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For the week of April 11 – 17, 2022

From the Aries spark of initiation and self realization, we’re now gazing into the full blown reflection of our thoughts, words, and actions as we relate to the world around us.  Seeing ourselves in action, and seeing ourselves in the reflections of the world, we recognize the power to shift and recalibrate is within.  Taking responsibility for what we’re seeing and projecting through our attitudes, thoughts, and beliefs, we can choose a higher octave of Love.  That one choice has the power to balance the scales of Oneness to Peace, on behalf of All.


Anytime we look into the mirror and react to what we’re seeing – whether with criticism, judgment, attachment, or disdain – we’re establishing those thoughts, feelings, and vibrational messages into the next moment of creation.  When we can look into the mirror and see through the eyes of the heart, the lens of Love, we can see Truth clearly.  There is acceptance, compassion, empathy, and grace.  We can see through the distortions, recognize Truth, and respond as Love.  If we get triggered by every distortion in the mirror, and react with impulsivity (through thoughts, feelings, or action), we give our power away, and more importantly, we give away our inner peace.


True power is the power to choose, and the power to create from that choice, untethered by the past or the status quo, from a blank slate of infinite possibilities.  To consciously live from that blank slate is to consciously choose to recalibrate the scales to Equanimity, Love, and Peace.  Moment to moment, we have a choice.  Our actions cause ripples, and those ripples are either generating Love or causing an effect that is not Love.  As those ripple effects accrue over time, we may find ourselves with a large karmic debt to reconcile.  Clearing the decks, reconciling our actions, releasing the density of any debris that instills distortion, is key.  Purifying the air and the water from impurities so we can stand on holy ground.



We have an opportunity to clear the impurities every time we look in the mirror, and we look in the mirror every time we stand in relationship with anything/anyone.  When the filters of our mind and heart are pure, we see clearly.  If our inner filters aren’t pure, we see the congestion and debris projected onto whatever/whoever we’re perceiving.  We’re always in relationship with that debris until we recalibrate and restore clarity.  Purity isn’t a judgment, and it isn’t some unobtainable esoteric state of perfection…it’s our true nature, our authentic state of being, free from distortion.


Love transmutes karmic density.  Love restores Truth and aligns with the universal laws of oneness.  Anything that resonates at a frequency lower than Love incurs karmic density that will eventually be revisited and transmuted back to Love.  Love is the motivator for creation and the facilitator of alchemy.  Forgiveness is the alchemical transmutation that dissolves and transforms everything back to Love, in purity.


Love is the constant truth in our universe, the doorway to infinite possibilities.  That infinite realm of possibilities is the Pisces ocean of unconditional Love, our true nature and our origin of Unity.  When we live from that ocean, the purity of our heart awakens a higher visionary channel of creativity that has the potential to imagine and manifest a whole new world, on behalf of All, without limitations.


This week’s Full Moon in Libra coincides with Easter weekend and the beginning of Passover, all from within the Aries wormhole/eclipse passage.  The opportunities for self reflection, self awareness, and humbling revelations through a higher octave of Divine Love are vast, delivering quantum leaps of extraordinary potential through new consciousness.  Alchemical transformation activated by the purity of Love, and as we are recalibrated brand new, we see the world with fresh eyes.  Divine wisdom is revealed everywhere.


The week begins on Monday 4/11 with a Mars Galactic Center resource and Sun Pallas new cycle.  The recognition of Truth is awakening through the body, eliminating any attachments to mistruths that have been holding density in our cells.   Higher Wisdom emerges from within.


Tuesday 4/12 is HUGE, and the Black Moon is off the charts, first in a resource with Eris, stepping stone with Jupiter and Neptune, manifesting with Saturn, and then participating in a Finger of God with the karmic node and the Sun.  There’s also a Venus Quaoar resource, Mercury Ixion manifestation, Jupiter Neptune new cycle, Venus MakeMake great eliminator, Juno Galactic Center resource, and Sun Saturn resource.  Today’s Jupiter Neptune new cycle in Pisces is exceptionally rare and potent.  The opportunities for expansion through the infinite realm are incredible, the key is to remain open to the possibilities of creation through divine Love.  Walking with trust and faith… letting go of any fears, doubts, insecurities, or limiting beliefs, and surrendering to a higher vision of One Love on behalf of All.  There’s magic in the air for those who believe, and that magic is the potential for miracles.


On Wednesday 4/13, Mercury forms a stepping stone with Varuna, followed by a Mars Sedna stepping stone, Pallas South Node great eliminator, and Mars Haumea manifestation.  We’re bridging the higher dimensions into the cellular body, recognizing the body as a record keeper of divine crystalline Light.  Everything is everything, and the entry point to higher consciousness is wherever we are at this moment.


Thursday 4/14 delivers a Black Moon Ceres communion, Sun Eris new cycle, Saturn Pallas resource, Mercury Quaoar manifestation, Mercury MakeMake great eliminator, Quaoar Salacia stepping stone, Black Moon Vesta manifestation, and Mars enters Pisces.   There’s a birthing of remembrance and divine recollection as we awaken and self realize in a powerful way today.   Divine timing ushers us through that portal of divine communications, and when the time is right, we hear the messages.  Mars in Pisces brings our physical experience of embodiment into the limitless realm, beyond time/space, form/structure.  Embodying our infinite boundless nature as the creative possibility of Love, universal wisdom, and Truth…in action.


