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For the week of July 11 – 17, 2022

Welcome to the official midpoint of the US Pluto return.  The womb of alchemical transformation is fully active.  Transformation requires a letting go of previous attachments to labels, roles, identities, and ways of thinking…in order to fully surrender to the limitless space of pure potential within the womb of cosmic creation.  From that space, allowing the highest template, divine blueprint, and highest vision to manifest, without distractions, distortions, or interferences.  There’s a new contract, new story, and new vision waiting to be birthed.


Pluto escorts us into the realm of unconscious potential, the opportunity to uncover hidden dimensions within ourselves and the planet, so that we can activate and alchemize the wholeness of that potential into the highest manifestation and divine expression.  Our relationship with alchemy and transformation is front and center.  If we resist the opening or insist on clinging to old familiar patterns and outcomes, we continue in the status quo current with more of the same.


Transformation requires courage, authenticity, commitment…and also trust.  Trusting the process, allowing the wholeness of every moment to fully unfold, and surrendering to the great unveiling that is underway…without flinching, reacting, or interfering.  We can’t control the current unfolding of events any more than we can control the flow of water in the limitless ocean.  But we can make a commitment to be fully present, stay connected through our hearts, and allow ourselves to be revealed as the authentic light that we are, in every moment.


Transformation also requires the activation of Divine Love.  Love is a force of nature, a fierce presence and bolt of lightning.  Love strikes fast and deep, and awakens truth in the blink of an eye.  Love creates sacred space, even when the waters rise and situations get turbulent, unsteady, or uncomfortable.  Without needing to control, Love strikes a chord like a universal gong that releases old attachments and false narratives, releasing patterns of suffering and limitation, ultimately liberating and setting free.  Love awakens, Love heals, and Love has the power to shape shift through divine alchemical transformation.  When we  trust the messenger and facilitator of Love, we can allow all things to transpire while feeling empowered and supported in a higher vision and higher context.


When we get attached to outcomes and experience, judging what we like or don’t like as good or bad, we can interfere with the greater unfolding of what’s being birthed and delivered.  When we try to change what we don’t like in order to make things more comfortable, bearable, or agreeable, we can interfere with the wholeness of the experience that includes messages, insights, and wisdom available from the current moment, exactly as it is.  When we try to disconnect or check out from our current experiences, we can cut ourselves off of the greater gifts that are manifesting through the current moment.  Learning to find comfort in the temporary discomfort is important.  Learning to view our experiences through an equanimous lens is key.


Equanimity is the art of sitting with current truth, exactly as it is, staying present and open hearted without flinching or reacting.  Without needing to control or push back.  Without resisting or craving.  As we strengthen our capacity to sit with truth, more truth emerges, setting us free from the old patterns of cravings, resistance, grasping, and avoiding.  We become the powerful presence of a sacred tree of life, deeply planted through the heart, rooted in sacred ground, and connected through the cosmos.  We have access to everything, and our lens of vision can open to see truth in all things.   Looking through the lens of the heart, we see through the eyes of Love.  Love as a force of nature that activates and facilitates alchemical transformation of the highest order.


We don’t need to try to change the world around us, however when we learn to see the world from an awakened lens of Love, everything we see can be liberated and transformed before our very eyes.  When we recognize the world as our reflection, and see the opportunity to be the unwavering resilient presence of Love for ourselves and each other, the active electrical current is free to flow through the darkest spaces of unfamiliar mystery and hidden untapped dimensions, awakening potential and elevating that potential to a higher manifestation.  Equanimity doesn’t numb us out from responding to the events around us; equanimity dials us into a higher frequency of communication and aligns our channels with Truth, so that our response is in integrity with Love.


When we make it our priority to dial into the frequency of Love within ourselves as a daily practice, we activate a grid system of Love and Truth on the planet.  Love is the agent of alchemy that awakens, heals, transforms, and liberates the darkest of spaces, on behalf of All.  As we continue to dial into Love, and calibrate our personal system with the frequency of Love, we can channel new possibilities and cutting edge solutions far beyond what the mind alone could generate by reaching, grasping, or controlling.


