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For the week of June 27 – July 3, 2022

The upcoming week unleashes the power of the heart and the power of emotions that can move mountains and birth new possibilities.  This week’s Cancer New Moon is nothing short of a primal release that calls forth an awakened deliverance from the deepest womb, finding the truth of what matters most, from the heart.


The ongoing Grand Power Cross is highly active this week, and is a significant aspect of the Cancer New Moon.  The dynamic cross includes the Sun, Moon, and Black Moon in a bridge with Quaoar, intersected by the Jupiter/ MakeMake light bridge.  Our relationship with power, our fears of losing that power, and the triggered emotions that arise in any power struggle, are all up front and center.  Jupiter represents expansion, and in the sign of Aries, that can either be a reactionary expansion of fears, doubts, and limitations, or a conscious expansion of awakened realization of the power to manifest and create in each moment.


No matter where we are or what situation we find ourselves in moment to moment, we have the power to choose our lens of consciousness.  That lens reveals the available opportunities to shift, elevate, transcend, and respond.  When that lens of consciousness is Unity, we see the wholeness of each moment, including the potential for new growth, new outcomes, and a higher vision, on behalf of All.  Nothing is separate, nothing is outside of us, and everything is possible.


This week’s Cancer New Moon calls us into the power of our emotional body.  When we allow ourselves to feel our feelings and emotions, we gain power through the flow of authenticity.  When we censor, bypass, or ignore what’s rising up from within us, we stifle and distort that power.  There’s an important distinction between honoring and experiencing the feelings vs subscribing to the feelings and identifying as the feelings.  When we let emotions move freely through us, we keep our water pure and healthy.  When we resist or ignore our deepest emotions, we back up the flow, congesting the waters and building up pressure.  Eventually the water breaks.  Finding healthier ways to take care of the water pressure before it breaks is helpful.  There’s power and vitality in that flow, and the consciousness of the vessel matters.


Being present and mindful with the current flow of thoughts, feelings, and emotions is important.  If we disconnect, check out, or numb out to our inner most experiences, we detach from the inner messengers that move us into healthy action.  We have a lot to learn from our emotions, the flow of water that seeks resolution, release, and freedom.  When we’re willing to sit with and hold space for all that’s rising within us, we give ourselves permission to feel the wholeness of our experiences – we can truly be liberated from our experiences and birthed into a new beginning.


What we resist, we carry with us – in the silent spaces within our cells, our hearts, and our minds.  That buildup of water tension is what drives unconscious actions and behaviors.  Even when things look clear on the surface, if the innermost waters at the deepest current are congested or blocked, we can’t see clearly.  What’s in the water matters.


Because water seeks resolution and flows to the open spaces with gravity, our emotions will take us into situations and opportunities that allow us to activate and resolve the innermost currents that we carry with us.  We can override those opportunities with the mind, however the need for resolution will always be the stronger pull.  When we battle things out within ourselves, mind over matter, eventually the gravity of our emotions takes over.  The accrual of a lifetime of stagnant or suppressed emotions carries a lot of weight and a lot of power.  The conscious choice to enlighten that water is key.   The conversion from density to light can shift on a dime, opening the floodgates for forward movement and new possibilities.


This week’s Cancer New Moon is an opportunity to restore a healthy relationship with power by being fully aware of the current emotions that are being activated and awakened now.   In every moment, we have the choice to either react from the triggered patterns in our water, repeating the cycle, or respond with new consciousness that enlightens the water and delivers us to higher ground.   The choice is ours, always.


