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For the week of March 28 – April 2, 2022

We’re stepping into the fire this week…the intentional fire that activates and awakens a higher calling for new thoughts, new actions, and new consciousness on the planet.  This week ignites an ongoing grand power cross and a conscious Love choice point.  The Aries New Moon launches us into the upcoming wormhole/eclipse passage on 4/1 –  5/30 .  It’s a potent time to be alive, and now more than ever, our consciousness matters.


Our ability to consciously choose our response, moment to moment, is key.  When things get heated or intense, reactions and tempers can fly quick and hot.  When things are smooth and predictable, we can tend to fall asleep at the wheel, numbing out to the moment to moment choices.   This week’s New Moon in Aries is conjunct Chiron, the wounded warrior (master healer/teacher), in a subtle intimacy aspect with Uranus (the great awakener).  It’s important to remember that we always have a choice.  When old wounds get triggered, when egos run high and sparks fly, it can be easy to go into automatic pilot reflex…however the invitation (and initiation) is to remain conscious, open, awake, and elevated.  Choose from the highest lens of Love, choose to embody a conscious lens of presence, and choose to see the whole picture instead of just the surface level appearances.


We can’t choose if we’re asleep, and we can’t choose if we’re flying off the cuff in an automatic pilot defense mechanism.  Knee jerk reactions limit the scope of available choices.  Conscious presence expands the lens of available choices.  If we flinch from fear when situations get heated or difficult, we shut down the possibilities for divine creation.


When emotions run high, so does our magnetic potential for manifestation.  Passion amplifies creation.  However, our current lens of consciousness determines what we’re manifesting with that amplified energy.  When we’re awake, on the edge of our seat, we pay attention.  What comes next matters.



Anytime we flirt with old wounds that carry inflammatory potential, we play with fire…but that fire can be a catalyst for transcendence and new creation, if we’re conscious.  Power struggles can trigger old wounds that combust like wildfire in the blink of an eye.  However, when we learn to hold our seat of power within our center (the heart), we can stand in the center of the fire without flinching.  We can actually harness that active energy through our conscious awareness, elevating or diffusing any situation.   Our awakened presence can facilitate an alchemical convergence of energy that redirects and unleashes new potential, rewriting the script from “old wound” into “new possibility”.   The key is Self Awareness and an open mind/heart.


Knowing ourselves inside and out is true power.  Knowing our wounds, blindspots, and sensitivities can give us the power (and eventually mastery) over the things that make us flinch, react, or shut down.  When we know our patterns of triggers and reactions, we can familiarize ourselves with the situations that might tend to take our power away or cause regrettable actions.  We develop mastery in those situations by having the courage to see ourselves clearly, honoring our wholeness, remaining awake, and choosing something new…instead of avoiding, resisting, or fighting back harder.  True power lives within our personal freedom to master ourselves through our reactions and unconscious responses, ultimately cultivating conscious discipline through the mind.


Knowledge is power, and the courage to stay open and present is where we find the potential for alchemical transformation, shapeshifting, and transcendence.  Standing in the heat of discomfort, opening unconditionally, and choosing to see through the highest elevated lens of consciousness, we become masters of our reality by choosing our current narrative and rewriting the script.  Moment to moment, our thoughts are manifesting the next experience, and the lens we’re living through determines our perception of reality and our available outcomes.  If we collapse in fear, limitation, separation, or scarcity, our overall lens of vision will reflect that collapse.  We’ll feel powerless, helpless, or victimized, which adds fuel to the fire of anger, frustration, and rage.  When we remember our divine nature and birthright is limitless potential, we begin to see new possibilities emerging from thin air.  New possibilities inspire new actions, producing new results, changing the game.  Freedom.


The thoughts we’re thinking today – including our current assumptions, interpretations, and projections – become the reality we’ll be living in tomorrow.  Shift the thoughts, elevate the lens, and the available outcomes change.  When we master our own lens of self awareness, we begin to master our reality, fully owning the power that lives within our thoughts, attitudes, and beliefs.   The truth is, we have infinite potential to manifest and create from the infinite realm of unconditional Love.  When we come from that realm, we are powerful beyond belief.


This week activates the wormhole/eclipse passage from 4/1 to 5/30,  an epic initiation into our greatest self discovery, personal mastery, and the active potential to manifest a whole new world.  The practice is to remain awake and aware, with an open mind and supple heart.  Instead of reacting, remain open to what else is available, just beyond the pattern of reactivity.  Find the spaciousness, and keep the mind attuned to the heart, and allow a whole new world of potential to manifest.  Anything goes, nothing is out of bounds, and the name of the game is always Love.


