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For the week of September 27 – October 3, 2021

Get ready for a dynamic week ahead!  The week begins with a retrograde twist, a powerful review/reflection of the inner landscape of our mental body.  The shake up between “outer” and “inner” causes dynamic contrast that awakens our capacity to rewrite the script and shift the story as we’re living it.


When we’re fully present, time becomes fluid…we can see the results of our thoughts and beliefs, and shift the patterning as we awaken in the moment.  When we see our mirrored reflection, we can confirm or adjust accordingly.  If we can’t see a reflection, we don’t know what we don’t know.  The important feedback loop provides information that gives us the power to make a choice, to make a conscious shift…which altars what we’re seeing in the mirror.  If the mirror is distorted, we may get confused by what we’re seeing, and confusion can create unnecessary shifts that aren’t accurate or helpful.


We live in an ongoing feedback loop, a universal dialogue, an ongoing current or stream of vibrational resonance.  Sometimes the feedback loop of information gets distorted or misaligned, when the lens we’re looking through becomes congested.  The residue of historic conversations and missed messages can cause confusion, affecting our ability to interpret clearly.  During this particular Mercury Retrograde cycle, we have an amazing opportunity to clear our filters, recalibrate the lens and the mirror that we’re looking through and receiving from.  It’s crucial that we find an accurate lens of vision to navigate and co-create the world around us.


Our lens of vision is created by a composite configuration of our inner beliefs, attachments, and assumptions.  What we believe we’ll see, what we believe is available for us in any given moment, determines what we’re likely to experience or find.  The truth is, the infinite universe contains vast possibilities and opportunities for manifestation and creation, always.  The possibilities we’re open to are the ones we’ll connect with.  The hidden blindspots of unresolved residue or outstanding congestion can cloud our lens and actually distort our vision and navigation system.


When we believe all possibilities are on the table, we take actions based on that assumption.  We take leaps of faith when we believe in abundance, when we believe in ourselves, and when we trust in the inherent abundance of the universe.  If we believe there isn’t enough, or if we believe we won’t find what we’re looking for, that story is encoded on the lens we’re looking through.  No matter what we find, no matter what we encounter in the vast infinite universe, it will be encoded with that belief, written into the script.  We have the power to limit and override universal potential from our own minds, and we do it every day.


Possibilities exist everywhere.  The frequency of our heart is broadcasted through the ethers, resonating and responding with similar frequencies that are already co-creating and making music together.  The mind can be a tricky place, a house of mirrors, when an unconscious belief causes a distortion in the lens we’re looking through, that actually prohibits us from seeing accurately what’s right in front of us.  Or when a blind spot triggers an inaccurate assumption/projection of what’s occurring, based on past wounds or traumas that carry unresolved patterns in our operating system.  If we could see ourselves clearly in those moments, from within the matrix of our inner operating system, we could make the necessary adjustments, from within.


Mercury is the Messenger that represents our entire mental body/operating system, and the complex network of communications that occurs from within.  Breakdowns in communication don’t just happen interpersonally, they’re primarily occurring behind the scenes, within ourselves.  When we ignore the inner breakdowns, and only focus on the outer, we can spend lifetimes trying to get to the core of misunderstandings and missed opportunities.  If we can shift our focus to the inner landscape of our own mental body system, and access a crystalline mirror of universal truth and wisdom, we can illuminate the misfires and crossed wires, addressing the viruses in our own code.


That moment of awakening altars the game forever, recalibrating our relationship axis, the mind/body connection, and our greater lens/ world view.   We gain incredible power by harnessing the universal feedback loop to crack our own code, recalibrating to reflect our most awakened Self and our limitless potential…from the heart.


The week begins on Monday 9/27 with Mercury’s retrograde station, and then Pallas forms a stepping stone with the Great Attractor.   Mercury will retrograde from today 9/27 through 10/18, stationing direct on the same day as Jupiter’s station.  This is the 3rd time Mercury will retrograde fully through an air sign, which relates to the mental body, communications, vibrational resonance, and frequency.  Our inner technology has been completely overhauled and recalibrated, and this is the final retrograde that reveals the mirrored reflection in physical results.  The universe is an ongoing multifaceted dialogue, the creation and conversation of music…frequency patterns and vibrational resonance that manifests through algorithms and codes.  When we learn to crack our own code of dialogue, we can fine tune and elevate within the larger universal conversation with crystalline clarity, cohesiveness, and oneness.  The universal language is Love, and the frequency of Love reveals universal Truth and Wisdom.


On Tuesday 9/28, Uranus finds resource with Pallas, followed by a Vesta Quaoar resource, Black Moon Mars manifestation, and Sun Varuna resource.  Today is a helpful supportive day for awakening higher wisdom and elevating to a higher universal lens of vision.  Our desire and devotion to elevate uncovers new possibilities and inspires new actions.  We are not limited to the local story within our personal operating system…we are infinitely connected through a larger universal code of limitless potential.  As we commit to restoring and recovering that vastness within ourselves, we uncover new dimensions of creative potential within.


Wednesday 9/29, the Sun forms a Light Bridge with Salacia, followed by a Venus Neptune manifestation, and Sun Saturn manifestation.  When the mirrored lens reflects the vast infinite ocean of limitless potential, we are instantly calibrated to remember the truth of who we are.  The heart uncovers our highest vision through the dream state, allowing us to see the hidden potential as we write a new story and allow it to take shape.  The moment we awaken higher vision, we can then manifest that potential into physical form.  Expansion to see beyond our linear reality is key.


