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For the week of December 24 – 30, 2018

Last weekend’s Full Moon and Winter Solstice invited a deep still point within the awakened heart to recalibrate our perspective and shine light on what matters most, the blueprint of our soul’s purpose.  The week ahead deepens our connection through that still point, the grounding point through any temporary disorientation that is unearthing our status quo attachments in order to clear the space for brand new possibilities.  The more trusting and allowing we are, the more grace and ease we will experience as we move through the transitions and readjust our scope of vision.

Mercury exits his retrograde shadow first thing this week, and our communications are revealing truth, from the heart.  Messages may emerge from dreams, clarity is suddenly arising from any recent scenarios of uncertainty or confusion, and we may experience a newfound ability to speak freely what wasn’t even accessible before.  From the mind/heart still point, all is made clear in divine timing, and anything hidden eventually emerges.  What was once blocked or guarded now begins to soften, unravel, and reveal.  Love can’t be contained, and any mechanism that has been used to protect or cover up truth must eventually dissolve.  The truth is, there is only Love.


We’ve been on a long journey of reconstruction, realignment, and inner renovation in order to loosen the threads of attachment to the limitations, constructed within our own minds, embodied within our cellular matrix.  The journey now is the new embodiment of the crystalline molecular structure that reconfigures our cellular expression and physical manifestations.  It’s important to remember that every event is contributing to that realignment and reconfiguration.  The actual experience of current events is the catalyst and the facilitator, not the focal point.  The focus is on what’s new, what’s manifesting, and the new possibilities that arise from an elevated perspective.  Nothing is meant to cause harm, do damage, or punish.  If we can assume and trust that all events are sacred, serving a much bigger purpose that what we can see in the current moment, we can allow the great unfolding to reveal that purpose in divine timing.  We’ll know when it’s time to know.



The need to know is an attachment to the mental body’s struggle for control, which pulls us out of balance with our yin/yang template for conscious creation.    Remember, the equality of yin/yang, the union of mind and heart, is the crucial foundation for manifesting in the new Earth.   Right relationship of mind and heart invites the observer’s mind to take a meditative seat inside the awakened heart.  From that highest perch of neutrality and equanimity, the mind can see everything through the lens of Love, and the universe reveals itself in high definition.   If the mind is separate, fragmented, or in conflict with the heart, we limit our vision, getting stuck in the current attachments, and we can only see what our mind can comprehend from that limited perspective.  The universe doesn’t operate with attachment and limitation.  The universe expands with Love, which is trusting, free, and open.



The week begins early on Monday 12/24 with a Sun Varuna great eliminator, then Mercury leaves his retrograde shadow, and forms a stepping stone with Neptune.  Varuna is the multidimensional eye of the universe, the all knowing cosmic “I” that sees everything clearly from the highest perspective of wholeness, unity, and Love.  We have a choice in all scenarios to elevate through Love or limit our vision from fear, and that choice delivers certain options or circumstances that we must take ownership of.   We each have the power to expand our scope of vision, based on the lens of perspective we choose to view our current events through.  Moment to moment, we are either limiting or elevating our perception of reality.  Clarity is available, if we’re willing to elevate our consciousness to Love and open to receive divine wisdom without attachment.


On Tuesday 12/25, Vesta and Orcus form a great eliminator, Mercury forms a new cycle with the Great Attractor, and the Black Moon is resourceful with Eris.   Our devotion to and curiosity of the immortal aspect of our soul can be accessed if our minds are open and free from any fear based limitations.  Mercury in a new cycle with the Great Attractor amplifies our ability to attract what we’re looking for.  What we seek finds us, and that instant attraction can be a bit scary for some to realize the power of the focused mind.  Pay attention to where your thoughts go, and stay focused on what matters most.  Eris will awaken us to any unconscious thoughts that need to be released or set free.  Where the mind goes, results manifest…at lightning speed.  That can be a blessing or a discomfort, depending upon how conscious we are of the thoughts we’re generating and the results we’re attracting.



