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For the week of April 25 – May 1, 2022

This week activates an organic awakening of the New Earth, and the consciousness that elevates us to higher ground, facilitating transformation and shapeshifting of the highest order.  Get ready for a lightning bolt of new consciousness, delivered through the highest frequency of Love, awakening a powerful new vision from the heart.


When we see through the heart, instead of trying to figure things out with the mind alone, we open to new possibilities for connection, partnership, collaboration, and sustainable growth.  The heart reveals a multidimensional lens of vision that sees beyond surface level appearances and reveals hidden potential from the unmanifested realm.  The mind alone can’t access those realms, the mind relates and compares to what we’ve seen or observed before.  However, when the mind comes home to the heart, our awareness and communications synch with the consciousness of the heart, and our inner messaging system comes online from that multidimensional lens of vision.  A whole new world emerges.


The heart holds the roadmap and the blueprint, and is the gateway to our connection with truth, unity, and universal Love.  The consciousness of the heart includes the personal and the universal, and unifies both through the expansive cosmic ocean of oneness.  When the mind is at odds with the heart, or separated by a power struggle of confusion, we may feel split or torn within ourselves, unable to move forward in the divine flow of creation.  That stagnation can feel like resistance, causing the weight of gravity to settle into our feet, immobilizing and even closing off our throats.  When the mind spins, pushes back, or checks out, we’re not fully present within ourself, and we can sense it.  The sensation of resistance creates turbulence, within and without.


Finding our presence within the heart offers a stabilizing calibration of Love to the mental body, so the mind feels safe to trust the reflection of truth that lives and breathes within the heart.  The heart always knows the way, and the heart is attuned to our true nature and right alignment.  Anytime we doubt that alignment, the mind separates.  Doubts can come from fear, insecurity, stress, or habitual patterns and wounds.  If we give our power to that voice of fear or doubt, we cosign to that conversation and take on the weight of its gravity.


If we can be present beyond just our thoughts, and stabilize ourselves through an atmosphere of Love, we can eventually dissolve and distill the insecurities and fears, in order to see Truth, crystal clear.  From there, the voice of the heart speaks clearly.  Our inner guidance mechanism is like an inner navigation system in multidimensional surround sound.  As we trust that voice, we allow ourselves to be present in the universal flow of creation, without needing to fight against ourselves or each other.   Our presence delivers us to higher ground.   Our presence is Love, rooted in the highest channel of vision, through the heart.  We are free to expand, free to grow and thrive, and free to express and create…without unplugging from our roots.


This week activates a powerful Taurus New Moon and partial Solar Eclipse, conjunct Uranus – the Great Awakener.  It’s a radical moment of truth that wakes us up to realize the current foundation we’re standing on and living from, crystal clear.  It’s time to wake up and see the impact our choices have on our world, and make a new choice.  The wake up call isn’t about blame, shame, or judgment…it’s a calling forth to live from an elevated lens of Love, starting Now.  It’s an invitation to awaken to and manifest on behalf of the New Earth…and invitation to live that consciousness within ourselves, as the diligent caretakers and good stewards of that new foundation, on behalf of All.  Our full presence is required as we plant seeds of Love with every breath and every step.


The week begins on Monday 4/25 with a Black Moon Chariklo manifestation, Black Moon Astraea stepping stone, Venus Ceres stepping stone, Black Moon Orcus stepping stone, Venus North Node (dharmic) resource, and Venus South Node (karmic) manifestation.  Venus disposes the Taurus New Moon and eclipse this week, and she is the key to our greatest awakening and alchemical transformation.  Ceres is the midwife that ushers us, through the heart, to higher ground.  Our job is to choose Love, again and again, as our consistent conscious practice, and a consistent lens of vision.  Love isn’t a temporary emotion or attachment to feeling good…Love is a fierce force of nature, unwavering, revealing, transparent, conscious, and present.  When we hold our seat of presence with such fierceness of the heart, we become the sacred space that allows alchemy and transformation to occur.  Not by force, but by our awakened presence of the heart.