On Friday 4/15, Mercury and Chariklo form a stepping stone, followed by a Black Moon Uranus subtle intimacy aspect, and Black Moon Chiron resource.  The atmosphere is destabilizing the dense status quo of conditioned programming and limiting beliefs, in order to awaken a higher channel of communion with Truth.  Any disturbances today are clearing the channels and bringing our undivided attention to fully awaken, listen, and receive.


Saturday 4/16 is truly an epic day.  The Black Moon forms a stepping stone with Orcus and Venus, activating a T-square.  Juno forms a stepping stone with Sedna, followed by the Full Moon in Libra.  The Black Moon uncovers a subtle intimacy aspect with the Mercury Albion new cycle, the Venus Orcus bridge is exact, and the Sun manifests with the Galactic Center.  The veils are dissolving and our clearest vision from the heart reminds us what matters most, why we’re here, and who we really are.  This is an awakening of the highest order, although the unveiling occurs in subtle realms.


The Full Moon occurs at 2:55pm ET at 27 Libra, conjunct Haumea, manifesting with Saturn, Juno, and Mars.  In Cosmic Consciousness, Libra represents Physical Power, and the ultimate realization that “I am you and you are me”.  Libra unleashes the power of the mirror (or the scale) as feedback (which is neutral), and the personal power to choose to shift, making the adjustments within.  When we realize that everything we’re seeing “out there” is a reflection of our inner world and the matrix of our complex inner belief system, attachments, projections, we can receive the divine messages from our reflections and shift accordingly.  That’s powerful.


The mirrored reflection of our world, our environment, and our personal relationships offers a feedback loop, unveiling the patterns and triggers we bring to the table wherever we go, so we can see ourselves clearly, in action.  Without relationships, we can’t see ourselves.  Moment to moment, we find ourselves in ongoing relationships – with other beings, with our environment, with the weather, with our breath, with the foods we eat, our bank account, current events, etc.  The Aries Libra axis represents our world view, the lens that we perceive our reality through.  That lens is created by our personal filters of beliefs, assumptions, attitudes, and thoughts.  When we understand the lens we’re looking through (and that we’re choosing that lens), we realize the power we have to shift our lens and calibrate our vision to Love, which alters everything that we think we’re seeing.  New options and new perspectives appear instantly.  When we learn to see through the lens of Love (vision of the heart, vision of the universe), we see clearly.


Libra is disposed by Venus in 3D, and Sedna in 5D.  There’s also a beautiful resonance with Astraea, as she brings an ultra pure lens of consciousness that restores balance, justice, and equality for All.  Our planet is currently recalibrating, as more and more of us are awakening and choosing to elevate through the lens of Love.  The new voices emerging are of a higher template, to support in wiping the slate clean in order to awaken a new template for yin/yang balance and cohesive partnership.   The new template for sustainability is the same template for equality and partnership, in all domains.  Our relationships are all being elevated and called forth to a higher lens of consciousness as we awaken and elevate ourselves from within.  The current events on the planet are providing uncomfortable feedback, waking us up to a higher calling and a clearer vision of Unity and Love.


The Aries/ Libra axis is also the beginning of the mind/body connection.   When physical symptoms occur, we can get impulsive to find a “quick fix” to alleviate the discomfort and make it go away, then returning back to status quo.  However, if we don’t fully awaken to the deeper messages coming online through the feedback loop of the mind/body connection, that symptom will eventually return again, with another opportunity to receive and awaken.  When we take the time to explore our own body sensations, we bring ourselves into a more intimate relationship with the inner messaging system, and the magnificence of the body as a gateway to higher consciousness.  The body is a record keeper of all that we’ve lived through, and the body is also a gateway to divine remembrance of crystalline codes and higher consciousness.  If we ignore or neglect our bodies, we deny that greater relationship with divine nature and cosmic consciousness.  Our wholeness is important… as we unify within, we calibrate Unity in the world around us.   Unity within includes physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.  All dimensions are entry points and gateways to the wholeness of ourselves, and the wholeness of the Universe.

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And on Sunday 4/17 Varuna stations direct, followed by a Pallas Eris new cycle, Mercury Orcus manifestation, Juno Haumea manifestation, Mercury Venus resource, and Mercury Uranus new cycle.  Higher vision is being awakened today, as the eyes of the heart calibrate with the eye (I) of God.  Divine Wisdom activates from within, and the higher messages of why we’re here and why it matters become crystal clear.  Today is a wake up call to Truth, and that Truth is the presence of Love.


The practice this week is presence.  Be present with the miracles that are manifesting in every moment.  Be present with the sound of your own heart and the movement of your own breath.  Be present to the sensations in your own body, and the information being revealed.  And most importantly, be present to the awakening of Love and the opportunities for Wisdom.


 “People usually consider walking on water or in thin air a miracle. But I think the real miracle is not to walk either on water or in thin air, but to walk on earth. Every day we are engaged in a miracle which we don’t even recognize: a blue sky, white clouds, green leaves, the black, curious eyes of a child—our own two eyes. All is a miracle.”
― Thich Nhat Hanh 



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