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For the week of May 16 – 22, 2022

This week literally begins inside of a full Lunar Eclipse, a Scorpio Full Moon, with Mercury retrograde.  What a dynamic way to unplug from old programs and shed the old skin while recharging and rebooting a higher lens of vision for brand new consciousness to emerge, manifesting a whole new world.  The wholeness of our experience reveals so much more than just surface level appearances, and this epic event leaves no stone unturned, no dimension excluded.  We’re being turned inside out, shaking loose the hiding places, and breathing Light into the blind spots.


We’re reclaiming our power and allowing all of the light within us to be revealed.  Nothing can remain hidden moving forward.  True power comes from the full bodied ownership and divine awareness of all that lives below the surface, so nothing is unchecked, forgotten, or ignored.  As the unconscious becomes conscious, we calibrate and empower the brightest Light.  When we leave things buried or hidden, unspoken or unclaimed, the density of that unconsciousness becomes a heavy weight we carry with us, everywhere we go.


The only path to liberation is to Be the Light through the darkness, to awaken and unify.  Transcendence requires unification of both light and dark, not avoidance of darkness which leads to separation and polarization.  Through the alchemy of wholeness, infusing Love unconditionally into the depths of matter, beyond surface level appearances, we can unlock the truth that’s held at the core, at the heart.  There is light within all of us.  That Light is the presence of Love.  It’s literally everywhere.


As density is transmuted with Love, a whole new vision becomes possible, and a whole new world emerges.  Shape shifting of the highest order occurs when we access the courage to see beyond the surface, into the divine potential that lives within all of creation.


The same way atmospheric density is cleared by lightning, any beacon of Light can activate a force of nature that slices through the density of congestion, illusions, and distortion.  When we turn our own inner atmosphere inside out, we can generate that Lightning activation of awakening that clears our mental body congestion from attachments to old patterns and repetitive cycles, freeing our minds to channel a higher vision.


We’re at an epic turning point, to choose to awaken a higher lens of vision by clearing the atmosphere and allowing new consciousness to be revealed, or continue repeating the same cycles and karmic loops again and again, shuffling the old stories and old narratives back and forth through a polarized flip flop.


Never before has the electrical and alchemical potential been so potent and ready for such a radical moment of transformation.  And never before has the possibility for new manifestation been so accessible.  When we let go of our fears and doubts, we can participate in the magic of awakening and conscious creation.  Anything is possible, and everything is available.


The week begins on Monday 5/16 with the Full Moon in Scorpio and Lunar Eclipse at 12:15amET, followed by a Pallas MakeMake great eliminator and Pallas Quaoar manifestation.   This eclipse/Full Moon is everything.  It’s important to remember that any Full Moon reflects the light of the Sun.  The Sun in Taurus brings to Light the heart of Gaia, the presence of Love that flows through this planet and all of nature.  The Full Moon in Scorpio reveals hidden dimensions, esoteric and metaphysical properties and doorways hidden beneath and within all things physical.  So the Light within Gaia, the Earth, and all of the underground hidden mystery of creative sustainable potential and the properties of recycling, transmutation, and intuitive regeneration are being illuminated and reflected by the Full Moon.  The Earth also represents our connection to nature, through the expression of our own physical bodies, which are a manifestation of the Earth element.  This Scorpio Full Moon reflects all of the untapped potential that lives within and below the surface, in the shadows and in the unconscious/subconscious realms of our own embodiment.   There’s a universe within all of our cells, within our bodies, and within the Earth.


In order to call forth the light that lives within, flowing deep below the surface, we must honor and respect the wholeness of Gaia, nature, and Mother Earth, cultivating sacred space and divine reverence for all to be revealed, for the mystery to be uncovered and brought to the surface.  If we can’t respect and honor the divinity of nature, the divinity within the hearts of all beings, and the divinity within all of matter, we’ll never fully know what lies below the surface, or access the potential to manifest that magic in a visible way.


Making the invisible visible requires an appreciation and devotion to the sacredness of the mystery.  We can’t plow our way in, kick the door down, and expect to commune with the most precious resources of Universal Light.  We must learn to create sustainable relationships with the deeper dimensions, seeing through the veils and into the deeper dimensions that hold the secrets of universal consciousness and cosmic consciousness.  In order to see through the veils and see through the eyes of the heart, we must come from the heart, through the presence of Love.  An environment of trust and safety yields sacred space where anything can manifest on a dime.


Cutting through the illusions and distractions of superficial stories and agendas, walking through fire without flinching, and trusting our inner navigation system and knowing that we are safe and at home wherever we are.  The activations of multidimensional vision to see through the shadows, see through the veils, see through the illusions, and see through the invisible hiding places is a gift.  We all have access to that gift, but that gift requires the conscious presence of love and equanimity, from the heart.  That kind of vision reveals everything, and the wholeness of each moment activates new possibilities for manifestation in the blink of an eye.


The Scorpio Full Moon is disposed by Pluto, the archetype that ushers us through the veils and into the spaces and places that exist below the surface.  If we fear those unknown or unfamiliar places, we will resist the invitation.  If we have trust and faith and come from the heart, that journey can be a magical, alchemical, transformative adventure that forever alters the course of our lives.


It’s also important to remember that transformation occurs in the dark, and new growth occurs in the Light. (Wilbert Alix – Trance Dance).  In order to facilitate new growth, new possibilities, and the New Earth, we must be willing to travel in periods of darkness, beyond the illusions of our current projections through physical form and structure.  That’s why closed eye processes and shamanic journeys are so incredibly profound, we learn to navigate the fluid dimensions that aren’t bound to or defined by linear time/space.  When we lose our sense of physical sight, we must awaken a different lens of vision, to see in the dark, to see into the mystery, to see through the unconscious and subconscious realms, and to travel beyond the limitations of our physical form and structure.   That lens of vision awakens through the heart.


