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For the week of August 22 – 28, 2022

The week ahead delivers an opportunity for holistic integration like never before, thanks to the Virgo New Moon on Saturday 8/27.  The heart awakens like a divine tuning fork, offering the frequency of Love that calibrates and integrates the 4 body system (spiritual, mental, emotional, physical).  When the holistic system attunes and elevates to the harmonic resonance of the heart, bridging occurs with the higher Self (the Cosmic Self), and the floodgates are open for a divine homecoming like no other.


The calibrated frequency of Love facilitates healing through integral wholeness, revealing higher wisdom, and facilitating alchemical transformation…not by fixing what’s “broken” or manipulating what’s out of balance, but by coming home to the Truth of who we are, and allowing our authentic expression of Love to be naturally restored, from the heart.  When we forget, we fall out of tune with the greater cosmic resonance, collapsing our alignment.  When we fall out of tune, our instrument/system feels the imbalance, there’s an experience of separation or fragmentation.  That imbalance reveals distortions and interference that can congest or limit our creative potential and vital life force energy.


The lower 4 body system is the instrument we embody during this incarnation, the manifestation of the conduit/vessel we express as in this moment in time.  The authentic alignment is established through the heart.  The heart reveals the frequency of our divine authentic expression, and that note calibrates the entire system like a tuning fork, initiating a cohesive resonance through each and every one of our cells, holistically.  If we’ve been compartmentalizing, shutting down or disconnecting from aspects of ourselves, avoiding or denying our divine nature or authentic expression, we eventually experience disharmony and dis-ease.  Any symptom of dis-ease can be a messenger of truth if we know how to tune in and listen.


The body is a record keeper, and also a feedback mechanism that reveals messages and wisdom through the mirrored lens of holistic reflection.  Every piece contains and reflects the whole, like fractals of a greater oneness.  When we learn to harmonize and unify instead of resist and disconnect, we begin to bridge the polarities and strengthen the channels within the self.  When we unify within ourselves, we begin to experience quantum unification around us.  The world offers a brilliant and complex mirrored reflection within the greater harmonic resonance.  If we’re willing to meet ourselves with an open heart, our awakened frequency of Love communes with the various frequencies within and around us.


Love is the most powerful force of energy in our universe, and Love is scientifically measured and expressed as a calibrated frequency that attunes with universal creative potential.  Love meets everything as it is, distilling and dissolving the incompatibilities and illusions of distraction/distortion, facilitating a resonance that restores Love.  Love calibrates All to Love.   Love is the solution, Love is the cure, Love is the medicine, Love is the response. Love is the opening.


When our individual instruments are attuned to Love as the default setting, we are in harmony with the universe around us and within us.  We’re aligned with the creative flow of universal potential.  Every experience reveals wisdom, and even our deepest core wounds reveal mastery.  It’s important to remember that mastery is birthed from practice, and our life practice is ongoing and experiential.  When we digest the full unfolding of our events through an intentional practice, we condition and strengthen our container to hold the resonance of Love and distill wisdom from every experience.


The authentic language of the heart is Love.   Our native language and our natural state of being is Love.  The universal language of the cosmos is Love.  There is precision, excellence, and fine tuned mastery in the universal resonance.  Musicians have an incredible sense of intonation, frequency, and vibrational resonance.  In order to play in harmony with a larger collective, musicians must intimately know their instruments, and tune their instruments.  The consistent practice develops mastery in the sensory capabilities to discern subtle shifts in response to environmental stimuli.  When we become masterful in the art of sensing subtle shifts in the frequency within us and around us, we begin to master the art of fine tuning our instrument.  Love as a resonance becomes a collective practice of Unity through harmony.


Accurate feedback is helpful in learning to fine tune our instrument.  Learning the indicators that express as symptoms when we’re out of tune – physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.  These symptoms are valuable messengers that let us know when our frequency falls out of tune with our authentic nature.  If we judge, resist, bypass, or ignore the feedback, the symptoms can get louder, until we finally awaken to the message and shift within.  The attunement is always to Love.  The calibration comes from the heart.


If we try to think our way through a healing crisis, or if we try to push mind over matter and force our cells to change, we may find temporary relief, however that program isn’t sustainable.  The way to heal is through wholeness, allowing every piece and part to receive Love.  When all of our pieces and parts come home to the heart, we are whole.  When all of our pieces and parts experience Love, we find our authentic alignment.  As we reclaim our wholeness, the alchemical transformation that occurs ignites a brand new expression and a quantum integration at the soul level.


This week activates a Grand Love Cross aspect with Venus, Saturn, the Nodes (dharmic and karmic), and Uranus.  The awakened frequency of Love transcends duality and the karmic conflict of polarized tension, revealing a brand new structure, a brand new vision, on behalf of All.  All we need is Love….and Love is the natural state of our heart.  The awakened heart strikes the chord that delivers a revolutionary new beginning, and the Virgo New Moon on 8/27 facilitates that holistic integration.


