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For the week of July 18 – 24, 2022

This week invites a deeper dive into the holistic integration of divine power from last week’s Capricorn Full Moon.  Exercising the power to choose to open to the possibilities that are emerging, we also access the power to heal and transform through any of the current challenges or wounds that might present themselves in the process.  This week, Mercury, the Sun, and Ceres enter Leo, as Chiron and Eris both station retrograde in Aries.  This is an invitation to open fully to embrace the blessing in every moment while allowing the old wounds and temporary moments of discomfort to birth a new expression of authenticity and refined mastery.


The channel of divine power that flows through the awakened heart is amplified by our willingness to remain unconditionally open while allowing light to shine from that same opening of the heart.  That full blown acceptance and allowance of authentic divine power shines through us all, in our most natural state of being.  We all have the potential to shine, we all have the capacity for greatness, and we all carry a divine spark of brilliant light within us.  Whether or not we choose to allow and embody that powerful brilliance is up to us.


When we own our power, we give ourselves permission to be authentic.  When we forget our power, or give that power away to situations, circumstances, or other people, we can become disconnected, fragmented, or exhausted – flat lining, shielding, or watering down that potency of Light.  The choice to stand empowered in our authenticity is also a choice to remain conscious and aware of who we are, and the divine current of higher power that always runs through us.  As we allow ourselves to open unconditionally, that higher power can generate Light through the heart, like a spotlight of Love.


Being empowered by our moment to moment situations is the most powerful step towards revolutionary awakening that we could possibly take.  When we feel empowered, we’re open to what’s present, we open to the possibilities that perhaps we can’t even imagine or wrap our heads around.  When we feel disempowered, we might feel victimized by our situations, helpless and out alignment.  Moment to moment, regardless of what’s occurring around us, there is an ongoing exchange of energy, and that exchange always includes an opportunity to elevate, transform, awaken, heal, and restore.  If we resist the current moment, we give our power away, ignoring the opportunity that’s right in front of us.


Learning to find comfort in the temporary moments of discomfort.  Learning to open unconditionally, even when it’s uncomfortable or unfamiliar.  Many of our greatest challenges take us through life-defining moments that elevate us to higher ground.  If we resist or push back when things get uncomfortable, we may produce unnecessary suffering for ourselves and others, or delay the process that we’re destined to transform through.  When we allow ourselves to be birthed by any temporary discomfort through the next layer, the next octave, the next breakthrough, we allow a greater deliverance through unlimited quantum leaps by trusting the flow and honoring the current.


Trying to control situations or outcomes can lead to exhaustion, fatigue, and eventually disempowerment or even resignation.  When we find ourselves struggling to manage, control, or push outcomes into manifestation, that stress on our system can lead to overwhelm, burnout, and toxicity.  The cure for that imbalance is to surrender and let go.  If we have old narratives and judgments around the word surrender, we may have a hard time letting go.  If we’ve been conditioned to fight back harder and carry the weight of the world on our back, we might confuse surrender with resignation, where the idea of letting go becomes a failure or letting someone down, or letting ourselves down.


When the definition of power we’ve been conditioned towards is actually a forceful pushing or controlling that comes from fear, limitation, scarcity, or distrust, any shift towards a new possibility can be life altering, and life affirming, restoring vitality.  As we give ourselves permission to re-orient and redefine our relationship with power, we can actually witness an inversion that flips the script and changes the narratives we’ve been subscribing to.


Our willingness to release attachments to the old orientation points reveals the spaciousness in between.  That empty space is a zero gravity point, where all options are possible for a new thought, new structure, new way of operating, and a powerful new belief.  Imagine the zero gravity point is a void, or the womb, returning us to infinite possibilities and limitless options.  Anytime we choose the inner spaciousness, surrendering back to the womb, we find the origin of true power, the source of creation.


When the current challenge feels stuck, gridlocked with tension that won’t ease up, it’s important to find the release, find the inversion that releases the attachments to the current narrative, and access the zero gravity point through the space between.  From there, allow, and let go.  Eventually something new will be revealed, illuminated, and recognized as a new thought, new perspective, and new vision.   We’re restructuring ourselves through the journey of empowered surrender, unleashing a more powerful narrative and higher vision in the process.  These are life altering moments of redesign, and evolutionary leaps, not just in consciousness, but in tangible practical experiences.


The week begins on Monday 7/18, with a Mercury Pluto bridge, Mercury Ceres new cycle, Mercury Haumea stepping stone, Pallas Vesta stepping stone, Ceres Haumea stepping stone, and Venus Ixion bridge.  The birthing canal of transformation is wide open.   Without needing to know the outcomes or results, we can choose to access the higher lens of wholeness and observe the bigger unfolding as we’re delivered through the flow.  The Mercury/Sun/Ceres bridge with Pluto is balanced by Haumea’s choice point to see the elevated wholeness of any situation we’re navigating.  When we feel disempowered or limited by our current perspective, we can find the bigger meaning, higher purpose, and the wholeness of connectivity in each defining moment.  That higher lens of perspective facilitates a greater allowance for the flow of events, unraveling an intricate webbing of interconnectedness.  We may not always reach a clear understanding for all of life’s events, but we can open to find a higher frequency within ourselves as we navigate those events with grace.