The week begins on Monday 6/27 with a  Venus Varuna resource, Mercury Chiron resource, Mars Saturn resource, Black Moon Varuna subtle intimacy aspect, Sun Quaoar bridge, and Mars Eris new cycle.   The Venus Varuna resource is part of the finger of god aspect involving the Sun/Quaoar bridge, and the Black Moon joins in tomorrow for further unveiling.  When we nurture ourselves through the conscious lens of Love, we can see the interconnectedness of every thought, feeling, action, and result we’re experiencing.  When we nurture the whole through the conscious lens of Love, we become caretakers of the limitless potential of that universal oneness.  In a universe of limitless possibilities, in a moment of dynamic expansion, our capacity to nurture and care for that realm of potential matters.  Oftentimes we take care of what’s already hurt, we react to what needs critical attention, however we don’t always take good care of the potential that’s right in front of our eyes.  Nourishing ourselves, taking good care of ourselves before a critical need manifests, is the key to our greatest expansion.  Expansion takes us into the untapped realm of potential, and if we haven’t paid attention to that garden, we may find it more comfortable to stay in familiar territory vs growing into the uncharted realms.  Today’s Mars Eris new cycle is an activation of awakened truth, motivating and inspiring action.  The moment of truth is personal, and oftentimes comes with discomfort.  When the current skin we’re living in no longer fits, there’s an irritation that facilitates the necessary friction to shed the skin and grow beyond the outdated patterns and limitations.


Tuesday 6/28 is a huge day with over 18 aspects.  Starting with a Sun Vesta manifestation, then Neptune stations retrograde, followed by a Venus Quaoar great eliminator, Black Moon Venus subtle intimacy aspect, Black Moon Quaoar bridge, Black Moon Vesta manifestation, Venus Vesta stepping stone, Sun MakeMake stepping stone, Black Moon Sun communion, Black Moon MakeMake stepping stone, Black Moon Jupiter stepping stone, Venus MakeMake manifestation, Black Moon Chariklo great eliminator, Sun Jupiter stepping stone, then the New Moon in Cancer at 10:53pm EST, followed by a Pallas Galactic Center great eliminator, Venus Jupiter resource, and Black Moon Salacia stepping stone.


The New Moon in Cancer occurs at 10:53pm EST.  The Moon is at home in Cancer, and this lunar event brings us home through a dignified reflection of what matters most, from the heart.  In Cosmic Consciousness, Cancer represents emotional body power, the empowered flow that arises when we give ourselves permission to feel our feelings, to connect with the deepest river of emotions that move through us at the core, reminding us of our true nature and divine potential to grow, expand, and thrive through our authentic expression.  There is power in vulnerability, in the freedom to express, from the heart.  We feel empowered, alive, and valuable when our hearts are encouraged to open with authenticity.  When we deny or ignore our emotions, we cut off the flow and disconnect from a vital source of power, nourishment, and vitality.  Eventually we have to come back to the waters of our emotional body and fully feel it all, in order to fully resolve and release it all.  There’s no way to bypass.


Cancer energy is sensitive, empathic, and intuitive.  Cancer is the sign of the mother, the one who intuitively feels and connects to the emotions of others, responding with compassion to take care of the divine potential that is developing and growing within the current situation, whether messy and challenging or graceful and easy.  That ability to empathically respond from the heart, while fiercely loving the divinity and true nature of the soul, also requires a refusal to subscribe to the distractions and distortions.  In other words, when we feed into the distractions, they grow.  When we buy into the behaviors, they grow into labels, identities, and projections.  When we stay fiercely committed to nurturing the divine essence and true potential of a soul, tending to the actual needs of that soul, there is growth.  What we feed, we nourish, we validate.  We have a choice.  No two souls are exactly alike, and the template for nourishment isn’t cookie cutter.  We must learn authentic nourishment for the individual instead of forcing everyone to fit into a particular box or paradigm.  Self care requires self awareness, which is seeing the divine spark of Light within, and serving the growth and expansion of that Light.


Cancer is a water sign, expressing as the divine flow of a river.  Water seeks resolution, water flows with ease into the empty spaces.  The nature of water is ebb and flow, and the Cancer river has a strong current that calibrates the emotional body with the heart.  When the emotional waters get muddy, congested, or compartmentalized, that current of the heart is compromised, and power is lost.  Power is restored through the permission to release, to feel, to express, and let go.  What we try to hold onto becomes stagnation to our flow.  Tying to manage other people’s emotions is like a river trying to carry another river in her own current.  It creates backlog, flooding, and immense pressure that over stretches the vessel itself.


