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For the week of May 30 – June 5, 2022

We’re navigating a pivotal week of multidimensional transitions.  Newly delivered from the wormhole/eclipse passage, now stepping through the diamond lens of this Gemini New Moon, we’re at the edge of huge quantum leaps.  New beginnings are on tap, requiring our full presence to transcend duality and elevate through a higher lens of unified mind/heart vision.  That higher lens of vision is what reveals a whole new world of possibilities.


Transitions are key through this period of dynamic integration and rapid expansion.  Transitioning from any situation or cycle of completion, it matters that we extract the wisdom of where we’ve just been, then integrate that conscious wisdom into the bones of our own personal operating system.  That’s what elevates us to higher ground for the next new cycle, allowing for expansion beyond what we’ve been able to access so far.


This week’s inner review and reflection is extremely important.  We’ve been through an alchemical journey of radical transmutation with the recent 2 eclipses, and it matters now that we witness it all from the awakened observer’s seat, to see ourselves clearly (in the actions we’ve taken or not taken) through an honest and equanimous review and debrief.   It also matters that we can see ourselves through the mirrored reflection of all characters/participants involved in our scenarios, in order to see the wholeness of ourselves and any situation from a multidimensional lens of vision.  This multidimensional feedback is extremely important.  Any aspect or dimension or ourselves that we’re unwilling to see clearly will be revisited and reviewed in future situations or events, until we fully complete and find resolution through conscious wisdom.



We’re not who we were 2 months ago.  The inner landscape has shifted, and the unconscious patterns and programs have been activated, sometimes agitated, in order to wake up and become conscious.  These moments of truth that awaken from within are priceless.  Any time we’re gifted with an opportunity to see a side of ourselves that we normally don’t express, there’s potential for alchemy, healing, and transformation.  We can either make excuses to justify why we like or don’t like what we see, or we can simply take full ownership, and elevate through conscious awareness and equanimity.  We must be willing to embrace the parts of ourselves that we don’t like, don’t understand, or aren’t comfortable with, in order to transmute the entanglements of past muscle memory/trauma/social conditioning.  As we do, we reclaim our authentic Light and reclaim our power to choose to elevate in each new moment.


Our relationship with power and wisdom is an important resource this week.  The ways in which we’ve labeled, identified, or granted power/authority within ourselves or others is shifting.  The old games of power struggles, tug of wars, misuses of power as a way to dominate or manipulate, are over.  From the conscious wisdom of our experiences, we’re able to see clearly the truth within the distortion, distilling and dissolving the illusions we’ve been subscribing to, and setting us free to reclaim our full divine power in the power to choose.  We have free will and limitless domain over the thoughts we think, the beliefs we subscribe to, and the ways we see the world and ourselves.  When we choose to live from the heart, we access our greatest strength and power – the power of our true nature, which brings us into a much more elevated frequency, in cohesive resonance with the laws of oneness and universal Love.


When we stop pushing ourselves to be other than who we are, when we eliminate the fighting and bullying within ourselves, we find a sustainable foundation of inner peace, which allows the nervous system to remain open, awake, and refined – communing with Truth above and below, within and without.  When we strengthen our presence in Truth and Authenticity, nothing can shake us.  Our inner navigation system is dialed in and plugged in through the heart, which gives us access to cosmic consciousness and universal connection, heart to heart with all beings.  We find ourselves at one with all – beyond time and space, beyond form and structure.  There is no power struggle in oneness.  There’s only wholeness and Love.  Wisdom and Truth.


We can’t expect to experience oneness and peace outside of ourselves, before choosing to live it in our bones.  We must choose to live it first.  Believe it, then be it, consistently.  Eventually we see the world mirroring and reflecting our thoughts, attitudes, ways of being, and beliefs.  Eventually the outer reflects the peace within.  Not by forcing change to happen, but by being the authentic embodiment and calibrating the aligned holistic attunement, inside and out.


It takes courage, trust, and faith to live from a higher lens of vision than the world is currently operating at.  It takes courage, trust, and faith to be the shift that is needed in the world, whether anyone else is supporting, validating, or believing.  The same way it takes courage, trust, and faith to be the pioneer for change, the one who goes first, the one who leads…not by force, but by committed action from embodied truth and authentic power.  The one who leads recognizes that nobody wins until we all win, every participant and every scenario is a reflection of the whole.  Nobody is greater or lesser than the whole.  There is no separation in the unity of One.  New thoughts, new actions, and new possibilities are available now, and the doorway to access and embody is through the heart.


