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For the week of August 8 – 14, 2022

Get ready for an unconventional week that shakes the status quo and breaks the mold, revealing a higher vision that forever alters the current ground we’re standing on.   Higher ground is available when we access new vision, for ourselves, humanity, and the planet.  That awakened vision ushers the future into the now, but we must be willing to see what we haven’t seen before, through the lens of Divine Love.


In order to awaken new possibilities for a new reality, we must start to look through a different lens of consciousness than what we’ve historically accessed before.  The lens we’re looking through determines the available options we can access.  When we shift the lens, especially when we elevate and awaken a higher lens of Love, we open doors and windows to new dimensions of unseen potential.  We’re moving into uncharted territory, expanding and transforming faster than the speed of light, and if we cling to past holding patterns or obsolete forms and systems, we won’t see all that’s available in the new realms of possibility.  In other words, if we continue to repeat what we’ve done historically, we see more of the same, and the future takes us back to the past.


The future is already here, now; not outside of us or in some distant linear point in time.  All timelines converge in the present moment.  The future vision for humanity is available now  If we wait until we see evidence of a new world before we start to believe, we’ll be waiting for a long time.  The visionary leaders are the ones who can see deeply into the current reality, revealing the invisible realm of un-manifested potential that co-exists with all that we see in tangible form.

Seeing into the future simply means seeing into the invisible space that surrounds and includes the structure of this current moment.  Stretching beyond the current limitations of our forms and structures, to awaken the potential that lives within the empty spaces, un-manifested, not yet taken shape.  Any transition or moment of change can facilitate the unveiled deliverance of that potential, in the blink of an eye.  When we go unconscious, we cling to the past.  When we’re wide awake, we can allow that divine deliverance to emerge, right before us.


Resistance to change can stimulate an initial reactionary pushback or inflammatory flareups, however, eventually a greater revolutionary movement begins when it’s time to evolve.  Change reveals the fluid nature within every form and structure we currently identify with or participate in.  That fluid nature shows the convergence of past, present, and future, weaving through the current moment.  When our systems become rigid and fixed, we resist the evolutionary growth that is a part of nature, the cycles of progressive expansion and the development of new expressions, new inventions, and new solutions.   We might habitually cling to the consistency of what we’ve known before, what has worked before, or what has held precedence.  In that scenario, the familiar leads the way, taking us towards the past in every outcome.  We can predict our future when we’re heading towards more of the same.


However, when we allow for a fluid expression of evolutionary growth and potential, we can harmonize our past, present, and future movements and see the larger progression of development at play, now.  Every significant evolution on this planet has included profound change that interrupted and altered the status quo, shifted the narrative, and allowed for a greater movement that produced life altering and life defining shifts.  Quantum leaps into future potential requires a destabilization and dissolution of the old structural integrity in order to awaken a higher vision for a new reality, which elevates and reinvents, revealing a new template of structural integrity.  If we resist the call for evolution, if we push back and inflame the situation, we might delay our own forward progress, but eventually, all efforts converge to fuel the greater momentum that catapults us forward into a new reality, in divine timing.


The initial invitation to elevate signals the calling forth for new consciousness, and whether we leap with faith or fight the current, eventually evolution and forward movement occur.  Whether we agree or not, whether we like it or not, we’re in a radical period of change and transformation on this planet.  No one is immune from the evolutionary shifts that are occurring, through our environment, through the cycles of nature, through humanity’s awakening, and through every system and structure that regulates our social consciousness.   We are officially in the Aquarian Age, which simply means, it’s time for awakened change.  That change is motivated by Love, calling forth a higher vision through Love, on behalf of All.


When Divine Love becomes the law, the language, and the default setting, we experience a radical shift in the status quo of humanity, our environment, and our relationship with ourselves, each other, and the universe.  In Aquarian consciousness, Love is Love, and as we elevate to a higher frequency of Love, we activate the calibration of Divine Love on behalf of All.  Self Love is equal to Divine Love.  Love for humanity is equal to Divine Love.  Love for our most cherished loved ones and intimate relationships is equal to Divine Love.  And Love for our neighbors, our brothers and sisters, our cohabitants on this planet and in the greater cosmos, is equal to Divine Love.


Divine Love is a calibrated frequency, and a contextual lens of consciousness to see through, respond from, and create with.  When we calibrate ourselves (and our cells) to the highest frequency of Divine Love, we experience a radical shift, a quantum leap, holistically and multidimensionally.  Our own cellular structure elevates to a higher frequency and reveals a new structure.  As we awaken to Love, we see the world brand new, which means our response to the world is brand new, and our perception of Self and Other is brand new.  Imagine a world of Awakened Love, and imagine what’s possible when we learn to live through that lens of consciousness, on behalf of All.