The week begins on Monday 8/22 with a Venus Ceres new cycle, Sun Vesta bridge, Mercury Pluto manifestation (1st of 3), Venus Albion stepping stone, Sun Sedna stepping stone, and the Sun enters Virgo.   The birthing of the heart’s authentic expression offers the tuning fork for this week’s Virgo New Moon calibration and holistic integration.  As with any attunement, there is the initial calibration, the striking of the chord (or lightning bolt) followed by the temporary healing crisis as moving pieces and parts shift from the old expression to the elevated alignment, then the completion of the holistic integration reveals a new expression and final manifestation which can be fine tuned and elevated to mastery.  The Sun enters Virgo today, revealing wisdom from the wholeness of our experiences.  When we practice acceptance and allowance, we can honor all of the pieces and parts exactly as they are, integrating wisdom.


On Tuesday 8/23, Venus manifests with the Great Attractor, followed by a Mercury Galactic Center stepping stone, Ceres Albion stepping stone, and Sun Ixion manifestation.   The heart is a powerful generator of Truth, Wisdom, and Love.  The truth sets us free, and the heart is the gateway and the portal of infinite freedom and authentic expression.  As we awaken the high heart, we walk in the embodiment of Light, both in the spotlight and as the spotlight.  It takes courage to walk the planet with an open heart; and it takes courage to reveal the divine light within, uncensored, unapologetic, and unconditional.  When the heart is open, the heart broadcasts the spotlight of Love, as a generator of Light to the world.


Wednesday 8/24, Uranus stations retrograde, followed by a Ceres Great Attractor manifestation, Venus Chiron manifestation, and Mercury Vesta great eliminator.   Uranus (the Great Awakener, the dispositor of Aquarius and the Aquarian Age) stations retrograde conjunct the North Node (dharmic) in Taurus, disposed by Venus (the heart).   Uranus will journey retrograde through 1/22/23, stationing direct in a manifestation with Orcus while Venus and Saturn conjunct for a new cycle in Aquarius.  This awakening of truth is a revolutionary movement of Divine Love through our systems, structures, contracts, and contexts, delivering the definition of higher Love into our relationships as the new default setting.  When we own our power as awakened Love, everything changes.  When we bring Love to any conversation, the conversation changes.  And when Love is the language and the divine contract, we experience radial shifts and evolutionary progression.  Today’s Venus Chiron manifestation is significant to the upcoming New Moon in Virgo, bringing the authentic expression of Love into any open wounds or vulnerable blind spots that may be triggered or inflamed.  Meeting ourselves through Love, receiving the generosity of our own hearts into the tender spaces held deep within us, we awaken the power to heal old wounds, revealing resilience and mastery from within.


On Thursday 8/25, Venus intersects the Nodes (dharmic and karmic), Jupiter forms a bridge with MakeMake (2nd of 3), followed by a Neptune Pallas stepping stone, Mercury Sedna manifestation (1st of 3), and then Mercury enters Libra.  As Venus holds the balance point of the karmic and dharmic nodes, a Love choice point emerges from the heart.  The choice to open the heart, unconditionally, is the choice to transcend the polarized tension of duality that has held the historic gravity of repetitive loops and cycles from past narratives and patterning.  Later this week, Venus bridges Saturn, ushering this Love Choice-point into a Grand Love Cross that redefines and re-contextualizes our relationships and our agreements, moving forward with new consciousness.  The fact that Uranus is stationed conjunct the North Node brings lightning to the dharmic potential of our presence and the sacred space we hold when we awaken from the heart.  Our presence is required right now, and not just a passive halfway in-and-out attention span.  Our full undivided attention, compassionate presence through the heart is required on the planet during this potent moment of awakening and transformation.  It’s not what we do, it’s how present we are and who we’re being in the subtle quiet moments, equal to the dynamic pivotal movements.   Turning the volume up on the inner dialogue from the heart, we dial into the inner navigation system through the universal frequency of Love.  Our ability to trust that messaging system matters.


Friday 8/26 starts with a Pallas Eris resource, followed by a Venus Juno great eliminator, Mercury Ixion stepping stone (1st of 3), then the Moon enters Virgo, Venus forms a stepping stone with Uranus, and the Sun forms a stepping stone with Mars.  The Love choice point amplifies with a bolt of lightning today as the Moon enters Virgo, preparing for the epic holistic attunement of the heart.  We’re digesting and integrating new consciousness at lightning fast speed, and the alchemy of our own metabolism harnesses radical shifts and changes that assimilate through us, as us.  Coming home to ourselves while unlocking quantum potential through every experience and revelation of wisdom.  When we choose to open the heart instead of shut down or disconnect, we participate in the greater current of Love that is awakening and amplifying through the planet at this time.  The conscious choice of Love requires courage, resilience, compassion, and grace…and is not for the faint of heart.  The experiential practice of choosing Love and calibrating forgiveness for Self and All is the structured application that aligns and restores health and harmony.