This week’s Full Moon in Capricorn offers a full blown reflection and reconciliation of the lessons learned through our current challenges and situations, and the opportunity to elevate to a higher lens with intention and purpose.  Anytime we offer ourselves and our situations up to a higher power, we allow a higher vision to manifest and take shape, from the heart of the universe.  When we access our personal power to choose to elevate to a higher power, we expand the potency of our intentions, actions, and results…on behalf of All.


The week begins on Monday 7/11 with the 2nd of 3 Pluto return activations, along with a Mercury Orcus resource, Black Moon Sun communion, Juno South Node (karmic) manifestation, Juno North Node (dharmic) resource, Mercury Albion resource, Black Moon Uranus resource, and Mercury Great Attractor great eliminator.   The 1st Pluto return activation was 2/22, the 2nd is 7/11, and the 3rd is 12/28.   This is an epic moment of transformation for the US and also the planet.  When we remember why we’re here and why our presence matters on the planet, we can step into the full blown empowered expression of our greatest Light, in service and contribution to a higher vision that’s awakening on the planet, on behalf of All.


On Tuesday 7/12, Ceres forms a stepping stone with Eris, Haumea stations direct, followed by a Black Moon Chiron stepping stone, Black Moon Mercury communion (near Sirius), Mercury Chiron stepping stone, Sun South Node (karmic) manifestation, Sun North Node (dharmic) resource, and Venus Saturn manifestation.  We’re being birthed through the temporary moments of discomfort and destabilization, shaking loose the threads of attachments to our familiar comfort zone, and realizing the divine mastery that every challenge has awakened and refined within us.  When we see the wholeness of every wound, story, and narrative that has produced suffering on the planet, we can start to see the evolutionary potential to rise up and elevate, establishing a new way of being human, and a new way of living sustainably on the planet.  Equality for All starts with our personal practice, and our willingness to hold ourselves as equal to all beings on this planet.  The moment we feel less than or greater than, we find ourselves out of balance and out of alignment with the higher laws of the heart and the laws of nature.  The new systems and structures are built on equality and sustainability, where all are empowered to shine as their authentic expression of mastery and contribution.  Without the whole, we are limited.  When we all contribute, taking care of ourselves and each other, we are limitless.


Wednesday 7/13 begins with a Mars Varuna stepping stone, Neptune Ceres manifestation, Sun Juno manifestation, then the Full Moon at 22 Capricorn, followed by a Black Moon Sirius communion, Venus Eris resource, Mars Quaoar manifestation, Mercury Uranus resource, and Venus Neptune stepping stone.  The Full Moon occurs at 2:37pm EST, with the Sun, Mercury, and Ceres in a bridge with the Moon and Pluto, manifesting with the North Node and Uranus.  This is a full blown deliverance from the divine womb of creation, manifesting an awakening of the highest order, and our undivided attention is being called forth to bear witness, hold space, and allow.


In Cosmic Consciousness, Capricorn is the sign of Divine Power, where the divine intention is activated from a higher power, or Source/ Universal lens of consciousness.  Our relationship with power and authority is being activated, and our relationship with the inner guru/ inner teacher.  As we gaze into the full moon, we can see the reflection of our greatest lessons learned through every challenge and point of tension.  If we choose to be empowered, we can see the opportunities to elevate our context through a higher intention, giving purpose and meaning to our experience of current events that we’re navigating.  We can literally move mountains when we surrender through our greater I AM presence, letting go of the need to control, and choosing to allow a higher purpose to unfold.  When we embrace our lessons and welcome the moments of challenge, we grow and evolve.  What we resist, perpetuates, until we learn the lesson, receive the message, and move forward to higher ground.


