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For the week of February 28 – March 6, 2022

We’re in the midst of an expansive crescendo that delivers the New Moon in Pisces this week conjunct Jupiter, and it’s time to take the brakes off and see how limitless we are when we live in the infinite ocean of trust and faith, as Love.  That Pisces ocean IS the limitless realm and the unified field of Unconditional Love, where there is no separation, only Love.  Love as a frequency, a lens of consciousness, a way of being and living.


When we get attached to Love as a temporary emotion or feeling, we may limit ourselves to experiences that feel good, or situations that have us feeling connected or elevated in the moment.  It can be challenging to look at global events and feel loved, and it can even be difficult to always love what we see.  The Pisces ocean is an origin point, offering a contextual lens of unity consciousness to live into and birth new possibilities from, unconditionally.


When we see the world through a lens of separation, divisiveness, judgment, and comparison, we have various feelings and personal opinions about our experiences that might ebb and flow depending upon circumstances.  The highest octave of Love is a visionary lens that allows us to see All through an equanimous lens, so that we can open unconditionally to be present with what is, and to see it all clearly, exactly as it is.  Not being blinded by potential, not being blinded by a current wave of feelings or emotions or preferences, but keeping our eyes, heart, and mind wide open to see what’s right before us and within us…to see clearly through the eyes of awakened Love.  Enlightened Vision.


When we orient only towards what feels comfortable or familiar, we create walls of separation and detach ourselves from the current wholeness.  We end up forming limitations and barriers that can skew our sense of reality, based on personal preferences.  We can even confuse ourselves by bending our lens of reality based on personal desires and attachments, avoiding the truth of the moment, seeing what we want to see.  A huge gift of this week’s Pisces New Moon is enlightened clarity – to see where we limit ourselves, where we manifest illusions and delusions that skew our sense of reality by becoming lofty or dreamy, and where we hold ourselves and each other small when we get narrow, rigid, or righteous in our lens of vision.   In recognizing our self induced limitations, we can choose to consciously expand beyond, finding wisdom and clarity.   That conscious expansion harmonizes with the unified field for new possibilities to manifest.


Opening to the infinite realm requires trust and faith…in the invisible spirit within everything, in the higher dimensions of wisdom, and the divine orchestration of universal oneness.  We may not like what we see playing out on the ground, or even understand the wholeness of what we think we’re seeing…but if we close off from fear or judgment, if we project our fears into the unknown and then subscribe to those fears as if they’re truth, or if we separate ourselves from the current moment in any way in efforts to bypass or ignore, we create suffering and a false sense of safety.


If we only trust in what we can control or make happen, we can find ourselves in opposition with spirit and the universal wisdom that’s ever-present and ever-unfolding.  We are part of a much greater expression of connection and wholeness, every cell of our being is resonating and participating with the universal current of a higher spiritual law of Love and creation.  When we can recognize the empty space within our own cells is the same as the vast outer space “out there”, we begin to see ourselves as a magical embodiment of universal creative potential.  Everything is within us, nothing is lacking.


When we deny ourselves the gift of being fully Alive with our feet on the ground in this epic global turning point -the awakening of higher Love – we actually silence and suppress our true nature, limiting ourselves and the contribution we came to make.  By continuing to awaken, to surrender with faith and trust, we become the embodiment of Light in every footstep, then every breath unifies with the root system of All beings, all storylines, all timelines, including the visionary roots through the invisible realm…unconditionally.  As we offer ourselves to this journey of Now, we bring our Light to the altar of Love, on behalf of All.  Our new playground is the unified field, the birthing point of the New Earth.    “Because you are alive, everything is possible”  Thich Nhat Hanh


The week begins on Monday 2/28 with a Chiron Juno resource and Sun Albion resource.  The thunderclap before the lightning…the tap on the shoulder before the moment of awakening, the bolt of lightning.  It’s time to realize the mastery within the wounds/suffering and celebrate the journey of wholeness that cultivates and awakens that divine mastery into conscious embodied action.  Let the tap on the shoulder flip the light switch on to reveal our greatest mastery as we walk this week, fully awake and deeply present.


