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For the week of March 14 – 20, 2022

The week ahead offers a full-bodied holistic integration of the awakened heart – calibrated physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.   We’re fine tuning the 4 body system as a multidimensional instrument of the heart.  When the heart elevates to reveal the universal realm of unconditional Love and Unity Consciousness, our holistic embodiment adjusts and attunes with that frequency.  Like a tuning fork or a universal gong of the highest octave, this week’s Virgo Full Moon offers the ultimate calibration that brings us into our awakened embodiment of mastery.


The key to awakening and embodying our divine mastery is in the journey of navigating and transcending our deepest core wounds.  There’s nothing to “heal” by fixing or changing.  True healing occurs organically through wholeness, and the holistic integration of compassion and wisdom from every wound we’ve ever endured.  If we resist our wounds, or get stuck in the wounded consciousness of our past cycles, stories, and patterns, we ultimately embody those patterns.  The holistic expression of our woundedness can amplify and spread through the 4 body system, and ultimately manifesting into our cellular structure and the diagnosis of symptoms.


By the same token, when we seek the higher wisdom from all that we’ve endured, that consciousness integrates holistically through our 4 body system.  The journey from wound to mastery is a multidimensional bridge we cross as we reclaim our wholeness and unify through Love.  As we open with Love, we pour Love into any open wounds, restoring alignment and coming home to our purest expression.


The journey of wholeness requires courage…courage to accept the things we may not like, in order to find higher wisdom…and courage to metabolize all of the events we’ve lived through, in order to fully digest, integrate, and eliminate, letting go of any attachments, expectations, unresolved feelings, and emotions.  Forgiveness is the frequency of Love that allows us to find wisdom, attune to that wisdom, and eliminate the rest…letting go with Love.  Forgiveness sets us free, so that we can walk with an open heart, aligned and in integrity with the purest consciousness of our own heart.

When we harbor resentment or undigested anger, guilt, shame, or remorse, we can become weighed down, waterlogged, and congested.  That energetic blockage can express in various ways through our spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical bodies, affecting our overall health, wellness, and alignment.   If we try to ignore or bypass our feelings and emotions, we may compartmentalize and wall off that energetic residue, however the pressure remains and builds, and eventually either the dam breaks and explodes, or the energetic weight turns into a heavy anchor that can’t be ignored.  Either way, we must eventually address the situation and clear the pipes, in order to resolve our own health/wellness and the resiliency of our greatest contribution and offerings from the heart.


Like an instrument, we must learn to pay attention to our holistic frequency to discern if we’re playing in tune with our authentic expression or not.  When we’re aligned with our truth, we’re in tune with nature and the music of creation.  When we’re out of tune, we may find subtle (or sometimes not so subtle) disturbances and fractures in our energetic field.  It’s important not to judge this as good or bad, but simply “in tune” or not in tune.  Like a musician playing an instrument, our frequency, intonation, and pitch are important.  Learning how to listen to your holistic system and adjust accordingly when the frequency is out of alignment, is one of the greatest tools of mastery we can practice.


This journey of being human doesn’t mean we shouldn’t ever breakdown or fall out of tune.  On the contrary, life is constantly fine tuning, by falling apart, then fine tuning again.  Every challenge, every breakdown that reveals a wound, is also a ripe opportunity to calibrate to Love, to start again, to extract the wisdom, and come home to our highest alignment, in tune with the heart, with nature.  Every time we crack open, fall apart, and then find our alignment, there is resilience, strength, and affirmative wisdom that elevates and fine tunes the holistic system.


We are not stagnant beings, nor do we ever achieve “perfection” as an end result (or ever).  Honoring the divine perfection in every moment allows us to fall apart and then find our attunement, again and again and again.  The journey of mastery is a gathering of wisdom, of how many ways we can find our way home to the heart, and how many ways we can affirm our personal integrity and alignment with the heart.  The only way to master this journey is to walk with permission to fall and to fail.  That permission occurs in the presence of compassion and grace.


When we walk with permission to fail, life becomes our teacher, and every step is a lesson rich with universal wisdom.  The goal is to honor the heart and stay awake.  Our willingness to reflect on where we’ve been, through a multifaceted lens of curiosity and compassion, regardless of how things unfold, is priceless.


