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For the week of September 13 – 19, 2021

The week ahead is a continuation of the deepening integration of our awakened wholeness through every subtle shift and conscious attunement towards the heart.  Like a multidimensional instrument, we’re fine tuning the multiple threads within ourselves, and every time we choose Love, we find alignment, resonance, and exfoliation.  A deeper vibrational shedding of skin occurs when we honor the truth of who we really are.  By fine-tuning that frequency, everything else starts to loosen up, dissolve, and let go.


We are like musical instruments, conduits and conductors of frequency, sound, vibration, and Light.  As we learn to play in tune with ourselves, calibrating to the resonance of the heart, we elevate to a higher octave of conscious creation and universal collaboration.  This octave shift requires patience, wisdom, and grace to navigate.  If we’ve been orienting to what feels important “out there”, bringing ourselves into contribution or service based on the current needs outside of ourselves, we may overlook the quiet inner voice of the heart that holds the authentic blueprint, the divine codes of our highest vision.  As we make that pivotal adjustment – finding our center – everything changes.


Reorienting to the heart takes courage.  It’s not about ignoring or disconnecting from what’s occurring around us in order to go inward, it’s about bringing our full awakened presence through the lens of the heart as we interface with our reality and then take action.  As we align with the heart, we begin to see through the eyes of the heart, responding through the mechanism of Love, as Love in action.  Our thoughts, words, and actions are generated through the lens of the heart, so the heart becomes the central voice of all that we are.  The lens we’re looking through is the mechanism of creation that manifests our world.

Disarming the mental body tendencies to engage in old fear based stories and habitual thoughts requires wisdom and discernment.   The patience to know when our inner dialogue has shifted away from the heart and into old programming is important, and how we respond to that active part of our mind while re-establishing trust and safety is key.  It’s an ongoing relationship of ebb and flow, expansion and contraction, as we massage through the triggers and tags of residual thoughts and limiting patterns.  Similarly, it takes a delicate lens of discernment to recognize the current conversations and patterns of the collective field without taking that on as our personal voice and inner dialogue.  Discernment activates from within.


The heart is the center of gravity that allows us to transcend the gravitational pull of past patterns and programming as we awaken to Love, liberating ourselves from the current skin we’re living in, calling forth a higher manifestation of our true nature that feels more attuned, more aligned.  There is alchemy in every attunement towards the heart, and Love is the activating frequency that facilitates radical transformation and shapeshifting of the highest order.  The center of the heart is also the gateway to universal connectivity and oneness, and we gain access to the limitless realm of potential and possibility as we continue to calibrate that grounding point within.


When we let go of our desire to change things “out there”, and instead learn to Love unconditionally by living from the center of our awakened heart, our world shifts on a dime.  We become the witness of magic unfolding and redesigning…not by forcing, but by allowing, from the deepest presence of the heart, which cultivates Universal Presence of Love.  It can be confusing to the ego mind to think that we could actually BE Love instead of trying to change the world…and by BEING Love, the world changes.


The week begins on Monday 9/13 with a Black Moon Pallas resource, Mercury Pallas great eliminator, Mars Sedna manifestation, and Mars Ixion stepping stone.  Wisdom allows us to shed and release old attachments and limiting thoughts.  As we do, there’s available space in our cellular structure to calibrate the higher records of our crystalline codes and awakened blueprint.  The body is a record keeper, and if we use our available bandwidth to continue storing and embodying old patterns and wounds from the past, it can be congesting when we try to access our awakened Truth.  By choosing to elevate our frequency, we can eliminate the residue of congestion and fine tune ourselves with clarity.


