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For the week of April 18 – 24, 2022

The week ahead calls forth our most awakened presence, of the heart.  Finding inner stillness in order to be fully open to seeing things clearly, we can uncover and find truth in all that’s occurring – within us and around us.


When we busy ourselves for the sake of feeling empowered, we can actually distract ourselves from the very power that is being developed and strengthened by our awakened presence.  Having the courage to be fully present in our “beingness”, instead of getting caught up in our busy “doingness”, can shift our actions into conscious manifestation instead of impulsive reactions.


The meditative mind is simply a mind at peace, able to see Truth, operating in a state of unconditional Love, compassion, and acceptance of what is.  When the mind is open and receptive, the mind can observe instead of spin.  Our Taurus nature brings us into the true nature of our inner operating system, which is peaceful lovingkindness.  Our true nature is to observe all things from the heart, in order to BE the change instead of trying to force something else to change.


When we focus on our state of being, when we bring our undivided attention through the open spaciousness of the heart, something magical occurs within our nervous system.  There’s an opportunity for safety – tapping into solid ground and sacred space.  The mental body, operating system, and nervous system are so connected, running through the vertical spine like an antenna.  When the mind can trust the inner space of the heart, there is partnership, union, and homecoming.  Coming home to the heart brings our nervous system to peace.  When we are grounded and centered within our true nature, we can observe events with a lens of clarity.  Our very presence clears the atmosphere and offers stability for others as well.  We become space holders and calibrators of peace.


This week, the Sun enters Taurus, bringing our full attention and conscious Light into the earth sign of resilient safety, sacred space, and deeply rooted trust.  We come into the safe harbor of our own hearts, in order to ground and recalibrate to inner peace through the frequency of Love.  If we reach outside of ourselves for that grounding point, we must realize that the outer is a reflection of the inner.  Learning to trust the inner landscape of the heart, and the inner navigation system of the heart, the mind can rest, surrender, and lean in.


When the mind is busy, spinning and trying to figure out what’s next, what’s wrong, or what’s happening, we can’t see clearly.  The nervous system can get overactive with impulses and information, triggering old patterns of fear, stress, fight/flight/freeze.  Remember, every thought sparks the match of new creation.  If our thoughts are scattered, nervous, or worried, we’re striking the match of new creation with that energy in motion.  A clear open mind can relax, seeing the universal potential that’s right here, right now.  The lens of vision shifts on a dime, and the state of beingness returns to Love.


Our ability to BE present in all that we’re doing requires a powerful integration of the mind/heart awareness.  Our ability to trust that all is well, even if things feel unsettled or unresolved, generates the spaciousness to navigate anything from a state of peace.  The heart becomes the inner voice of clarity that guides us through, connecting with a higher lens of vision through awakened consciousness.  We calibrate inner partnership that is sustainable, trustworthy, and dependable.   We know we’re not alone, and we can trust the inner calling for action, equal to the inner calling for rest.


The sacred space of inner peace becomes an alchemical facilitator for transformation, transmutation, and shape shifting.  We don’t have to force or push, we can allow and hold space for a much higher octave of divine support to appear.  Love is the agent of alchemy, the inner peace becomes the potent atmosphere that allows all things to be seen, met with Love, and revealed through a higher lens of Vision.  In order to change the world, we must activate fierce sacred space within ourselves, and tend to that sacred ground like guardians of Light.  Magic unfolds from a sustainable environment of Love.


The week begins on Monday 4/18 with a Mercury Uranus new cycle and Salacia MakeMake bridge from overnight, followed by a Venus Uranus resource, Mercury Great Attractor great eliminator, Sun Pluto stepping stone, Venus Great Attractor stepping stone, Black Moon Chlariklo manifestation, Sun Haumea bridge, and Mars Ixion resource.  The Messenger delivers an important wake up call that brings our full undivided attention into the current moment.  When we’re awake and receptive, we can hear the universal messaging system of divine timing, from the heart.  This week requires our presence, so that we can listen through the inner movements of our own heart, the heart of the planet, and the heart of the universe.   The Sun Haumea bridge is a continuation from last weekend’s Full Moon conjunct Haumea…shining light through the holistic and multidimensional reflection, above and beyond just our personal local story.


