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For the week of September 20 – 26, 2021

The week ahead is a magical orchestration of possibilities that arise from the infinite realm when we’re aligned and in tune with our heart.  Anything is possible when we practice trust and faith in the unseen, allowing a higher vision to manifest and take shape beyond our mind’s current template of understanding.


Our logical linear mind on its own can only take us where we’ve gone before, while the heart is guiding us in synch with the universal realm of oneness and divine timing, into new dimensions and new possibilities.  The heart holds the roadmap, the blueprint, and the higher lens of vision that allows us to navigate the periods of uncertainty without losing our center.  When the mind attunes to the visionary channels of the heart, we begin to see clearly and observe the new possibilities awakening through our higher channels of divine communication.


When moments of uncertainty challenge our capacity for trust and faith, the logical mind can spin out, trying to figure out the next move and coordinate a plan of action.  The problem is, the mind can only comprehend what it has seen before, based on past experience.  The mind can’t compute new consciousness or unfamiliar terrain that has never been explored or considered.  The Pisces Ocean of limitless possibility contains every thread of potential, every spark of creative brilliance, and every imagining – including what’s never been seen before.  In order to harness that universal creative visionary potential, we must surrender the mind to what we don’t know, what we don’t yet understand, and what we can’t yet see.  That’s the only way to invite and allow the magic of the universe to reveal itself fully, as we take a step and trust.


Trust and faith in the invisible realm, trust and faith in what we can’t yet see, trust and faith in the un-manifested potential of a higher vision that’s unfolding, even if it’s not fully tangible yet, but very much alive in the spiritual realm.  In order to navigate this lucid-dreamy realm of pure possibility and imagination, we need to have a rudder, an orientation point that keeps us centered, aligned, and in tune with the present moment.  Without alignment, we can get swept away by the endless possibilities and options.  Without resilience and inner strength, we can lose faith, lose vision, and lose heart in moments of uncertainty or unexpected turbulence.  It matters that we develop inner resilience, wisdom, and patience to ride the waves and weather the storms without losing our inner navigation system that channels through the heart.


The Pisces infinite ocean is vast – no borders, no boundaries, and no limits.  Like our view of the ever expansive cosmos, the further out we explore, the more we expand into that vastness, and the realization that every direction leads to more and more revelations of sustainable infinity loops.  We can zoom in or zoom out, and no matter what direction we’re focused in, we find endlessness and infinite expansion.  There is no real edge to anything, just an ever expanding stretch of our current lens as we soften the edges of our own mind and open to the possibility of more.  The only edge we ever really encounter is within our own mind, when we decide there’s a boundary or a limitation.  The mind is the author of our limitations…which means, if we’re looking for something new, we must open our minds to what we can’t yet see, what we don’t yet understand.


The key to mental body agility and flexibility is found in our relationship with polarities…exploring the edge of our comfort zone, and the ongoing pendulum swing that ebbs and flows between familiar and unknown, like a figure 8 infinity loop that threads new consciousness through our experiences, weaving the ever-expanding pattern of wholeness.  Even old routines can reveal something brand new, and that new consciousness can integrate into the familiar landscape, altering and transcending our experiences forever.


Taking a leap of faith outside of our normal default settings can support in stretching our belief system to include new possibilities.  If our mental body is tight and rigid, we will have a small lens of perception of our current reality.  When the mental body is supple, open, and innocent, we can see into the gaps and empty spaces between the obvious.  Our belief in the imaginary realms is what allows us to commune with the spirit world, the invisible realm where all possibilities exist in un-manifested form.


When we practice stretching our lens of vision to see through the eyes of the heart, we open to the unified field, the infinite ocean of limitless possibility.  That lens of Love is essential in transcending current limitations and fears, riding the wave of trust and faith, and manifesting a brand new world.  If we don’t take a leap of faith, we’ll never know what’s possible.  If we can’t trust a greater source of divine wisdom that supports our greatest expansion, we’ll never feel safe enough to take a risk.  The truth is, we are infinitely supported, and infinitely Loved.  When we live from the purity of our awakened heart, we live in synch with the greater consciousness that is ever unfolding and ever manifesting, as the current of Love.  There’s nothing to fear when we’re rooted in Love.  Love is the consciousness that transcends old limitations into new possibilities.


