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For the week of August 16 – 22, 2021

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The week ahead delivers another super charged activation of Divine Love as an awakened current of  higher consciousness.  This week’s uncommon Blue Moon in Aquarius is both spontaneous and revolutionary, in true Aquarian fashion.  Prepare for the unexpected, the unusual, the unprecedented…and most importantly, prepare to be awakened out of the blue.


The nature of any revelatory awakening is spontaneous and sudden…it happens in the blink of any eye.  Once lightning strikes, we can’t go back to sleep or forget what’s been illuminated in our consciousness.  We are forever altered, and forever elevated into a new current of change.  That new current of change requires time and space to integrate, and that runway isn’t always linear or logical.  Sometimes it’s messy, oftentimes chaotic and uncomfortable at first.  Eventually the newness becomes the solid ground below our feet, and we find ourselves in a whole new world…in divine timing.


Change of any kind can trigger the nervous system into stress, fight/flight/freeze, or patterns of anxiety or fear.  It’s important to honor the current sensations while also supporting the integration process to higher ground.  If we collapse into the temporary triggers of stress, we stunt our growth and limit ourselves from expansion.  If we can allow and take care of the temporary discomfort while consciously forwarding and elevating, we’ll experience the magic of refinement, resilience, and mastery.  Finding comfort in the discomfort allows us to practice radical self Love through the oftentimes unexpected journey of transformation


In periods of accelerated growth and expansion, we must stay tuned to our inner navigation system for guidance and clarity.  The only place to tune in is through the heart.  As we experience a destabilization of old comfort zones and familiar patterning, we can find our safe harbor within the heart.  Making it our practice to keep the heart open unconditionally, and trusting the inner discernment and integrity of the heart, we can navigate moments of uncertainty with grace and ease as the new structures are coming online.  When we lose faith and trust, our lower minds can stray outside of the heart in efforts to plan the next step or figure out how to find something solid to grab onto.


Free-flowing in the vastness of infinite possibility requires a healthy surrender and ultimate trust in the divine orchestration of a higher vision manifesting and unfolding.  If we feel that we need to figure it all out before it unfolds, we run the risk of repeating where we’ve been, and spending another cycle on the loop of karmic repetition.  In order for anything new to manifest, we must be willing to let go of where we’ve been, how we’ve done things in the past, and any attachments to the spontaneous redesign process.  Transformation requires a letting go of what was, a destabilization of the old atmospheric conditions, and a surrendered return to the vast universal potential, undefined and unwritten…everything and nothing.  From there, if we can withstand the discomfort and disorientation of uncertainty, the lights come on and a new vision appears…rebirth and resurrection.  Without needing to know how, all is made visible, crystal clear.  As we partner with the universal frequencies of Divine Love, that higher vision can manifest, ground, and take shape.  If we insist on doing it our way, insist on knowing the outcome before the higher vision awakens, we limit the available potential.


Trust and faith in communion with the invisible realm of limitless possibilities is key.  Trust and faith in what we can’t yet see.  Trust and faith in the un-manifested potential.  Trust and faith in the process of transformation that includes temporary turbulence, discomfort, and chaos.  Trust and faith in the higher vision that is awakening from the heart, within every cell of our embodied presence.  Trust and faith in our capacity to be with ourselves through it all, without any guarantees of the final outcome.


Our greatest expansion requires a dynamic stretch through and beyond our current edges.  As we confront our inner edges of discomfort, resistance, and inflammation, we can consciously soften, loosening up the attachments to our current fabric of embodiment…shedding our skin and revealing the brilliance of our innermost awakened Light.  Our bodies are a record keeper of every wound, hurt, and scar we’ve endured in this lifetime.  Our bodies also hold the records and reminders of our awakened Truth, Divine Light, and crystalline codes of mastery.  Shedding the limitations from old wounds and stories, we fully emerge as the Light within, expressing authentically from our highest potential of vitality.  It’s time to awaken to the truth of who we are…beyond the story, beyond the records of embodiment that we’ve identified with and as for so long.  It’s time to uncover and reveal our divine essence, the awakened mastery from the silence within.


The week begins on Monday 8/16 with a Venus Chariklo manifestation, Mercury Juno stepping stone, Mercury Saturn great eliminator, and Sun Pallas great eliminator.   As we experience various destabilizations in our current status quo, the heart manifests with stability and grace from a higher lens of equanimity.  Equanimity provides a solid observer’s perch for the awakened mind to see wholeness and oneness through the eyes of Love.  Eliminating any projections of judgment, divine wisdom is revealed and clarity restored.


On Tuesday 8/17, the Sun manifests with Eris and forms a great eliminator with Pluto.  The Sun is in the final degrees of Leo this week, continuing to shine brightly through gratitude, abundance, and generosity.  When we find the blessing in the unexpected turbulence, we can meet the moment with an open heart and manifest dynamic change.  If we’re shut down, resistant, or cold hearted, that turbulence will only agitate us further until we surrender, release, and let go.  Every unfolding supports our greatest awakening and evolution.  When we choose to work with what’s occurring instead of push against, we become generators of cohesive abundance and sustainable vitality.  It’s not always comfortable or easy, but we can choose to move with ease and awaken through each movement.