The Moon is at home in Cancer, and can feel like a foreigner in Capricorn, meaning a Capricorn Full Moon can be a somewhat uncomfortable lens of accountability and reconciliation that’s necessary, but oftentimes avoided.  When we come back to our intentions, and take responsibility for our actions (and non-actions), we can see what we need to see in order to elevate to a higher game.  We can see where we try to control situations and outcomes, and the emotional turbulence that causes in ourselves and others.  We can see where we try to force our agenda into scenarios, and the resistance that occurs when another feels suppressed or repressed.  And we can see the impact of repetitive patterns of disempowerment and the price tags that ensue through the whole.   Excellence is refined when we hold ourselves and each other accountable for our thoughts, words, actions, and our overall commitment to ourselves and each other.  If we ignore the opportunity to learn and grow, we remain in the same status quo, repeating the same cycles and stories again and again.


Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, who is currently retrograding through Aquarius, manifesting with Venus and Arcturus.  There are new narratives, new guidelines, and new structures coming online through the heart, and when we trust the higher lens of vision from the heart, we access multiple dimensions of consciousness that reveal cutting edge progressive solutions and innovative ideas that take us far beyond where our ego minds could ever imagine.  The social structures that contain limitations, imbalances, and outdated models are ready for an upgrade and refresh.  The power of reinvention comes from awakening a higher vision, being fully committed to that vision, and letting the heart lead the way.  When we override or suppress the conscious wisdom coming online from the heart, we shut down progressive movement that can feel like decades of back-peddling and regression.  When we honor and support the momentum of new growth and elevated consciousness, we nourish a revolution of Love that takes us into a new chapter of evolutionary potential.  Aquarian consciousness is unapologetic, and doesn’t wait for permission.  That kind of revolutionary movement is vision driven and fiercely potent.  The greatest shake ups awaken the status quo and usher a new possibility into the stream that benefits All.


Capricorn deals with rules, regulations, codes, and structures, and our relationship with the ones in charge who establish those rules.  In 5D, it’s important to recognize the higher octave of divine power and choose to be empowered in our choices and committed actions.  If we desire change, we must be willing to live in accordance with that higher vision, and take committed action in such a way that manifests the new template within ourselves, and beyond.  If we feel victimized by the powers that be, we will act from a disempowered state of consciousness, which will only perpetuate the patterns of disempowerment in ourselves and on the planet.  We must elevate to a higher state of being, accessing a higher power within us, and make conscious choices from there.  Saturn will hold us accountable, as the divine teacher, debriefing and reconciling the experiences we’ve lived through and the narratives we subscribe to.  If we don’t like the current stories we’re living in, it’s important to remember that we can choose a new story, and access a new narrative and belief.  When we’re willing to challenge our current limitations to find the defining edge of potential, we access the power within to shift.  If we’re waiting for someone else to come along and rescue or intervene, now is the time to take care of ourselves and BE the one we’ve been waiting for.  We have it in us, we always have.  The time is now.   If we’ve been looking for permission, or for that neon sign to tell us that we have what it takes to own our greatness and step into our power, may the Full Moon empower us All to reclaim the divine power within.  “Everything in the Universe is within you.  Ask all from yourself.”  ~ Rumi


On Thursday 7/14, there’s a Black Moon Orcus resource, Mars Vesta resource, Mercury South Node (karmic) manifestation, and Mercury North Node (dharmic) resource.  More unveiling and divine remembrance of who we are, why we’re here, and why it matters, as the fire of devotion ignites and inspires action.  When the heart moves, there is divine expression.  If the signal isn’t clear, it’s important to be still, listen, and allow.  The Messenger is speaking through the quiet presence of the heart, and that voice within is powerful beyond measure.   As we learn to eliminate the distractions and take our seat in the sacred silence, all is revealed.


Friday 7/15 starts with a Mars MakeMake great eliminator, Mercury Juno manifestation, Mars Chariklo stepping stone, Venus Galactic Center bridge, followed by a Sun Astraea manifestation and Venus Pluto great eliminator.   Actions of the heart can move mountains and shift timelines, wiping the slate clean from past entanglements and injustices, propelling quantum leaps into a new dimension of consciousness.  When we act from the heart, we become the living breathing animation of universal creation, on behalf of all.  When we act from old muscle memory, unconscious patterns and loops can only reactive and repeat the past, until something interrupts, destabilizes, or completes that cycle.  The choice to live from the awakened heart is the new way to walk the planet as Love.


