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For the week of August 1 – 7, 2022

The Lion’s Gate portal is officially open and we’ve just entered the “8” vibration month of August.  Bold and Charismatic, Leo consciousness is fully activated within each and every one of us, and the generous vibrancy of the Sun is amplifying our inner Light through outward expression.  The courageous heart of the lion generates vital life force energy, authentic expression, and humble service that benefits all.  After last week’s Leo New Moon, we’re primed and awakened by the Light, ready to birth higher consciousness through our heart-centered actions.


Last week’s Leo New Moon ushered us into the Lion’s Den, the womb of the heart where alchemical transformation occurs, for the spark of a new beginning.  If we’re unwilling to go there, we can’t fully deliver the brightness that we carry within.  The courage to enter that sacred womb of the heart, while dissolving the ego and surrendering in the cocoon of nothing/everything, also prompts the activation of deliverance, illuminating a brand new expression, and a brand new beginning.  Contractions facilitate the movement and expression, revealing opportunities for elevation and also expansion.


If we flinch at the temporary moments of contraction, we may resist the invitation towards expansion.  Jupiter is now retrograde, through November 23, taking us on a journey of expansion/contraction through the upcoming wormhole eclipse passage in the fall.  That eclipse passage opens with the New Moon in Libra on 9/25, and completes with the New Moon in Sagittarius on 11/23, also ruled by Jupiter.  We’re being called forth…and it’s time.  In order to expand, we must be willing to confront the ways in which we hold ourselves small, the ways in which we limit our growth and limit our most authentic expression.


The key to transcending old patterns of limitation is trust and faith.  Trusting our greatness, even when we feel small.  Opening to the possibilities and choosing to see the Light, even when things appear dark around us.  Staying attuned to gratitude and seeing the blessing, even in moments of challenge and uncertainty.  We’re calibrating our nervous system and our inner operating system to attune to the Light and let go of any fears of navigating in the dark.


Speaking of navigating in the dark, we’re still in the Pluto return through the end of this year, and Pluto is currently retrograde until 10/8.  There will be times of uncertainty while dissolution gives way to unfamiliar terrain.  That’s par for the course.  If we can lighten up within our own nervous system, we can learn to see in the dark, and tune into a higher navigation system that transcends our physical line of sight, without needing to control, push, or force our surroundings.


When things look confusing on the surface, it’s important to tune into the higher channels of vision and see into the heart of the matter.  When in doubt, relax and trust.  There is a much bigger story unfolding within each and every one of us, and that unfolding is operating on divine timing.  We can’t rush it, push it, or make it go faster.  It’s best to allow, go for the ride, and find solid ground and safe space within the heart, enjoying the alchemy of the journey.


This week offers a few important gear shifts and activations:  Mercury enters Virgo, the sign of emotional wisdom, and the aligned purification of our 4 body system that occurs when we honor the heart.  The heart becomes the tuning fork, calibrating the crystalline frequency that heals, transforms, awakens, and fine tunes our instrument.  Every twist and turn, every shift and release, every unexpected ebb and flow has brought us to this moment.  If we can suspend judgment and meet ourselves with grace and Love, we find the greatest emergence of distilled wisdom that can be integrated and fine-tuned.  If we judge the process, judge ourselves, or judge the circumstances or outcomes as right/wrong, we might find ourselves in a mental body spin of what we think should have been different, creating rigidity within the mind that manifests through the holistic system as frenetic friction and uptight over-analysis.


Mars sparks a new cycle with both Uranus and the North Node this week, highlighting an epic wake up call through an unexpected bolt of lightning.  That bolt of lightning can either trigger reactionary patterns of old muscle memory, or can wake us up to higher consciousness and the capacity to trust the inner voice of the heart, unconditionally.  When we trust the inner navigation system of the heart, we take action that aligns with our highest calling.  When we react, we shut down that connection to the heart, going rogue through old traumas and knee jerk tendencies that only create more of the past.  It’s time to wake up, there’s a whole new world waiting for us to say Yes and step up.  The invitation is loud and clear.  The choice is ours.


The week begins on Monday 8/1 with a Black Moon Pluto bridge, Mercury Eris manifestation, Mercury Neptune great eliminator, Black Moon Haumea stepping stone, Mars North Node (dharmic) new cycle, Mars Uranus conjunction/new cycle, and the Black Moon enters Leo.   The Black Moon unveils, reveals, and supports in reclaiming our wholeness, by sifting through all that lives below the surface in the unconscious domains that can go unnoticed and unexplored.  When we’re curious about activating our greatest potential, it’s important to realize that most of our untapped potential has been living dormant in the unconscious and subconscious realms.  In order to tap into that potential, we must learn to navigate and see into the historic patterns that reside in the deepest waters, without getting activated or triggered by the history within that water.  Water holds memory, and water also holds the deepest reflection of our potential for mastery.  As the Black Moon enters Leo, the revelations are brought to light, illuminated and calibrated with abundant love.  If we close off and resist what lies below the surface, we miss the opportunity to reclaim and fully take ownership of the Truth that we are and the potential of Light that we came to shine.   Sometimes we require a jolt of lightning to shake us up, out of our attachments.  Today’s Mars/Uranus new cycle offers a lightning bolt of awakening that can shake us up, out of the reactionary repetitive grooves and into the full blown awareness of our Truth.  The greater the interruption, the greater the potential for awakening and dynamic shifts.  How we choose to respond is up to us.


