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For the week of December 17 – 23, 2018

This week ahead is profoundly important as we’re calibrating the Winter Solstice, entering Capricorn, and experiencing a Cancer Full Moon…all while inside the newly activated Wormhole.  We’re on the fast track to align ourselves with our soul’s blueprint, while fine tuning and elevating our frequency with Love.  Self care has never been more important, as we learn to Love ourselves the way we would mother new life into existence…with fierce love, relentless care, and unwavering attention on what matters most…nourishment for our growth, evolution, and authentic expression.

Capricorn energy brings about the need for structures, boundaries, and a healthy framework that provides high definition to our tangible results and manifestations.  The more pristine and fine tuned our inner framework is, the more crystal clear our commitment can nourish and tend to the seeds of new beginnings like good stewards of divine creation.  We can’t love unconditionally without having a healthy structure of boundaries and guidelines to sustainably hold the framework for all of that Love to flow through, without getting watered down, congested, or backed up.  Structures maintain the purity and integrity. Water without a container pours everywhere, and without proper filtration, can be misguided or polluted.


As we activate the new crystalline structure of our vertical spine, the axis of pure consciousness, we gain directionality and momentum to the infinite flow of pure potential.  The infinite flow of Universal Love, when directed and harnessed intentionally, carries profound potential for magic, miracles, and possibility.  Tending to our vertical axis, and the physical body as an instrument or channel, elevates the quality of contribution that manifests through us, as Divine Love in creative expression.


This week focuses on the opportunity to elevate our vibration by fine tuning our instrument of consciousness.  This is essential.  Any good musician knows that the quality and care of the instrument – everything from the materials, the craftsmanship, the tuning and maintenance, and the level of care by the musician – makes a huge impact on the overall sound, resonance, pitch, and frequency of sound expressed.  An oboe is one of the most sensitive instruments there is, and proper care and awareness of the instrument’s needs is crucial.   Left in a cold environment for too long, the instrument will crack.  Left in excessive heat or humidity for too long, the instrument will swell.  Our bodies, and our instruments of consciousness, are just as sensitive and require awareness and proper care in order to elevate and fine tune the potential flow of divine power.


The framework of boundaries and guidelines support in defining and enhancing the quality, purpose, and manifestation of the instrument, which is our portal of consciousness.   It’s important that we pay attention to how we care for our instrument, and the value we place on our needs for refined quality and care.  Everyone is different, and only the individual can truly know what’s needed moment to moment.  Self care isn’t selfish, it’s being responsible for the vessel that channels Light into the planet. Self care, or Divine Love, is embodied through the immune system.


What matters is that we’re congruent and in alignment with what we truly need in order to fine tune and elevate our frequency and output.  When we become “in tune” with our Cosmic Self or Christed Self, we can honor the messages received, and properly “mother” our cells as the embodied vessel for unification and expansion.


If we believe that we don’t need our body in order to channel Light on the planet, we’re not recognizing the fullest potential of our multidimensional instrument.  Our divine instrument IS the unified lower 4 body system (spiritual, mental, emotional, physical)…fine tuned, in balance and harmony.   If any aspect of our lower 4 body system is out of tune or out of rapport with the whole, we will be limited in our capacity to channel, our capacity to manifest, or our capacity to heal.  Nothing is frivolous or unimportant…everything matters, and the goal is unification.


Once our lower 4 body system is unified, wholed, and calibrated to the frequency of Love, we access the key to unify with our 5D Cosmic Self, which is the key to embodying Awakened Mastery.  This is the theme of this wormhole passage, prompted by the New Moon in Sagittarius, the Truth Seeker that elevates to a whole new game by clearing the illusions and attachments that have kept the lower 4 body system in a repetitive cycle of karma, limitation, and separation.  This wormhole passage is the portal to a brand new world…the New Earth.  And we’re creating it, step by step, as we go.
Never before has it been more important to tend to ourselves as divine instruments.  Historically we’ve strived to be in service to All, without much attention placed on our individual needs or common maintenance.  However, the key to expanding our understanding of All depends upon the refinement and mastery of our Awakened Selves.  As I polish my own mirror, I become the universal vessel of Divine Love, seeing clearly the truth of who we really are.


The week begins on Monday 12/17 with a Mars Pluto resource, a Black Moon Neptune intimacy aspect, and Mars Juno resource. Physical transformation occurs the more we reveal anything that’s been hidden or suppressed. Light transforms through intimacy, and the greater the opening, the more we can see…until eventually everything is out in the open and there is only realized universal oneness.