When we empower others to feel their feelings, to take responsibility for their emotions, and to nourish their deepest truth and core wounds, we create healthy communities of powerful leaders, caretakers, and creatives.   When one takes on the full responsibility for taking care of everyone else, that one can become depleted and eventually break down.  There are limitations in that context.  Expansion requires shared responsibility, equality, and reciprocity.  When all participants stand in partnership, fully empowered within the whole, expressing authentically, there is shared weight distribution and multidimensional growth.  The opportunities for expansion are exponentially greater and sustainable.


In order for our communities to expand and thrive, the individuals must learn self care, as healthy maintenance and also as self awareness.   When we enable others to stay small, there are gaps in the community and disproportionate weight distribution, which eventually expresses as unequal power.  The cure to power inequity is self care, empowerment, and authentic contribution of one’s gifts and offerings.  We can’t all contribute the same, we’re not meant to.  However, tuning into the inherent value that each soul brings to the table is important, and recognizing the contributions being made to the greater flow of circulation is necessary.


A new moon is always a new beginning, a new opportunity, a new chapter.  This Cancer New Moon is conjunct the Black Moon Lilith, an active part of the finger of god with Venus and Varuna, and a part of the Grand Power Cross with Quaoar, MakeMake, and Jupiter.  This is the beginning of a new relationship with sustainable power, divine authority within ourselves and also within the community, and the healthy balance of nourishing support and accountability.  Without nourishment and support, we can’t grow and expand.  If we nourish the distractions and ignore the authentic needs, we generate dysfunction, for the individual and the community.  If one takes on the weight of the whole and ignores the self, the system eventually crashes and burns, for both the individual and the community.


If we’re willing to see ourselves in action, and make the necessary changes as we reach the familiar edges of our past limitations, this can be a brand new opportunity to transcend old patterns and narratives, no matter how long they’ve been embedded in our culture.  Transcending the limitations of our past requires a willingness to integrate the wisdom of where we’ve been, while releasing the attachments to the muscle memory.  Water runs deep, and the emotional current that runs deep through our history is powerful, so our conscious commitment to choosing new patterns is important.  We have the power to birth new possibilities and new outcomes.


In 5D, the Cancer New Moon empowers us to see our divine greatness, to nurture and celebrate the authentic expression of our heart, beating like a drum through the souls of our feet, integrating our divine inner flow with the steps we take in the world as we take flight.  As we come home to the true nature of our own heart, we follow the flow of the river that delivers us to higher ground.


Wednesday 6/29 starts with a Mercury Juno stepping stone, Venus Chariklo manifestation, Sun Chariklo great eliminator, and Ceres Juno manifestation.  Any event that feels destabilizing is awakening a higher dimension of solid ground.  We must be willing to let go of the current ground we’re standing on in order to realize a new possibility.  When the current default setting and status quo begin to shift like sand beneath our feet, it’s important to let the tide wash away the old and deliver the new.  Going with the flow doesn’t mean surrendering to the status quo;  going with the flow often times requires an interruption to the status quo in order to follow the divine movement of a greater flow, from the heart.  The path of ease comes from the release of judgment or attachment to the heart’s navigation.


On Thursday 6/30, the Black Moon forms a resource with Orcus, followed by a Venus Salacia resource, Sun Salacia stepping stone, Pluto Pallas manifestation, Pallas Haumea great eliminator, and Black Moon Sirius communion.  It’s important to remember our limitlessness, and from that vastness, it’s important to remember why we’re here and why it matters.  Anything is possible, always…and when we thread that belief into our unique divine purpose, there’s nothing stopping us.  There is wisdom in where we’ve been, and there is wisdom in the wholeness of the situations we find ourselves in now.  Our capacity to integrate that higher wisdom into our current experiences will take us to new dimensions, beyond what we’ve ever imagined.  There’s an unveiling of consciousness from the ascended masters today that empowers, inspires, and offers support.


