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For the week of March 7 – 13, 2022

Now that Venus and Mars have officially calibrated a new beginning, we’re stepping into the newly awakened consciousness of the heart, revealing the new template for being human and living from the heart.  The heart holds the key, the roadmap, the blueprint, and the highest lens of vision…and ultimately the heart is the gateway to Divine Love and Universal Oneness.


When we let the heart lead the way, new possibilities are revealed.  We’re called forth like never before – embodying new consciousness, living in accordance with our true nature, and harmonizing with the laws of nature.  There’s a metamorphosis that occurs, a primal gear shift, and a natural expression of authentic contribution.


We’re embodying the new skin of our awakened heart.  New skin can feel extremely vulnerable, sensitive, exposed, and raw.  Despite the moments of temporary discomfort, that rawness keeps us alive and awake, on the edge of our seat, attentive to what matters most and what’s aligned, within and without.  Uncovering truth is of the utmost importance, and Truth lives within the Heart.


Matters of the heart can awaken us to take new ground, and new actions can arise from that awakened lens of Love, revealing aspects of ourselves previously hidden or unavailable until now.  The key is to stay awake, remain present, and feel into every heartbeat for the music that motivates and inspires the next step, without any attachments to the status quo or outdated norms.  We’re stepping into new territory.


Empathic and intuitive skin of the universal heart carries the frequency of humanitarian Love, inspiring an inner fire of devotion to step up and step out, at times rebelling against the situations and systems that enslave and hold small (including our personal inner dialogues of fears, insecurities, and doubts) while liberating and awakening a new way of being human.  The new way of being human requires unconditional love, a commitment to being present, open, and attuned to the inner dialogue of the heart.  There’s an unapologetic call to action when lightning strikes the heart…and the response is always motivated by Love.


We’re in a period of radical transformation, reinvention, and redesign…and ultimately, there’s a deep calling for Love.   Not just the emotional love that feels good on the surface, but the consciousness of Love that can shake up the world and wake up humanity.  It’s time for revolutionary change, an elevated way of being on the planet and sharing space.  The temporary solutions that ignore the deeper issues won’t work here.  It’s time to go deep, open with courage and faith, and step into the fire of transformation.  That fire holds the key to our most authentic expression and ultimate freedom.


The reorientation that’s occurring within this new skin is an invitation to surrender to our humanness, to walk with a humble heart, while accessing higher dimensions of consciousness with grace and compassion, without losing our connection to one another, our environment, or our Self.  Feet on the ground, hearts alive and connected, with a root system of Light offered abundantly through our cells like enlightened water nourishing our bodies from the inside out.


Regardless of our past stories or situations, the souls of our bare feet all touch the Earth as we take embodied action in the present moment, infusing our heartbeat into every step we take, unifying our current presence with the greater presence of All – past, present, and future.  When actions arise from the awakened heart, our humanness reveals sacredness and divinity, and our consciousness births new possibilities.  The simple ordinary moments can restore peace in a single breath, if we’re present, open, and willing.


Finding our seat within the heart – consciously embodying our heart – we have access to the limitless universe, within.  Nothing missing, nothing wrong…and yet compassionately sensitive to the pulsepoint of humanity and the current state of our collective unity.  Every time we come home to that still point of inner peace, we recalibrate our cells which recalibrates the Earth.  Cultivating sacred practices in the ordinary moments generates an atmosphere of Love on behalf of All.  We may not be able to change the current events around us, but we can choose peace as the default setting within, which ripples through the liminal space that connects us All.


The week begins on Monday 3/7 with a Black Moon Ixion bridge overnight, delivering Black Moon great eliminators with both Venus and Mars, followed by a Mercury Galactic Center resource.  The “Great Unveiler” is literally ushering us to that higher blueprint, then eliminating any misalignments from our emotional and physical lens of consciousness.  In order to honor our highest template of possibility and mastery, we must be willing to release any attachments to the distortions, fears, and doubts that have ever prevented us from embodying our highest truth.  The old information encoded in our muscle memory contains the outdated patterns from old wounds, traumas, suppressed emotions, and conditioned beliefs.  As we recalibrate and embody our divine potential, we can clear the congestion and restore any past discrepancies.  Muscle memory re-education reboots our inner operating system, synching with the direct messaging from Source.