On Tuesday 4/26, the Black Moon is in resource with Chiron, followed by a Uranus Great Attractor great eliminator, Black Moon Uranus subtle intimacy aspect, Mercury enters his retrograde shadow phase.  Quaoar forms a stepping stone with MakeMake, Ceres ushers a great eliminator with the South Node (karmic), Jupiter forms a stepping stone with the Galactic Center, and Pluto forms a stepping stone with Pallas.   Mercury enters his retrograde pre-shadow today, will station retrograde on 5/10 and station direct on 6/3.  The ground Mercury covers from today through 5/10 will be reviewed and recovered, until The Messenger fully recovers his shadow on 6/18.   The fact that Mercury is entering his shadow phase in Taurus the week of a Taurus New Moon/solar eclipse, and ultimately revisiting and reviewing the events of this event, is significant.   The mind may not fully understand what’s occurring, but if we can stay fully present, all will be revealed and made clear.  Our inner channels of communication are oriented towards our personal beliefs and attachments, as well as residue from historic fears and wounds.  As we clear our minds and establish partnership with the heart, the mind is free to observe what’s new, instead of repeating the cycles of what’s already been done.  The key to manifesting a New Earth is to alter our lens of consciousness to higher ground, and that requires an overhaul of our mental body operating system.


Wednesday 4/27 starts with a Mercury Galactic Center stepping stone, then Mercury Jupiter resource, Pallas Haumea bridge, Sun MakeMake great eliminator, Black Moon Vesta manifestation, Sun Quaoar manifestation, Venus Neptune new cycle, Black Moon South Node (karmic) great eliminator, and Black Moon Ceres communion.  Today’s Venus Neptune new cycle is extremely important.  Venus not only connects us to our personal heart, but also connects us to the heart of Gaia, the hearts of humanity, and the cosmic heart of the timeless ocean of Oneness.  Neptune is the dispositor of Pisces, the infinite ocean of unconditional Love and Unity consciousness.  This new cycle is key to navigating and manifesting the New Earth.  The bridge from separation to Unity lives within the heart.  That bridge is multidimensional Love…and it’s unconditional.  This calibration of consciousness is a significant game changer to how we see the world and how we see ourselves as the world, and the faith we have in the divine unfolding of the universe, especially in the places we can’t yet see or understand.  This new cycle brings us into the invisible realm, the unmanifested potential within the empty space of possibility.  If we choose to feel limited, separate, or biased, we can’t commune with the universal ocean that is divine creation, in action.


On Thursday 4/28, the Black Moon makes 8 aspects, including a manifestation with Saturn and Haumea, stepping stones with Neptune, Venus, and Jupiter, a resource with Eris, and a great eliminator with Pluto, who is pausing in his retrograde station.  Mercury is manifesting with Pluto (1st of 3), communing with Sedna (1st of 3), and in a great eliminator with Haumea (1st of 3).  The Sun forms a stepping stone with Chariklo and Juno finds resource with Ixion.  These aspects are incredibly active, and while there is a lot unveiling, there’s a lot that we can’t yet see clearly or understand.  Trust the process and allow it all to flow.  There’s stability in our capacity to trust and have faith, even if we don’t yet have all the pieces on the table.  The heart speaks with clarity and truth, and all is revealed when it’s time.  There are moving pieces and parts that the mind may not fully discern at this time, so trust the current of the heart.  The current timeline is not linear.


Friday 4/29 reveals a Sedna Haumea great eliminator, Black Moon Mercury subtle intimacy aspect, Black Moon Pallas resource, then the Black Moon re-enters Cancer, Pluto officially stations retrograde, and Mercury enters Gemini.  Pluto’s station is the gear shift that takes us towards the 2nd activation of the US Pluto return in July.  From 4/29 through 10/8, Pluto will travel retrograde, taking us all on a deep journey inward to the places and spaces that hold unconscious or unresolved patterns and potential for healing, transformation, and ultimately resurrection.  There’s nothing to fear when we hold our presence within the heart, and the heart holds the Light to see clearly through any shadows or unconscious material.  This is a moment of great promise, as we walk in trust and faith and allow the heart to reveal the path.  Venus and Pluto have a very special relationship in 5D, and the invitation to go deep is where the heart accesses grace, empathy, and ultimately freedom.


On Saturday 4/30, Venus forms a stepping stone with the Galactic Center, the Black Moon and Ixion activate a Light Bridge, Pallas enters Taurus, and the New Moon in Taurus occurs at 4:28pm ET followed by the partial solar eclipse.  Then the Black Moon forms a subtle intimacy aspect with Varuna, followed by a Mars Albion resource, Venus Jupiter new cycle, and Saturn Ceres manifestation.

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The New Moon occurs at 11 Taurus, conjunct Uranus and manifesting with Orcus.  In Cosmic Consciousness Taurus is disposed by Venus, and represents Gaia, the heart of the Earth and the heartbeat of nature.  When we come home to the heart, we find our nature, Love.  Our individual heartbeat is a part of a greater symphony of nature, harmonizing in collaboration with all hearts, beyond time and space.  Taurus is an earth sign, that allows us to feel grounded – within ourselves, on the planet, in our hearts, within the universe.  When we’re grounded, we feel stable, safe, secure.