The week begins on Monday 5/30 with a Black Moon Jupiter stepping stone, then the New Moon in Gemini, followed by a Black Moon Mars stepping stone, and Venus Ixion manifestation.   The New Moon at 9 Gemini occurs at 7:30am ET, and is a significant delivery point from the wormhole/eclipse passage that began on 4/1 into the new beginning that starts 5/30.  In Cosmic Consciousness, Gemini represents Conscious Wisdom, the completion of the mental body as the mind unifies with the heart, activating a powerful ascension point.  When the mind and heart unify, the lower mind releases tension from fears, doubts, insecurities.  The higher mind (the observer’s mind) awakens through the heart, revealing diamond consciousness.  That diamond lens cuts through appearances, illusions, distortions, and drama, revealing the truth.  When we see the truth and speak the truth, we are liberated from our suffering and peace is restored, from within.  We clear our karma and speak the truth through the Gemini lens of conscious wisdom.  The truth sets us free.


Gemini is disposed by Mercury, the messenger and the ruler of our inner operating system.  Gemini is central in our ability to communicate through multiple channels of connectivity.  Oftentimes communication can get distorted by the individual.  Communication occurs through frequency, resonance, sound, light, codes, and patterns.  Communication gets distorted by the individual, not the message itself.  Each individual must filter communications through their inner operating system.  We see the world through the lens of our own belief system and default settings.  Our core values, beliefs, history, wounds, and insecurities can affect and alter the interpretations we’re choosing from the information received.  Information is neutral.  The meaning becomes personal, unless we learn to receive and decode messages from a higher lens of clarity and truth, unaltered by our personal biases.


That higher lens of consciousness is available through Gemini, and it requires the unified oneness of mind/heart.   As we elevate through the diamond mind, we see things through the universal lens of conscious wisdom.  That’s the sweet spot for uncovering Truth and releasing ourselves from the karmic wheel of distortion and attachment to the personal narratives and patterns.


The Gemini New Moon is a new beginning, in partnership with the recent Mars Jupiter new cycle.  We’re at the threshold of massive expansion that requires conscious action.  We must understand that our actions are inspired by the thoughts that are occurring within our mind/heart union.  The consciousness gained from the recent wormhole/eclipse passage is crucial for the current expansion we’re stepping into.  If we can integrate that wisdom, we can realize new possibilities and take new actions.  If we don’t integrate that wisdom, we’re likely to revisit the past and repeat.  The choice is ours, and the potential for new consciousness has never been higher.


Mercury, the ruler of this New Moon, will station direct on June 3rd, at the same degree as the Sun’s recent position in the Scorpio Full Moon/ Lunar Eclipse on 5/16.  This offers a potent review/reflection/debrief of all that was revealed and transmuted during that eclipse.   Our presence and undivided attention is required in order to accurately review and integrate this new consciousness as we take a step forward into massive expansion.  Mercury’s station is also in a stepping stone with Saturn’s upcoming station on 6/4, and the opportunity to renegotiate any of the old patterns, narratives, labels, identities, etc will be accessible.  It’s important to remember that we’re writing the script with our moment to moment thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, interpretations and assumptions.  The more clearly we can stay focused, from the heart, the more accurately we can communicate Truth, eliminating distractions, illusions, and confusion.  When the mind spins in confusion, we fragment and separate from our Self and others.  When the mind comes home to the center of the heart, there is a still point that activates the diamond mind, and all channels become crystal clear.  The choice is ours.  If we entertain drama, if we indulge in mistruths, we feed the cycle of separation.  When we choose the center still point of the heart, our minds are open, clear, and receptive to Truth.


On Tuesday 5/31, Mars and Varuna form a manifestation, followed by Black Moon Ceres communion, Black Moon Quaoar bridge, Black Moon MakeMake stepping stone, Ceres Quaoar bridge, and Ceres MakeMake stepping stone.  The Black Moon and Ceres are moving into the grand power cross that includes a bride with Quaoar (the universal mind) intersected by a bridge with MakeMake and Mars/Jupiter.  This grand power cross reveals the divine timing of our greatest expansion through new pioneering actions that come from the mind/heart union and the diamond mind.  There are new options, new thoughts, and new possibilities coming online from a higher lens of vision and a higher template of consciousness.   This is where the integration occurs at the cellular level, re-educating our muscle memory.  Every opportunity for expansion triggers old holding patterns and muscle memory from the current default settings.  As we consciously calibrate and reframe the thoughts, patterns, and interpretations that come online through our visceral experiences, we can open our cells to a whole new octave of consciousness.


Wednesday 6/1 starts with a Pallas Great Attractor great eliminator, followed by Black Moon Salacia stepping stone, Black Moon Chariklo great eliminator, and Venus Varuna stepping stone.  Wisdom is pouring forth like never before, but we must be willing to apply it in order to see Truth clearly, within ourselves and within the situations we’re navigating.  Wisdom is the medicine that allows us to expand from where we’ve been to what’s possible.  The heart reveals the awakened lens of vision if we’re willing to elevate through our experiences.  Every obstacle reveals an opportunity to elevate, and when we elevate through the heart, we can see things from a universal lens of perspective, an awakened lens of wholeness and oneness.


