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For the week of June 20 – 26, 2022

This week reveals the vibrancy and tenderness of new skin, thanks to the recent alchemy and transformation from the last few months.  New skin is vulnerable, requiring attention and nourishment to develop and strengthen, manifesting new consciousness that transcends the old limitations, revealing a higher vision.  That new vision is being awakened now.


As with any new chapter, we have the choice to remain open and receptive to the new consciousness that’s emerging and unfolding, or we can bring the past limitations and projections into the space, which only repeats where we’ve been before, manifesting more of the same.  The courage to remain unconditionally open through our current unfolding is priceless.


Moment to moment, we’re experiencing the calibration and synthesis of new consciousness, and as we do, our orientation points shift and reconfigure.  We’re not who we were even a moment ago.  As we witness the rapid transformation and evolution that’s occurring within ourselves (and within our cells), we can see newness revealed everywhere.  New skin, new thoughts, new choices, and new available options and ways of responding.


At times, it can feel as if we’re witnessing that accelerated growth through the lens of slow motion, where nothing is taken for granted or labeled as insignificant, all is revealed with brilliant clarity.  Having the courage to dissolve our assumptions and projections, we recognize and behold the universal space of pure creation, unfolding before our very eyes, from within our very own cells.


This integration process is of the highest order.  Having cleared the residue from our lens of vision and cultivated a deep seat of presence within, we’re now learning to walk in new skin, with new orientation points, and newly elevated lens of awareness.  When the old familiar patterns and anchor points are unearthed and untethered, there’s a deeper calling to trust the current and surrender to a greater movement.  That deeper calling is from the heart.


This week highlights the Solstice activation as the Sun enters Cancer on 6/21 at 5:13am ET.  The Sun illuminates, inspires, energizes, reveals truth, and calls forth awakened action.  Cancer takes us into the deeper current of the heart, the power of the heart that flows like a river, inviting a non-linear journey of compassionate nourishment and empathic care, tending to what matters most.  When we feed the Light and let go of attachments to anything else, we increase the potency of nourishment so that Light can grow and thrive.  When we get wrapped up in things that don’t matter, or flustered or overwhelmed by our feelings and emotions, we can become disempowered.  When we try to control that current – whether by trying to control our emotions or by trying to over-power or over-ride the situations of life’s divine unfolding, we can become rigid, losing connection to the suppleness of our inherent flow.


The Sun in Cancer invites us to be empowered by our feelings and situations, learning to navigate with grace and ease, even if our situations are challenging or unpredictable.  In times of challenge, it’s important to remember the truth of who we are, come home to that purest essence of our heart, and find strength in that resonance.  Every time we come home to our truth, we return to ourselves.  Returning doesn’t mean we repeat the past or re-identify with past labels, interpretations, or limitations  (although we may need to revisit and resolve past conflicts and distortions if they still hold power over us).  Releasing the past in order to be fully present in the current.  Surrendering to the current, trusting the divine ebb and flow, and allowing that river to take us home – refreshed, restored, and revitalized.


Every time we return, we realize how much we’ve grown.  Every time we come home to the heart, we calibrate power, love, and wisdom.  And every time we’re set free from the past, we gain access to the divine flow of the current that takes us on a new journey, inspired and moved by the rhythm of the heart.   We come home with every inhale, and set ourselves free with every exhale.  The womb is the heart, the heart is our home, and Light is our true nature and divine expression.


The week begins on Monday 6/20 with a Mercury Jupiter resource, Mercury Quaoar great eliminator, Venus Galactic Center great eliminator, Mercury MakeMake manifestation Black Moon Mars resource, and Jupiter Quaoar stepping stone.  Now that Mercury has recovered his retrograde shadow, we’re able to witness the newness coming online through our mental body/ operating system.  There’s room to expand, room to stretch, and room to breathe.   That spaciousness also provides access to a higher dimension, the universal mind, which is limitless and non-biased.  With mental capacity like that, there’s nothing off limits, and when our mind harmonizes with the higher laws of love and unity consciousness, we are manifesting on behalf of all with every thought we think.  Any intention that holds space for the greater good of all gains power to manifest and expand beyond what our minds can even comprehend.  When we attach unconscious or disempowered meanings and interpretations, we limit the potential for that greater expansion to occur.


Tuesday 6/21 begins with the Black Moon turning direct, followed by a Venus Haumea great eliminator, Venus Pluto manifestation, then the official activation of the Solstice as the Sun enters Cancer at 5:13am EST.  Then MakeMake stations direct, Mercury manifests with Chariklo and finds resource with Salacia.  Today’s Solstice calibrates the fullness of Light, reminding us of the truth of who we are, and the divine essence of Light we embody.  That full blown activation of Light serves as a mirrored reflection for our innermost recognition and realization.  The longest days reveal growth and illuminate truth, and the longest nights reveal the opportunities for awakening and transformation.  The calibration point of fullness signifies the beginning of decrease as we return back home to the womb; and the calibration point of emptiness/nothingness signifies the beginning of increase as we manifest and grow into the expansiveness of light.  Every journey includes both.  The womb of intention that births the manifestation, and the manifestation that returns to the void at the completion point.  The wholeness of each cycle is fluid, not linear.  Every inhale begins from the empty space of nothingness, filled with the divine inspiration to increase, then released as the contribution while returning home to emptiness/nothingness.  In this cycle, every new breath is a gift and a blessing.  And the fullness of that blessing is the manifestation of expression and contribution.  When we realize the growth that occurs in the light reflects the transformation that occurs in the darkness of the void (or the womb), we begin to calibrate equality of yin and yang.  Light is our nature, and Light is our expression.  From the darkness – the birthing point of anything new – Light emerges.  And into the darkness, Light shines.