The week begins on Monday 9/20 with a Black Moon Uranus subtle intimacy aspect, followed by a Venus Ceres great eliminator, Venus Chiron great eliminator, then Vesta enters Scorpio, Mercury manifests with Jupiter, then the Full Moon in Pisces occurs at 7:55pm EST followed by a Mars South Node resource, Mars North Node manifestation, and Mars Quaoar stepping stone.   The heart is purified and delivered through an alchemical fire of devotion that ushers us into the Full Moon in Pisces.  Pisces is the sign of Spiritual Wisdom, unconditional Love, Christ Consciousness.  The embodied practice of faith and trust allows us to navigate the invisible realm with clarity when we can’t yet see what lies before us, or when we don’t yet understand the wisdom in each unfolding moment.  The heart is the best mechanism of communication as we swim through the infinite ocean of limitless possibilities.  As long as we’re attuned to the heart, we can navigate the limitless realm with refined discernment as our primary filter.  When we’re not attuned to the heart, that infinite ocean can be slippery, confusing, and at times overwhelming.  Our psychic and empathic sensitivities can become oversaturated since the unified realm contains no boundaries or borders, only oneness.  With a wise heart, divine love, and embodied faith, we learn to trust the current, ride the waves, and walk on water.


Pisces is disposed by Neptune, our capacity for enlightened clarity.  If we’re not trusting the divine intuitive guidance from within, our channels of communication can get distorted, cloudy, and confusing.  Oftentimes confusion precedes clarity, and the moment of Truth turns the lights on, which can even feel like a profound lightning bolt or electrical current through our water that can’t be ignored or forgotten.  Cloudy water is hard to see through…enlightened water is awake with consciousness.  Truth, clarity, and wisdom come online when we trust in the greater flow of our current, and have faith in the divine unfolding of each moment.  When we feel small or insignificant, we can easily feel overwhelmed with challenges and limitations.  When we see clearly, we realize that we ARE the vast limitless ocean…timeless, infinite, and abundantly creative…at one with the greater current of Life, at one with every infinite possibility of the universe.  There is nothing lacking, nothing missing…and nothing holding us back.  With trust and faith, and an awakened heart attuned to Love, we are unstoppable.  Taking a leap of faith, we can trust that everything unfolds for our greatest good, even if we can’t yet see or understand the divine wisdom in the situation.  The universe is our mirror, offering a reflection of limitless potential and creative possibilities, like shooting stars manifesting through thin air, reflected through the oceanic ripples.  Anything is possible when we believe.  The moment we stop believing, the mind creates limits and barriers.


This Full Moon occurs at the master degree of Pisces, and is intersected by Ixion, the 5D blueprint of our highest purpose and divine expression.  When we believe in ourselves, magic manifests, our potential is limitless, and we unleash the divinity within.  When we lose faith or subscribe to conditions and restrictions, we bottle up that potential and stifle the magic.  It’s time to unleash ourselves and remember the power of belief, the power of our innocence, before we were taught to be afraid of trusting the magic that lives within our hearts.  Pisces consciousness contains a purity of innocence that holds the key to enlightened wisdom and Christ Consciousness.  The Virgo Sun is disposed by Chiron, who reminds us that every wound reveals our source of Light.  If we become hardened by our historic wounds, we block the Light from dancing freely.  When we master our Light, the wounds reveal divine wisdom, and the unifying thread of Light that connects us All.


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On Tuesday 9/21, Juno conjuncts the Great Attractor, followed by a Chiron Ceres resource, then Black Moon turns direct (just shy of a wisdom stepping stone with Pallas), then Uranus forms a great eliminator with Juno, the Sun manifests with Sedna and forms a stepping stone with Ixion.  Our deepest core wounds have the power to usher us through the birth canal of wholeness and wisdom, if we can surrender, trust, and have faith in what we can’t yet see or understand.  Wisdom is the medicine that offers maturity and grace as we forgive, transcend, and resolve the hurts…shedding old skin and revealing the newly awakened skin of refined Love.  Like diamonds, we are refined and polished by every situation that initiates a deeper communion with our heart, and compassion for humanity.   When we can see ourselves through the mirrored stories and embodied wholeness of others, our healing journey takes a quantum leap, and wisdom expands through the unified field.