Wednesday 12/26, Mars and Sedna are resourceful, the Black Moon conjuncts Pluto, the Black Moon manifests with Juno, Mars and Haumea form a great eliminator, and the Black Moon forms a stepping stone with Pallas.  Mars and Sedna are both record keepers, personal and cosmic, the micro and the macro.  Our bodies hold the records of this incarnation and our ancestral history, and Sedna is the remembrance of the infinite universe, in the highest resonance of clarity.  From carbon density to 5D crystalline, when these two synch up together, there is elevated clarity and realization of who we really are, beyond the 3D physical story.  Through the doorway of physical death, we return to that state of remembrance, and yet it’s no longer necessary to endure physical death in order to remember our Cosmic Self.  We can experience the unity of living in a body while remembering our cosmic nature, living between and beyond the veils, in the now.  All dimensions are accessible and available within the body, and the body holds the wisdom of our wholeness…at the personal, collective, and cosmic levels.


On Thursday 12/27, there’s a Black Moon Ceres resource, a Black Moon Venus resource, followed by a Ceres Venus new cycle, a Sun MakeMake stepping stone, Mars stepping stone with the Galactic Center, Mars Ixion stepping stone, and a Black Moon Mercury subtle intimacy aspect.  We’re birthing our greatest liberation, through the heart.  The heart is our new skin; we are the embodiment of Love.  This is our divine expression, our true nature, and our return home through our physical presence.  Our new skin holds the blueprint of our soul’s purpose, and we now have the super sensitive communications online to interpret and download those light codes of information into our operating system.


Friday 12/28, Pallas and Juno form a great eliminator, Pluto and Pallas form a stepping stone, Venus and Juno are in a bridge, Venus and Pluto are resourceful, and Jupiter forms a stepping stone with Orcus.   Wisdom and Unity come from Love, not fear.   Resurrection and new beginnings occur as we elevate through the wisdom of the heart, unifying through the bridge of One Heart.  This heart upgrade expands our awareness of immortality, which expands our connection to universal wisdom beyond our personal experiences.



On Saturday 12/29, there’s a Mars Chiron new cycle, the Black Moon turns direct, Mercury Juno great eliminator, Saturn Orcus manifestation, and Mercury Pallas resource.  The master healer/teacher calibrates the physical body for a whole new level of personal mastery.  Personal mastery requires higher channels of communication, and Unity Consciousness is the name of that channel.  The new structures that are coming online serve to upgrade and enhance our system, manifesting beyond any pre-existing physical limitations and definitions.  We’re breaking through barriers of our own mortality by upgrading to the crystalline molecular structure of our DNA and the new cellular matrix.


And Sunday 12/30 is a Ceres Juno bridge and a Pluto Ceres resource.   The unification of Ceres and Juno delivers the consciousness of unity through our relationship with the mirror.  We transform when we see ourselves clearly in the mirror, whether we recognize our limiting behavior when we see it in others, or by owning our beauty and truth when we see it shine around us in a way we can relate to.  We are our universe, reflected back through relationship.  If we don’t like what we see, we can choose to elevate and transform ourselves, from the inside, and alter the reflection that appears in the world around us.


The practice this week is to discipline the mind to remain seated within the heart.  Whenever your mind runs forward in search for clarity, wanting to plan ahead, or make meaning of what’s occurring in the moment, remember that clarity lives within the heart.  The only place to direct the mind is back into it’s observer’s seat, within the open space of the heart.  Be gentle with the mind, especially when it gets triggered with anxiety, fear, worry, or confusion.  The mind can make up a lot of assumptions and project a lot of misinformation if not centered.  Bring your attention to your breath, imagine inhaling your mind into your heart, and find the still point of calibration.  That balance point is the new ground, the steady surface to walk upon.  Find your footing in the heart, and allow your exhale to release any attachments, worries, or doubts.


The heart is the grounding point, and when our awareness rests there, we find stillness, centeredness, and clarity.  And then our thoughts become expressions of Love that manifest as prayer.  When our thoughts become prayers, our universe becomes the manifestation of miracles.  In this holiday season, our prayerful thoughts are the brightest gifts that could ever be offered to the world.


“I should not make any promises right now,
But I know if you
Somewhere in this world –
Something good will happen.” 
― Hafiz

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  1. Thank you Christine!!! It’s been another epic week of spiritual transformation and your words help make sense of it all!! ♥️♥️♥️ You help me spread this message of love wherever I go. Thank you.

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