Tuesday 12/18 is a Black Moon Orcus great eliminator, a Black Moon Venus stepping stone, Sun Haumea resource, Venus Orcus resource, Sun Sedna great eliminator, Mercury MakeMake resource, Black Moon Saturn intimacy aspect, Sun Ixion conjunction for a new cycle, the Sun conjuncts the Galactic Center, and then Black Moon is in a resource with Jupiter.  This is a huge day, a lot going on, and several very subtle intimacy aspects that could go by unnoticed unless attention is offered.   Illuminating wholeness includes the immortal heart and all of the Love experienced and expressed through multiple dimensions, timelines and lifetimes. The heart remembers the frequency of Love, and the heart holds the blueprint for this particular incarnation. Our consciousness is fueled by the remembrance of Love, and refined through this incarnation by manifesting our soul’s blueprint. Love is never lost, it continues to nourish our expansion as we focus on what matters most.


On Wednesday 12/19, the Black Moon conjuncts Vesta, Haumea and Sedna form a great eliminator, Black Moon is resourceful with Mercury,  the Sun and Chiron are in a stepping stone, and Black Moon is in a stepping stone with MakeMake. The fire of devotion liberates to a brand new expression as we embrace our wholeness, choosing Love over fear. Vulnerability is a stepping stone for personal mastery, and every step of the journey reveals our true nature.
Thursday 12/20 is a Sun Uranus manifestation and a Black Moon Varuna Light Bridge.   This is a major day of awakening and unexpected surprises as all is revealed through the multidimensional lens of universal vision. Nothing is hidden, everything is in plain sight for all to see.


Friday 12/21, the Winter Solstice, begins with a Black Moon Quaoar intimacy aspect, a Mercury Vesta resource, Venus Neptune manifestation, Mercury Jupiter new cycle – moving forward, Ixion conjunct the Galactic Center.  The Sun enters Capricorn, Jupiter and Vesta are in a resource, and the Black Moon is in a subtle intimacy aspect with the Sun. This is the calibration point of completion that heralds a new beginning. If we’re conscious while traversing this portal, we can access the infinite realm of enlightened realizations, from the heart. The Mercury Jupiter new cycle has been in the making for the last month or so, and now that our observer’s minds are elevated to equanimity through Love, we’re ready for a whole new cycle of expansion. When we communicate with Love, we open infinite possibilities…and we align ourselves with Divine Power as channels of Truth.


Saturday 12/22 is the Full Moon at 0 Cancer.  The Sun is conjunct Quaoar and Ixion, reflected in the purest degree of a Cancer full moon.  Later that day, Black Moon and Uranus are in a stepping stone, Mercury and Orcus are in a stepping stone, and the Black Moon is in a resource with Chiron. This Full Moon is an epic calibration point of our vertical axis of consciousness, the antenna that aligns our lower 4 body system to receive Cosmic Consciousness. The Sun at 0 Capricorn connects us with the purity of our crown chakra, the gateway to higher dimensions, and the Moon at 0 Cancer is dignified and sacred as the purist connection to the heart of Mother Earth. As we align above and below, we become the channels of Divine Light, nourishing the heart of the Earth, awakening All with Love. The axis of Capricorn and Cancer grounds divine love into our minds and hearts, which reveals the new paradigm and the blueprint of new creation.


And on Sunday 12/23, the Sun exactly conjuncts Quaoar for a new cycle,  the Black Moon conjuncts the Earth Star (South Node), Pluto and Juno are manifesting just as Juno stations direct, Black Moon is in a stepping stone with Haumea, and Black Moon is manifesting with Sedna.   This new cycle is our connection to the infinite realm of possibilities that expands our belief system, allowing for new potential to emerge, beyond any historic limitations. This expansion alters the landscape of our experience on earth and in our physical bodies. Juno stations direct, calibrating the context of unity in our transformed consciousness. Unity and Wholeness are the truth of the Universe.


The practice this week is to nurture and take care of your heart as the vessel and conduit of Divine Power.  Take some deep breaths into your heart, and imagine your inhale stretches your heart out to merge with your skin. As you exhale, clear out the filters of your skin, releasing the attachments to your old skin, revealing your heart as the new skin. Feel yourself becoming the embodied heart, calibrated to Divine Love, grounded into the Earth, open and available to cosmic consciousness.  Your body is an instrument of consciousness.  Take care, unify, whole, and fine tune to the frequency of Love.


“Within each of us is a light, awake, encoded in the fibers of our existence. Divine ecstasy is the totality of this marvelous creation experienced in the hearts of humanity”
― Tony Samara


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