This week’s Virgo Full Moon is an opportunity to reflect upon all that’s available, within and without.  If we can suspend any judgments of our experiences – whether painful or easy, messy or pretty, resolved or unresolved – we can start to digest the wholeness of our events in this lifetime and find the threads of Light along the way.  Those threads of Light are the pathway to mastery.  Remember, every wound is an opportunity for Love.  And every response of Love is a tuning fork that brings us home to our true nature, and calibrates our true nature through our holistic expression.  “The wound is where the Light enters” ~ Rumi     


The week begins on Monday 3/14 with a Black Moon Saturn manifestation, Mercury Quaoar resource, Venus Ceres manifestation, Mars Salacia resource, Mercury MakeMake great eliminator, Sun South Node (karmic) manifestation, Sun North Node (dharmic) resource, and Venus MakeMake manifestation.   There’s an ongoing storyline this week, with Venus and Mars manifesting with Ceres and MakeMake, awakening divine communication like universal music, birthing a dance that moves the heart through the greater orchestration of creation through Universal Love.  When nature calls, the heart responds.  When the universe speaks directly to the heart, the heart awakens through a higher channel of Love.  This relationship is of a higher octave, resonating with a higher calling that can’t be tuned out.


On Tuesday 3/15, the Black Moon forms a stepping stone with Jupiter then manifests with Juno, followed by a Ceres MakeMake manifestation, Mars Chariklo new cycle, and then the Moon enters Virgo.    Expansion is revealed, launched through the birthing canal of divine timing.  There’s stability in the moment of awakening, even though expansion naturally stretches apart the current default settings and facilitates destabilization.  The newfound stability comes from knowing it’s time, and trusting in that divine alignment.  We can’t rush or push what we feel is coming, it’s important to allow.  Trust and faith are essential ingredients to what’s coming.


Wednesday 3/16 is a Chiron Pallas new cycle, followed by a Black Moon Orcus stepping stone, Mercury Albion resource, and Mars MakeMake manifestation.  The Chiron Pallas new cycle is very much connected to the upcoming Full Moon in Virgo.  Chiron is the dispositor of Virgo, and represents the rainbow bridge, the gateway to 5D consciousness through the holistic integration of our 4 body system (spiritual, mental, emotional, physical).  When we “whole” ourselves, we generate healing.  Old wounds reveal wisdom and mastery, and that Self Realization is the medicine that takes us to higher ground, and higher dimensions of insight, clarity, and Truth.


On Thursday 3/17, the Black Moon forms a subtle intimacy aspect with Uranus, a stepping stone with Mercury, and a resource with Pallas, followed by a Mercury Uranus resource, then a Black Moon Chiron resource,  Eris South Node (karmic) great eliminator, Sun Galactic Center stepping stone, Black Moon Venus manifestation, Mars Ceres manifestation, Mercury Orcus bridge, and Venus Albion stepping stone.   There are wake up calls and moments of lightning bolts that shake up the system and deliver radical clarity, shattering old patterns of limitation.  Remember, each moment is birthing us from wounded patterns to awakened mastery.  Navigating the multidimensional bridge of wholeness is key.  Any event that triggers an old vulnerability also has the potential to awaken a higher lens of vision.  Follow the thread of Light to the higher expression of wisdom, and see what comes online from there.  There’s a reason why we’re here in this moment in time, and every event we’ve ever lived through has prepared us for this moment of awakening.  Trust that every challenge has developed strength and resilience and now is the moment it all unfolds into the greatest expression of elevated offering and authentic expression.


Friday 3/18 is the Full Moon in Virgo at 3:17am ET, followed by a Venus Chiron resource, Mercury Great Attractor stepping stone, Sun Pluto resource, Sun Sedna resource, then the Black Moon turns direct (refraining from a manifestation with Mars).   In Cosmic Consciousness, Virgo is the sign of the Virgin Mother who births Christ Consciousness, the purest expression of unconditional Love that contains all possibilities in the limitless ocean (Pisces).  Virgo is also known as a sign of healing through wholeness, and the holistic integration that occurs when we attune to the heart.  Honoring the heart is of the highest order…the heart is the tuning fork for the entire 4 body system to attune to.  When the spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical bodies are aligned with the heart, there is mastery, excellence, and attunement.  Our integrity comes from that alignment.


Virgo is disposed by Chiron, also known as the Master Healer/Teacher, who awakens through the personal journey of transcending wounds into mastery.  The phrase “healer, heal thyself” is appropriate with Virgo and Chiron consciousness in 5D.  It’s not enough to know the words, to read the books, and recite to others.  One must walk their own path of wholeness, and the true healers have walked and are walking that path many times over.  Experience reveals wisdom that can then be shared and offered to others.   The Master Healer/ Teacher walks with humble compassion, grace, and divine appreciation for the unexpected breakdowns that crack us wide open in order to heal ourselves with Love, returning home to the heart, as Love.  The purest heart holds the embodied wisdom of Love, and births that ocean of Love into the unified field, on behalf of All.


Virgo is an earth sign, represented by the shifting sands, and the willingness to shift, recalibrate, and adjust moment to moment in order to honor the heart and maintain alignment and integrity.  Every piece of sand is a part of the whole, and as 1 grain of sand shifts, all must adapt.  There’s an elevated understanding of holistic integration, and the unattached willingness to shift again and again, in service to the whole.  Not in service as a martyr, but in service as the mastery of a fine tuned instrument.  Virgo offers the frequency calibration of integrity, purity, and excellence, and every piece and part contributes accordingly to honor that alignment.  The distortion of Virgo is an OCD need for perfection, attachment to unrealistic expectations and then the judgment when those expectations aren’t realized.   However, the highest alignment of Virgo is honoring the heart, and allowing every experience to reveal wisdom, regardless of how it turns out.  Acceptance, unconditional love, compassion, forgiveness, and the resilience to start again.


