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For the week of July 4 – 10, 2022

The week ahead offers a powerful gear shift for the mind/body connection, calling forth profound presence as our empathic channels open to the music of the heart while swimming in the deeper current of emotional waters.  Heart to heart, soul to soul, we are always connected through the universal ocean, and always engaged in cosmic conversations, beyond time and space.


At the personal level of integration, we can only receive and recognize what matches our current frequency and default settings, based on our current beliefs, assumptions, and vibrational resonance.   Yet at a higher octave of universal presence, we can see there is a symphony of interconnectedness in motion, always.  The aspects of this week offer an attunement to the higher octaves, fully integrated and embodied at the cellular level.


There are messages in the water revealing important codes and activations of consciousness, and there is also history and gravity stored and encoded in the memory of the water.  The activation of new consciousness can interrupt and transcend the old patterning of history that’s held in the water.  That moment of activation releases the energetic vibrations that hold the gravity of the past, while revealing the new, in the blink of an eye.  Transformation and transcendence occur instantly when we choose Love.  The waters we’ve been living in, swimming in, and manifesting from can instantly birth a new context and atmosphere of connectivity and communion, at a higher frequency of Love.  The sequencing of information being distributed in the water can shift to a new structure in a heartbeat, calibrating the natural web of life to birth new potential.



As Mercury changes signs this week from Gemini (air) to Cancer (water), our communications shift from air to water.  From the clarity of spoken words and audible form within the structure of language and cognitive understanding, we shift into the unspoken flow of water that reveals and contains a full multidimensional spectrum of emotions, reactions, and history of sensations that are continually swirling and communing, uncensored and oftentimes unconscious, yet tangibly visible in the structure of our water.  Water provides the transparency of authentic expression that can’t be covered up, denied, or defensively argued against.  What’s in the water affects everything.


Learning to listen in the uncensored waters of moment-to-moment response and reaction, especially in the sensitive and empathic waters that hold no boundaries or borders to separate and contain, is powerful.  The overstimulation of information available in that water can be confusing at times, especially if there isn’t a powerful container to hold sacred space while grounding/discharging and distilling the waters.  For the sensitive empath, this can feel overwhelming to the receptive channels…and yet that highly sensitive gift can also be exquisitely expansive and breathtaking when we learn how to fully integrate and ground our channels.


When our personal technology (inner operating system) crashes due to an overwhelming current of water (feelings and emotions), the channels can freeze up and shift to automatic pilot, running on the outdated codes of structural memory in the water.  The opportunity in that moment is to release the gravity from the soles of the feet and the base of the spine, and find a lens of neutrality and equanimity to distill and discharge the flow of emotions.  We’re learning the art of multisensory surfing – riding the waves while listening deeply into the dynamic movement of the multidimensional flow, without getting caught up in or taken by that wave of emotion.


Staying buoyant to remain above the water yet still connected to the current.  There’s a vast opportunity for subtle listening and deep intuitive connection below the surface as we learn to distill the emotions and calibrate the crystalline clarity of the structure of water.


What’s being communicated below the surface is oftentimes much more rich and revealing than the certainty of polished words coming through the verbal and intellectual channels.  We can become masterful in our articulation, and yet if the words don’t match the movement and sensation, the communication can feel fragmented and disconnected, sparking confusion.  To give voice to the movements below the surface, to speak from the power of the heart and the flow of activated release inspires poetry, beyond words.


When we can read, feel, and connect through the heart – with ourselves and others – we read the music that’s inspiring the dance, allowing the ripple effects of manifested outcomes to harmoniously expand.  When we start to see beyond illusions and commune beyond the masks, walls, and appearances, we find depth and transparency in the movement, and every moment is a dance.


That kind of communication is magical, timeless, and transcends ordinary limits of time/space.  When we learn to live in that kind of flow with ourselves and each other, we find the shared heartbeat of Love through the multiple dimensions of movement and expression.  The dance holds space for everything, and nothing is off limits; all is sacred.  Even the temporary moments of staccato, separation, awkwardness or uncertainty reveal the dynamic pulse of a deeper current of Love.  The space between reveals the universe within and the truth of what matters most.


