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For the week of June 13 – 19, 2022

The week ahead offers a full blown calibration and multidimensional mirrored reflection, from the heart.  The truth sets us free and allows us to expand, beyond our wildest dreams.  The Super Full Moon on Tuesday 6/14 is a mind blowing Moment of Truth that has the potential to transcend duality and release the gravity of repetitive cycles of unnecessary suffering and spinning, delivering us to a whole new world.


Our relationship with truth is a choice – to see or not to see, then to act or not to act.  When we pretend we don’t see what’s right before our eyes, we have to work very hard to tune out the inner voice of our heart, which ultimately creates a fragmentation of self from our true nature and higher calling.  If we’ve been conditioned to tune out the inner voice of our heart, it might be hard to see the truth in situations, even if we think we’re open.  Eventually the distortion becomes the new normal, and nothing is as it seems.


Seeing ourselves clearly through the lens of the heart is of the essence – never losing sight of the divinity and the Light within us that we came to manifest and be, and waking up to the ways in which we diminish that light by subscribing to limitations or narratives that simply aren’t true.  Sometimes the truth can be difficult to digest if we’ve been ignoring or deflecting our inner most authentic expression.  The ways in which we hide, ignore, play small, or play safe must be revealed in order to transcend those limitations and experience our greatness…which in turn, uncovers and reveals the greatness around us.



The Sagittarius Full Moon is disposed by Jupiter, the archetype of expansion, abundance, and creative benevolence.  We can either expand our deepest fears and doubts into validated stories and patterns of limitation, or we can expand through our Light and honor our divine inherent privilege to set ourselves free and shine, encouraging others to do the same.  Once truth is revealed, there is no turning back.  We can’t un-see what we see, and as we begin the unraveling process that dissolves illusions, fears, and mistruths we begin to reveal a whole new world that’s always been there, right before our eyes.


The process of de-manifestation of mistruth is just as important as conscious manifestation of Truth.  There are complex webbings and intricate attachments of social contracts that cover up the truth in order to project outcomes and illusions.  As we do our inner work to diffuse our own blind spots and hiding places, we begin to pull the loose threads that unravel the entire matrix of congestion and distortion.  In the end, Love is the mechanism that elevates, transforms, transcends, and reveals everything, without needing to cover up, defend, or deny.


When we recognize old patterns of muscle memory that trigger core wounds or perceived patterns of limitation, we have an active choice in the moment.  The choice to go along blindly with the gravitational pull of muscle memory, or the awakened choice to collapse that gravitational loop of repetitive cycles, and to consciously choose Love in the current moment.  We’re always manifesting, and the choice is ours to manifest from the past, manifest from our wounded consciousness, or consciously choose to create and manifest from the present, regardless of what’s been done before.


The courage and willingness to go against the grain of deeply embedded muscle memory in order to stand up and choose something from a higher lens of consciousness is exactly why we’re here.  The tension rod of evolutionary potential is what calls us forth to grow.   Transformation occurs in the moment, choice by choice.  Conscious change begins with ourselves, and we can either avoid the discomfort of change, or we can become empowered by the freedom to choose from a higher vision and live from the heart.


We are the changemakers, the pioneering leaders, the conscious creators of a whole new world.  Not by pushing against or fighting the old systems, but by standing up and choosing to see the world and ourselves through an awakened lens of Love and Truth.  As we do, we literally set the world on fire – the fire of transmutation.  The contagious spirit of the Awakened Heart initiates the ripple effect of change that sets us All free.


The week begins on Monday 6/13 with a Mars Great Attractor manifestation, Sun South Node (karmic) great eliminator, Ceres Orcus resource, then Mercury re-enters Gemini, and the Black Moon forms a bridge with Ixion.  As Mercury re-enters Gemini, all of the personal planets are in their “home” signs.  Mercury belongs in Gemini, Venus belongs in Taurus, and Mars belongs in Aries.  There’s an organic alignment and harmonization of power, love, and wisdom within our body, heart, mind integration.  When the mind is calibrated through the stillness of the heart, our divine channel of communications can be received, crystal clear.  And our actions are motivated and inspired by that crystal clear channel of Truth.  We become the embodiment of Truth, inspired and moved by Love, harnessing the power to choose to navigate and transcend any historic limitations.  As we remember our limitlessness, and as we give ourselves permission to embody that limitlessness, we become the divine expression of Light that we came to be.  Today delivers us to that Light within, and we are delivered as the contribution of Light to the world.