The week begins on Monday 3/28 with a Chiron Ceres resource, Venus Juno new cycle, Sun MakeMake light bridge, Sun Chariklo resource, the Astraea enters Pisces, followed by Black Moon’s bridge with Ixion and stepping stone with Mercury.  Venus and Saturn activate a new cycle, and Neptune manifests with the karmic node while forming a resource with the dharmic node.   We’re birthed through the healing crisis, to awaken through higher dimensions of self awareness.  The wound is where the Light enters, and any opportunity to revisit an old wound is an invitation to access higher realms of consciousness.  We’re writing the story as we go, and the heart holds the key.  Divine timing activates the doorway to Self Realization and the opportunity for Mastery.  This path is not for the faint of heart.  As we continue to rise up through our personal expression, we elevate to higher dimensions of awakened consciousness, through the infinite realm of unconditional Love.  If we react to every trigger or discomfort, if we flinch in the scenarios that challenge our faith and security, we remain triggered in the illusion of separation from the Divine.  Trust and Faith allow us to remember our true nature, and the divine nature of all that’s unfolding moment to moment.


On Tuesday 3/29, Saturn forms a new cycle with Juno, followed by a Uranus Orcus manifestation, Sun Vesta resource, Mercury Varuna manifestation, then the Black Moon activates the grand power cross with MakeMake, Quaoar, and Salacia, and a great eliminator with Chariklo.  There’s a grand power cross being activated this entire week, unveiling our 5D blueprint, our connection to the higher mind, and our capacity to know ourselves through our divine nature as Love.  As we awaken to our true nature and authentic Light, we also realize the opportunity to consciously create through the limitless potential we are in every moment.  We are not separate from the divine spark of creation, and when we remember who we are, we become pioneers of new thoughts and new possibilities.  If we react to what we’re currently seeing, we subscribe to that narrative and those limitations.  When we harness our awakened potential in the moment, we can transcend the current situations, and elevate to new possibilities.


Wednesday 3/30 activates a Love choicepoint as Venus intersects the dharmic and karmic nodes, followed by a Ceres Orcus stepping stone, Black Moon Vesta great eliminator, Mercury Salacia new cycle, Black Moon Sun stepping stone, Mercury Quaoar stepping stone, and Venus Eris resource.  The heart holds the midpoint between our karmic and dharmic potential, and the choice is always Love.  If we fear the shadows or fear the unknown uncertainties, we limit ourselves to what feels familiar or safe.  When we embody our divine presence from the heart, we can tune into a higher navigation system of clarity, wisdom, and Truth.  Trusting the navigation system of the heart, we can ebb and flow through the current of Love, finding peace, even in the moments of uncertainty.  When we can’t see clearly where we’re going or what comes next, we can trust the inner messaging system of the heart to guide us through.


On Thursday 3/31, Mercury activate a Light Bridge with MakeMake, the Moon enters Aries, and Mercury forms a resource with Chariklo.   Today’s Light Bridge delivers divine messaging, in the moment.  When it’s time, it’s time.  Not a moment sooner.  There’s awakened stability in that universal messaging system today, as we elevate to higher ground and find our footing in the spontaneous flow of nature.  In time, all things are revealed, and in time, we know what we need to know.


Friday 4/1 activates the “4” vibration of the month of April, along with the New Moon in Aries at 2:24am ET.  30 minutes later, the Black Moon turns retrograde, continuing to activate the grand power cross, followed by a Mercury Vesta resource.  Then Juno intersects the dharmic and karmic nodes, and the Sun activates a new cycle with Chiron.  Today is dynamic, in every sense of the word.  The “4” vibration calibrates a powerful foundation for stability and awareness of Self, based on the activations of this New Moon.  We’re being called forth through conscious discipline to think from the heart, and to be mindful of the thoughts, attitudes, and beliefs we’re living from.  When we know ourselves, there’s power, and that power provides a solid foundation to stand upon as we enter this wormhole/ eclipse passage.


The New Moon is conjunct Chiron, ruled by Mars, and in a subtle intimacy aspect with Uranus.  Moment to moment, our actions either arise from our awakened conscious mind, or from our unconscious reactionary impulsive patterns.  The choice is ours.  When we react impulsively – whether by blowing up unconsciously, or shutting down and avoiding – we give our power away.  We may even do damage to ourselves or others.  Practicing conscious discipline allows us to see ourselves in action and choose responsibly from an awakened lens of the heart.   The goal is to stay awake, remain present and open, and choose from a space of limitless potential.


In Cosmic Consciousness, Aries represents the spark of creation, the match that strikes creative potential.  Our thoughts are the match, and the spark is the activation of those thoughts, initiating form and structure from the infinite realm.  We can choose whatever we wish, but true power comes from the conscious discipline to think from the heart, from the lens of awakened Love, from the limitless ocean of infinite possibilities.  Instead of reacting to every discomfort or inconvenience, we can choose to stay focused and in tune with the infinite possibilities that are available and accessible in every moment.  When we’re not fully present, we resign to the default settings that take over and run the show.  Those default settings can hold the consciousness of old wounds, sensitivities, limiting beliefs and outdated assumptions.  If we allow that consciousness to take over, our actions will manifest from that lens.


