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For the week of May 9 – 15, 2022

We’re navigating the midpoint of this wormhole/eclipse passage, heading towards the Scorpio Full Moon/ Lunar Eclipse on 5/16.  Halfway between 2 significant eclipses, anything goes.  Alchemical transformation is occurring, and our full undivided attention is being called forth.


Transformation of any kind requires a release of the old attachments, narratives, identities, and outdated thoughts/beliefs in order to reorient with the limitless realm of infinite possibilities, and from there, a new vision awakens and takes root.  The wholeness of that transformation is magical, and requires unyielding trust in the divine process that’s occurring.  If we grab onto old familiar patterns or resist out of fear or insecurity, we can delay or even interfere with the sacredness that’s unfolding and becoming.


Trust and faith are key.  Trusting the alchemical process that’s delivering us to higher ground, trusting in what we can’t yet see, trusting the higher power of the heart, and trusting that all is well, even if it looks messy or shifts unexpectedly in the current moment.  It’s easy to trust when we can see things crystal clear, when we feel established in our familiar groove, or comfortable in our strengths.  It’s not always easy to trust in moments of unexpected turbulence, challenges that come out of left field, or curveballs that arise when we least expect it.

Change of any kind can expose our vulnerabilities and blind spots.  Change also reveals our hiding places and unresolved residue that has been stuffed aside or buried for later.  Change will keep us awake and on our toes, and our power to consciously choose what comes next is determined by the current state of our mental body/operating system.  When we’re triggered by fears, doubts, or insecurities, our thoughts reflect those patterns.  When we’re rooted in trust and faith, our thoughts remain open and optimistic to the possibilities at play.


This week, Mercury stations retrograde and Jupiter enters Aries.  These are 2 significant aspects that have the potential to stretch our belief system into new dimensions of possibility, breaking through and transcending old patterns of limiting thoughts, and expanding our minds into brand new territory.  That ultimate expansion gives us access to new volumes of creative potential.  If we can believe it, anything is possible.  All doubts and fears exist in the mind…and we have full power and uncontested authority to change our mind by shifting our thoughts, attitudes, and beliefs.  We have the power within us to be limitless.


What we believe in, we give our power and attention to – consciously and unconsciously.  Our belief system is everything.  When we review our inner limiting thoughts and patterns, we can harness the power of enlightened clarity to renegotiate those terms within our own mind.  Regardless of where those limiting thoughts or beliefs come from, we have the power to come home to our limitless nature, remember our infinite potential, and start again.  The moment we clear our minds, and make up our minds to believe and trust with faith, we accelerate the power of manifestation and creation.


If we can’t see ourselves in action, if we’re unwilling to acknowledge our own patterns of limitation or blind spots of unconscious sabotage, we give our power away to historic events and conditioned programming.  We’ve been conditioned to play it safe in order to not get hurt, however when we play small out of fear or insecurity, we fall out of alignment with our true nature, which hurts.  When we wake up to our true nature, and stop holding back, bypassing, or disagreeing with the divinity within us, we can give ourselves full uncontested permission to grow, thrive, and expand.  Our greatest expansion is a love offering to the planet.  When we all find the permission and safety in our true divine spark of nature, we can awaken a state of authenticity that manifests a whole new world of possibilities and sustainable abundance.


This week is a profound turning point, a dynamic shift of the highest octave.  The potential for life altering, cutting-edge downloads are off the charts, but require an open mind and supple heart to fully receive and integrate.  If we’re not fully present (body, heart, mind, and spirit), we can’t see what’s available in the empty spaces between the obvious moments of sensation.  Pausing to see beyond the surface level appearances, and hearing through the sacred silence of the empty spaces, is key.


Transformation requires the awakening of a higher vision, a shift in consciousness.  That new lens of vision changes everything, including the thoughts, beliefs, actions and responses that arise as a result.  If we don’t shift our consciousness, we can’t access new options for thinking, believing, and participating.  If we try to cling to what we already know, we limit ourselves to what we’ve already achieved or witnessed.  New possibilities exist in the space beyond our comfort zone and our habitual patterns.  It’s time to wake up and stretch that comfort zone to step into new possibilities for a new future.  Anything is possible…everything is available.


The week begins on Monday 5/9 with a Venus Salacia new cycle.  The heart is the portal to our limitless nature.  Anytime we let the heart do the thinking, we come from a limitless state of possibility.  If we bypass the heart to push ourselves through situations or circumstances, we limit the possibilities and suppress our nature.  Our true power to create comes online through the heart, which is the higher lens of vision that can see possibilities that the mind may not fully recognize or comprehend on its own.


On Tuesday 5/10, there’s a Venus Chariklo resource, followed by a Pallas Varuna stepping stone, Black Moon Pallas resource, and Black Moon Varuna subtle intimacy aspect.  Then Mercury stations retrograde and Jupiter enters Aries.  Mercury is retrograde from 5/10 through 6/3.   Mercury retrogrades 3 times a year, like clockwork.  It’s an important period of time for reflection and review as we clear out the mental body bandwidth and prepare to receive new upgrades, insights, and streams of consciousness.  Our normal default settings might be a bit off during this time, which actually gives us the opportunity to stretch into new dimensions, going beyond our normal edges and structures, and accessing new channels of consciousness that we otherwise couldn’t access.  As the mental body is temporarily offline, we have the gift of not being bound by our usual default settings around fear, limitation, or insecurity.  Everything is up for review.  As Jupiter enters Aries, the potential for expansion is incredibly dynamic, and the potential to manifest our wildest dreams is off the charts.  If the mind interferes, we can block ourselves, pulling back for safety as a default mechanism for comfort and security.  It’s important that we notice these programs and allow ourselves to experience the upgrades that can take us into new dimensions of our own greatness.  Jupiter will station retrograde in July, returning to this degree of 0 Aries, then station direct in November and re-entering Aries on 12/20.  These next 7 months will stretch us beyond our comfort zone, in order to expand our minds into a new playground of possibility and reality, through the universal realm of limitless potential.  This expansion opens doors and windows to a whole new future, for ourselves and the planet.