On Tuesday 3/1, the Black Moon forms a great eliminator with Mercury and Venus recovers her retrograde shadow.  We’re officially in a “3” vibration for the month of March, which activates a harmonic potential for manifestation.  The recent Venus retrograde journey began back on November 17th when Venus entered her retrograde shadow, then stationed retrograde on December 19, and stationed direct on January 29.  Her completion from the shadow phase reveals the new structure, new template, and divine power of the awakened heart.  The heart holds the roadmap and the blueprint for divine manifestation, and when we align our mind/heart, that blueprint awakens, informing and inspiring action from the heart.


The current dance of Mars and Venus is an important recalibration that downloads the higher template of the heart into our cellular embodiment as the new template for our actions and manifestations.  The heart is the source of our inner navigation system.  When we go against our heart, we go against our true nature.  When we lose the divine connection of faith and trust within ourselves, we lose our connection to spirit.  Anytime we force actions that are misaligned with the integrity and consciousness of our heart, we go against nature, generating ripple effects of conflict, resistance, and a distorted misuse of power.  The cure is right relationship with our own Mars/Venus energy.  Restoring trust and alignment in our capacity to listen and trust the heart, which resonates in alignment with the laws of nature.  Our relationship with nature, our relationship with spirit, and our relationship with the divinity of all life is at stake.   At the end of the day, our physical biological bodies are forms of nature, belonging to this Earth.  Our bodies are also a gateway to unity consciousness, divine connection and communion with spirit, through the higher octave of universal Love.


Wednesday 3/2 delivers a Sun Uranus resource, Jupiter Great Attractor stepping stone, Mercury Saturn new cycle, then the New Moon at 13 Pisces, and a Uranus Juno stepping stone.   The Sun Uranus resource is the full blown gift of a Lightning bolt connected to Monday’s tap on the shoulder.  The New Moon in Pisces occurs at 12:34pm EST, ruled by Neptune and conjunct Jupiter, with Mars/Venus/Vesta conjunct Pluto and Mercury/Saturn/Astraea forming a stellium in Aquarius.  The opportunities for expansion, transformation, and awakening are off the charts.  It’s important to note, expansion can be experienced through confusion and distortions and/or enlightened clarity and truth.  The choice is ours, based on the lens we’re committed to looking through and living through.  Love reveals all truths.  Fear can distort our relationship with truth.


In Cosmic Consciousness, Pisces represents the infinite ocean of unconditional Love, our Christed Consciousness and Cosmic Consciousness.  All possibilities exist in the limitless ocean of Love.  Christ Consciousness is the embodiment of that unified field of Love.  Through that consciousness, all things are possible.  Our belief in the limitless realm of Love is what matters.  When we lose faith, lose trust, lose hope, our belief system gets tight and constricted, and can even get fractured or overwhelmed.  The cure is always Love, the invitation is always Love.  Love as a lens of consciousness, not a human emotion or feeling.  Be willing to transcend the current emotion from a state of compassion, acceptance, and surrender, then see what you can see from there, and allow the heart to navigate.


Learning to walk on water, floating instead of trying to control the entire ocean.  When we try to control or manage the ocean while swimming in it, we sink.  If we try to carry the weight of the ocean while swimming in it, we sink.  If we judge the movements of the wave patterns, if we resist every rise and fall and swell of the wave cycles, we can get very exhausted and disheartened.  Learn to ride the waves, surf and dance upon the water, without taking our feet out of the water, out of the dance.  While we can’t always control or even understand the events that are occurring around us in every moment, we can choose how we navigate the waters, and how we participate in the ocean of creation.  The Pisces ocean represents the magic of the universe, the possibilities that are available in every breath.


The power of a dream…and the faith and trust that all things are possible through Love.  If we only live in the possibility of a dream and refuse to participate in the integration of wholeness and communion with our current reality, we lose the cohesive channel of collaborative creation, and our capacity for manifestation becomes distorted and limited.  We must be here, fully present in all dimensions, in order to harness the magic of the universe and manifest our dreams into tangible reality.  The bridge that unifies the invisible realm of un-manifested potential must also connect to the tangible realm of manifested form and structure.  Yin and yang wholeness includes visible and invisible, and the relationship of both needs to be honored and respected.  The heart is the gateway to higher consciousness, and when we embody our heart, embodying our true divine nature, our cells become the physical gateway to universal connection and oneness.  Everything shifts.  Anything is possible.  Love is the key.