On Tuesday 4/19, the Sun is in a resource with Juno, then the Sun enters Taurus, followed by Black Moon Salacia resource, Black Moon MakeMake manifestation, Black Moon Quaoar great eliminator, and Black Moon Astraea stepping stone.  The Sun offers a significant gear shift today, from the fiery spark of creative Aries to the solid ground of sustainable Taurus.  When we plant the sparks of creative potential from the mind into fertile soil, they can grow, supported and nurtured, in a sacred garden.  Our undivided attention tends to that garden, offering safe keeping.  Anything we nurture with our attention grows.  When we feed the fear, it grows.  When we feed a higher vision, it grows.  As we nurture creative possibilities with Love, we witness the magic unfolding, beyond what our minds could ever consider or predict.


Wednesday 4/20 starts with an Astraea Quaoar resource and Astraea MakeMake great eliminator, then Juno enters Pisces, followed by Mars Varuna great eliminator, Mercury Vesta stepping stone, and Astraea Salacia subtle intimacy aspect.  Today offers a higher octave of equanimity, justice, and balance that recalibrates the scales and takes us to new ground within our own lens of awakened consciousness.  Elevation is key, find the highest lens of vision in every situation to see clearly.


On Thursday 4/21, the Black Moon forms a stepping stone with Mars.  There’s more to the story than what meets the eye, so take the time to go deep and look beyond the surface today.  Remember, the physical dimension includes 99.9% empty space, so look into the empty space for new revelations and possibilities to emerge.  When we only see things at surface value, we can feel limited, stuck, and even at odds with people and situations.  Today is a day to step through the challenge and find the openings.


On Friday 4/22, the Black Moon turns direct at 4 Gemini.  As the Black Moon turns direct, she’ll repeat all of this week’s aspects again, going forward.  The Black Moon oscillates back and forth, repeating her footsteps, reviewing and swirling again and again until she uncovers all there is to see, getting to the bottom of things, until truth is revealed and wholeness is reclaimed.  Nothing is ever lost, forgotten, shattered, or gone…she relentlessly covers the necessary ground to reclaim it all.


Saturday 4/23, the Sun manifests with Ixion, Mercury conjuncts the North Node for a new dharmic cycle, and Pallas manifests with the Galactic Center.   Our dharmic potential through the meditative mind is activating a new cycle today.  When we’re present, we can see clearly, universal wisdom abounds and Truth is revealed.  The way to transcend the current struggles and suffering on the planet is not to avoid or escape, but to be fully present and see from the heart.  Our highest 5D template activates as we access the courage to fully be here now, present and awake – physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.


And on Sunday 4/24, there’s a Sun Varuna stepping stone, Mercury Saturn stepping stone, Mars Quaoar resource, Mars MakeMake great eliminator, then the Black Moon repeats the great eliminator with Quaoar, manifestation with MakeMake, stepping stone with Mars, and resource with Salacia, followed by an Astraea Charkilo subtle intimacy aspect and Mercury Neptune resource.  From an peaceful inner landscape, we can see things clearly, including the old narratives we’ve created from past conditioning.  Truth sets us free, and Truth eliminates the attachments to any historic misaligned assumptions or inaccurate interpretations and projections.  Our entire inner landscape is being transformed as we elevate through the highest lens of vision, from the heart.  It’s a brand new world.


The practice this week is silence.  Find at least 10 minutes a day to sit in silence, or walk in silence in nature.  Unplug from the stimulation of information and communication and allow yourself to bathe in the sacred silence of the heart.  Give yourself permission to unplug, without needing to do anything other than just “be”.  Notice the current state of your nervous system, feel the physical sensations in your body, and notice your current thoughts and emotions.   Be present with yourself, and tune in.  Listen with compassion, and receive the messages coming online from within until the air clears, and there’s nothing but silence within.


“Everything is in your own heart.”
― Thich Nhat Hanh


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