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For the week of August 23 – 29, 2021

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We’re in an accelerated week of integration from the recent Aquarian Full Moon (Blue Moon) on Sunday that delivered lightning speed downloads of Light to the core of our being.  It’s time to expand, and expansion requires a willingness to release the attachments to our current holding patterns, and the attachments to time/space, agendas, and outcomes that cause us to lose our center.  As we loosen our grip and let go of the things we can’t control, we enter the current of a larger river, communing with a higher octave of trust and faith.


That Aquarian Full Moon awakened new consciousness that alters the status quo and elevates the conversation to a higher frequency of Love, Unity, and Wholeness.   If we can imagine tuning our inner channels to that higher conversation, we can plug into a more elevated universal dialogue that’s calling forth our greatest expansion, highest purpose, and awakened mastery.  It’s time to reveal what’s been living and breathing within us for so long.  It’s time to set free anything that’s been compromising or suppressing that divine godspark of Light.  And it’s time to unleash and uncensor our most authentic expression of Truth, beauty, and wisdom.


As we deep dive into the unknown, unfamiliar landscapes within our hidden dimension of untapped potential, there is magic waiting to be discovered.  When we bring the brightest spotlight of Love as our guiding Light, we can awaken that potential, make it visible, and consciously choose to integrate our wholeness with empowered clarity.  When we see the truth of who we are, and reconcile every wound and scar that led to the mastery and brilliance, we restore integrity and vitality in our system.  Anytime we honor the truth of who we are, and find right alignment with that truth, we expand exponentially…launching like a shooting star


Recognizing that the outer world is a reflection of our inner paradigm, when we awaken the Truth within ourselves and lovingly embrace our wholeness, we simultaneously unlock hidden potential in the world around us, loving the world back to wholeness.  Wholeness requires a deep acceptance of what is, in order to honor every piece and part and space between.  There’s nothing to fix, nothing to change…and yet our compassionate acceptance of the holiness within all things begins to spark a greater movement of dynamic sustainable change, ripple effects of Light emerging.


The lens of wholeness allows us to find wisdom, resolution, and completion, even though the surface appearances may not always feel finished, clean, or tidy, the way we would like it.  The lens of wholeness releases the struggle of judgment and resistance, calling forth a higher octave of reverence, which elevates our channels of vision to a whole new level of awareness and communion.  A whole new world is possible, at the cutting edge of surrendered acceptance.  When we learn to work with what’s right in front of us instead of pushing against what we don’t like or don’t understand, we can find peace.


One of the most challenging wounds to resolve and reconcile is the un-manifested potential of the heart’s longing or desire for a different outcome.  The heart lives in infinite possibility, intimately dancing with the timeless invisible realm of spirit and magic, which requires faith and trust to navigate.  There can be a profound struggle to surrender and let go when a current situation doesn’t manifest according to our desired outcomes or beliefs in possibility.  When unexpected twists and turns take us for a loop and our center gets shaken or rocked to the core, it can be difficult to see clearly, or even believe in what we’re seeing.


Navigating the infinite ocean of limitless possibilities (aka: uncertainty) with equanimity requires compassion, humility, and grace.  Knowing when to stay the course with faith and belief, and knowing when to surrender and let go, is delicate.   There is no formula, the path is messy, and we may never feel complete in those experiences….however, every messy swirl has the capacity to stretch our hearts wide open and calibrate our channels of connectivity to an even deeper communion with the invisible realm.  The ongoing practice of trust and faith in the invisible realm, especially in the times when things don’t make sense on the surface, or we can’t see what’s coming next, is so important.  Every time we choose to open our hearts, thereby strengthening our inner resilience to believe in Love, we’re preparing for the next leap of faith that manifests unexpected surprises and spontaneous miracles.


As we expand through the delicate heart space, and integrate our channels of multidimensional communication beyond the veils, we must also remain fully present in the current moment, in relationship with current reality…in our bodies, in our divine expression, participating in the greater unfolding.  Staying in our own lane, minding our hearts, while the multidimensional threads of connectivity begin merging and overlapping, revealing a beautiful design of intricate webbing that unifies the physical and the spiritual, the visible and invisible.  The journey from 3D to 5D  takes us from linear timelines and outcomes to multidimensional, multifaceted connectivity and unity through divine wholeness.