On Thursday 6/2 there’s a Vesta Ixion resource and Sun Orcus stepping stone.  Today’s activates the beginning of a grand wisdom cross, with the Sun and the Great Attractor, intersected by Orcus and Juno/Astraea.  As so much wisdom is coming online, it’s important to remember the highest priority and commitment of why we’re here and why it matters.  It can be easy to get distracted by scenarios and events that pull at our emotions or stir the mind, but it matters now that we remain focused in order to fully awaken the potential for our greatest expansion.   We can expand in multiple directions, however expansion through our divine blueprint and higher purpose is the key.


Friday 6/3 is a Mars Quaoar stepping stone, Mars MakeMake bridge, then Mercury stations direct, in a stepping stone with Saturn and resource with Neptune, followed by a Venus Quaoar manifestation, Venus MakeMake great eliminator, and Black Moon Orcus resource.   Mercury’s station signals the debrief/review phase of this wormhole passage is complete, and it’s time to move forward.  Even though we’re already moving forward in our expansion, this final attunement of the mind as the presence of the heart is significant.  Mercury then passes the baton to Saturn (stationing retrograde tomorrow in Aquarius), where we awaken to higher consciousness and renegotiate/rewrite the social contracts, codes, and operating system.   On behalf of all, it’s time to upgrade.  There are better ways to operate and function in our organizations, communities, structures and institutions.  It’s time to evolve, and it’s time for radical change.  We can’t stay stagnant, and we can’t go back to where we’ve been.  We must be forward thinking now to access new solutions, new innovative ideas, and new applications that aren’t currently on the ground.  Saturn held an important choice point in the recent Scorpion Full Moon/ Eclipse, and tomorrow’s retrograde station begins that journey of social change and shape shifting.  The wake up calls can’t be ignored, it’s time.   We must take new actions, from the highest lens of vision.


On Saturday 6/4, Ceres forms a stepping stone with Salacia, followed by a Sun Juno stepping stone, Black Moon Juno manifestation, Black Moon Sun subtle intimacy aspect, then Saturn stations retrograde, followed by a Sun Great Attractor bridge, Ceres Chariklo great eliminator, Venus Chariklo stepping stone, Venus Ceres resource, and Black Moon Sirius communion.  The Black Moon reveals subtle insights of wisdom from this week’s Gemini New Moon, and its important to realize the power we each have to connect and communicate multidimensionally.  When we operate from a flat screen narrative, we lose touch with what’s occurring below the surface, behind the veils, in the subtle realms that are not so obvious.  We must learn to develop these available channels to connect and commune, within ourselves and with each other, as we find the current of truth and hold hands, heart to heart, through this rebuilding/reconstruction process.  If we want to generate a movement of social change, we must realize that movement is unified through connection.   Connection isn’t one dimensional or one sided.  It’s multifaceted, and remains current beyond time/space/distance.  We are learning to read between the lines and listen through the silence…not by projecting what we want to see or hear, but to authentically dial in and listen through an equanimous and compassionate heart.  Nothing is withheld or hidden from that space.  Saturn’s retrograde cycle begins today and ends on October 22.


And Sunday 6/5 reveals a Juno Great Attractor stepping stone, Mars Salacia new cycle, and Mars Chariklo resource.  The downloads from this grand power cross are awakened, highlighted, and stabilized into our cells and muscle memory.  Learning to walk the planet within our seat of power and authenticity is crucial.  That seat of power comes from the heart.  Learning from the times when we give our power away, and recognizing the times when we overuse or misfire our power by trying to control or push and outcome.  When we live authentically as the expression of our divine Light, we are limitless, in every way.


The practice this week is debrief and reflection.  Spend some time journaling and exploring the significant events that have occurred from 4/1 to 5/30, and observe yourself in action from the highest lens of wholeness and equanimity.  Let go of any judgment about how the situation unfolded or how it ended, and see yourself clearly through all of it.  The moments of wisdom will reveal, crystal clear.  Be willing to see yourself in action, and also see yourself through the reflection of other participants and their actions.  Transcend the illusion of separation and witness the wholeness of each event, as a teacher.  Then take a deep breath, and offer yourself fully to the journey ahead…wisdom in tact, heart wide open, supple and free, awake as Love.


“The journey of the hero is about the courage to seek the depths; the image of creative rebirth; the eternal cycle of change within us; the uncanny discovery that the seeker is the mystery which the seeker seeks to know. The hero journey is a symbol that binds, in the original sense of the word, two distant ideas, the spiritual quest of the ancients with the modern search for identity, “always the one, shape-shifting yet marvelously constant story that we find.”
― Joseph Campbell, The Hero’s Journey: Joseph Campbell on His Life and Work


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