This Virgo Full Moon is at the master degree, manifesting with Pluto and Sedna in a grand earth manifestation, with the Pisces Sun forming the tail of a kite.  This is the golden attunement, the tuning fork for the New Earth, birthed from the Pisces Ocean of Christ Consciousness, Unity Consciousness, and Unconditional Love.  The key to this attunement is wholing ourselves, traveling that rainbow bridge that unifies the lower 4 body system (spiritual, mental, emotional, physical) then unifies with the awakened Cosmic Self/ Christed Self.  As we embody our divine essence, we transcend the woundedness of our human story and remember our greatest truth, the Light that we are.  This is the birthing of a whole new body and a whole new world…the embodiment of our Light.


On Saturday 3/19, Venus forms a stepping stone with Uranus, a resource with Pallas, and a great eliminator with Orcus, followed by a Sun Haumea great eliminator, and Vesta Varuna Light Bridge.  The heart holds the blueprint and the roadmap for our evolutionary journey to wholeness, including our greater awareness of universal oneness and unity through Love.  The Vesta Varuna Light Bridge activates the fire of devotion through an elevated perspective of what matters most and why we’re here.  Today offers full spectrum Light, to see what we need to see, to awaken what needs to awaken and to reveal the truth of who we are and why it mattes that we’re here.


And on Sunday 3/20, Pallas forms a great eliminator with Orcus, the Sun enters Aries, followed by a Mars Albion stepping stone, and a repeat Black Moon Chiron resource.  The Sun’s ingress into Aries is a massive gear shift, from the unified realm and limitless ocean, to the awareness and realization that we are a unique, individual expression of the divine.  We have the freedom and power to choose our innermost thoughts, attitudes, and beliefs, and to create our reality from that lens of our belief system.  We are not bound to any limiting beliefs, unless we choose to subscribe.  The realization that the mind contains limitless potential is crucial… and that we have the power (and personal responsibility) to choose how we use our mind is key.  We can choose to limit ourselves through fears and doubts.  We can choose to believe that we’re not enough, unworthy, or insignificant.  We can choose to give our power away to unconscious/subconscious patterns and thoughts without accessing the curiosity for Self Discovery and Awareness.  Or we can choose to wake up, and let our thoughts arise from the infinite source of Love, from the limitless realm of Possibilities.  We can choose to know ourselves, and the nature of our heart.  We can choose to honor our divine authentic nature, and align our thoughts, words, and actions with the truth of the heart.  We are the ones calibrating our own visionary lens, revealing to ourselves what’s possible, or what’s not possible.  We are the universe, revealing all to ourselves…or choosing not to see that we have access to everything.  At the end of the day, it’s up to us and what we believe.  We can blame, we can hide, we can doubt, we can shrink…but at the end of the day, we are the universe, expressing as a unique god spark of Light, in this specific moment in time, never to be replaced or repeated in the exact same frequency ever again.  We are infinite, we are limitless, we are powerful…and most importantly, we are Love.  Aries is the spark of creation, the initiator of possibility.  And anything is possible.  When we go unconscious, we limit ourselves to whatever thread of consciousness is running the show.   When we’re awake, we get to choose.  No matter what is occurring around us or within us, we’re always at choice.


The practice this week is to honor your experiences, and find the wisdom in every unfolding.  Whether something is working or not working, there’s wisdom to be seen.  Whether something is messy or pretty, challenging or easy, gritty or smooth, there is an abundance of wisdom to be gathered from it all.  We miss the moment when we’re too attached to what things should look like, attached to our judgments and opinions about ourselves and others, or attached to our wounds, hurts, and betrayals when things don’t go according to plan.  Let go of the attachments, reorient through the lens of the heart, and see what you can see from the full bodied experience of what’s available, now.  Sometimes the most unexpected breakdowns and messes reveal the most life changing realizations of profound wisdom and insight, leading to transformation and breakthroughs that weren’t available otherwise.  Sometimes breakdowns can’t be cleaned up or fixed, but the wisdom learned can be life changing and life affirming, which makes all the difference in the next breath, next choice, next step.


“This being human is a guest house. Every morning is a new arrival. A joy, a depression, a meanness, some momentary awareness comes as an unexpected visitor…Welcome and entertain them all. Treat each guest honorably. The dark thought, the shame, the malice, meet them at the door laughing, and invite them in. Be grateful for whoever comes, because each has been sent as a guide from beyond.”
― Rumi


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