Wednesday 5/11 starts with a Black Moon Ixion Light Bridge, then Juno MakeMake great eliminator, Ceres Haumea manifestation, Pluto Ceres great eliminator, Juno Quaoar resource, and Black Moon Jupiter stepping stone.   The Black Moon is busy this week, unveiling and bringing Light to our highest blueprint and the opportunities for expansion.  If we remain stuck in our current default settings, nothing changes.  When we see our highest truth and expand our comfort zones to allow that truth to manifest, we begin to realize our full potential.  We’re in a birthing process that’s ultimately delivering us to ourselves, unfiltered and unedited.  It’s up to us to give ourselves permission to rise up and shine, in our true nature and authentic expression.


On Thursday 5/12, the Black Moon retrogrades into Gemini, communing with Ceres, forming a subtle intimacy aspect with Sedna, a great eliminator with Pluto, and manifestation with Haumea.  Then Charkilo stations retrograde.  There are messages coming online from within the esoteric birthing canal, reminding us of our highest potential and crystalline reflection.  As we awaken to those subtle messages, we shed the skin of old fears and doubts, finding stability in our awakened reflection of Truth.


Friday 5/13 starts with a Sun North Node (dharmic) new cycle, followed by a Black Moon Vesta manifestation, Venus Orcus great eliminator, Mercury Varuna resource, Black Moon Neptune stepping stone, Black Moon Saturn manifestation, and Black Moon Eris resource.  The dharmic focus is in our ability to be fully present, from the heart.  Listening through the silence, we tune into the inner navigation system, trusting the heart to guide us through this epic period of transformation.  There is nothing off limits; the heart can navigate anything.  The heart has the capacity to travel far and deep, shining Light through the waters of uncertainty, illuminating the unknown mysteries beyond physical time/space.   When we trust the heart and take our seat, we can surrender to this alchemical journey and move with grace and ease through the ebb and flow of the changing tides.


On Saturday 5/14, the Black Moon forms a subtle intimacy aspect with the Sun and the North Node, then the Black Moon forms a stepping stone with Mars as Mars manifests with the South Node (karmic) and finds resource with the North Node (dharmic).  Then Vesta finds resource with the Galactic Center, Venus manifests with the Great Attractor, and Astraea manifests with Sirius overnight.   Yesterday’s activation of trust from the heart reveals a deeper layer through today’s Black Moon subtle intimacy aspect.  Peeling back the layers, we transform our relationship with trust, which allows us to take new actions than were previously unavailable.  When we feel safe enough to trust our heart, the heart can guide us into action, even if we’ve never taken that particular action before.  That guidance mechanism channels the ascended masters and the highest octave of leadership and divine authority that delivers us to higher ground and new possibilities.


And Sunday 5/15, Ceres enters Cancer, Venus and Chiron form a new cycle, followed by a Sun Saturn stepping stone and Sun Neptune resource, then the Full Moon in Scorpio/ Lunar Eclipse occurs just after midnight EST on 5/16.   The divine cosmic midwife is ushering us through the powerful heart of the mother, delivering us to nourishment, support, undivided attention and abundant resources to empower our transformation through an unwavering state of Grace.  It’s important that we feel our feelings, as the relationship with water (emotional body) is critical to our evolution.  If we bypass our emotions in order to keep moving forward, we eventually dry up our natural resource that nourishes new growth and vitality.  It’s natural to feel emotions, it’s normal to have feelings.  When those emotions have permission to be felt, when we feel empowered by our emotions, we can let that currency move though us, as our greatest release and authentic expression.  We are not our feelings, however our emotions hold great power and momentum when we let them flow and release any mechanisms of suppression or control.   The greater the flow, the more dynamic the expression, and that clearing of the heart can elevate us to higher channels of enlightened clarity.  When the water backs up, it gets cloudy and confusing.


The Full Moon in Scorpio/ Lunar Eclipse is ruled by Pluto, the archetype of transformation and alchemy.  Pluto takes us into the untapped potential that lives underground, behind the veils, in the blindspots of hidden and suppressed unconscious matter.  Those blindspots are magic fuel for new manifestation.  If we fear the darkness, we avoid that potential.  When we embrace the dark, we activate the brightest Light to navigate any blindspot with Love.  Love is the agent of alchemy that transforms darkness to Light.  Stay tuned for more insights on the Full Moon/ Lunar eclipse in next week’s Navigation Report, which will be released early on Sunday 5/15.


The practice this week is silence and spaciousness.   Instead of pushing forward with the next thought or the next action, pause and find silence.  In the sacred pause, all things are possible.  In the silence, listen for the voice of the heart.  Trust the navigation system that speaks through the heart, and allow that voice to inspire the next thought, next step, next movement.


 “In Silence there is eloquence. Stop weaving and see how the pattern improves.”



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