Actions taken from anger, rage, hurt, or misunderstanding can only perpetuate the narrative of our unresolved wounds and blindspots.  When we awaken through our actions, and see the moment of choice that’s available between cause and effect, we liberate ourselves to remain in a seat of conscious choice and unlimited power.  If we can’t find the still point between trigger and reaction, we continue the loop until a moment of awakening (or a detrimental price tag) cracks the pattern wide open, allowing us to realize what’s occurring.


Aries consciousness is about Self Realization.  There’s nothing more powerful than that.  If we can’t see ourselves clearly, we can’t see the world clearly.  When we can’t see our gifts, our mastery, our unique original god spark of creative potential.  If we don’t know ourselves, we can’t see the patterns that leak energy, distort reality, or confuse our system into believing mistruths about ourselves or the world.  When we know who we are, recognizing the divinity of Light we carry within and the conscious power to choose the thoughts we’re manifesting in the world, we become co-creators with the universal oneness that animates all of nature.  Instead of reacting to what’s wrong with the world, we become responsible for creating a new possibility, starting with ourselves.


Aries represents Conscious Power, the beginning of the mind/body connection, the relationship axis, and the lens of our worldview.  The world is our reflection, offering feedback (information) moment to moment.  When we can see ourselves clearly in the mirror, we’re empowered to shift any misaligned energies and elevate through refined mastery.  If we resist our reflection, defend against feedback, or pretend we’re not connected to the world around us, we ignore the greatest opportunity for awareness and evolutionary power.  There is no separation, there is only Love.  As we soften our defenses, whole our past wounds, and recognize our divine power in the mirror, we can humbly access that seat of power to manifest limitless possibilities.  We can’t change another person, and we can’t bend the world to match our beliefs…but we can learn to see the world as it is, and see the impact we have through the clarity of our conscious thoughts, attitudes, and beliefs.


On Saturday 4/2, the Sun forms a great eliminator with Orcus, followed by a Black Moon Vesta great eliminator, Mercury Chiron new cycle, Mercury Orcus great eliminator, Ixion stations retrograde, the Sun conjuncts Mercury, and Venus forms a resource with the Galactic Center.  The power of the mind is front and center.  The mind can go in a billion directions, especially when we’re triggered by emotions from unfamiliar situations.  The most powerful activation role for our mental body to assume is the awakened observer’s mind, which is equanimous.  From that neutral seat, the mind is open and can see everything, crystal clear.  The power of an equanimous mind is limitless.  We can see beyond the current triggers, beyond the patterns of historic tendencies, and into the limitless realm where possibilities are endless.  That space holds the opportunity for mastery, regardless of the situations that are occurring moment to moment.  The true power of the mind is harnessed when we see through the lens of the heart, which is infinite and crystal clear.  That lens of the heart reveals our deepest truth, our highest blueprint, and the gateway to the mirrored reflection of universal oneness.


And Sunday 4/3 delivers a Mercury Ceres resource, Mercury Great Attractor manifestation, Vesta Albion stepping stone, Black Moon Chariklo great eliminator, Ceres Great Attractor bridge, Black Moon MakeMake stepping stone (repeat), Sun Great Attractor manifestation, Sun Ceres resource, Black Moon Quaoar bridge (repeat), and Venus Sedna stepping stone.  The grand power cross from this entire week is revisited and recalibrated, offering a deeper reflection of ourselves and the world around us.  This reflection is key as we fully enter the active wormhole/eclipse passage.  The best way to navigate an eclipse passage is to surrender any impulsive knee-jerk reactions, soften our gaze, stay open and equanimous, and trust the inner navigation system of the heart.  Anything can happen, everything is possible, and the invitation to transcend historic limitations can generate quantum leaps in the blink of an eye.


The practice this week is a candle gaze meditation.  Find a small white tealight candle, and a pen and paper.  Light the candle.  For 10 minutes, bring your undivided attention to that flame, and hold your gaze.  Commune with the fire element, the fire of creative potential, and remain present and awake.  Anytime your mind wanders, gently bring your attention back to the flame, and record a hashmark on your sheet of paper.  When the mind wanders or gets triggered, gently bring your attention back to the flame, and make another hashmark on the page.  The hashmark is the acknowledgment, the evidence that you were paying attention, fully awake.  It doesn’t matter how many hashmarks you have at the end of the 10 minutes, what matters is your awareness and the willingness to see yourself in action, bringing your conscious mind back to the practice.   Over time, conscious discipline strengthens.



“If there is Love, there is hope that one may have real families, real brotherhood, real equanimity, real peace. If the love within your mind is lost and you see other beings as enemies, then no matter how much knowledge or education or material comfort you have, only suffering and confusion will ensue.”

— Dalai Lama




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