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For the week of May 2 – 8, 2022

We’re navigating some huge transitions this week, moving through the space between the 2 eclipses, and embracing this “5” vibration month of epic change and transformation.  Our inner agility awakens when we trust the heart and walk with faith, staying tuned to the highest channel of divine guidance.  We’re learning a whole new way of walking the planet in times of unexpected change, and as a result, we’re developing and strengthening our inner guidance mechanism with every step.


Our undivided attention and full-bodied focus is required.  If we’ve mastered historic patterns of bypassing, ignoring, or tuning out the inconveniences or discomforts, now is the time to be fully present – mind, heart, body, and spirit.  Finding comfort in the discomfort, reclaiming power through our capacity to sit in the empty spaces without flinching or trying to push something to happen or control our situations.   Practicing patience, grace, non-attachment, while remaining surrendered and awake.  This is the moment of radical transformation we’ve all been dreaming of, and it doesn’t happen by force.  It happens with Trust.


Any transition includes a portal of alchemical transformation.  If we unconsciously hold onto our historic patterns and default settings, we carry them with us wherever we go.  The landscape might look new, but the context of our operating system will create similar patterns over and over again.  There’s empty space between where we’ve been and where we’re about to step next.  There’s empty space between the last thought and the next thought.  There’s empty space between the last relationship and the next new relationship.  That empty space is a portal of limitless potential, and if we choose to be fully present and awake through those portals of empty space, we can access radical new possibilities of the highest order.


When we move forward on automatic pilot, doing what we’ve always done without pausing to examine ourselves and noticing what’s current, aligned/misaligned, or authentic/inauthentic, we may find ourselves living in an effortless cycle of inauthenticity and detachment.  In other words, it might become very easy and convenient to continue those repetitive loops and cycles, without being fully present, awake, or even aligned with our highest truth at all.  We can get lazy with our cycles and patterns, which makes our transitions predictable…more of the same.  Nothing changes, even if we’re navigating change.


It matters now that we tune into our true nature, and allow that to come fully online in order to take root and thrive.  It matters that we honor our authentic essence and divine blueprint.  There are conditioned programs that we can breakthrough, transform and elevate, however our true divine nature is non-negotiable.  We can spend lifetimes trying to push ourselves to be something we’re not, exhausting the system in ways that can’t be resolved.  We can become masterful at ignoring our heart’s voice, and overriding our authentic needs to grow and expand.  The solution is to listen – to the heart.  And honor that voice.  When we allow and accept the truth of who we are, we can let go of the misaligned exhausted efforts that distort and diminish our Light.


Any transition – whether big or small, expected or unexpected, challenging or simple – has the potential to reveal new awareness of ourselves… in action.  New choices arise from that awareness.  We become vulnerable in moments of change, our sensitivities become amplified, and we must focus and stay awake and present.  We access doorways and portals to new possibilities when we allow ourselves to let go of attachments to our old default settings in order to discover who we really are, at the heart.  When we wake up and pay attention to nature, we receive invaluable cues of divine messaging.  If we’re humble enough to respect and receive those messages, we can transcend our human limitations and rise up through the nature of our Light.


The week begins on Monday 5/2 as Venus enters Aries and the Sun manifests with Orcus.  The transition of the heart from the Pisces ocean of unconditional Love into the Aries spark of Self Realization is big.  It’s important to find the bridge in this transition.  We don’t leave Unity in order to find our Self…that would cause separation, which is the root of suffering.  When we remember that we are a part of the limitless ocean, and we have the power to express authentically as a unique individual spark within that ocean, there is freedom and inclusion.  Honoring the divine universal oneness while celebrating the creative potential of the authentic Self is powerful.  Today is a powerful reminder of why we’re here and why it matters.  Each and every one of us carries a unique and specific Godspark.  When we deny or ignore that creative Light, the world misses out.  When we awaken to our divine truth and take responsibility for shining our Light, we all win.


On Tuesday 5/3, Juno and Varuna form a great eliminator, followed by Mercury Ixion great eliminator, Jupiter Pluto resource, and Mars Great Attractor stepping stone.  Today is a dynamic day of powerful release as we expand into unknown possibilities.  Expansion by nature requires a letting go of current attachments and holding patterns, in order to stretch beyond the current limitations and experience new potential.  That new potential is beyond what we’ve known before.  If we cling to what we know, and refuse to look outside of our familiar “expertise”, we limit ourselves by what we’ve done before.  Life is an adventure when we challenge our own status quo, live with an open mind and open heart, and have the courage to see beyond our historic blind spots and comfort zones, and continually open to a higher lens of vision.


