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For the week of April 4 – 10, 2022

We are fully in the wormhole/eclipse passage now, and the brakes are off.  Initiated by the Aries New Moon last Friday, this potent period of time between 4/1 – 5/30 is highlighted by the importance of Self Realization.  If we can’t see ourselves clearly, we can’t elevate to a higher octave of divine power to create from the highest octave of Love.  When we see ourselves, and unconditionally Love the wholeness of ourselves, we become Love in Action through every circumstance, amplifying our creative potential on behalf of All.


When Love fuels our actions, we find ourselves living in accordance with nature and the universal law of One.  There is a synchronicity, a cohesive ease in the dynamic flow of creation and manifestation.   If we’re reactional or positional with Love, our ongoing partnership with the Universe becomes conditional.  In other words, if we embody Love only when situations look peaceful, we may find ourselves frustrated or agitated when things aren’t going the way we would want.


Love as a frequency is unconditional – it comes from a conscious choice to be and respond as Love, regardless of the circumstances within and around us.  Because it’s a conscious choice, it comes from our mental body, from the realization that Self Love is the cure that restores balance on behalf of All.  The journey of Self Love requires knowing Self, flaws and all, shadows and Light, even the hidden parts that have been avoided, tucked away, or forgotten.


Reclaiming our wholeness through acceptance, compassion, and inclusion activates a template for all relationships, starting with Self.  It’s not a flowery surface level kind of Love, but a fierce magnifying lens of vision that calls forth transparency, truth telling, and responsibility of our current patterns and choices.  Love awakens mastery, calling us forth to higher ground, and inspiring actions that come from the heart.



When we align with the authentic frequencies of our heart, we’re also attuning to the divine frequencies of the Universe.  When we avoid any aspect of ourselves, we limit the creative potential of our divine spark.  The journey of Self Love will take us through the personal heart to the awakened One Heart, where all timelines merge and unify through Love.  The center of the heart is the gateway to the center of the universe.  When the heart becomes a sustainably safe space to embody, the world becomes a safe place to be.  If we wait for the world to feel safe before we fully access and embody our heart, we’ll be waiting a very long time.


If we avoid accessing our own hearts – by bypassing, ignoring, or tuning out, whether from fear or discomfort – we might ignore the divine calling of the universe, delaying the manifestation of our most creative potential in this lifetime.  If we’ve been conditioned to believe that Self Importance is selfish, we might tend to keep our focus on others, to stay busy so we don’t feel our emotions.  However, if we can see ourselves clearly through the reflection of others and access compassionate empathy, then every act of kindness is also an act of Self Love.  And vice versa.  If we believe we are separate, or take better care of others than we do ourselves, we may feel split, depleted, or ignored.


In times of survival, we develop mechanisms that protect the Self during harsh conditions.  While those self protective mechanisms have served us well in the moment, they are initiated by situations of fear, suffering, and trauma.  When old wounds get triggered or revisited, those same protective mechanisms can arise.  It’s important to realize the current lens of consciousness behind any mechanism of protection as we witness ourselves in action.  In the current moment, we have an opportunity to elevate the old survival mechanisms to an evolutionary expression of Love that is sustainable and expansive.


When we see ourselves in action, especially during an active wormhole passage such as this, we can notice the patterns and mechanisms as they get triggered, and then harness the activated energy to rewrite the code and shift the patterns in the moment.  Elevating to a higher frequency of consciousness, shifting from reactionary fear/insecurity/lack to unconditional Love.  Love initiated within the Self becomes Love initiated on behalf of All.  As we practice walking with Love, every situation can be our teacher, and every reaction becomes an invitation to elevate and rewrite the script.  Our moment to moment attitudes, beliefs, and conscious thoughts infuse with responsible actions as we recalibrate our lens of vision for ourselves and All.


The week ahead feels very personal, meaning the personal planets are making significant aspects.  Mars (actions), Venus (heart), and Mercury (mind/operating system).  As we navigate our daily lives, it’s important to tune into the messages of the heart, to see ourselves clearly in order to see the world clearly, with Love.   The inner landscape determines what we think we’re seeing in the external landscape.  As we shift our gaze into the inner dimensions, we can see the opportunities to recalibrate, elevate, and rewrite certain patterns and stories, giving way to new possibilities and igniting new creative potential that shifts the planet.


The week begins on Monday 4/4 with a Black Moon Salacia stepping stone, Juno Eris resource, Venus Haumea manifestation, and Mars Saturn new cycle.  As we awaken to our greater lens of wholeness from the heart, we can see the dynamic opportunities to renegotiate and rewrite the patterns at play within our own story.  There’s a lot to uncover and realize today.  Remember, any current challenge is a teacher, and if we can see ourselves in action, through a higher lens of wholeness, we can awaken to the patterns and stories that need to shift and upgrade.  We’re not bound to the struggle, we can reinvent ourselves moment to moment by interrupting ourselves in action and choosing a higher octave of Love.  It’s completely up to us.  If we’re not willing to see ourselves clearly in relationship to the situation, we can’t transcend.


