2 Capricorn, Black Moon is manifesting with Haumea and in a resource with Eris, Mercury is in a great eliminator with Chiron and conjunct Pallas, and the Sun is in a stepping stone with the Great Attractor.   Our operating system – the inner cellular network of communications and the channels of divine connection – enters the sign of holistic integration, alignment, and wholeness.  This is the tangible, practical application and experiential learning of our new capabilities that have been recently upgraded through the recent retrograde and eclipse passage.  No sign is more committed to refined excellence and personal mastery than Virgo, so what a perfect opportunity to learn our new navigation equipment, so we can make meaning of what’s occurring moment to moment from a discerning lens of awakened clarity.

Chiron is the ruler of the Virgo New Moon that ends the wormhole eclipse passage, and is supporting in the distillation process that cultivates wisdom for refined mastery.  As Saturn stations, it’s time to get crystal clear about our new definitions, boundaries, core values, and foundation of agreements moving forward.  We’ve each been through some deep inner lessons and challenges over the last few months, and every challenge leads to elevated growth and expansion.  However we’ve experienced ourselves on the edge of contraction, the forward movement will reveal new upgrades in our relationship with our word, our results, and our personal integrity around power and authority.   Wherever we’ve been leaking, misusing, or avoiding stepping into our power, surely this summer has cultivated the experiential wisdom to negotiate and navigate new agreements moving forward.  This was a necessary journey to “cure the foundation” before erecting new sustainable structures that will support the New Earth.   It’s important that we remember those lessons, integrate with integrity, and consciously choose where to invest our power, resources, and attention, for the benefit of ourselves and All.

Friday 9/7 is a Uranus Varuna stepping stone, Mercury Uranus manifestation, Mercury Saturn manifestation, Vesta conjunct the Galactic Center,  and a Sun Neptune Bridge.  Uranus is the awakener of higher consciousness, the interruptor of the status quo.  From the consciousness of Love, we access higher dimensions of vision. Awakening comes when we least expect it, so it’s best to welcome any spontaneous messages or unexpected communications that might rock our world.  What we never saw coming can activate the power to create new structures, agreements, relationships, and new beginnings, from the purest devotion of the heart.  And what may seem confusing or unclear at first, has the power to elevate and enlighten with a shift in perspective and an awakened lens to see.  Let go of any knee jerk reactions and allow the highest scope of vision to reveal what’s right in front of you.

Saturday 9/8 is a Chiron Ceres Bridge, Uranus manifesting with Pallas, Vesta great eliminator with Sedna, Ixion stations direct, and Venus in a stepping stone with Mars.  This is a major calibration day, birthing personal mastery, manifesting awakened wisdom, remembrance and resurrection of the heart’s fire of devotion, all as Ixion stations…WOW!  This IS the unveiling of the blueprint, held within the sacred space of the heart.  Devotion and pureness of an awakened heart activates that template of LIGHT, and then the heart takes empowered right action on the path.

And Sunday 9/9 is truly epic.  Saturn manifests with Pallas, Venus enters Scorpio, Venus resources Quaoar, the Black Moon is in an intimacy aspect with Pluto, just before the New Moon in Virgo, which is manifesting with Pluto.  Governed by divine power and wisdom, the heart is the alchemist, activating the bridge to the new paradigm of universal potential, as Pluto ushers us beyond the veils of physicality, resurrecting our capacity to straddle the dimensions and manifest the intangible into form.  This is the gateway to divine birthing from the purest alchemical portal of the heart….the heart becomes the gateway for manifestation of the invisible realm into form and structure, instantaneously.  The pure awakened heart holds divine authority to birth new creation.

Every completion or death contains the wide open portal to a new beginning.  How we navigate that portal, how conscious we are as we transition and straddle dimensions, is what determines the next moment.  Every breath contains a death and rebirth through each exhale (expiration) and inhale (inspiration).

And finally, the New Moon in Virgo calibrates the completion of our life-on-earth-altering transformation/resurrection journey into a holistic grounding point of wisdom, and initiates the portal of new beginning.  In Cosmic Consciousness, Virgo is the Divine Mother that births Christ Consciousness.  We all have Virgo in our charts, and we all embody Virgo somehow in our nature.  We all have the capacity and the potential to awaken through the alchemical portal of the ultra pure heart and manifest the divine vision, Heaven on Earth with each conscious breath.  We all hold the capacity to be vessels, channels, instruments, and conduits for Divine Love on the planet, and now is the time.  There’s nothing to try to be, no comparisons or judgments, it’s simply time to honor the authentic beauty and divine nature of our heart’s blueprint, and let go of everything else.  We ARE Love, and we ARE the embodiment of sacred space, in community, to resurrect the planet, on behalf of ALL.   As we give ourselves permission to own our inherent Light, our hearts awaken and expand, revealing the sound and frequency that awakens ALL.  There’s nothing more important happening on the planet right now.

As with any period of massive life altering transformation, the real “transformation” occurs as we mindfully integrate the awakening holistically, walking our talk to manifest tangible results.  Awakenings, flashes of insight, and profound revelations are irrelevant if we don’t apply them, tangibly practice living as the embodiment of that awakened consciousness.  That’s the difference between knowing information vs living wisdom.  It’s time to integrate, with diligence and excellence, as we refine our mastery, inside and out.

The practice this week is to surrender to this epic grand finale, go all out, and be holistically washed, cleansed, and fine tuned by the events that occur all week.  Become the witness, seated in the still point of the heart, a committed observer, viewing it all from a lens of Unconditional Love.  Let yourself be moved, inspired, awakened, and humbled by every experience, without trying to understand or figure anything out.  At the end of the week, create some intentional stillness and space to begin integrating and digesting all that’s occurred since June 13th.   Everything is brand new…even the familiar surface appearances hold new resonance and meaning. Prepare to slow down your normal navigation speed, and intentionally carve out spaciousness to explore the new inner landscape with curiosity and non-attachment. Every conscious step is a new beginning that grounds the consciousness of the New Earth. Travel lightly, be kind and gentle to yourself and others, and walk with reverence and gratitude.

This summer’s passage has not been for the faint of heart.  It’s required courage, resilience, moments of humbling surrender, and the refinement of personal integrity, divine grace, and agility.  Similar to the completion of a marathon, honor yourself and your current experience, let the adrenaline rush dissipate, and prepare to go slow as you integrate the wisdom and tend to your body.

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“Rushing into action, you fail.
Trying to grasp things, you lose them.
Forcing a project to completion,
you ruin what was almost ripe.

Therefore the Master takes action
by letting things take their course.
He remains as calm at the end
as at the beginning.
He has nothing,
thus has nothing to lose.
What he desires is non-desire;
what he learns is to unlearn.
He simply reminds people
of who they have always been.
He cares about nothing but the Tao.
Thus he can care for all things.”

― Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching


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  1. Christine, this is such an incredible summary. It resonates clearly as truth in my heart and soul. This summer has indeed not been for the faint of heart. Thank you for navigating us through this passage with such clarity, beauty and truth. I can’t wait to see what’s to come with this new moon passage. I refer to your words often (daily) in my own journey, and thank you for being such an integral guide. This week – wow. The other day, I wrote down the words “Every Day is a Miracle.” And it’s the truth. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Love and light to all.

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