When we objectify our need for safety and attach ourselves to material things, we may think that it’s our house, money, job stability, or relationship security that make us safe.  But safety begins with a mental body choice, the calibration of Love.  Trust is cultivated when the mind feels safe enough to let go and be open, within ourselves, in the current moment.  That openness creates spaciousness and suppleness, where new possibilities and new perspectives can be revealed.  The heart becomes the messenger, the guide and the inner navigation system.  The mind is then free to become the awakened observer.  The meditative mind can see, witness, and realize all things, all possibilities, all channels, and all outcomes – in the present moment.

When we tend to the sacred environment within, our diligent practice becomes the nourishing water for our inner garden to grow.  Every time we start again, come home to the heart, cultivate sacred space within, and practice seeing through the eyes of the heart, we establish trust and safety within ourselves.  Our inner environment is a peaceful, loving, kind place to live.  That inner environment communes and collaborates with the outer environment, and our sacred space becomes safe and magical for All.

When we can meet ourselves and each other with such sacred space of loving kindness, peace, and compassion, the world becomes a peaceful place to be.  All are welcome, all are home, and all are free to live in accordance with their true nature.  Nature operates and communicates through the universal frequency of Love.  That universal language can be felt by all, and supports the foundation of the New Earth.  As we acknowledge our true nature, we become the guardians of the Earth by honoring the divine expression of Love that is the current of Life.

Venus is the dispositor of Taurus, and she forms a new cycle with both Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces this week.  The enlightened clarity of the heart expands through the unified field and cosmic ocean of Unconditional Love.  This New Moon/eclipse is a potent opportunity to temporarily unplug from the old consciousness and limiting conversations, in order to awaken and reboot through a higher lens of Love and a higher vision of Unity – for ourselves, each other, all beings, the environment, and our planet.   When we tune in through the heart and calibrate sacred space through our presence, the world can transform, awakening a higher vision and manifesting a whole new possibility.


And Sunday 5/1 is the first day of May, activating a “5” vibration of dynamic change and alchemical transformation, starting with a Mars Orcus bridge, then Vesta intersects the Moon’s Nodes, activating a Love choice point between the karmic and dharmic nodes.  Venus finds resource with Pluto and Sedna, Venus forms a great eliminator with Haumea,  Ceres finds resource with Eris, then activates a stepping stone with Neptune.   We are truly living in the alchemical mixing bowl at this time, and the potential for radical awakening and manifestation are extremely ripe.  This is the moment that dissolves old attachments to the way things have been , in order to fully awaken to the highest vision of what’s possible, through the heart.  We are birthing, manifesting, and ushering in the New Earth, and learning how to walk our talk and live in accordance with this newly awakened consciousness, so that it’s not just a dream but our full blown holistic reality.


The practice this week is presence.  Full presence, of the heart/mind/body/spirit.   Oftentimes we think we’re present just by showing up physically, taking up space but not actually participating, calibrating sacred space.  Safety requires mind/heart/body alignment with nature and spirit.  If we’re in a physical space but checked out in our minds, running through a laundry list of things we should be doing, or trying to solve the worlds’ problems while having dinner with a loved one or driving our car down the road, we’re distracted.  We’re not fully present.  It’s important to wake up to the ways we avoid, check out, distract, or disconnect from the intimacy of the current moment and the exchange of consciousness that is occurring in each moment through all of nature.  Take time each day to be fully present, honor your breath, your heartbeat, the sound of silence, or the sound of the wind.  Notice the physical sensations that are occurring in your body moment to moment.  Notice the ebb and flow of emotions that are rising and moving within every experience.  And notice the quality of thoughts that move through the filters of your mind.  Let go of any attachments, and simply be present to all of it.


“When you plant lettuce, if it does not grow well, you
don’t blame the lettuce. You look for reasons it is not
doing well. It may need fertilizer, or more water, or
less sun. You never blame the lettuce. Yet if we have
problems with our friends or family, we blame the other
person. But if we know how to take care of them, they will
grow well, like the lettuce. Blaming has no positive
effect at all, nor does trying to persuade using reason
and argument. That is my experience. No blame, no
reasoning, no argument, just understanding. If you
understand, and you show that you understand, you can
love, and the situation will change”
― Thich Nhat Hanh



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