Wednesday 9/22 begins with a Venus Orcus resource, Sun Chariklo manifestation, Saturn MakeMake manifestation, Mercury Pluto stepping stone, Mercury Eris bridge, and the Sun enters Libra.  Today is the Autumn Equinox, the still point of equality and equanimity of yin/yang, light/dark.  That recalibration offers a conscious reset/reboot, and today’s Mercury Eris bridge also offers a profound awakening from within.  Divine timing sets the pace today, and our awakened divine power comes online as we consciously choose to calibrate Love through the mirrored lens of Oneness in our experiences today.  Life is our teacher, and the lesson plan is Divine Love.  Every practical exam elevates us to a higher octave of mastery, and every new initiation delivers new consciousness.


On Thursday 9/23, the Black Moon repeats the subtle intimacy aspect with Uranus, followed by a Venus Uranus bridge, Venus Pallas manifestation, and Black Moon Orcus stepping stone.   Another opportunity for radical awakening is on tap for today with the Venus Uranus bridge.  There’s more to uncover and unearth from deep within our own hearts, in the hidden realms and unconscious dimensions.  The heart is the key to our healing, personal and collective…and the heart is also the gateway to oneness, unity, and embodied Love.


Friday 9/24 is a Black Moon Venus great eliminator, Mars Varuna resource, Pallas Juno stepping stone, and Mars Salacia bridge.  As the heart continues to purify and awaken, our actions also refine and elevate through a higher lens of vision.  When we remove the limiting beliefs from historic conditioning, and restore faith and trust in the limitless potential of our divine spirit and awakened heart, we begin to experience leaps of faith that have the power to alter our universe…including our perception of ourselves and others.   When we leap with faith, the universe responds, doors open, conversations deepen, and hearts connect.  There are no guarantees, but we begin to cultivate a relationship with uncertainty that expands possibilities and unleashes our true nature.


On Saturday 9/25, the Black Moon communes with Ceres, followed by a Mars Saturn manifestation, Uranus Great Attractor great eliminator, Black Moon Chiron resource, and Mars MakeMake new cycle.  More Mars activity today, fueled by faith and trust in a higher power, a higher lens of vision, and the divine orchestration that continues to unfold with magic, mystery, grace, and Love.  When we surrender old beliefs and find harmony with the current flow, we become animated by a higher octave of enlightened clarity.  We don’t always need to know what comes next, as long as we’re present, surrendered, and dialed into the invisible realm as our inner guidance mechanism for conscious action.


And Sunday 9/26, the Sun manifests with the North Node (dharma), finds resource with the South Node (karma), and forms a stepping stone with Quaoar.  The Libra Sun manifests with the dharmic node in Gemini, bringing our relationship with the mirror into a transcendental state of ascension.  If we judge, resist, or oppose our own reflection, we engage in the tug of war of duality, which perpetuates the karmic wheel of suffering.  When we meet our reflection with Love and Equanimity, we can transcend the duality and ascend to higher dimensions of awakening through the realization of Oneness.  We are the greater reflection of the universe, manifesting and co-creating with every thought we think, every belief we attach to, and every limitation we subscribe to.  When we use our personal power to choose Love, we recognize our reflection of Love in the mirror, and that expression begins to expand until we see it clearly everywhere.


The practice this week is the mirror gaze meditation.  Spend at least 10 minutes sitting in front of a full length mirror, soften your gaze, and sit with your own reflection.  Let go of any judgments, criticisms, or limiting beliefs, and simply be with all that is revealed and awakened through that experience of reflection.  Practice equanimity, holding your seat of Love and Compassion, looking through the lens of the heart.  Love calibrates the mirror to clarity.  Judgment distorts the mirror as well as your lens of perception.  Open to Love and see what emerges in the empty spaces.  Meet yourself with Love, and allow your divine potential to shine.  Then take your mirror gaze meditation out into the world…practice seeing yourself through the eyes of the hearts of others, in every interaction, every situation.  Take the embodied practice of Love into action as you navigate your daily life, in oneness and wholeness with All.


“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, ‘Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?’ Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It’s not just in some of us; it’s in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.”

― Marianne Williamson, A Return to Love: Reflections on the Principles of “A Course in Miracles”



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  1. So so beautiful, Christine, thank you! Yes, I learned this, these past 12 months or so; when others start to criticize, they need love to soothe their insecurities. Now, when I hear criticism, I understood it’s a call for love and appreciation. Namaste.

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