The Sun is currently in Virgo, which reminds us of the ever shifting, ever adapting grains of sand that continue to re-orient and recalibrate in relationship with the wholeness of a larger orchestration and a more expansive lens.  Zooming in and zooming out, we can fine tune our personal alignment and integrity with the heart, while expanding through the multidimensional wholeness of every unfolding, whether we can see it all clearly yet or not.  Eventually, there is refined brilliance and wisdom revealed.


The week begins on Monday 8/23 with a Black Moon Mercury stepping stone, Sun Chariklo great eliminator, and Venus Saturn manifestation.  Mercury is a big player this week, integrating and assimilating those awakened downloads of Light and revelations of Truth, not only from the Aquarian Full Moon, but also from the recent Lion’s Gate activation earlier this month.  As our inner operating system reorients to a higher channel of clarity and wisdom, new revelations and messages start flooding through our system.  This is a defining moment of awakening.  The Venus Saturn manifestation is part of yesterday’s Full Moon activation.  The heart is renegotiating and rewriting the stories we’re living in and the stories we’re telling ourselves.  It’s time to reconcile within our hearts, balance the scales, and recalibrate the mirror to Love for a brand new beginning.  Last week, Venus and MakeMake sparked a new cycle of divine timing and universal law and order.  Venus then manifested with Ceres and now Saturn, birthing us into a new paradigm, for a reinvention of the highest order.


On Tuesday 8/24, there’s a Venus Juno resource, Black Moon Vesta manifestation, Black Moon Mars stepping stone, MakeMake North Node manifestation, Ceres North Node new cycle, Mercury Neptune bridge, and Ceres MakeMake manifestation.   The Mercury Neptune bridge allows us to see Truth…and to recognize the distortions within our own minds that prevent us from seeing clearly.  Our relationship with Truth requires equanimity, transparency, and neutrality, and the key to clear communication is also equanimity, transparency, and neutrality.  If we’re attached, or if we’re hiding or denying our deepest truth from ourself or others, our communication will be skewed.  If we don’t want to hear something that makes us uncomfortable, we might bend our lens to see what we want to see, which distorts the lens of vision and prevents us from seeing clearly, even the things we want to see.  When we calibrate our channels to Love, we can see through the eyes of compassion and acceptance, and everything is revealed.  We can trust that all things will be revealed in divine timing, and that the Truth always comes to Light.  Ultimately, the Truth sets us free.  If we’re kidding ourselves by only hearing what we want to hear, making assumptions or projections, fragmenting from current reality, we miss the opportunity to elevate to higher dimensions of consciousness.  There’s a beautiful unveiling occurring today, if we’re willing to listen without attachments, judgments, or agendas.


Wednesday 8/25 starts with a Black Moon Uranus subtle intimacy aspect, followed by a Mercury Pallas bridge, Black Moon Orcus stepping stone, and Black Moon Chiron resource.  More unveilings are available today, some that may take us by surprise.  Those surprises are delicate today, and require a soft opening of the heart to receive.  There’s a significant opportunity to cultivate wisdom from our experiences by connecting the dots and shedding light on the bigger picture that’s unfolding, beyond just this moment in time.  It’s important to honor the wholeness of every situation in order to find higher meaning and wisdom.  Nothing is by coincidence or random chance, everything is connected to a larger spiral of creation, a universal orchestration, animated and inspired by Love.  We may not always recognize it at the time, but everything always comes back to Love.


On Thursday 8/26, the Black Moon manifests with Venus, followed by a Venus Chiron bridge, Mercury Eris great eliminator, Mercury Pluto manifestation, Ceres Salacia resource, Black Moon Juno bridge, and Sun Quaoar manifestation.  Today’s Venus Chiron bridge facilitates a profound healing of the heart.  As we soften our gaze to see clearly through the lens of Love, we begin to pull back the veils and let the light in.  Keeping an open heart, we can experience the inner awakenings of Love through the mirrored lens of all that’s occurring around us.  In other words, if our heart is open, we can receive Love more generously than if our hearts are guarded or protected.  The universe can come to us if we’re open, Love can find us when we’re receptive.  The world can shift on a dime when we dance with Love and allow our hearts to heal.