On Tuesday 6/14, the Full Moon in Sagittarius occurs at 7:52am EST, followed by a Vesta Varuna great eliminator, Black Moon Mercury subtle intimacy aspect, and Venus Pallas new cycle.  This is a Super Full Moon event, in the sign of Sagittarius, also known as the ultimate Truth Seeker.  An adventurous journey of the heart takes us to the truth, where we transcend our normal limits and boundaries in order to discover who we really are, and what’s possible for anyone willing to expand and live beyond the edges.

Sagittarius is disposed by Jupiter, a social consciousness planet that fosters expansion, greatness, and benefic potential.  The truth sets us free, and in freedom we give ourselves permission to rise up and shine brightly.  If we wait until the world gives us permission to be free, we’ll be conditioned by the historic contracts that hold us small.  When we give ourselves permission to be free – free within our own skin, free within our own minds, free within our own hearts – we awaken potential from the inside out that can set the world on fire with Love, passion, and courageous inspiration.  When we become the example of what’s possible, we become torch bearers, inspirational leaders, and way showers.  Not that the world needs to do exactly what we do, but we teach the world to be original, unique, courageous, and free.  Living and leading by example, we show the world (and ourselves) what’s possible when we continue to expand our belief system of what’s possible and who we think we are in the world.


Stretching beyond the social norms of labels and limitation, we access permission to be our greatest selves, no matter what.  That kind of freedom is power.  In a time where power struggles are running high, it’s important to realize and access self power in the ways we choose our thoughts, attitudes, and beliefs.  Jupiter is currently entering the Grand Power Cross with Salacia, MakeMake, Quaor, and the Black Moon.   There’s an unveiling occurring within us, at the personal level, that has the potential to expand our current social narrative and take us to new dimensions, together.  Through Oneness, we unify, expanding upon the gifts of each other, hand in hand, heart to heart.  Divine diversity is crucial as we expand our collective lens of Oneness, shining the brightest light of Truth that transcends any historic limitation or power struggle.  We can choose not to participate in the stories of duality, oppression, repression, and polarized compression.  As we rise up through the higher lens of vision from the heart, we can see a much wider and multidimensional lens of wisdom, truth, and love, and from there, we can author the next movement.


The Full Moon in Sagittarius is manifesting with Eris, the inner awakener of truth through discomfort.  Self realization requires moments of discomfort as we confront the illusions and distortions we’ve subscribed to for so long.  The conditions we inherited are not necessarily the Truth of how we wish to operate and live our lives moving forward.   We must be willing to look within to see the patterns of limitation embedded in our own system in order to wake up and reclaim our divine power to choose.  This Full Moon event is off the charts with possibilities for awakening and expansion, of epic proportions.   Truth sets us free, and we never go back to the old patterns or paradigms again.  We might revisit and review, but once we’ve seen the Light, we can’t pretend we don’t know what we know.  We can’t fall back asleep once we see clearly what’s at stake and why it matters.


Wednesday 6/15, the Black Moon retrogrades into Gemini, then Mars and Chiron calibrate a new cycle, followed by a Black Moon Sedna subtle intimacy aspect, Sun Eris resource, and Mercury Ixion great eliminator.   The Mars Chiron new cycle initiates an active choice point, at the personal level.  Any event that triggers a knee jerk reaction or activates muscle memory of an old wound or pattern is an active opportunity to choose a higher interpretation, and consciously create the next moment instead of unconsciously reacting to or subscribing to what’s being triggered from the past.  Moment to moment, we have a choice.  We can choose to elevate and transcend the gravity of past cycles, or we can choose to give our power away and continue living out the recurring loops and cycles that generate suffering of predictable fashion.  What matters is that we’re present, in the moment, and choosing from Love.  If we feel limited by any situation or circumstance, we may find ourselves living out unresolved loops and patterns around that perceived limitation while yearning for something different.  If we can catch that active loop in the moment, collapse the loop while consciously choosing a new pattern, we become conscious creators with full power and authority to shift our inner landscape.  This fine tunes our lens of world view, the way we see ourselves, and the way we view our situations wtih others in the world around us.  If we feel empowered, we embody a higher resonance that gives access to mastery and wisdom.  When we feel disempowered, we embody that resonance and our available choices and outcomes look different.