On Tuesday 3/8, the Black Moon retrogrades into Gemini, then manifests with Haumea.  Pallas and MakeMake activate a Light Bridge, followed by a Black Moon Vesta great eliminator, Mercury Sedna stepping stone, Black Moon Mercury manifestation, and Black Moon Sedna subtle intimacy aspect.  Communications become crystal clear, old breakdowns are finally revealed.  Divine timing sparks higher wisdom and the opportunity for self realization.  When we get to the heart of the matter, we see all things clearly, connecting the dots of a greater picture, ultimately aligning with higher truth and letting go of any confusion from mixed signals.


Wednesday 3/9 reveals a Black Moon Pluto great eliminator, Mercury Haumea manifestation, Juno Great Attractor resource, then Mercury enters Pisces, Vesta and Haumea form a stepping stone, and Ceres is resourceful with Salacia.  As “The Messenger” enters Pisces, our communications go vast and wide, literally swimming in the infinite ocean of timelessness and Unity.  There are no boundaries, no borders, no limits to how we can connect, sense, and receive communications.  Pisces is a water sign, and water holds messages.  When we learn to listen through the unified field, we awaken to a dimension of connectivity that transcends wifi and 5G.  Be mindful that private inner conversations aren’t private in the unified field.  All is broadcasted freely in the water, on behalf of All.  Choose conscious thoughts, choose peace, and tune into the highest frequency of Love.  Through echo location, we can tune into each other and stay connected, whether technology is available or not.


On Thursday 3/10, Vesta enters Aquarius and the Black Moon communes with the Moon.  The inner fire of devotion makes her way to Aquarian consciousness today, so be prepared for lighting to strike like paddles to the heart that fuel a greater movement.  Once we get the message, we can instantly respond as Love in Action.


Friday 3/11 activates a Venus Varuna Light Bridge, followed by a Black Moon South Node (karmic) great eliminator, Mercury Ixion resource, and Black Moon Astraea manifestation.  Today’s Light Bridge offers visionary Light through the lens of the universal heart.  When we open unconditionally with compassionate non-attachment, we can elevate to a higher lens of Truth.  The non-local lens of vision, through the eyes of an awakened heart, reveals everything…including the shadows, illusions, distortions, and attachments.  Love is the mechanism that allows us to align with authenticity and Truth, letting go of the rest in a heartbeat.


On Saturday 3/12, Mars activates a Light Bridge with Varuna, followed by a Black Moon Eris resource, Ceres Chariklo manifestation, Mercury Varuna great eliminator, Ceres Quaoar great eliminator, Black Moon Neptune stepping stone, and Black Moon Sun stepping stone.   Yesterday’s Light Bridge facilitates action today, through the mechanism of Love.  Sometimes the wake up call for conscious action can feel uncomfortable, but when the heart calls, it’s time to move.   The messages are crystal clear, if we have the courage to remain open, unattached, and neutral.  If we get triggered or tagged by personal preferences or biases, we may lose our footing on the elevated Light Bridge.  If that happens, take a deep breath, open your heart, and choose to elevate back to that visionary bridge of Awakened Love.


And Sunday 3/13 is a Venus Salacia resource, Sun Neptune new cycle, Venus Chariklo new cycle, and Black Moon Saturn manifestation overnight into Monday 3/14.  Today’s Sun Neptune new cycle offers a profound resonance for enlightened clarity.  The Pisces Sun is ruled by Neptune, and while the potential for dreamy confusion is always possible, today is dignified and clarified by Light.  The heart offers a stabilizing atmosphere and a clarifying lens to look through, and what awakens within us has the potential to alter the story forever.  The moment we wake up and see clearly, we can’t pretend we don’t know what we’ve seen.


The practice this week is to connect with your feet each morning before getting out of bed.  Feel your heartbeat in the souls of your feet.  Find your presence in the center of your heart, and open unconditionally to each breath.  In that expansive openness, imagine stepping into your heart space, stretching into that skin as your full-bodied Self.  As you place your feet on the ground, imagine placing your feet at the altar of Oneness in the name of Peace, and establish connection from the heart.  May you walk in Love, may you walk in Peace, and may your actions be motivated by the purest flame of the awakened Heart.


“The Way is not in the sky; the Way is in the heart.”
― Gautama Buddha


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