Wednesday 5/4 includes a Jupiter Haumea great eliminator, Mars Uranus resource, Sun Great Attractor great eliminator, Jupiter Sedna resource, and Venus Ixion stepping stone.  There are no limits to our greatest expansion and full blown awareness of Self.  Anything is possible, and when we let the heart lead the way, we can trust the highest blueprint of our soul is manifesting in divine timing.  Every step is a choice.  When we choose from the heart, every step is part of a greater universal dance.


On Thursday 5/5, the Sun and Uranus form a new cycle, and Chiron manifests with the Great Attractor.   Today’s Sun Uranus new cycle is electric.  When lightning strikes, we wake up and pay attention.  When lightning strikes the heart, we find out what matters most.  When lightning grounds into the Earth, the ground below our feet shakes, awakening potential for new growth, new possibilities, and new consciousness.  We must learn to walk in a new way, our lens of vision elevates and expands.  When the foundation of anything becomes enlightened, whatever was rooted into that foundation becomes infused with Light.  There may be temporary turbulence as the old context crumbles and lets go, but a higher octave of Truth remains, steady and consistent, reliable and trustworthy.  When the ground below our feet starts to shift, it’s time for a new orientation in our foundation.  We till the soil to prepare for new seeds, and the earth shifts below our feet when it’s time for new beginnings.


Friday 5/6 is a Mercury Venus resource, Venus Varuna manifestation, Pallas Ixion manifestation, Saturn Eris resource, and Mercury Varuna resource.  Also today, the Moon in Cancer manifests with the South Node (karmic) and also Jupiter and Neptune, forming a grand water manifestation of profound multidimensional reflection and expansion.  The heart is initiating and awakening a powerful lens of vision.  When we see from the eyes of the heart, and think from the heart, we can interpret the world through the awakened lens of Love.  We transcend the illusions and distortions of surface level appearances, and slice through to the heart of the universe in every unfolding.  A whole new world is right in front of us, for those who have eyes to see.


On Saturday 5/7 the Black Moon turns retrograde at 7 Cancer, followed by a Sun Mars resource, Vesta Eris resource, Saturn Vesta new cycle, and Pluto Haumea stepping stone.  The Black Moon has been patiently nurturing the same degree of Cancer all week, and today she turns retrograde.  The journey of the mother’s heart is unveiling, for all to see.  The awakened archetype of Mother is patient, fierce, powerful, present…able to receive support that takes care of her own needs, while abundantly and generously caring for the ones around her.  Empowered, empathic, intuitive…she sees through the superficial layers and always knows the Truth.  Nurturing truth, encouraging the divine essence and authentic nature to rise up, grow, and shine.  Self care is essential, as a way to restore, replenish, and heal the ancestral roots from historic suffering, transcending the limitations of where we’ve been, in order to birth a new future with refined wisdom in tact.   We are all mothers of this Earth, mirroring the archetype of Mother Earth as we learn to mother ourselves and each other from higher ground.  Love is the force of nature that fuels and inspires our actions, from the heart.


And Sunday 5/8 is a Black Moon Venus stepping stone, Ceres Galactic Center bridge, Venus MakeMake bridge, Venus Quaoar stepping stone, and Black Moon Juno manifestation.  The grand power cross is fully activated today with the Black Moon, Quaoar, Venus, and MakeMake.  The heart calibrates our relationship axis with the Universal Laws of Oneness and Love, as the Black Moon unveils the power of the Universal Mind, beyond limitations of any kind.  Our greatest power comes online when we remember our limitlessness and choose to live from the lens of an awakened heart.  That kind of power initiates the universal portal of limitless potential, and anything is possible, always.  When we mother ourselves and each other to remember our greatest power as the Light that we Are, we birth a world of empowered authenticity that shines as bright as the Sun.


The practice this week is self empowerment and self nourishment, from the heart.  Notice when situations trigger an inner attitude of disempowerment, judgment, anger, fear, or insecurity…and remember you have a choice.   Identify that inner voice, then awaken the intuitive support on behalf of yourself, and remember the Truth of who you really are.  Activate the voice of empowerment within, nurturing yourself with fierce Love, patience, and empathic support.   Talk to yourself through the voice of the Awakened Mother, and empower your greatness to rise and shine.   Choose the path you’re walking, and the attitude you carry within your heart.


“I have learned that the point of life’s walk is not where or how far I move my feet but how I am moved in my heart. If I walk far but am angry toward others as I journey, I walk nowhere. If I conquer mountains but hold grudges against others as I climb, I conquer nothing. If I see much but regard others as enemies, I see no one.”
― Anasazi Foundation, The Seven Paths: Changing One’s Way of Walking in the World



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