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For the week of May 23 – 29, 2022

Welcome to the final countdown!  The final week before the Gemini New Moon on Monday 5/30 that officially ends the eclipse passage/wormhole and delivers us to a brand new beginning.  This journey has been an alchemical metamorphosis of the highest order, not for the faint of heart.  The skin we’ve shed, the ways we’ve been stretched inside and out, is profound to say the least.  Now is the time to surrender any final attachments and allow the heart to birth us through the final threshold of awakened Love.


The week ahead is full of brilliant attunements and alignments that allow us to fully embrace and embody the truth, as we step forward in new skin, ready to expand and transcend through new dimensions of consciousness.  We can’t take the past with us, but we can integrate the wisdom of where we’ve been, what we’ve learned, and what matters most.  The final release of old attachments to status quo and the gravity of our familiar hiding places and blind spots, sheds from our holistic system revealing new patterns of Light.  What emerges from the empty spaces after the density has dissolved is breathtaking.


Coming home to ourselves through a multidimensional journey of unfamiliar landscapes and unexpected twists and turns requires faith and trust.  We’re so accustomed to seeking only what feels safe, familiar, and well established.  These last months have taken us out of that comfort zone and into the darkness of mystery, swimming below the surface-level appearances into our innermost hidden pockets of emotional currents that reveal the suppressed data-warehousing locations, embedded within muscle memory…ultimately cracking open the safe and setting ourselves free.  The unexpected tidal waves and backwash of emotional rivers being released has brought us into a meditative state of profound presence – the awakened observer of the heart, a safe harbor and a lighthouse for the waters to rise in order to release.



As the waters rise and release, there is purification through our mind, heart, body, and spirit.  By courageously feeling our current feelings and sensations, there’s nothing to fear, and power is ultimately restored.  Anytime we resist, check out, bypass, or avoid, we give our power away.  Eventually we must circle back and filter through the very currents and patterns we tried to escape.  Eventually, everything must be felt in order to be released and set free.  That completion of freedom sheds weight from the inner spaces within our cells, within our minds, and within our hearts.


As freedom flows, we are liberated.  Learning to transcend our current suffering, not by avoiding or denying, but by being fully present.  Freedom is not obtained by running away, but by having the courage to open multidimensionally, finding equanimity, and allowing grace to expand through that opening.  Witnessing the alchemical beauty and magic of any experience is what allows us to dive in deep, exchanging our fears for the belief in something bigger.


The week begins on Monday 5/23 with a Sun Jupiter resource, Mercury Vesta stepping stone, Mars Sedna resource, Sun Ixion great eliminator, Venus Eris new cycle, and Mercury Mars resource.  Today activates a massive awakening of the heart, from within.  A moment of truth initiates the heart’s creative spark of potential, unleashing a force of nature.  Our greatest expansion is on the line, and we can either expand our fears and doubts or we can transcend those historic limitations and experience brand new possibilities and creative potential coming to light.  The universe is awakening within us, and nothing is out of bounds.  The more committed we are to aligning with our true nature, the more sustainable and elevated this next chapter will be.


Tuesday 5/24, the Black Moon forms a stepping stone with Juno, then Vesta enters Pisces, followed by Venus Saturn resource, Mercury Sedna communion (2nd of 3), Black Moon Orcus stepping stone, Jupiter Ixion stepping stone, and Mars enters Aries.  Mars entering Aries is a powerful gear shift and massive attunement at the personal level.  Mars is the ruler of the physical body and the actions we take.  Mars is the dispositor of Aries, meaning this is the natural alignment and power seat for Mars.  We’ve been undergoing a radical shift in our understanding of that power seat; instead of using our power to push, manipulate, or force outcomes, we’re learning to come home to our true nature, honor our authentic expression and alignment, and take action from the heart.  Aries is a creative spark of new potential, but can also lead to impulsive reactions and repetitive loops and cycles.  When we’re conscious, our actions are authentic.  When we’re unconscious or operating on automatic pilot from fears, doubts, or insecurities, we can engage in knee jerk reactions and impulsive sparks can run hot.  Mars in Aries can be a time of authentic power that arises when we’re awake, self aware, and fully responsible for our thoughts, words, and actions on behalf of all.  Or Mars in Aries can be a time of aggression, force, fear, and war.  The choice is ours.  We have infinite power within us to make that call.  Our actions have immeasurable power, and when we use that power to create our highest vision instead of reacting from fear or insecurity, we are unstoppable.


On Wednesday 5/25 there’s a Black Moon Chiron resource, Sun Varuna resource, Mercury Pluto manifestation (2nd of 3), Black Moon Uranus subtle intimacy aspect, Venus Galactic Center manifestation, and Black Moon Astraea stepping stone.   Insights and revelations are available as the veils continue to thin.  Our lens of higher vision allows us to see through the blind spots and hiding spots, revealing higher truth and divine wisdom.  When we take the time to shift our consciousness from wound to mastery, we elevate to a higher game of leadership and participation on the planet.   Elevation is key, and a new dimension is calling.