On Tuesday 7/19, Mercury and Sedna find resource, Mercury enters Leo, and Chiron stations retrograde, followed by a Black Moon Venus communion, Pallas manifestation with MakeMake and Chariklo, Sun Galactic Center great eliminator, Black Moon Ixion bridge, Sun Pluto bridge, and Mercury Ixion great eliminator.   As our mental body operating system/messaging system enters Leo, we access the capacity to see the blessing, orienting towards the Light and the positive perspective of all that’s occurring.  When our default setting is calibrated to gratitude, the heart and mind are unconditionally open to see the gift in any situation.  Chiron’s retrograde will last until December 23.  Choosing a positive attitude through the unfolding of events is important, especially when old wounds get triggered or challenged.  Remember, the wound is where the light enters, and the wound reveals the key to our greatest mastery.  If we judge or resist the moments of discomfort, we miss the opportunity to uncover and reveal the mastery.  In the lens of polarized duality, there is light and dark, positive and negative, mastery and wound.  When we learn to navigate the world with an open heart, we can find the blessing in any challenge that reveals our greatest potential and authentic expression of Light.  Even our darkest hour can produce the most magical strength, brilliance, and grace.


Wednesday 7/20 reveals a Sun Haumea stepping stone, then the Black Moon turns direct at 00 Cancer.  The consistent theme this week is to choose the lens of wholeness while integrating, nourishing, and allowing all of the pieces and parts to harmonize.  Nothing is separate, everything has purpose.  When we can be present with all of it, nourishing ourselves through the process, and trusting in the divine flow, we begin to recognize the Light that we are, and the Light that’s always present.  As the Black Moon turns direct at 00 Cancer, the great unveiler reaches a purification point in the water of our emotional body, starting again.


On Thursday 7/21, Jupiter communes with Salacia, Eris stations retrograde, and the Sun activates a new cycle with Ceres.  Jupiter and Salacia continue to hold a powerful point in the ongoing grand power cross with MakeMake, Quaoar, and soon to be Venus with the Black Moon.  Eris retrogrades through January 10, 2023 as we travel inward through a moment of truth that can wake us up from the inside out, shedding the old skin, releasing the old attachments in order to fully reveal our new skin, our most authentic expression.  If we’ve been trying to cover up our most authentic expression, if we’ve been denying the truth of who we are, or pretending not to see clearly, these next several months will usher us out of hiding, out of the masks we’ve been wearing, and into the Light of self realization.  Our creative potential requires authenticity to fully activate, and it’s time to unleash all of the creative potential and brilliant light that lives and breathes within our deepest hiding places.


Friday 7/22 starts with a repeat aspect of the Black Moon Ixion bridge, followed by a Mercury Varuna new cycle, Mercury Quaoar great eliminator, Mercury Vesta great eliminator, Sun Sedna resource, Mercury Chariklo bridge, then the Sun enters Leo, followed by a Mercury MakeMake resource, Venus Quaoar bridge, Venus Vesta manifestation, Ceres Sedna resource, and Pallas Salacia resource.  In Cosmic Consciousness, Leo is the sign of emotional body Love, accessing the courage of the lion to keep the heart open, unconditionally.  When the heart is open, we can see beyond limitations and barriers, communing with the greater flow of Love and the higher frequencies of universal abundance and vitality.   Leo is the light that shines from the heart as bright as the sun, as the authentic expression of the soul.  That kind of Light is visible, even in the darkest of spaces.  That kind of light is a torchbearer, in service to all.  When we choose to stay open to the situations we find ourselves in, when we choose to see the blessing and stay attuned to the positive outlook with gratitude and humility, we offer the light of our authenticity as Light to the world.  Anyone can practice gratitude and appreciation when there’s a lot to celebrate, when things are going well.  But finding gratitude in the tender moments of darkness and unexpected turbulence is a gift that shines bright in the uncertain times.  Being a generator of Light in the world is act of contribution that benefits all, being a champion of possibilities and greatness through the moments of challenge is an act of noble service.  As we find ourselves in this Leo quality of consciousness, it matters that we become a light unto ourselves, and shine that light bright into the world, illuminating the world with Love.


On Saturday 7/23, there’s a Jupiter Pallas resource, Venus Chariklo great eliminator, Mercury Salacia manifestation, then Ceres enters Leo, followed by a Mercury Jupiter manifestation, Venus MakeMake stepping stone, Mercury Pallas resource, Mars Orcus manifestation,  Vesta Quaoar resource, and Sun Ixion great eliminator.   As Ceres enters Leo, we find deliverance through gratitude, abundance, and joy.  There’s wisdom and inspiration available, always, if we can attune ourselves to see it, receive it, and respond accordingly.  Today’s aspects inspire harmonious manifestation and creative potential.  When the sun shines, things grow, expand, and take shape.  When we radiate gratitude, our vibration becomes contagious, and the magnetic attraction of energy around us starts to amplify.


And Sunday 7/24 highlights a great eliminator with Vesta and Varuna, Varuna and Quaoar, activating a beautiful finger of god aspect, followed by a Venus Salacia stepping stone.  When we choose to elevate through a higher frequency of the heart, truth appears before us, crystal clear.  Our lens of vision amplifies and expands, revealing the vastness of the universe and every available possibility.  Life becomes animated with the essence of divine Love, and we find ourselves in the company of magic.  The choice is ours, moment to moment, to open and elevate through the heart, or to close down and remain stuck.


The practice this week is to allow the full deliverance of each moment, and find gratitude in every unfolding.  When challenges feel big or overwhelming, look at the opportunity to grow, to inspire, to develop and transform.  Find grace in the discomfort, and say yes to the magic of transformation.  We develop mastery and wisdom through the unexpected moments of challenge, and we grow by leaps and bounds from every challenge that we have the courage to step through and transcend.  Create a daily gratitude journal to celebrate the lessons learned and the opportunities to elevate and find higher meaning/ higher perspective throughout the week.


“Any patch of sunlight in a wood will show you something about the Sun which you could never get from reading books on astronomy. These pure and spontaneous pleasures are ‘patches of Godlight’ in the woods of our experience.”
 C.S. Lewis


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