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For the week of December 31, 2018 – January 6, 2019

Fasten your seat belts and get ready for a full throttle life-altering week ahead.  We’re inside a wormhole eclipse passage, initiated by the Truth Seeker, driving us deep into the heart of the matter, heading for the first eclipse sideways elevator this weekend on the New Moon in Capricorn, conjunct Pluto and Saturn….just as Uranus stations direct…and there’s so much more.

Whether you’re awake or asleep, this is a week that will alter the course of our future forever, at the very personal and collective level.  We’re moving forward at warp speed, making quantum leaps in consciousness, and this is truly the most exciting moment to be alive.  Everything is brand new, and not a moment too soon…we are stepping into the ground breaking pioneering chapter of the New Earth, hand in hand as conscious collaborative creators, leading from the heart, and paving the way for a brand new frontier.


2018 was a profoundly transformational year of personal mastery.  It’s important to remember that mastery is called forth from the uncommon, uncomfortable, and unreasonable experiences.  We’ve been challenged and tested by our own intimate edges and boundaries around core values, personal integrity, and karmic attachments.  We’ve navigated loss, depletion, emptiness, and death, and found ourselves unearthing some ancient karmic attachments held within our lower 4 body system, clearing space for our 5D Cosmic Self to embody our cellular structure, downloaded with a new paradigm and expanded worldview.   We’ve been letting go of everything we thought we knew about ourselves in order to awaken to and participate in a much larger universal exchange of energy, beyond what our minds can even comprehend…requiring nothing short of surrender, faith, courage, and trust.


Mastery results from the willingness to journey through the eye of the needle, surrendering all attachments, fears, and insecurities, in search of the truth of the soul, with no promise or guarantee of anything beyond this current moment.  The story lines that facilitated our deepest shedding of skin have served their purpose, polishing and refining our edges and our cells, sloughing off the old structures that held together the limitations of old belief systems and karmic stories of repetition.  Like diamonds emerging from the densest carbon, we are awake, embodied, and ready to manifest from our seat of mastery.


2019 is a “3” vibration of manifestation….unlike anything we’ve ever known before.  The new template for manifestation and creation comes from the union of mind and heart, the divine partnership and equality of yin and yang.  Conscious Creation comes from empowered unity and wholeness.  There’s nothing to force or make happen, and nothing to hide, ignore, or hold back.  All is welcome, all is divine, and all is necessary.   What matters most is living and embodying our consciousness from the heart.  The new wave of leadership holds divine power and authority from the heart, which illuminates the blueprint of Truth, the divine spiritual law of One Love.  When we lead on behalf of All, with the best interest of All, as the reflection of the divine, there is infinite power to manifest miracles through expansive abundance and integrity.  We are standing at the portal of a brand new Earth…the cutting edge of new creation, the manifestation of Heaven on Earth.


The week begins on Monday 12/31, New Year’s Eve, with a Black Moon Pluto conjunction, a Black Moon Juno manifestation, Black Moon Ceres resource, Mercury Eris manifestation.  Then Venus finds resource with the Great Attractor, Venus forms a great eliminator with Eris, followed by a Pluto Juno manifestation, Black Moon Pallas stepping stone, Black Moon Eris stepping stone, then Mars enters Aries, and the Black Moon finds resource with Venus.   So much is being revealed at lightning fast speed, like a thread that loosens and unravels the fabric of the old matrix and births us into a new expansive dimension of potential.  New Year’s Eve is literally the birthing canal that releases us from the old limitations and unresolved threads of confusion into a brand new empty space that’s ripe with infinite potential.  Mars is very much at home in Aries, the sign of Conscious Discipline that ignites the creative spark of infinite potential from our thoughts.  Manifestation energy is full throttle now, and our current state of consciousness dictates the quality of our thoughts and our tangible results, faster than ever before.  Our mastery shows up as congruent manifestation with grace and ease, similar to a high level musician playing their instrument intuitively like the back of their hand.


Tuesday 1/1, New Year’s Day, delivers a Black Moon Sedna manifestation, Sun Orcus manifestation, Black Moon Haumea stepping stone.  Then the Black Moon conjuncts the Earth Star Chakra (karmic node), the Black Moon is in resource with Chiron, and forms a stepping stone with Uranus.  From the blank slate of a new year, we’re already manifesting with the highest 5D archetypes of cosmic remembrance beyond this lifetime.  Any final residue from our root system is revealed as empowerment, realized as a gift, and awakens a higher perspective of awareness.  We’re breaking new ground and moving forward with at lightning fast speed.


On Wednesday 1/2, the Sun forms a new cycle with Saturn at 12 Capricorn, the Black Moon finds resource with Mars, Mercury and Sedna form a great eliminator, the Black Moon forms a light bridge with Varuna, Mercury and Haumea form a resource, and the South Node (Earth Star Chakra) forms a great eliminator with Ixion.   Saturn is the ruler of Capricorn, and holds the newly dignified relationship with power and authority, elevated beyond ego, agenda, or force.  As our operating systems continue to strip away any fear based limitations from our inner hard drive, we reveal the bridge to cosmic vision through unity and wholeness.


Thursday 1/3, Mercury conjuncts the Galactic Center, Mars forms a new cycle with Salacia, Mercury is in a great eliminator with the South Node (Earth Star Chakra), Mercury forms a new cycle with Ixion, the Black Moon is manifesting with MakeMake, Mercury and Chiron are in a stepping stone, Venus and Sedna form a light bridge, Mars and Quaoar form a stepping stone, and MakeMake stations retrograde.  As we root ourselves in the cosmic blueprint of our soul’s purpose, a new inner messaging system takes charge, revealing possibilities that have been right in front of us all along.  The universal laws of Oneness and Love preside as our belief systems expand to experience a much larger non-local story emerging right before our very eyes.  It’s as if magic appears out of thin air, and we step onto the path we’re destined to lead.