On Thursday 3/3, the big Mars Pluto conjunction/new cycle activates, followed by a Pallas Salacia new cycle, Ceres Varuna resource, then the big Venus Pluto conjunction/new cycle, followed by a Sun Orcus bridge, Mars Sedna manifestation, and Venus Sedna manifestation.  Both Mars and Venus conjunct Pluto represent the ultimate transformation and metamorphosis that occurs when we embody our true nature and allow the heart to motivate and inspire our actions.  There’s a new expression coming online for those who can fully surrender the ego attachments to old identities, expressions, and chronic muscle memory in order to awaken to a higher octave of authenticity and creative expression.  We are being reborn, from the universal potential and magic that we are, and all that lives deep within us, whether we’ve ever known it or not.  This is a moment of unveiling, resurrection, and divine emergence…remembering the highest truth of who we are, with permission and authority to fully embody that truth, inside and out.  That embodiment of truth transforms the skin we’re living in.


Friday 3/4 is a Pallas Chariklo resource and Sun Great Attractor stepping stone.  Wisdom is the stabilizer in our collective atmosphere today.  Wisdom acknowledges where we’ve been, what we’ve learned, then elevates and integrates into our current choices and actions so that we don’t repeat the past.  It’s time for new possibilities, which comes from a new lens of consciousness, then new choices, new thoughts, new actions.  Remember, nothing is impossible in the Pisces ocean, but we have to believe it to see it.  When we believe in Love, we can see the possibilities everywhere.  When we believe in magic, we become it.  If we don’t believe, we won’t see it or trust it…even though it it’s right in front of us.


On Saturday 3/5 the Sun forms a new cycle with Jupiter, followed by a Pallas Quaoar stepping stone, Mars Haumea stepping stone, Venus Haumea stepping stone, and Mercury Eris resource.  Expansion is off the charts today, and it’s important to be intentional about the lens we’re living through.  If anything is possible, and everything is expanding, it matters that we get clear about what we’re looking for, and how we’re committed to living each moment.  If we choose fear, we’ll see an abundance of fear.  If we choose limitations and challenges, we’ll see that too.  If we choose possibility, those will be endless.  Let the possibilities flow like effervescent bubbles that elevate upwards to reflect the Light.  And allow the inspiration to move through every cell today, inspiring new thoughts and actions from that Light of Truth.


And on Sunday 3/6, Mars enters Aquarius, then Venus enters Aquarius 7 minutes later, and the Venus Mars conjunction/new cycle officially occurs at 2:12am EST at 00 Aquarius (the same degree as the Saturn Jupiter new cycle on 12/21/2020 that launched us into a new 20 year cycle of social consciousness through Awakened Love).  Later today, Pluto and Vesta form a new cycle, followed by a Vesta Sedna manifestation and Juno Orcus great eliminator.   This is a huge calibration of social consciousness at the cellular level, from the heart that connects us All.  Then Venus takes the lead in her relationship with Mars, inspiring new awakened consciousness through the embodiment of Divine Love.  The visionary lens of I, We, and All extends through nature and the cosmos, and every cell of our being reveals and reflects the infinite ocean of universal oneness.  Our private inner thoughts aren’t separate from the actions and ripples emerging on the planet moment to moment.  Everything is connected, participating in a greater conversation, in a dance of Love.


The practice this week is to choose faith and trust over fear.  Fears will get triggered, it’s part of the experience of being human.  However, every time we choose to elevate through faith and trust, without disconnecting from our current experience, there’s a shift into possibility.  It takes courage to remain fully present while also remaining connected to a higher vision that hasn’t manifested yet on the ground.  Embody that vision, embody the possibility, and surrender any attachments as you ride the waves.  Now is not the time to force anything out of fear, lack, scarcity, or insecurity.  Choose Love and allow the flow of magic to harmonize with the authenticity of your own heart…and see what emerges from that sacred space of poetic music.


“We often think of peace as the absence of war, that if powerful countries would reduce their weapon arsenals, we could have peace.  But if we look deeply into the weapons, we see our own minds – our own prejudices, fears, and ignorance.  Even if we transport all the bombs to the moon, the roots of war and the roots of bombs are still there, in our hearts and minds, and sooner or later we will make new bombs.  To work for peace is to uproot war from ourselves and from the hearts of men and women.”  ~ Thich Nhat Hanh


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