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For the week of June 6, 2022

The week ahead delivers an incredible moment of truth that awakens the heart.  When lightning strikes the heart, there’s no denying or ignoring the revelations of truth that emerge from within.  Truth sets us free, Truth dissolves any confusion, and Truth delivers us to higher ground.  Accessing the courage to live from the heart, we find our seat of authentic power and unshakeable presence.


It’s important to remember that the heart is a portal of connectivity to Truth.  Historically, we may have been conditioned to bypass, ignore, or override the messages coming online from the heart, however the key to restoring integrity and harmony within ourselves, each other, and our environment is to restore trust within our own heart.  The heart is the divine messenger, the awakener, and the calibrator of alignment and integrity.  When we ignore that relationship, we give our power away.


True power comes from our authentic expression, which comes from the heart.  There are the temporary waves of emotions that flow through our lens of feelings, which can get triggered or inflamed according to our current experiences and interpretation of events.  However, the consistent truth that broadcasts (verbally and non-verbally) through that flow is the essence of our awakened consciousness of the heart.  If the heart is shut down, we will avoid feeling our feelings, and we will also avoid seeing truth clearly, seeing ourselves and our situations clearly.


All lines of communication merge through the opening of the heart, which is where we also assimilate and receive downloads of cosmic consciousness and universal awareness, beyond time/space or form/structure.  The heart speaks in a language that is fluid, non-linear.  The heart speaks through frequency, texture, light, and music that ebbs and flows through the universal ocean of oneness.  Heart to heart, we find our alignment in the greater matrix of universal oneness.   The soul of the universe has a heart, just as the soul of nature has a heart.


When we look only towards surface level appearances and superficial labels and flat sided expressions to find meaning and definition, we can become confused by what we see vs communing with the frequencies that the heart is informing and revealing.  The highest navigation system is within the cosmic channel of the heart.  Just like sailing the ocean requires an understanding and appreciation of the stars to navigate unexpected challenges, the best way to navigate the twists and turns of an ever changing world is to go within, and look to through the diamond lens of the heart to read the current road map in the constellation of stars.


This week, Uranus and Venus conjunct, sparking a new cycle in the sign of Taurus.  The heart belongs in Taurus, the sign of unwavering grounded presence, where the mind learns to trust and respect the heart.  There’s reverence, safety, and sacred space in that profound seat of presence.  This is the beginning of a powerful partnership between mind and heart, which is the template for all sustainable partnerships.


We have the potential to unlock a whole new world through the lens of the heart, however the mind must learn to trust, and let go of the knee jerk reactions to run, spin, disconnect, or project.  Trust is a mental body choice, and so is Love.  Love is a context, a lens of consciousness, our true nature… and when we trust our nature, we trust in the divine essence that we are.  That authentic expression of Love is the most powerful force of energy in our universe, and a force of nature that thrives in harmony with the oneness of All.


The wake-up call that Uranus delivers this week is a bolt of lightning to the heart, bringing our full undivided attention into the realm of the awakened heart… on the edge of our seat, present, silent, and aware.  Instead of looking “out there” to figure out the meaning of what’s occurring, it’s important to stay present within, and listen.  That inner portal of the heart is a gateway to the limitless realm, and all is revealed in truth and love.  Patience and presence are required.


The week begins on Monday 6/6 with a Sun Chiron resource, Uranus Pallas new cycle, Black Moon Chiron stepping stone, Mars Ceres stepping stone, and then the Black Moon turns retrograde.  Our greatest mastery comes from the multidimensional lens of wisdom that sees through the wholeness of our experiences.  Every wound reveals mastery, if we’re willing to see the multiple threads of wholeness that refine and activate that mastery from the sum total of our journey.  If we only see things in a flat dimensional lens, we see opposing forces and duality.  It’s hard to make up our minds on what to believe from that lens of polarity.  When we let go of the need to choose one or the other, we can flesh out the well-rounded multidimensional lens of conscious wisdom, and from there, what matters is what we’ve learned, the truth we’ve uncovered, and where we go from here.  Our next actions come from the elevated perspective of conscious wisdom.  As we nourish that wisdom, we’re delivered into a new possibility of available thoughts, actions, and outcomes.