On Tuesday 8/2, Venus manifests with the South Node (karmic) and finds resource with the North Node (dharmic), followed by a Black Moon Ixion great eliminator, Ceres Vesta great eliminator, Venus Uranus resource, Mercury Pluto great eliminator, Mercury Galactic Center manifestation, Venus Mars resource, and Mercury Haumea resource.  The heart leads the way, empowered through the deepest waters of remembrance and reclamation.  When we tend to ourselves with loving presence, we calibrate safety and sacred space that allows us to enter those deep waters to explore, reclaim, and awaken our wholeness.  We’re birthed through the opening of the heart into our fully expressed essence of Light.


Wednesday 8/3 reveals a Finger of God aspect with the Black Moon pointing to Chariklo, and great eliminators with Vesta and Quaoar.  The Black Moon communes with both Ceres and Varuna, followed by a Pallas Great Attractor bridge, and Mercury Sedna stepping stone.  Another huge day of unveiling and recollection within ourselves, accessible through the open heart.  If we shut down, judge, or resist our own Light, we delay the deliverance of our authentic expression.  When we access the courage to remain open, unconditionally, we access a higher lens of vision that reveals the higher ground we’re already standing on.  There’s a reinvention underway, already in motion, and when we shift our gaze and look through a higher lens of vision, we can see it all, crystal clear.


On Thursday 8/4, the Finger of God aspect continues, then Mercury enters Virgo, Venus manifests with Juno,  Mercury manifests with Ixion, and the Black Moon finds resource with MakeMake.   The unveiling of our reinvention continues to shine, and as Mercury enters Virgo, it’s essential that we release any judgments, establish a lens of equanimity, and honor the messages of the heart.  When we honor the heart, we find alignment, healing, and holistic integration.  When we get caught up in mental body analysis, we can paralyze ourselves from the very integration that’s already occurring, through the wholeness of our organic experiences.   All is happening in divine timing, in divine order, even if it feels messy, unexpected, or out of control.  The path isn’t always linear, in fact it’s rarely linear.  Our analytical minds operate in linear fashion, however the greater unfolding occurs in spirals.  As we allow our minds to follow the spiral sequence, we can observe the divine excellence that’s at play, beyond what the mind would orchestrate if left on it’s own.  When the mind judges the path, we limit the wholeness of refined wisdom that’s being revealed.  Every experience is valuable, and every experience offers wisdom that can be fine tuned and integrated for our higher mastery to come online.


Friday 8/5 starts with a Ceres Quaoar great eliminator, then the Black Moon retrogrades, repeating the resource with MakeMake, followed by a Mars Juno resource, Venus Saturn great eliminator, Chariklo Varuna bridge, and Sun Albion stepping stone.   All that has been revealed this week is repeated for a second glance and a deeper dive.  The bridge between Chariklo and Varuna reveals the new stability of higher ground that is in process of reinvention.  We can get caught up in the temporary disorientation of the destabilization process when the ground below our feet starts to shake, crumble, and dissolve.  However, if we can see the bigger picture, we can attune to the dissolution of old contracts and agreements that’s clearing the ground (tilling the soil) so we can see that we’re already standing on solid new ground.  If we stay attached to what’s missing, what’s wrong, or what’s unfair, we miss the greater unveiling right before our eyes.  What’s dissolving is clearing the path to show us the new.  The more we trust and have faith in the journey, we can see all elements are participating for our greatest benefit and highest evolutionary purpose.


On Saturday 8/6, there’s a Mercury Vesta bridge, Ceres Chairklo bridge, Ceres Varna new cycle, Sun Great Attractor manifestation, and the repeat of Black Moon’s communions with Ceres and Varuna and the bridge with Chariklo.  The attunement of the heart delivers crystal clear communications through our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual body channels.  That attunement awakens our fire of devotion, the inner passion that takes us into the realm of unlimited creative potential.  When we are awake, in tune, and alive with devotion, all options are on the table, and we swim in the creative realm of magic and inspiration.  There’s a new cycle of higher vision that reveals the birthing canal we’re all traveling through.  When we can’t see, it can feel confusing, unsettling.  When we start to see clearly through the higher channels, we can surrender and allow that birthing process to deliver us.


And Sunday 8/7 reveals the Black Moon Quaoar great eliminator, Venus Eris stepping stone, Venus Neptune manifestation, Mercury Quaoar manifestation, Mars Saturn stepping stone, Mercury Chariklo great eliminator, and Chiron Pallas resource.  Today offers a moment of truth from the heart, from the inside out, that restores clear vision and higher wisdom through enlightened perspective.   When the dots connect and all becomes clear, we realize enlightened wisdom that sets us free to expand and create.  Until that moment, the confusion will keep us still, until that light is revealed.  Once we see the light, it’s easy to see that the universe is within us and supporting our every move.  Our actions can move mountains, and our actions are the manifestation of universal creative potential.  The old wounds reveal higher wisdom and mastery, once we’re willing to see the truth and allow the universe to be on our side…working with us, as us, through us.


The practice this week is stillness and inner alignment, in order to hear the higher voice of the heart through our inner navigation system, balancing the openings above at the crown and below at the root.  When in doubt, plug into the higher octaves of the heart and tune into that frequency.  Let go of any fears or doubts, and listen for the Light.  Once light is revealed, let that enlightened clarity motivate and inspire conscious action, from the heart.  When the mind starts spinning with analytical judgment or assessment, gently take a deep breath, release the ego’s attachments to a “right way” or “wrong way”, and allow the path to unfold.  Clearing the frenetic distractions creates the open space of receptivity for the higher channels to reveal a higher vision, crystal clear.


“There is a voice that doesn’t use words. Listen.”
― Rumi


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