On Thursday 9/30, the Sun sparks a new cycle with MakeMake, Venus forms a stepping stone with Jupiter, and the Black Moon is incredibly busy – manifesting with MakeMake, Sun, and Saturn, finding resource with Salacia and Varuna, and then forming a great eliminator with Vesta.  The Sun MakeMake new cycle brings our consciousness into relationship with divine timing and the higher laws of the universe.  If we look around at our current linear results and timelines, we see the mirrored reflection of limitation and status quo.  When we elevate our consciousness to a higher dimension, we see our reflection through the cycles of nature, the forces of nature, and the divine flow of creation that is always ebbing and flowing in divine order.  Uncovering our true nature, we find our true reflection in the mirror, and recalibrate/reboot from there, sparking our greatest expansion.


Friday 10/1 is dynamic – Mercury revisits the bridge with Eris (2nd of 3), followed by a Mars Chiron bridge, Mercury Pluto stepping stone, Black Moon Quaoar great eliminator, and Black Moon North Node (dharmic) communion.  Today is the first day of the “10” vibration month, potent new beginnings that provide an octave jump from where we’ve been so far this year, with a preview into the new year ahead.  As the inner messenger travels inward, there are inner awakenings on tap today.  When we see ourselves clearly through the mirror, patterns and all, we can awaken, heal, and transform old wounds into a new expression of mastery.  Every time we revisit old wounds and patterns, the opportunity for new awareness is available.  Today is a day for quantum leaps that carry us forward into new territory, new dimensions, and new possibilities.


On Saturday 10/2, Venus finds resource with Pluto, followed by a Venus Eris great eliminator, Vesta Varuna stepping stone, Vesta Salacia great eliminator, then Black Moon retrogrades into Taurus, manifesting with Chariklo and forming a great eliminator with Ixion.  The heart is alive today, waking us up from below the surface, from the inside out.  The hidden dimensions of the heart are rising up, speaking out, and lighting up the inner fire of devotion.  Our deepest passions and innermost callings of the heart reveal our divine purpose and promise in this lifetime.  As the heart awakens, so does our Light.


And Sunday 10/3 starts with a Black Moon Astraea great eliminator, followed by a Black Moon Sedna communion, Mars Ceres manifestation, Black Moon Haumea great eliminator, Sun Chiron bridge, Mercury Jupiter manifestation (2nd of 3), Black Moon Venus bridge, and Saturn Vesta stepping stone.   Today births action and movement, inspired by the unveiling of divine records from our Cosmic Self.  Actions inspired from our awakened Self lead to manifestation of awakened mastery.  When we can see the truth of who we are, beyond old stories of wounds and limitations, we can expand into our greatest potential and re-write the script from that elevated lens of clarity.  Anything is possible, and the belief in ourselves is what allows us the freedom to create from the heart.  Remember, the heart holds the blueprint, the roadmap, and the highest vision.  Anything uncovered from the heart reveals our highest path.  Our inner belief system either supports that path or delays the journey.  We have the power to set ourselves free by following our heart and trusting the path will deliver us home.


The practice this week is to reset and reboot the mental body.  Find time each day to slow down, take some deep breaths, and imagine bringing the mental body/operating system into rest mode.  Mercury Retrograde is an excellent opportunity to realign the operating system with universal upgrades while cleaning out the filters and the inner bandwidth of the mind.   As you bring your undivided attention in with the inhale, imagine threading your mind into the heart, plugging into the docking station at the center of your heart for grounding and rebooting.  Once the mind is rooted into the heart, start to close out any open tabs in your mental body operating system.  The same way you clear out the open screens in your computer or cell phone before powering down to reboot, practice the same within your own inner technology.  Close out all of the open chat boxes and messaging streams, and find a resting still point within.  Allow the inhale to gently stretch open the structure of your mind, and allow the exhale to gently clear the air and clear the space while your entire mental body reboots.


“The un-awakened mind tends to make war against the way things are. To follow a path with heart, we must understand the whole process of making war within ourselves and without, how it begins and how it ends. War’s roots are in ignorance. Without understanding we can easily become frightened by life’s fleeting changes, the inevitable losses, disappointments, the insecurity of our aging and death. Misunderstanding leads us to fight against life, running from pain or grasping at security and pleasures that by their nature can never be satisfying.”
― Jack Kornfield, A Path with Heart: A Guide Through the Perils and Promises of Spiritual Life



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  1. ❤❤❤❤. As the day moved itself forward, an awareness realized popped up that I think resonates here:

    It isn’t that Creation is a knot, or that people or Life aren’t creating enough, or that there simply isn’t enough Creation. There is an overabundance of Creation. There is endless Creation happening in the physical, mental, spiritual, emotional realms.

    The knot is in distribution streams and realms and in the feedback loop streams and realms, where the overabundance and endless possibility and pure Creation that is in fact actually true gets distorted into various conclusions.

    I also feel that the Light is getting to a place where these distortions in the distribution and feedback loop/realms are getting realigned where the Energy will reset and it will be like looking at a landscape you think you have been looking at forever and seeing endless new things. 🥳💃🏽🎯💯🏄🏽‍♀️😁💥❤😀😍🌩💪🏽😃🌊💓😉😆🙌🏽👌🏽😄👍🏽🥰🤩💖😘🙆🏽‍♀️⚡🤣

    I also LOOOOOOOOOVE this week’s practice. Exactly what was needed!!!

    Much thanks & tons of warm wishes Christine!!!

  2. Dear Christine, I hate to be a bother but the last Weekly Navigation I received was 9-27—10-3.
    Will you be coming back? ❤️ To U and yours, M. Stone

  3. Hi Christine, happy Sunday! Miss your weekly guidance. Always so accurate ♥️ Hope all is well with you 🥰🥰

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