Thursday 5/26, Mercury forms a great eliminator with Haumea (2nd of 3), Pallas and Juno form a resource, Orcus stations direct, then the heart is eclipsed by the moon, as Venus forms a bridge with Haumea.  Today’s Mercury Haumea great eliminator revisits last week’s ongoing Finger of God aspect, revealing insights through the various fractals of authentic expression.  Every piece contains a reflection of the whole, revealing insight from a new perspective or new dimension of consciousness.  When we see things only from our personal perspective, we limit the exposure to universal truth and breathtaking beauty.  The heart gives access to the personal channels of experiential insight, current feelings/sensations, and personal truth, as well as the awakened diamond lens of universal truth.   Every piece of the whole is important.  Every perspective matters.  And every revelation of the heart is a key to universal wholeness.


On Friday 5/27, Venus and Pluto form a stepping stone, followed by the Black Moon North Node (dharmic) subtle intimacy aspect and Black Moon South Node (karmic) great eliminator, Pallas Orcus manifestation, Black Moon Eris resource, Black Moon Neptune stepping stone, and Black Moon Saturn manifestation.   The heart has the potential to deep dive into unfamiliar and unknow territory, stretching beyond the comforts of home by cultivating sacred space within and shining the brightest light through the darkness.  When we remember to live from the heart, there’s no reason to ever fear the unknown.  When we see through the eyes of the heart, we can see beyond surface level appearances and slice into the heart of the matter in whatever situation we’re navigating.   When we’re present within the consciousness of our heart, all is revealed, crystal clear, in divine timing.  There is wisdom in our presence and wisdom in our gaze.


Saturday 5/28, the Sun manifests with MakeMake, followed by a Sun Quaoar great eliminator, Mars Ixion stepping stone, Juno Orcus bridge,  Black Moon Mercury subtle intimacy aspect, then Venus enters Taurus, and the Black Moon manifests with Haumea, forms a great eliminator with Pluto, and a subtle intimacy aspect with Sedna.  Today is a day of divine orchestration and manifestation of the highest order.   When we align with our true nature, our highest blueprint, and reason for being here in this epic moment in time, our presence on the planet is piercingly potent as a pillar of Light.  Venus enters Taurus today, her home sign, which brings dignity through the heart and calibrates reverence through the planet.  When we align with the laws of nature, and hold ourselves as divine forces of nature, we begin to cohesively manifest in harmony with the universal laws of Oneness, Love, and Truth.  Restoring alignment with nature is the key to restoring peace on this planet on behalf of all beings.


And Sunday 5/29 is off the charts.  The Black Moon enters Cancer, followed by a Quaoar MakeMake stepping stone, Mars Jupiter new cycle, Black Moon Venus resource, Sun Salacia resource, Black Moon Vesta resource, Venus Vesta resource, Black Moon Ixion Light Bridge, and Sun Chariklo manifestation.  The next morning is the Gemini New Moon that officially ends the wormhole passage and delivers us to a brand new chapter.  Today’s Mars Jupiter new cycle is a powerful launching point of creative potential that has the power to take us beyond our historic edges and limitations, and into a whole new world of possibility.   The key is to stay conscious as we navigate our edges.  We can either react and get defensive when bumping up against a perceived limitation, or we can elevate and transcend the edges by reinventing and becoming our greatest Self, in the moment.  When we lose our temper, get frustrated, and either shrink back or get overly aggressive, we move away from our best self which diminishes our potential and our power.  Having the courage to be authentic, we can explore and expand into new territory, with refined power, grace, and mastery.  The grand power cross from this entire month is being reactivated today in divine timing, so that we can access our highest calling and deepest truth.  The Gemini New Moon occurs Monday morning at 7:30am EST, ruled by Mercury (currently retrograde).  Stay tuned for the full download in next week’s report.


The practice this week is conscious presence as we navigate this epic transition through every step along the way.  We are being birthed from the eclipse/wormhole passage, and while surrender is key, we must be fully awake and fully embodied.  Notice the tendency to check out in moments of anticipation, excitement, or even confusion or discomfort.  Trusting the process and going with the flow also require conscious participation and personal responsibility, even in the moments of pause and silence.  Don’t check out, stay awake…and witness the attunements in every gear shift along the way this week.  We’ve been on an incredible journey since 4/1 with the New Moon in Aries that initiated this passage.  As we come to a close, remember that every ending is the bridge to a new beginning.


“May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears.”
― Nelson Mandela 


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