This Full Moon in Scorpio/ Lunar Eclipse is that precious disconnect from the familiar physical eyes we’ve been seeing through, into the darkness of the unconscious, unknown mystery.  The journey will take us into new dimensions of consciousness and possibilities, never before realized.  The Full Moon is manifesting with Mars and Neptune, revealing hidden dimensions of consciousness within the physical dimension, and intersected by Saturn/Vesta, a powerful choice point to interrupt the old narratives in order to write a new story.  The manifestation of a new vision.


On Tuesday 5/17, the Black Moon is in a resource with Venus, and bridges the Moon.  The heart reveals the higher lens of vision, and through the heart, we can see into all things, all situations, and all events with the clarity of truth and Love.  If we bypass or ignore our heart, we limit ourselves and our divine connection with nature and the universe.  Any reflections of the heart have the potential to transcend duality, delivering us to higher ground.  The heart takes the high road, always.


Wednesday 5/18 starts with a Sun Galactic Center great eliminator, followed by Mercury Ixion great eliminator, Mars Neptune new cycle, Black Moon Uranus subtle intimacy, Black Moon Astraea stepping stone, Black Moon Chiron resource, Vesta Haumea manifestation, and Jupiter Ceres stepping stone.   The Mars Neptune new cycle manifests with the Scorpio Full Moon/ Eclipse event.  Mars and Neptune in Pisces brings our physicality into the infinite ocean of oneness, where there are no limits, no boundaries, no endings.  Our capacity for enlightened clarity through the body is enhanced today, and is also part of an ongoing finger of God this week.  The physical body contains the limitless realm, and the inner space within each and every cell reflects Cosmic Consciousness and the wholeness of the universe.  Nothing is separate, nothing is missing, nothing is outside of us.  When we understand the body as a gateway to the universe, and a divine reflection of the wholeness of the cosmos, we realize the potential in every cell, and the divinity in every one.  As we learn to see beyond surface level appearances, cutting through the density of labels, narratives and limiting beliefs, we begin to see the universe and the cosmic ocean of Love flowing through all of matter.  We’re not bound to surface level appearances of physical conditions, and the universal potential for limitless creation is within us, not separate.  We become what we believe, we manifest what we believe, and we can expand our belief in the infinite realm by choosing Love.  When we learn to commune with the invisible realm within all things physical, we unlock the potential for shapeshifting and transformation.


On Thursday 5/19, the Sun is extremely active, in a great eliminator with Haumea, manifesting with Pluto, in a stepping stone with Vesta, and a new cycle with Sedna, followed by a Mercury Jupiter resource.   Today activates the finger of god aspect with Haumea and the Sun, and by Sunday will be completed with Haumea and Mars.  The crystalline records are accessible through the body.  When we operate from a contextual lens of wholeness, we can access higher consciousness through our current cellular structure.  The body becomes a gateway, and our cells become crystalline libraries.  The Sun activates that consciousness as the new structure of our awakened cells.  Our physical cellular structure transforms.


Friday 5/20 is a Black Moon Orcus stepping stone, Pallas Chariklo stepping stone, then the Sun enters Gemini, and Vesta forms a stepping stone with Sedna.  The Sun in Gemini allows us to transcend duality through the diamond mind that can see all dimensions, all paths, crystal clear.  All roads lead to Light, and all paths come from the heart.  When we unify mind and heart, grounding our presence through the heart as Love, we can see through all dimensions, revealing wisdom from every angle, every point of view.  When we unify all perspectives instead of fragmenting or disconnecting, we realize a multidimensional wholeness that shines and reflects Light like a diamond.  Our mental body becomes the awakened observer through that multifaceted lens of Light.  When we see things as they really are, we release the illusions, delusions, and distractions and come home to the Light of Truth.  That truth sets us free, liberated from the karmic density and repetitive loops of suffering.


On Saturday 5/21 Mars forms a stepping stone with the Galactic Center, followed by a Black Moon Juno stepping stone, Ceres Ixion Light Bridge, Sun Mercury conjunction, Black Moon Pallas subtle intimacy aspect, and Venus South Node (karmic) great eliminator.  Today is the midpoint of Mercury’s retrograde journey, and the conjunction with the Sun brings Light to that Gemini aspect of Mental Body Wisdom.  Ceres delivers us to our 5D blueprint today, and the heart clears any density of misaligned interpretations and limiting beliefs from our lens of vision.


And Sunday 5/22, the Black Moon turns direct, followed by a Mars Haumea great eliminator, Mars Pluto resource, and then Mercury retrogrades into Taurus.  The meditative mind comes home to the heart, activating an antenna like the sacred tree of life.  The completion of the finger of god activates with Mars, and in a moment, Mercury will begin downloading and revealing higher messages from that initiation.   These epic downloads of crystalline consciousness are taking root in our cellular form and structure, facilitating a transcendental metamorphosis of the highest order.  Not only are we birthing the New Earth, we’re birthing a new way of being here, a new embodiment of consciousness on the planet.  Embodying the awakened heart, embodying Love, embodying Light.


The practice this week is to see beyond surface level appearances.  Let go of any attachments to what you think you’re seeing, dissolve the judgments, assumptions, and assigned meanings around labels and interpretations.  Soften your gaze, and see through the eyes of the heart.  Practice looking through the multidimensional lens of Love, the diamond lens, and see what arises.  Let the Light of your heart dissolve any density or confusion, in order to awaken the highest truth.   The highest truth is always Love.  Anything else is a misaligned distortion.


“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”
― Rumi



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