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For the week of 12/10 – 12/16

The week ahead begins to lighten up the intense energies that we’ve become so familiar navigating. Clarity of communications, physical sensations, and refined multidimensional vision emerge right before our eyes. It’s been there all along, we’ve just been journeying through the deeper subconscious layers of our minds to clear out the attachments and congestion. It’s onward and upward now, with enlightened focus.

In the mind/body connection, we know the significance of our thoughts in relationship with our physical results, including our health, body, and environment. However, one aspect we’ve not fully understood is the impact our emotions have in response (or reaction) to our thoughts, thereby altering our experience of physical reality, including our embodied health. It’s been scientifically proven that 80% (if not more) of our physical diseases and disorders stem from unresolved emotions held within the subconscious. We know what our awakened thoughts are generating, and we know what are awakened emotions are causing….yet what we don’t readily know is the volume of subconscious emotional residue and the gravity of attachments held within that aspect of ourselves.  We don’t know what we don’t know, and our blind spots can carry a lot of energetic weight.


This recent Mercury retrograde, on the heels of Venus’ retrograde, took our observer’s mind into the deep waters of Scorpio, seeking the truth…below the surface, where we typically don’t have access. If we were patient, surrendered, and willing, we’ve been journeying through some pretty interesting layers of what could be described as a mucous membrane, slippery and sticky at times. What’s amazing is to then bring our conscious awareness to the invisible structured attachments to the biofilm by bringing our observer’s mind within the mucous membranes, and looking around. What can tend to go unnoticed or unexamined, even though we physically feel the effects, is now available to examine and engage with, in plain sight.


The information revealed in the biofilm can be profoundly life altering, when we activate the available space between that structured film and our cellular expression. Anytime we create space within anything physical, we gain new dimensions of perspective, and if our observer’s mind is calibrated to Love, we can not only see the universe in that empty space, but we can also see Truth and slice through illusions, drama, and misinformation. For example, virus information hiding out in the blind spots, dormant and unnoticed, will continue to hold the same patterns of communication, which means our inner landscape is affected by the presence of that hidden code. However, once our awakened consciousness can view it, in plain sight, we can recognize it’s not our truth, and let go of the attachment, which releases that expression to be recycled, or transmuted, into free potential.  The power of equanimous observation is incredibly potent.


The more we practice being present in our bodies, owning our divine power and authority to hold sacred space for ourselves within our cells, we can access that empowerment to elevate and transcend the current programming of our cellular communications. We are not bound to our current DNA, or our current biological expression. We must, however, be willing to be so intimately present and awake within our skin that we can see what’s occurring – and the wholeness of that manifestation – deep below the surface, so that we can finally set free what’s not our truth, and liberate ourselves to a whole new possibility.


Mercury’s retrograde through Scorpio expanded our multidimensional scope of vision and communications.  As long as we remain neutral and equanimous in the awakened observer seat, we have access to everything. Nothing can be withheld or hidden from the Universal eye of Love and Oneness. The grand water manifestation last week with Mercury, Chiron, and the North Node (Soul Star Chakra) delivered an brand new potential for mastery of healing/wholing anything that has been misunderstood or unaccessible in our consciousness, up until now. The key is in our relationship with the emotional body, which brings us into relationship with the water element.


Everything new is birthed from the feminine and emerges from water. When we don’t know what’s in our water, we can experience symptoms that don’t make much sense, until eventually we find ourselves in a health crisis. Our embodied water element contains any unresolved emotional residue or toxicity, not just from our own experiences, but from multiple generations back, through our ancestral lineage, as expressed in our DNA, and possibly even residue from empathic experiences that we’ve attached ourselves to.


We can either be limited by that unexamined water, and subscribe to the stories of “the way it is”, or we can shed the light of our most awakened consciousness into that unknown water for enlightened truth seeking, thereby purifying our own water and restoring our soul’s original blueprint, our awakened DNA. When we allow our soul’s DNA to take root in our physical skin, we embody our divine mastery, and our experience of how we walk through the world becomes brand new.