On Saturday 7/16, there’s a Venus Haumea manifestation, Mercury Astraea manifestation, Sun Saturn great eliminator, Black Moon Salacia stepping stone, Mercury Saturn great eliminator, Black Moon Jupiter stepping stone, Sun Mercury conjunction, and Black Moon Mars resource.  Today’s aspects take our personal lens of consciousness to a much higher octave of awareness.  The heart reveals the gateway to cosmic wholeness, and the mind harmonizes with the divine feminine template for equality and justice.  We’re learning to nurture and support ourselves, each other, and our planet into a new expression of sustainability, empowerment, and expansion.  The new narrative is being created by our conscious choices and actions in every moment.  If we choose to be unconscious, we can only repeat what we’ve known before.  Revolutionary change is available, and a higher vision is possible, if we choose it and live it.  The power to move mountains begins with our active commitment to wake up, get present, and be conscious.  In the ordinary moments of daily living, we have the power to cultivate higher ground through the intentions and values we choose and the actions we take.


And Sunday 7/17 starts with a Mercury Eris stepping stone, Black Moon Chariklo great eliminator, Black Moon MakeMake stepping stone, followed by a Mercury Neptune manifestation, Black Moon Vesta manifestation, Ceres Galactic Center great eliminator, Sun Eris stepping stone, Black Moon Quaoar bridge, Pallas Quaoar great eliminator, Pluto Ceres bridge, Sun Neptune manifestation, then Venus enters Cancer, and Mercury forms a great eliminator with the Galactic Center.    As Venus enters Cancer, the heart activates the empathic power of our emotional body and ushers higher dimensions of intuitive communication through the water.  When we recognize the heart as a gateway to universal connectivity and oneness through Love, we can experience the true power of the heart when we choose to tune into that channel of connectivity.  No matter where we are, no matter what is occurring on the planet, we are always connected.  There is a strong current of Love that reveals messages in the water, delivered through every heartbeat.  If we’re not empowered by our current situations, we might disconnect from that current of connectivity, the flow of vitality, and the heartbeat of Love.  Choosing to be empowered, the heart remains open to the vital nourishment that is available, always.  The flow of the river can carry us through difficult situations when we find the courage to surrender, float, and trust.  Community, connection, and circulation of shared resources also flow like a river.  Generosity and receptivity support the overall sustainability of that flow.  If we find it uncomfortable to receive, its important to stretch beyond the limitation of discomfort and realize that water is receptive.  A healthy sustainable flow of generosity requires receptivity.  If we find it uncomfortable to be generous in times of challenge or stress, it’s important to stretch beyond the limitation of discomfort and realize that the natural flow of vitality is generous, not scarce.  Trusting in the divine nature of water, we can recalibrate ourselves through moments of discomfort, to feel empowered by our current challenges and to elevate through a higher contextual lens of meaning and purpose.  Every challenge reveals the opportunity grow, to elevate, to awaken, and to transcend the limitations of discomfort.  We are not limited or defined by our circumstances, we can use those circumstances as traction to rise up and transcend….not by resisting or controlling, but by allowing and elevating through a higher power.


The practice this week is surrendered allowance.  When you find yourself pushing against a situation, trying to control or grasping to make something happen, take a deep breath, and follow the exhale to completion.   Notice your physical body sensations, and imagine yourself floating on a nurturing peaceful river.  In order to float, the body must relax.  In order to float, the mind must surrender.  And in order to float, the heart must open.   Any patterns of tightness, resistance, or control will make the body sink in the water.  Find your inner buoyancy, lighten up, and allow yourself to be held in the current flow.  The more open you are, the more you can receive.  The more you receptive you are, the more generosity can flow through you with ease.  Be like water, receptive and generous, and allow the divine flow of the current to carve through the earth and move mountains.


“Yesterday I was clever, I wanted to change the world.  Today I am wise, I am changing myself.”  ~ Rumi



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