Friday 8/27 starts with a Neptune Pallas new cycle, then Mercury Jupiter great eliminator, Pluto Eris stepping stone, Black Moon Saturn manifestation, and Mercury Galactic Center stepping stone.  Enlightenment is a willingness to sit with Truth, without distortion or distraction, without bypassing, avoiding, or disconnecting.  Enlightenment is our natural state, it’s the purest essence of our heart, and the unconditional current of Love that allows us to remain open, no matter what we find.  Today is a new cycle in the sacred relationship between Truth and Wisdom.  When we can see clearly, we find wisdom.  Wisdom is universal.  Distilled universal wisdom can be applied to anything, which means we can integrate it and embody it, and we can offer it up as medicine to the collective.  When we plug in to the rich library of cosmic wisdom, we can expand through the journeys and experiences of others, through the wholeness of the universe.  Every life’s journey has wisdom to offer, no matter how the story unfolds.  Wisdom is the magic that allows us to rewrite our own story by seeing clearly where we’ve been, integrating the gold from our significant choice points, and making new choices up ahead.


On Saturday 8/28, there’s a Black Moon Ceres communion, Black Moon Salacia resource, Black Moon MakeMake manifestation, Venus Great Attractor resource, Venus Uranus great eliminator, and Black Moon North Node communion.  The great unveiler is busy today, sending us through the birth canal of new revelations, ushering us through the transitions that occur when truth is unearthed and set free, like time release capsules that prompt new growth, new movement, and new orientation.  The awakened heart is supporting in that divine orchestration.


And on Sunday 8/29, the Sun intersects the Moon’s Nodes, followed by Mercury Sedna manifestation, Mercury Ixion stepping stone, Sun Salacia great eliminator, and Mercury enters Libra.  The Sun activates a significant Wisdom Crossroads, a profound choice point between our karmic and dharmic potential.  With the Sun in Virgo, it’s important to honor our heart, to find right alignment with the heart, and to honor our inner integrity.  As we reflect on our past experiences, we can see clearly the times that we didn’t honor our heart or move with integrity, and the prices we paid as a result – physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.  The key to our overall health and wellness is honoring the heart, and uncensoring the authentic expression of the heart.  If we compartmentalize, bypass, or ignore the inner messenger, there are eventually prices to pay.  Today is an important day to tune into the wisdom of personal experiences, and choose consciously in your thoughts, words, and actions.  By the end of the day, Mercury moves into Libra, the sign of the mirrored self through relationship.  Mercury will soon retrograde through Libra from September 27 – October 18, and this marks a significant journey through our ability to see ourselves and our current reality through the mind/body feedback loop.  When we can see clearly, we are empowered to choose from conscious wisdom.


The practice this week is alignment with the heart.  Tune in each day and have a conversation with your heart, listening to your deepest truth and establishing transparency and authenticity within yourself.  If we’re not willing to listen to our own heart, we can’t begin to see or hear clearly in the relationships around us.  Remember, clarity comes from equanimity and neutrality, which is the suspension of judgment in order to see through the eyes of Love.  Love can see into the truth of anything, like x-ray vision, because there’s nothing to judge, nothing to fix, nothing to change.  Love accepts and honors all that is, exactly as it is.  Love is the calibrated frequency that awakens Truth and sparks transformation and alchemy.


“Nothing ever goes away until it has taught us what we need to know
…nothing ever really attacks us except our own confusion.  Perhaps there is no solid obstacle except our own need to protect ourselves from being touched.  Maybe the only enemy is that we don’t like the way reality is now and therefore wish it would go away fast.  But what we find as practitioners is that nothing ever goes away until it has taught us what we need to know.  If we run a hundred miles an hour to the other end of the continent in order to get away from the obstacle, we find the very same problem waiting for us when we arrive.  It just keeps returning with new names, forms, manifestations until we learn whatever it has to teach us about where we are separating ourselves from reality, how we are pulling back instead of opening up, closing down instead of allowing ourselves to experience fully whatever we encounter, without hesitating or retreating into ourselves.”
― Pema Chödrön,                


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