Friday 7/1 delivers a Mars Galactic Center manifestation, Black Moon Chiron stepping stone, and Mars Pluto stepping stone.  Mars is in his home sign of Aries for the next 5 days, and our actions are under a microscope right now to transform our unconscious patterns from old core wounds into conscious action from an elevated lens of awakened mastery.  Remember, the wound is where the light enters, and anytime the old wound gets triggered or re-traumatized, there’s an opportunity for the brightest light to shine through.  If we fear the wound and return to the old patterns of survival or trauma protection, we miss the invitation for higher consciousness to activate and express.  The light is within us, and the wound awakens that potential for Light to emerge, in divine timing.  If we flinch at every wound, we can get caught up in the reactionary defensiveness that distracts the potential for something new.  Every time we consciously choose, we gain power, releasing the gravity from our past cycles and patterns.


On Saturday 7/2, the Black Moon finds resource with Uranus, followed by a Mars Haumea light bridge, Mercury Saturn manifestation, Mercury Eris resource, and Mercury Neptune stepping stone.   Today’s Mars Haumea Light Bridge activates the expansion of last week’s finger of god.  The Arcturus/Eris/Mars bridge stretches into a Haumea/Mars bridge with Pallas and Neptune as great eliminators.  When we start to view our actions through a multidimensional lens of wholeness, we can see the interconnectedness of every story and situation, including our own participation and contribution.  We’re being called forth to wake up, get present, and be mindful of our active participation.  Checking out, numbing out, or disconnecting are not options.  Whether we’ve disconnected out of boredom, fear, insecurity, or judgment, it’s time to be fully committed and fully present.  The actions we’re taking today (or postponing) have ripple effects that lead into and support the next moment’s unfolding and beyond.  As we awaken our inner messenger, we gain the capacity to see ourselves clearly, in action.  The more accurately we receive the feedback of our mirrored reflection, the more potent our actions can be, even if our actions are to hold profound presence and embody peace.  If we’re unwilling to see ourselves in action, we give our power away.  The power to self-realize and the power to participate from a lens of truth and clarity are priceless.


And Sunday 7/3 highlights a Black Moon Ceres communion, then Black Moon South Node (karmic) manifestation, Black Moon North Node (dharmic) resource, Venus Orcus stepping stone, Jupiter Chariklo resource,  Mercury Galactic Center bridge, Black Moon Astraea manifestation, Mercury Pluto great eliminator, and Mercury Haumea manifestation.   There’s a grand water manifestation with the Black Moon/Ceres, Astraea, and the karmic node today, which activates a harmonious flow that unleashes the potential for alchemy in the darkest of waters.  Water holds memory, and oftentimes we have no idea what’s been held in the water or for how long.  Trying to understand it all could take lifetimes, however a potent activation of conscious light can unveil and birth the highest manifestation from the mystery, literally in a heartbeat.  The presence of light illuminates the shadows, and also unlocks the potential for a higher vision to express.  That volume of weight in the water now shifts through a higher lens of consciousness, and new possibilities emerge.


The practice this week is to be present with your thoughts and emotions, and be mindful of the current motivators for action.  Notice the situations that activate an automatic reaction or trigger.  Find the pause between the stimulus and the reaction, and take a deep breath.  In that pause, breathe into the spaciousness, expanding your awareness.  Take a deeper dive into the current thoughts, feelings, emotions, and beliefs that are arising, and look for the potential to elevate your lens of consciousness.  Find the fluidity in the vastness of available choices, and stay present to what’s arising in you as truth emerges.  There’s power in the reconciliation and release of emotions, and there’s power in the spaciousness to birth a new possibility.


“No matter what identity we cling to, it takes great courage to step out of the old masks we wear and the old scripts that we live by, and open ourselves to the mysterious inner core of our being.”  ~ Adyashanti


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