On Friday 1/4, Mercury and Uranus are manifesting, Mars and Varuna are manifesting, the Sun and Neptune are resourceful, Venus manifests with the North Node (Soul Star Chakra), Black Moon is resourceful with Jupiter, and Mercury enters Capricorn.   Messages of clarity abound as we awaken through the truth that comes from our own words.  Our inner communications shift into the sign of Divine Power, and the messages we receive are downloads from a higher source of Truth.  It’s important that we practice trusting the voice within, the inner guidance that speaks loud and clear.  As we do, we strengthen and develop our intuitive mechanism to channel, from the awakened heart.


Saturday 1/5 is HUGE.  Venus and Chiron are manifesting, just before the New Moon in Capricorn – a partial Solar Eclipse and the 1st of 2 sideways elevators in this winter wormhole passage.  The New Moon is in an intimacy aspect with the Black Moon and is conjunct Pluto and Saturn (equidistant between the two).  Then Venus and Uranus form a great eliminator, Mercury and Salacia form a stepping stone, Pallas and Eris are in a bridge, and Ceres and Eris form a great eliminator.  This is the first eclipse of the year, initiated by the Sagittarius New Moon on December 8th, the sign of the Truth Seeker that achieves the highest victory by clearing the illusions and attachments to the matrix of karma, wiping the slate clean to start again on brand new terrain, manifesting a brand new reality.  Today’s New Moon in Capricorn plants the new framework of our new systems and structures…based on Love, Unity, Integrity, and Divine Leadership.  Conjunct Pluto and Saturn, this is the final de-manifestation of the old template, the old archetypal story we’ve been living under.  The limitations and illusions from misguided and misqualified leadership are coming to an end, as Pluto ushers us through the portal of death and rebirth, recycling and resurrecting a new expression of law, authority, and leadership we can recognize and believe in.  We are the new leaders…it’s in every one of us to be empowered, to stand responsible for the results of our world, our environment, our legal system, medical system, and the rules and regulations we buy into, implement, enforce, and participate in.  If we don’t hold ourselves fully responsible and accountable, we become victim to our environment and victim to the circumstances beyond our control, and ultimately we fall victim to our leaders, as if they’re more powerful than us.  This New Moon in Capricorn is a rebirth of the shared power and authority, and the daily responsibility to consciously own that power as a gift and a blessing on behalf of All, not as a burden or obligation.  If we passively shuffle through our daily lives, we can’t expect our reality to reflect empowerment and vitality at the level of excellence we’re spiritually destined to manifest from.  If we pray for an end to irresponsible leadership in our country, in our organizations, and on our planet, then we must be the response of awakened participation in whatever way aligns with our authentic personal mastery…from the heart.


And Sunday 1/6 is also an epic game changing day..  The Black Moon conjoins Vesta, Mercury and Quaoar conjoin for a new cycle, Mercury and Varuna form a great eliminator, Varuna and Quaoar form a great eliminator, Uranus stations direct at 29 Aries, and Neptune forms a stepping stone with the Great Attractor.  This is the crescendo and exclamation point that ushers in the new year, new cycle, and newly awakened consciousness that holds the mastery of creation in the new world.    Quaoar is the 5D octave of Mercury, and the two joining together for a new cycle is pure magic.  Our mental body, observer’s mind, and operating system partners up with the newly expanded worldview, the new paradigm that is the source of limitless possibilities moving forward.  The only limitations that exist from here out are the ones we insist on defending within our own minds….and that’s truly a waste of human potential to argue for any limitation or disempowering story.  We are responsible for what we manifest, and there’s nothing standing in our way, as long as we’re willing to get ourselves out of the way.  Uranus stations direct at the master degree of Aries, which is the sign of Conscious Discipline.  This is our greatest wake up call to pay attention and be fully responsible for the infinite potential we each hold within our own minds.  Whether we realize it or not, we are constantly manifesting our future from this current moment.  The quality of our thoughts, the quality of consciousness that’s producing our thoughts is sparking the next moment, and manifesting as our current cellular expression of health…though our bodies, our environment, our community, and our universe.   There’s nothing “out there” to fix.  We hold infinite power to create anything at all within our own free will to choose the thoughts we invest our attention towards.


The practice this week is to pay attention to the quality of your daily thoughts, and take ownership of what you’re experiencing moment to moment.  Notice where you invest your time and energy from the mental body, notice which thoughts carry the most weight, and notice which thoughts become the most addictive or the hardest to let go of.  Remember not to force of push, just be conscious and aware, and eventually, organically, allow your thoughts to elevate to more productive, empowering, and forward moving consciousness.  We are the leaders, the pioneers, and the conscious creators of our future.  Be mindful of where you leak potential, and get creative with the opportunities to expand and refine moving forward.  There are no limits, only infinite possibilities.  And when we align our thoughts with the universal frequency of Divine Love for All, anything is possible.


“When we love, we always strive to become better than we are. When we strive to become better than we are, everything around us becomes better too.”
― Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist

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  1. WOW, Christine. I just read this out loud and I’m feeling it in every cell. I’ve never been more excited to be alive ♥️ this is what we came for!!! Thank you from my heart, as always. Passing this along to as many as I can…..

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