On Wednesday 6/22, Chiron forms a stepping stone with Ceres, followed by a Venus Sedna new cycle, a lunar occultation of Mars, then Venus enters Gemini, the Black Moon finds resource with Mars, and Astraea manifests with the karmic node while finding resource with the dharmic node.  A finger of god aspect starts to activate with Astraea and the Dharmic South Node, from Arcturus in an upcoming bridge with Mars.  Today delivers a significant opportunity to eclipse the muscle memory of chronic wounds in order to enlighten and reveal the higher divine wisdom held within the body.  The body is a record keeper, revealing all of our past wounds and scars and the gravity of our earthly experiences.  And the body is also a record keeper of ancient and cosmic wisdom, truth, and enlightened clarity.  The truth sets us free, releasing the gravity from any attachments to previous labels, limiting conditions, or false narratives.  In that freedom we gain access to the spaciousness within our own cells, revealing the multifaceted and multidimensional spectrum of universal consciousness, where nothing is off limits, nothing is withheld or denied.   The body becomes a portal of connectivity, a portal of wisdom, and a portal of universal truth.  As we shed the old skin of our historic human experiences, we realize the new skin of luminescent clarity, and the potential to embody the vastness of our cosmic and galactic potential.


Thursday 6/23 starts with a Black Moon South Node (karmic) great eliminator, followed by a Sun Ixion bridge, Saturn Eris resource, Mars South Node (karmic) great eliminator, and Jupiter MakeMake bridge.   The Mars South Node great eliminator paired with the Black Moon South Node great eliminator activates another finger of god aspect with the Nodes holding the bridge.  Our divine blueprint is illuminated, activating the codes and the contracts that support and unleash our greatest potential.   As Jupiter enters the bridge with MakeMake, the ongoing grand power cross activates once again.  There is power in our personal choice to align with our true nature, our divine blueprint, and our limitless potential.  It matters that we give ourselves permission to expand in our greatness, in contribution to All through our divine authenticity.   There’s power in the realization of Self, awakening our divine nature and activating the potential for expansion.   Everyone benefits when anyone has the courage to self-realize and fully live into their divine authentic power.  The great unveiling unleashes a dynamic movement of sustainable awareness and new growth.  Recognizing our personal power to choose our current lens of consciousness is key.   We’re not bound to the past, we’re not bound to the status quo, we’re not limited by the old default settings…we’re free to choose, now.


On Friday 6/24, there’s a Pluto Haumea stepping stone, Saturn Pallas stepping stone, Black Moon Arcturus manifestation, Black Moon Saturn manifestation, Black Moon Eris resource, Venus Ixion great eliminator, Black Moon Neptune stepping stone, and Mercury Orcus stepping stone.   There’s a grand air manifestation with the Black Moon, Saturn, and Arcturus today that unveils new consciousness that can forward us into the future with innovative ideas, technology, and solutions.  While the current limits of our social structures are revealing the need to transform and transcend, we’re being downloaded with cutting edge consciousness to bridge that gap from where we’ve been to what’s possible.  If we can see the wholeness of our situation, we can let go of the attachments to the past, and allow a higher vision to emerge.  Look for the empty spaces that haven’t been seen before, move into the newness and explore with an open mind/ open heart.  There’s more potential in every moment than we can possibly wrap our heads around, if we’re looking with fresh eyes, un- attached to the old forms and structures.


Saturday 6/25 offers a Neptune Pallas resource, Uranus Ceres resource, Black Moon Haumea manifestation, Black Moon Pluto great eliminator, and Black Moon Galactic Center bridge.   Lightning delivers new consciousness when we least expect it, and wisdom is revealed right in front of us.  Today is a day of radical unveiling, pulling back the layers, seeing into the heart of the matter, and allowing the heart of matter to reveal the center of the universe.  The universe exists within every manifestation, which means everything includes and contains the possibility of everything.  Seeing into potential means seeing into the heart, uncovering the highest version, highest vision – which is the unveiling of higher truth.  The truth sets us free, and the truth delivers us home.


And on Sunday 6/26,  Mercury forms a bridge with the Great Attractor and the Black Moon enters Cancer.   The Messenger delivers Truth today.  That bridge with Mercury and The Great Attractor is potent, pure, and precise.  Whether that truth is comfortable or uncomfortable, expected or unexpected, Truth has the power to set us free.  It’s important to nurture and support the deliverance of Truth, while letting go and dissolving any attachments to mistruth, confusion, or distortion.  Empowerment reveals strength and vulnerability.  Disempowerment collapses that strength into the feelings of vulnerability.  Today is a powerful day, and how we stand on that bridge matters.


The practice this week is to be the Light, through an open heart.  Find the blessing in each day, and choose to open unconditionally as more Light is being revealed, wherever and however that occurs.  Let go of the rest, let it melt and dissolve physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.  That melting sensation returns back to the flow of the river for recycling, purification, and renewal.  Light remains, crystal clear.  Let the Light that You are shine bright, and find resonance with more and more Light emerging around you.


“There is almost a sensual longing for communion with others who have a large vision. The immense fulfillment of the friendship between those engaged in furthering the evolution of consciousness has a quality impossible to describe.”
 Pierre Teilhard de Chardin


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