Everything changes.  Not because we’re forcing the world or humanity to change, but because a higher lens of vision becomes available, that alters and changes everything we’re seeing and relating to, including ourselves.  That radical shift is the lightning bolt that manifests a brand new world.  And this week’s Aquarian Full Moon conjunct Saturn is the unveiling of that higher vision, the awakened consciousness that flows through our systems, structures, contracts, and agreements… and the new inventions and negotiations of boundaries that follow.  When Love is the Law, Love is the common Language, Love is the lens of Vision that includes All beings, we unleash a new reality that reflects Freedom, Unity, and Possibility.


“Love is the recognition of oneness in a world of duality.  This is the birth of God into the world of form.  Love makes the world less worldly, less dense, more transparent to the divine dimension, the light of consciousness itself.”  ~Eckhart Tolle


The week begins on Monday 8/8 with a Black Moon Vesta great eliminator, Sun Chiron manifestation, Ceres MakeMake resource, Venus Pluto bridge, and Black Moon Ixion great eliminator.   Today is the peak potency of the Lion’s Gate portal, and downloads of Light are off the charts.  The Venus Pluto bridge activates a grand power cross including Haumea and Eris, where the heart reveals the alchemical space for transformation that yields a higher vision and the manifestation of a brand new possibility.  The heart is the gateway, the portal, and the womb of creation.  When we come home to the heart, allowing and accepting the wholeness of ourselves and the wholeness of each moment, we return to the womb of alchemical transformation.  All is met with Love – the old attachments, labels and identities are dissolved, released, and set free.  From that divine space, we can attune to a higher frequency of Divine Love, ultimately birthing a brand new possibility.  When we realize that our wounds reveal the light within and the thread of personal mastery, we can choose to transform our history into a brand new future, accessing potential to realize new ground.


On Tuesday 8/9, Venus forms a great eliminator with the Galactic Center, followed by a Sun Pallas resource, Mercury Salacia great eliminator, Mercury Jupiter great eliminator, and Venus Haumea stepping stone.   Today’s Venus Haumea stepping stone provides access to a higher lens of wholeness that allows us to see the full picture of every piece and part through the lens of the heart.  When we allow the wholeness of any situation to be revealed, we begin to see that everything is connected, nothing is separate or without relevance.  Every moment matters and every expression of life matters.  That kind of revelation brings divine awareness and Love to the ordinary moments that contain the key to extraordinary quantum leaps.  If we only look for the peak experiences, we miss the opportunities to awaken a higher vision in the simple threads and the empty spaces in between the obvious.  Our future isn’t contingent upon the big movements or the grand choices…our future is being created now in the subtle thoughts we think and the lens of consciousness we choose in the basic simplicity of our current reality.


Wednesday 8/10 is a Black Moon Sedna resource, Jupiter Salacia conjunction, and Black Moon Venus communion.  The heart reveals our innermost universe and the greater constellation of crystalline records, as we remember our limitless nature, beyond time and space.  The key to evolution is remembering our fluidity.  We are not bound to any particular form or structure, we are vastly limitless, and able to expand and shape-shift through our universal essence.  The history of our evolutionary story is fluid, and we are delivered through every transition from that same fluid state.


On Thursday 8/11, the Black Moon forms a stepping stone with Haumea, followed by Jupiter Ceres manifestation, Sun Uranus stepping stone, Ceres Salacia manifestation, Venus Sedna resource, then Venus enters Leo, Mars and Neptune form a resource, the Black Moon forms a bridge with Pluto, and the Full Moon in Aquarius occurs at 9:37pm EST.  The Full Moon is conjunct Saturn, disposed by Uranus in Taurus, disposed by Venus in Leo, ultimately disposed by the Sun.  The Full Blown activation of Light from the unconditionally open heart offers a reflection of awakened Love that calibrates new vision.  Our awakened vision allows us to see through the lens of the heart, calibrating the frequency of Divine Love through the atmosphere, seeing into the invisible realm of un-manifested potential, and ushering new possibilities from thin air.


In Cosmic Consciousness, Aquarius is the awakening of Divine Love – as a frequency and as an elevated lens of consciousness.  Historically Aquarius has been referred to as the water bearer, the bringer of new consciousness on behalf of All.  In 5D, Aquarius is also the lightning bolt that awakens the atmosphere on behalf of Love, and the electric current that shifts the atmosphere as Love awakens in the air.  Awakening occurs in a nanosecond, and oftentimes when we least expect it.  The nature of Aquarian consciousness is spontaneous, unconventional, unpredictable, and outside the box.  Shaking up the status quo, Aquarian consciousness is revolutionary, forward thinking, progressive, and can be uncomfortable for anyone who insists on staying stuck in the status quo of their own narrative.