The week begins on Monday 12/10 as Orcus stations retrograde, Quaoar forms a stepping stone with Salacia, and the Black Moon is resourceful with the Sun. Orcus is the link to our infinite immortal self, and reminds us why it matters to be here in physical form. This retrograde journey reminds us all that there is no separation between the immortal aspects of self and this incarnation. The more we expand our consciousness to see beyond the veils of separation and illusion, we recognize that we have the capacity to be fully awakened and fully embodied at the same time. If our minds can stretch open enough to allow space for this thought, we will begin to dance in fluid motion with the formless universe that is creation in motion. Nothing is hidden in this fluid space of infinite potential. Everything is revealed, available, and full of life affirming magic..and not only can we see it all, it is our reflection.


On Tuesday 12/11, Mercury and Uranus form a great eliminator. Our minds have a choice to calibrate to love or fear, and regardless of which we choose, there is massive awakening on tap. Love is the answer, always…and when we slip into fear, our inner “messenger” delivers a wake up call to restore our consciousness with Love. Remember, the focus isn’t on the actual messenger or the particular event that gets our attention…the main focus is on the experience of awakening, and what comes next from that elevated space. The thoughts that emerge from an awakened state of mind are important, and sometimes we need a “state change” to shake things up and access new threads of possibilities.


On Wednesday 12/12, Mercury re-enters Sagittarius, and the Sun forms a great eliminator with Juno. Our mental body is moving forward into the sign of the Truth Seeker, and that’s truly the potential for all of us right now, at a very personal and universal level. We’re eliminating old fear based thought patterns and beliefs of separation in order to realize the awakened consciousness of Unity through oneness. The universal truths of our connectivity through the mirror are becoming more and more recognizable.


Thursday 12/13 is a subtle Black Moon Mars intimacy aspect, followed by a Neptune Ceres manifestation, then a Vesta MakeMake manifestation. Our physical bodies reveal the communications from our subconscious, and when we’re willing to lean in and listen, that subtle energy can be received, liberated, and set free. Enlightenment is birthing through our current experience of physicality, and there’s a powerful devotion to manifest moving forward in alignment with universal laws of nature, love, and oneness.


On Friday 12/14, Mercury and Salacia are manifesting, the Sun and Eris are manifesting, and Salacia stations direct. As we attune our vision to the intangible realm, we manifest magic, co-creating with the universe as music flows through every breath of our awareness. Any discomforts are simply facilitating a release, from the inside out. As we expand our consciousness more and more through the intangible realm, we recognize that everything physical contains 99.9% empty space…and that empty space is alive with possibilities. We have infinite room to expand through that available space, yet the stretching of expansion may create temporary moments of discomfort and friction as we move beyond our old filters of belief.  We are are the universe, embodied, and we have permission to create with that infinite realm of potential.


Saturday 12/15 is a Mercury Varuna manifestation and a Black Moon Pallas manifestation. Continuing to refine our ability to access the universal scope of vision, the universal eye of Love and Oneness, revealing boundless volumes of divine wisdom everywhere we look.


And on Sunday 12/16, the Black Moon forms a stepping stone with Ceres, and Venus forms a resource with Saturn. We’re birthing our liberation…and the heart is leading the way. The heart holds the seat of divine power and authority, and the heart holds the blueprint of our soul’s purpose and evolution. That blueprint is the roadmap, the Love Letter from our immortal Self, with full details and information supporting every movement. When we navigate our reality from the heart, in alignment with that blueprint, we are always home, all is well, and everything is exactly as it should be in this moment. We have all we could ever need, always.


The practice this week is to consciously bring your observer’s mind into your body and scan your current physical sensations. Close your eyes, open your inner scope of vision from the lens of Love, and begin scanning yourself from the top of your head down to your feet. Breathe in and out through your nose, feel the physical sensations of breath through your body, and allow that merging point of spirit and matter – the intangible and the tangible – to facilitate the journey of exploration. Stay in your body, awaken and aware, and see what you can see as you consciously feel your physical sensations through the equanimous lens of Love. Remember, nothing can remain hidden or withheld when observing from the Universal eye of Love and Oneness. The body never lies. Energy and information is revealed in plain sight, right before our eyes, if we’re willing to look.


“If it is bread that you seek, you will have bread.
If it is the soul you seek, you will find the soul.
If you understand this secret, you know you are that which you seek.”
― Rumi


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