On Saturday 8/27, the Black Moon finds resource with Orcus, then the New Moon in Virgo occurs at 4:17am EST, followed by a Black Moon Sirius communion, Chiron Ceres manifestation, Black Moon Chiron stepping stone, and Black Moon Ceres subtle intimacy aspect.  In Cosmic Consciousness, Virgo is the sign of emotional wisdom, the filtration mechanism of discernment that reveals refined wisdom from our experiences, then integrates holistically (spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically) as we embody that wisdom and walk our talk, from experience.  Virgo is the sign of the Divine Feminine, the Virgin Mother who births Christ Consciousness and the limitless realm of unconditional Love and infinite possibilities.  When we come home to the heart, when we purify our hearts with wisdom and release any density, judgment, or fragmentation, the heart becomes the tuning fork to restore alignment and integrity through our 4 body system.

Virgo is disposed by Chiron and Haumea (5D).  Chiron represents the wounded warrior and the Master Healer Teacher, reminding us that the wound is where the Light enters, and the experiential journey of our core wounds is the journey of Self Realization and Personal Mastery.  “Healer, heal thyself” is the essence of transcending the wound to fully awaken the Mastery within.  Chiron also represents the rainbow bridge that allows us to unify our 4 body system from this incarnation with our greater Cosmic Self at the soul level.  Cellular integration reveals the potential for soul-u-lar integration, beyond timelines and dimensions; the wisdom and mastery of our Soul fully integrated in this current cellular embodiment.  While Chiron is the bridge to 5D, Haumea is the contextual lens of 5D; wholeness.  As we whole ourselves, we begin to realize the wholeness of the universe; nothing is separate, nothing is random, all dots connect and all fractals reveal and reflect the Oneness of the Unity of Love.  Every piece and part, even the breakdowns and spaces between, reflect the wholeness of our experience, and all is sacred.  All provides wisdom for evolutionary growth, healing, and transformation.

Through our own Virgo consciousness, we experience the wisdom that’s revealed from every situation we’ve ever lived through, and that applied integration of wisdom is medicine to our 4 body system that allows us to transcend past limitations and elevate to a new octave, a higher frequency of resonance.  Every time we fine-tune our holistic instrument from the heart, we calibrate the alignment that allows us to commune with and manifest from new dimensions of potential.  Virgo offers an amazing capacity to shift, adjust, adapt, and recalibrate moment to moment as we navigate the transitions with integrity, grace, and precision.  The key to accessing our Virgo nature is to surrender judgments, comparisons, and expectations…to allow what is, and accept what is, with Love.


And Sunday 8/28 delivers a Black Moon South Node (karmic) manifestation, Black Moon North Node (dharmic) resource, Vesta Haumea manifestation, then Ceres intersects the Nodes (dharmic and karmic), followed by a Sun Chariklo great eliminator, Black Moon Juno manifestation, Black Moon Astraea manifestation, Sun Quaoar manifestation, Venus Saturn bridge, and Black Moon Uranus resource.  As Ceres enters the Grand Love Cross initiated earlier by Venus, we experience the birthing canal of a higher integration of Love as Wisdom.  We’re birthed through resonance to realize a higher octave of our own mastery, within our cells, with the frequency of the heart.  Today’s Venus/Saturn bridge holds the promise of a new kind of structured relationship through Divine Love when Venus conjuncts Saturn on January 22, 2023 as Uranus stations direct, just after an Aquarian New Moon.  Today’s choices from the heart deliver the new context and new possibilities that will appear in January.  This is not a quick fly-by-night negotiation of the heart, this is a beautiful long haul shift with extraordinary revolutionary potential.  Letting the heart lead the way, building bridges that unify, taking us to higher ground through Love.


The practice this week is Wholeness.  Practice navigating the divine unfolding of each moment, honoring the shadow and the light without judgment or resistance, opening the heart with Unconditional Love, compassion, and grace.  When we resist what we don’t like, when we try to ignore, override, force, or eliminate what we don’t find agreeable or acceptable, we generate separation, inflammation, and resistance that can compartmentalize and fracture, creating disharmony within our holistic system and severing the lines of communication within our cells.  The rigidity that can occur within a system that strives for perfection vs authenticity can be detrimental to the overall health and vitality of ourselves, our relationships, and collaborative efforts within our social structures.  When we allow and accept the wholeness of what is, we find sacred wisdom and profound holiness within each unfolding, exactly as it is.  Allowance holds space for wholeness, restoring the integrity of our system in alignment with nature.  As we come home to ourselves, we calibrate Love, unconditionally.


“On this sacred path of Radical Acceptance, rather than striving for perfection, we discover how to love ourselves into wholeness.”
― Tara Brach, Radical Acceptance: Embracing Your Life With the Heart of a Buddha

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