This Aquarian Full Moon is conjunct Saturn, reminding us to own our power, and look within for permission and authority to shift our own narratives and renegotiate the contracts we’ve been complying with or adhering to that might not be in our best interest.  It’s time to wake up, pay attention to what’s happening behind the scenes and behind the veils, and most importantly, check in with our inner guidance/inner guru to set ourselves free and honor the highest vision that’s awakening within our own hearts.  When we choose to see ourselves and the world through the lens of Love, all is crystal clear, there’s nothing hidden, nothing out of reach.  We become fully visible when we allow ourselves to see the wholeness of ourselves…into the invisible hiding places that can oftentimes go unnoticed, and into the hidden pockets of brilliance and mastery that can also go unnoticed.  This is an opportunity to awaken fully to the clearest reflection of our authentic expression of Divine Light.


Saturn in Aquarius reminds us that we are creating our future with the current narratives and stories we’re subscribing to.  If we feel stuck, limited, or misunderstood, it’s up to us to change the script and call forth a new narrative.  We are the author and the shining star of our own movie script.  We have the power to rewrite the patterns and narratives, we also have the power to interrupt limiting conversations and elevate to a higher octave of consciousness anytime we choose.  The future is up to us, and we’re choosing it and manifesting it in every conversation we indulge and invest in.


Friday 8/12 is a Venus Ixion great eliminator, Mercury Orcus new cycle, Sun Juno great eliminator, Mercury Albion manifestation, Black Moon Mars resource, and Black Moon Neptune manifestation.  The Mercury Orcus new cycle calibrates a discerning alignment with the reason why we’re here and why it matters.  We are limitless and vast in our divine nature, and we are multidimensional in our capacity to expand and integrate through the wholeness of our being.  However, when we remember the truth of who we are and why we’re here, there’s a distinct recalibration in our overall alignment that supports in purifying and eliminating any distractions or incompatibilities.  Taking action from this alignment reveals profound efficiency and a greater collaboration with the multiverse.   Just because we could go in a billion different directions, doesn’t mean that’s our highest alignment.  Precision and excellence take us to higher ground that refines our instrument and fine tunes our contribution.


On Saturday 8/13, Venus and Vesta form a great eliminator, and Mercury forms a stepping stone with the Great Attractor.  The heart shines bright through the fire of devotion, eliminating any distractions or misalignments as we amplify and accelerate through the speed of Light.  Any attunement that restores our inner alignment and integrity enhances and expands our greatest potential.  Fine tuning the inner operating system results in an amplified broadcast signal of Light, shining through us, as us.  Communications become enhanced, sharpened, and crystal clear.  If we engage in lower vibrational conversations that distort the authentic alignment of our holistic system, we can congest and confuse the messages coming through.


And Sunday 8/14 reveals a Black Moon Sun subtle intimacy aspect, Black Moon Astraea manifestation, Sun Saturn bridge, Mercury Chiron great eliminator, Mars Pluto manifestation, and Black Moon Juno manifestation.   Owning our power requires ownership of our authentic self; uncensored, uninhibited, and unapologetic.  When we embrace the wholeness of ourselves, and the journey of our own evolution (wounds and mastery, shadow and light) we find amazing power that unleashes and gains brilliance through the light that we shine.  When we give our power away, hide our light, or water ourselves down, we generate confusion within ourselves and in the scenarios we’re navigating.  Imagine a world where all beings fully accept the Light that we are and the divine authentic expression we came to generate.


The practice for the week is to consciously change the channel when witnessing lower vibrational thoughts or limiting narratives.  When you hear yourself defending limitations or historic wounds, arguing against possibilities, focusing on the negative, or insisting there’s no hope for the future, find the courage to interrupt that dialogue, change the channel, access a higher lens of vision, and shift the conversation.  When we indulge in lower vibrational conversations, we feed off of the narratives that feel limiting, defeating, and disempowering.  The only way to shift the outcome is to shift our own lens of consciousness and find a higher frequency to attune to.  There is always light, there is always Love, there are always infinite possibilities to manifest and create something new.  When we shift the lens, change the channel, and access a higher vision, we can experience quantum leaps that deliver new outcomes previously unavailable.


“What the future holds for you depends on your state of consciousness now.”           ~ Eckhart Tolle


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