On Tuesday 9/14, Venus forms a resource with Quaoar, followed by a Sun Neptune bridge, Mars Chariklo manifestation, then Mars enters Libra, the Black Moon is in resource with Neptune, and Vesta is in resource with the Galactic Center.  The Sun Neptune bridge activates a zoom in/ zoom out lens of clarity and truth, if we’re willing to honor the lens of the heart and calibrate equanimity.  If not, then that lens can get confusing, revealing every possible distraction, distortion, and slippery blind spot.  Truth requires non-attachment, so we can see ourselves clearly in the mirror.  As Mars enters Libra, we access the mirrored lens of reflection to see ourselves (and our actions) clearly.  As we master the relationship with feedback in the mirror, we gain infinite power to consciously choose.


Wednesday 9/15 is a Black Moon Sun manifestation, Black Moon Jupiter stepping stone, Black Moon Pluto manifestation, Vesta Haumea new cycle, and Venus Varuna stepping stone.   A lot is unveiling today, shedding Light in order to expand into new territory.  Our inner fire of devotion sparks a new cycle of wholeness – within and without.  When we honor the inner spark of passion that fuels our highest vision of the heart, we are limitless…and our capacity to collaborate expands.  We can see all possibilities, connecting the dots between the manifested and unmanifested, the visible and invisible realms.


On Thursday 9/16, there’s a lot of activity, starting with a Black Moon Haumea great eliminator, Black Moon Vesta great eliminator, Venus Salacia great eliminator, Sun Jupiter great eliminator, Black Moon Sedna communion, Black Moon Ixion great eliminator, Black Moon Chariklo manifestation, then Black Moon re-enters Gemini, Quaoar stations direct, Black Moon manifests with Mars, followed by a Sun Pluto manifestation and Sun Eris great eliminator.   Every time we come home to our center and calibrate to Love, we spark a shedding process that eliminates any residue or congestion, and fine tunes the clarity of our awakened Truth.  The Truth is, we are limitless…and every time we attune to that infinite potential, we awaken magic.


Friday 9/17 starts with a Venus Saturn stepping stone, Black Moon Quaoar great eliminator, Black Moon North Node communion, Black Moon Varuna resource, Black Moon Salacia resource, Black Moon MakeMake resource, and Mercury Neptune great eliminator.  Another busy Black Moon day of revelations that uncover our highest lens of vision and spark our limitless capacity for clarity, wisdom, and Love.  As we choose to live through the higher lens of universal oneness, we establish cohesive partnership with the higher realms.


On Saturday 9/18, the Black Moon manifests with Saturn, communes with Ceres, and find resource with Chiron.  The Black Moon takes the stage again today, birthing us through our greatest reinvention process, the conversion of old wounds into mastery, and the revelation of our awakened Self that has yet to be defined.


And on Sunday 9/19, Vesta and Sedna form a great eliminator, followed by a Vesta Ixion resource, Black Moon Orcus stepping stone, Sun Galactic Center stepping stone, Vesta Chariklo stepping stone, and Black Moon Juno bridge.  The inner fire of devotion is attuning to the higher dimensions of clarity that hold our highest truth and awakened blueprint.   There’s nothing to force, nothing to search for “out there”, this is an inner process of fine tuning.  Allow the mirrored reflection of the outer world to facilitate the greater unfolding of truth within.  Today is a powerful day to remember who you are and why it matters that you’re here.


The practice this week is integration and fine tuning.  Oftentimes we look for the big peak experiences in life, and can easily assume that nothing is happening in the quiet spaces in between.   Pay attention to the space between, the quiet inner moments of realignment, attunement, and recalibration.   Every subtle shift activates ripples and waves that take time and space to manifest clearly, however the shifts are occurring now, in the present moment, in each and every breath and step.  Remember to honor the sacredness and divinity of each moment, no matter how big or small, ordinary or extreme.  Celebrate where you are on your journey, and keep coming back home to the center of your heart, the orientation point of Love and Oneness.


“The heart is a thousand stringed instrument that can only be tuned by Love.”  ~ Rumi


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  1. Dear Christine, your interpretations of the Cosmos are Outstanding, so much Gratitude to you for sharing it with all ❤️❤️❤️

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