On Tuesday 6/7, the Black Moon repeats the stepping stone with Chiron, then Venus manifests with Orcus, and Jupiter manifests with Varuna.  The Black Moon’s signature oscillation revisits the possibility for mastery as she heads back into the Grand Power Cross from the previous several weeks.  As we launch into our greatest expansion, it’s crucial that we choose to expand through the lens of mastery vs the lens of our old wounds that trigger old muscle memory of fears and doubts.  In order to expand, we must see ourselves in our greatness, and be willing to embrace our full potential without flinching or shrinking back.  Any period of expansion will reveal our vulnerabilities and blind spots, so it matters that our lens of consciousness is empowered through these contractions, and not reactionary or impulsive.  There’s so much to see if we can maintain an elevated observer’s perch.


Wednesday 6/8 is a Black Moon Juno manifestation, Black Moon Sirius communion, and Mercury Galactic Center great eliminator.  A lot of review and reflection is on tap for today, and higher consciousness is available everywhere we look.  If we can see ourselves and our most elevated consciousness reflected back through the scenarios we’re living in, we can realize brilliance of evolutionary proportions.


On Thursday 6/9, there’s a Black Moon Venus resource, Venus Great Attractor great eliminator, Black Moon Orcus resource, and Black Moon Mars stepping stone.  The heart is speaking and clearing her chest.  As we allow the truth to emerge from within, we find ourselves in a powerful seat of authenticity, ready to take committed action.  There’s nothing holding us back, and as long as we’re coming from an open heart, anything is possible.


Friday 6/10 is a Salacia Chariklo resource, Black Moon Ceres communion, Mars Orcus great eliminator, Mercury Haumea great eliminator, Mercury Pluto manifestation, and Venus Juno resource.  Every time the Black Moon communes with Ceres, there’s a deliverance that occurs, of the highest order.  We don’t need to force or push an agenda, we can trust the process and allow that deliverance to occur as we move through the birthing canal of Truth.  Mercury is recovering his shadow phase, and today’s activations offer the completion of wholeness through hindsight, unveiling deeper messages that couldn’t be fully digested until now.  The lights are on, we’re paying attention, and the moment of truth is upon us.


On Saturday 6/11, the Black Moon forms a stepping stone with Salacia and a great eliminator with Chariklo, then Uranus and Venus form a new cycle, followed by a Black Moon MakeMake stepping stone and Black Moon Quaoar bridge.   Today’s Uranus Venus new cycle is lightning striking the heart, awakening a whole new world.  When the truth comes online fast and hard, there’s nothing to do but trust and say yes.  Our willingness to trust and obey the heart matters.  If we don’t trust the voice of the heart, we may find it challenging to follow the light that shines through crystal clear.  Regardless of our past experiences, today sends a clear message that is undeniable, and the wake up call becomes the guiding light.


And Sunday 6/12, the Black Moon forms a stepping stone with Jupiter, Mercury and Sedna calibrate a new cycle, and the Black Moon manifests with Vesta.  Today’s new cycle with Mercury and Sedna is a calibration of the highest order to the mental body operating system.  We can either cling to the lower vibrational messages of doubts and fears that come from insecurities informed by past events, or we can tune into the crystalline clarity of the cosmic librarian, elevating beyond the old patterns of distortion, and synchronizing our system with the higher frequencies of universal Love.  There’s an intelligence coming online through the heart that our system understands and interprets as Love.  That clarity is trustworthy, and a new foundation is established.


The practice this week is patience and presence.  There’s a voice emerging deep within the heart, and it matters that we take the time to tune in and listen.  Watch the tendency to project or attach meaning prematurely.  Patience allows our full undivided attention to tune in – physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.  Nature can’t be rushed, and divine unfoldings of truth can’t be forced.  In time, all things come to Light, and this week is the divine timing for the heart to awaken and reveal an epic moment of truth.  Let it come, and don’t force it.  Find spaciousness within the form and structure of your day to day momentum, and take the time to breathe deeply, listen, and live through the lens of the heart.


“In silence there is eloquence. Stop weaving and watch how the pattern improves.” 

~ Rumi


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