On Thursday 6/16, the Sun manifests with Saturn, followed by a Venus North Node (dharmic) new cycle, Black Moon Pluto great eliminator, Black Moon Haumea manifestation, and Sun Neptune stepping stone. The Sun Saturn manifestation offers a harmonious opening to renegotiate contracts and rewrite the script of how we perceive situations around us.  If we’ve felt limited or polarized in situations or relationships, now is the time to transcend the polarizing narratives and elevate through the heart to see from a higher lens of vision.  We must be willing to let go of the way we’ve always seen things (especially if we’ve been resisting or judging those scenarios as limiting or frustrating) so that we can see a fresh perspective that can actually take us to higher ground.  The old consciousness won’t unlock new potential to our current situations.  We must find the cutting edge of where we’ve been and what’s never been seen in order to chart the course for taking new ground.


Friday 6/17 starts with a Black Moon Sun communion, then Uranus Juno resource, Black Moon Neptune stepping stone, Black Moon Saturn manifestation, Black Moon Eris resource, Ceres Great Attractor great eliminator, Pallas North Node (dharmic) new cycle, and Black Moon Venus subtle intimacy aspect.  Following up from yesterday, the Black Moon continues to unveil and reveal the possibilities for new contracts, new definitions, new narratives, and a new outcome to the old stories we’ve been living in.  As the veils thin and eventually shed like old skin, the heart reveals it all, crystal clear.  The heart holds the roadmap, the blueprint, and the key to our deepest truth and awakened mastery.


On Saturday 6/18, the Black Moon manifests with the Moon, followed by a Sun Galactic Center bridge, Venus Saturn stepping stone, then Mercury leaves his retrograde shadow phase then finds resource with Varuna, and Venus finds resource with Neptune.  Divine reflection and cohesive balance occurs as Mercury completes his retrograde shadow phase, opening our eyes, minds, and hearts to a new moment of truth.  We have access to the highest universal lens, if we’re willing to go through the heart as the gateway to enlightened clarity.  The world changes right before our eyes as we shift the lens we’re looking through.   And as we embody the courage to live in this new world, we realize the potential that’s always been there, right in front of us.


And on Sunday 6/19 the Black Moon forms a great eliminator with the South Node (karmic), followed by a Sun Haumea manifestation, Sun Pluto great eliminator, Black Moon Astraea stepping stone, and Mercury Vesta stepping stone.   When we see the world through the lens of wholeness, we can learn from every scenario we’ve ever lived through.  There is divine wisdom everywhere, whether we think things turned out good or bad, right or wrong.  Through wisdom we grow, expanding and activating new dimensions of our mastery.  Without the challenges, we couldn’t see the opportunities to define, refine, and elevate.  As we let go of the need for things to be perfect on the surface, we start to see the divine perfection in all things, always.  The potential for transcendence occurs when we choose the response of conscious wisdom, in all scenarios.  No matter what’s occurring around us or within us, the old narratives, loops, and patterns can end on a dime if we choose consciously.  It’s up to us, always.


The practice this week is conscious awareness and conscious creation, in the moment.  Notice the times when a triggered reaction takes over and drives the show.  Whether that triggered reaction is coming from fear, frustration, or even an impulsive attachment to attraction.  We can become triggered into old repetitive loops by all kinds of situations.  When we slip into automatic pilot, that’s the time to take a deep breath, bring our undivided attention and awareness into a still point, find the union of mind/heart, and get present.  That moment of silence can reboot our entire system in a nanosecond, and we can simultaneously collapse the old loops of triggered reactions while sparking a brand new conscious thought that takes us to higher ground and new possibilities.  Pay attention to the voice within that’s driving the show, and tell the truth about what matters most in that moment.  When we get honest with ourselves, Love is always the answer.



“For we have not come here to take prisoners
Or to confine our wondrous spirits, But to experience ever and ever more deeply
Our divine courage, freedom, and
― Hafez, The Gift



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  1. I’ve been studying astrology for years now but am not familiar with the terms you use such as “Black Moon forms a great eliminator with the South Node (karmic), followed by a Sun Haumea manifestation, Sun Pluto great eliminator, Black Moon Astraea stepping stone, and Mercury Vesta stepping stone. ”. Where can I find a breakdown of these terms?

    I really appreciate the way you keep reminding us to open up to the meaning behind our actions (conscience or unconscious) and tune in to where our heart senses the love as guidance!

  2. As always, THANK YOU Christine for offering this clear and evolved vision for us! Upon Reflection, I see the growth opportunities that presented this past week and where I did/did not chose a new way but how I will the next time the thought/feeling/situation presents itself 🙏✨ Also, in acknowledgement of Jules’s comment, it might be helpful to have a section on the site that explains the 5D aspects (possibly, but not necessarily in relation to their 3D counterpart) for those who are just beginning to look through the 5D Cosmic Consciousness lense. Or, maybe a book… LOLOLOL MUCH LOVE. ✨n✨

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