The week begins on Monday 7/4 with a Pallas Sedna new cycle, Sun Orcus resource, Vesta MakeMake great eliminator, Black Moon Saturn great eliminator, Venus Great Attractor bridge, Black moon Eris stepping stone, and Pallas enters Gemini.  Today is officially Independence Day in the US, the original declaration of a vision of freedom, equality, and justice for All.  In 2022, with the current Pluto return of the US, that declared vision of freedom is being deeply explored, challenged, and reviewed for any and all inconsistent/ incongruent threads of consciousness.  This Pluto portal of transformation, by design, is meant to dissolve our attachments to limitations or hidden agendas and fully reveal the highest vision and highest version, in a way that manifests on behalf of All.   We’re in a moment of truth that awakens change.  The truth sets us free, and wisdom takes us into new dimensions, elevating us all from where we’ve been to higher ground, from the stories we’ve lived and the hidden stories we’ve never shared.  This reconciliation of truth isn’t easy or comfortable, however our greatest evolution requires the moment to moment contractions, the bridge that unifies the past and the present, and the courageous invitation to manifest the future from a blank slate.


On Tuesday 7/5, Mars enters Taurus, Mercury enters Cancer, activating a resource between Mars and Mercury, then the Black Moon manifests with Neptune, followed by a Mercury Ixion bridge.  There is a significant gear shift today as the Mind/Body rulers shift signs, together.  Mars moves from his fiery home sign of Aries to the grounded earth sign of Taurus, planting into the presence of the heart as our true nature.  Mercury leaves his home sign of Gemini to dive into the watery sign of Cancer, bringing the Messenger into the sensitive empathic realm of the emotional body.  The more grounded we are, the more open and empowered our channels of communication can become.  When we’re distracted, uncentered, or fragmented from our true nature, the messages in water can be confusing to feel, and challenging to read.  When the nervous system is empowered and at peace, we can open to all that’s available, expanding and deepening the space that we hold through the emotional realms, without getting attached or swept away from the empathic sensitivities that can sometimes be oversaturating and overstimulating.  The potential for elevated clarity exists when the mind/body connection is cohesive and synergized.  If the mind/body partnership is out of balance or temporarily unstable, the information moving through the multiple streams of water can be confusing, and the messages become distorted.


Wednesday 7/6 reveals a Sun Great Attractor great eliminator, Venus Chiron resource, and the Black Moon turns retrograde.   The heart speaks through any recently activated wounds to reveal the opportunities for elevation and mastery.  When a chronic wound gets triggered or revisited, the opening becomes a powerful invitation to rise up and elevate through the higher lens of personal mastery.  Every wound is an opening for light, and the light awakens and transcends the original story in order to unearth and reveal a higher expression.  As the Black Moon turns retrograde today, she pivots in the water, reactivating the ongoing Grand Water manifestation, revisiting and diving in deeper for reflection.  Whatever emotions are streaming, there is wisdom and clarity to be revealed and accessed for higher insights and transcendence of historic patterns and outdated narratives.  When we learn to collapse the loop of historic patterns by holding profound sacred space within a safe harbor of Love, we access that momentum for alchemical transformation and shapeshifting of the highest order.


On Thursday 7/7, Mars manifests with Ixion and Vesta stations retrograde.  The highest blueprint of our divine light is activated through the cellular level today as our inner fire of devotion stations retrograde.  When a planet turns retrograde, we have an opportunity to journey with the inward reflection of that archetypal significance.  The fire of devotion is significant, as a sustainable fuel source that motivates and diligently supports our heart’s deepest calling and passion.  Devotion can’t be mustered up or artificially forced to engage.  It’s a higher octave of passion that authentically resounds as a soul calling of divine purpose.  Vesta in Pisces is a devotion to unity consciousness and the infinite possibilities that ebb and flow in the ocean of Unconditional Love, through trust and faith.  As we find our inner devotion through that unified field, we light our soul on fire with sustainable Love, on behalf of All.