On Tuesday 4/5, Venus enters Pisces, Mars intersects the karmic and dharmic nodes, the Black Moon forms a subtle intimacy aspect with Varuna, and Mercury initiates a new cycle with Pallas.  As Venus enters Pisces, the heart expands into the limitless realm of Unconditional Love, divine wisdom, and unity consciousness.  The heart is a gateway to connect with our divine nature and the divine truth that we are all connected, beyond time/space, beyond labels and identities, beyond form and structure.  There’s an ebb and flow in the current of Life that contains and includes the entirety of the cosmos.  Nothing is separate, nothing is out of reach.  When we remember who we are, and remember where we come from, life can be an extension of this limitless ocean of cosmic oneness.   Venus in Pisces is beautiful, expansive, creative, and magical.  There are no limits when we come from the heart, and love moves as vast and free as the infinite ocean.  When our actions arise from that lens, we have infinite choice.  When our actions arise from fear or separation, our choices feel limited and confining.


Wednesday 4/6 starts with a Black Moon Ixion Light Bridge, followed by a Chiron Orcus great eliminator, Black Moon Astraea manifestation, and Vesta Orcus great eliminator.  The Light Bridge is a repeat connection from last week’s grand power cross, uncovering the higher template of our 5D blueprint.  There are higher octaves of attunement happening today, beyond what we can realize in our linear 3D scope of vision.  When we remember why we’re here and why it matters, we can transcend any current situations of confusion or discomfort, finding our right alignment with clarity and purpose.  We didn’t come here to suffer, we came to contribute a divine frequency of Light.  Our light gets refined by every challenge, not diminished.


On Thursday 4/7, Chiron and Vesta form a resource, Quaoar stations retrograde, followed by Mercury Saturn resource, Mars Eris resource, Black Moon Venus manifestation, and Pluto Sedna manifestation.  Any current discomfort is an indicator for change when we honor the messages that are coming online, and own our power in the choice to respond.  Every moment is a choice.  Transformation occurs when we’re no longer attached to living in the old skin.  By shedding the old skin, we realize there is a new expression already waiting below the surface.  That new expression reveals our crystalline blueprint, our awakened Light.


Friday 4/8 activates a Mercury Eris new cycle, then Jupiter manifests with the South (karmic) node and finds resource with the North (dharmic) node, followed by a Venus Ixion resource, Mercury Mars resource, and Mercury Juno resource.  The discomfort of change fuels new thoughtforms and challenges old beliefs.  Change of any kind includes periods of contraction and expansion.  The contraction reveals any current limitations that require our attention to stretch through and transcend, and expansion occurs in that moment of transcendence.


On Saturday 4/9, the Black Moon retrogrades into Gemini, followed by a Venus Varuna great eliminator, Mercury Galactic Center manifestation, and Mars Juno new cycle.  More communications coming up for review as the Black Moon moves through the air of Gemini.  There’s more to see, more to hear, and more Truth being revealed to ultimately set us free.  It’s important to see through the lens of the awakened heart, and allow a higher vision to be revealed from there.


And Sunday 4/10 delivers a Black Moon Haumea manifestation, Mercury Pluto stepping stone, Black Moon Mercury resource, Black Moon Sedna subtle intimacy, Black Moon Pluto great eliminator, Mercury Haumea bridge, Vesta Great Attractor resource, and then Mercury enters Taurus.   Just before entering Taurus, the Messenger activates a power crossroad with Haumea and Pluto.  There is an incredible potential for alchemy through our mindful presence of the heart.  When the mind is still, open, and supple, we can observe from the lens of the heart and all is revealed as Love.  Our mindful presence generates trust and safety, the nervous system relaxes, and we can breathe deeply.  As we relax and surrender, we open to the truth – within and without.


The practice this week is mindfulness.  In all that you do, cultivate a lens of mindfulness to see yourself clearly – in action and in being.  Notice your current physical body sensations, emotions, thoughts, and overall state of consciousness.   Notice the times when muscles get tight, range of motion gets restricted, breathing gets shallow, mind starts spinning, and fear/insecurity runs the show.   Notice how it feels to return to Love, holistically.   When Love is the lens of vision, notice sensations in the body, depth of breath, heart rate, nervous system, mental body suppleness, and connection to the Cosmic Ocean of limitless potential.  Love opens the door to new possibilities, new thoughts, new actions.


“The experiences of your life are trying to tell you something about yourself. Don’t cop out on that. Don’t run away and hide under your cover. Lean into it.” – Pema Chödrön


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  1. Thank you, Christine, for these words of wisdom. Can’t tell you how seductive staying in bed and pulling the covers up is in this period. But whispering in my ears are the ancestors , telling me to just do the next little thing that needs done…slowly, slowly, one little step/action at a time # perseverance- Preparation helps

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