Friday 7/8 starts with a Mercury Quaoar bridge, followed by a Black Moon Neptune manifestation,  Ceres Astraea manifestation, Sun Chiron stepping stone, Pallas Ixion great eliminator, Mercury MakeMake stepping stone, Mercury Vesta manifestation, Black Moon Eris stepping stone, Mercury Chariklo great eliminator, and Black Moon Saturn great eliminator.  As Mercury enters the Grand Power Cross in a bridge with Quaoar, the power of the mind to elevate and transcend to cosmic and galactic communication through the cellular structure of our mind/body connection is calibrated.  The power to choose our thoughts, attitudes, and beliefs elevates to a whole new octave of choosing to plug in to a universal messaging system.  Moment to moment, we’re feeling our way through waves of thoughts and emotions, personal and collective, in our individual system and through the liminal space.  Anytime we choose to elevate our inner operating system and filters of interpretation to a higher octave of the universal mind, we soar to new levels of refined clarity and communication.   Communication becomes almost telepathic through the sensory channels of feelings, when the water is clear.  It’s important to navigate this field with compassionate non-attachment and non-local consciousness.  When old wounds get triggered, it becomes personal.  As we transcend old wounds to find a higher expression of mastery, we release those attachments and resume the higher channel of clarity.


On Saturday 7/9, Mercury and Jupiter form a stepping stone, followed by a Black Moon Ceres communion, Mercury Salacia stepping stone, then Salacia stations retrograde, Vesta forms a great eliminator with MakeMake, and the Black Moon manifests with Astraea.   The Grand Water Manifestation is reactivated, birthing another experience through the emotional waters of multifaceted, multidimensional patterns and loops.  When we repeat old loops based on the gravity of familiarity, there are limitations to what we can manifest and experience, and oftentimes we repeat more of the same.  When we transcend the old loops and repetitive patterns, we release the gravitational pull of historic memory and see beyond that fabric of experience into the womb of limitless possibilities.  Every moment contains limitless potential.


And Sunday 7/10 is a Sun Uranus resource, Venus Juno stepping stone, Black Moon Venus subtle intimacy aspect, Black Moon South Node (karmic) manifestation, Black Moon North Node (dharmic) resource, Venus South Node (karmic) great eliminator, Black Moon Juno manifestation, and Saturn Ceres great eliminator.  Any unexpected events that generate temporary turbulence in our inner waters of comfort and safety can facilitate an awakening of the highest order.  When we appreciate the awakening and let go of our attachments and judgments, we can shake loose the holding patterns of our cozy nest and set ourselves free to soar to higher octaves of consciousness.  If we remain bound to the safety and convenience of a well defined and comfortable nest, we’ll fight against anything at all that might shake up or threaten our safety in that container.  The heart is calling for an expansion of our container, at the cellular structure of our fabric of reality.  As we awaken and expand, we see new possibilities for a higher vision to manifest, birthing a new dimension of Love.


The practice this week is walking meditation, barefoot in nature.  Find a nourishing space of sacred ground, and stand with your bare feet planted upon the earth.  Take a few deep cleansing breaths, in through the nose and out through the mouth.  Bring your undivided attention into the souls of your feet.  With every inhale, take a step.  With every exhale, take a step.  Find a comfortable pace so that the breath feels natural and sustainable, and let the actions of your feet by in harmony with every breath.  Place your palms together at the heart, and feel yourself grounding and aligning with each mindful step as you breathe in and breathe out.


“To understand water is to understand the cosmos, the marvels of nature, and life itself. 

Water is the mirror that has the ability to show us what we cannot see.  It is the blueprint for our reality, which can change with a single positive thought.  All it takes is faith, if you’re open to it.” 

~Dr. Masaru Emoto


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