Wednesday 8/18 starts with a Mars Orcus new cycle, followed by a Mars Chiron great eliminator, Saturn Juno resource, Mercury Orcus new cycle, Mercury Chiron great eliminator, and Mercury Mars new cycle.  The Mind/Body relationship calibrates to a new octave of mastery through self awareness and awakened wholeness.  When we can see the big picture that every wound generates the opening for mastery, we can reconcile our gifts with the shadows and find wholeness in all.  Acceptance yields grace which restores purity and innocence…reminding us that every step and every choice along the path is sacred.  When we remember why we’re here, and what our greatest contribution is in this journey, we can see the divinity of every challenge and obstacle along the way.  Nothing is without meaning.  As we elevate to a higher lens of gratitude and acceptance, the mind/body feedback mirror begins to reflect grace and beauty through our actions and results.


On Thursday 8/19 Venus forms a stepping stone with Quaoar, followed by a Venus Great Attractor resource, Sun Haumea resource, Sun Galactic Center manifestation, Ceres Varuna resource, Mercury Great Attractor stepping stone, Sun Jupiter bridge, then Uranus stations retrograde.  Today’s Sun Jupiter bridge is a significant part of the upcoming Full Moon in Aquarius.  We’re each stepping across the bridge of a significant choice point…to awaken and expand to higher realms of consciousness, initiating radical expansion that transcends and redesigns the old patterns of limitations.  We’re at an evolutionary crossroads, and the choice is up to every individual.   Ceres is birthing us through the highest lens of vision, the universal eye of oneness as our mind/heart partnership is channeling source energy as pure creative potential.   Never has there been a more fertile connection to our capacity to manifest and create through the higher realms of universal awareness.  It truly is an invitation to elevate instead of push or fight against current situations or events.  Uranus stations retrograde today until January 18, 2022, inviting us to interrupt our own inner status quo and find a higher octave of consciousness, accessing higher thinking, invention, and innovation.  It’s not enough to push back or fight against limitations, we must awaken new consciousness to evolve and move forward.  That higher consciousness is always Love.


Friday 8/20 is a Mercury Uranus manifestation, Jupiter Galactic Center resource, Venus Varuna resource, Jupiter Haumea manifestation, Venus Ceres manifestation, Uranus Vesta great eliminator, and Chiron Orcus great eliminator.   It’s time to awaken new thoughts for sustainable change.  The current thoughts that are fueling the current situations on the planet must be met with new consciousness in order to shift the conversation and elevate the game.  There is infinite support to expand our lens of vision when we come from the heart.  If our hearts are closed, our view is skewed.  When we’re open and equanimous, we can see the universe in crystalline clarity through every unfolding and unexpected surprise.


On Saturday 8/21, the Black Moon turns retrograde at 22 Gemini, followed by a Mars Great Attractor stepping stone, Venus MakeMake new cycle, Venus Salacia Light Bridge, and Sun Sedna stepping stone.  Black Moon’s pivot at 22 Gemini sparks a subtle intimacy aspect with the sensitive 22 Taurus degree that activated the summer’s wormhole/eclipse passage.  There’s significance in that degree, and it matters that we find our seat of presence and stillness to tune in today.  The heart engages with divine timing for a new cycle, while activating a Light Bridge with Salacia.  When we remember the truth of who we are, the vast fluid limitlessness that we are, we can trust in the divine timing of all events.  The heart is dancing in a divine universal flow that can’t be forced or rushed, it must be honored and allowed with intention and presence.  The higher laws of nature, Love, and oneness are at play.


And Sunday 8/22 starts with a Venus North Node (dharmic) manifestation, Venus South Node (karmic) resource, Mars Uranus manifestation, Sun Ixion manifestation, then the Full Moon in Aquarius at 8:02am ET, just before the Sun enters Virgo and Haumea finds resource with the Galactic Center.   The heart leads the way today, manifesting with our dharmic potential to transcend duality and access the diamond mind of conscious wisdom.  If we can take the high road, our actions will reflect new consciousness from the heart, yielding unexpected outcomes that can truly rock our world.  If we don’t take the high road, we may experience wake up calls that nudge us back into conscious awareness of our higher purpose and core values.


The Full Moon in Aquarius is the highlight of the week, and signifies an electric exclamation point to the entire Lion’s Gate activation and downloads of Light.  In case we missed it, there was an Aquarian Full Moon on July 23, just before the Lion’s Gate opened.  Now we’re at the full blown master degree of Aquarius – the sign of the Great Awakener and Divine Love.  We’re moving into new consciousness, and the frequency is Divine Love.  When we choose to elevate our current understanding of Love and realize a higher Love that is universal, non-local and unattached, we experience downloads of cosmic consciousness that can support and serve humanity in innovative progressive ways.


The Aquarian Full Moon is disposed by Uranus, who is now retrograde and manifesting with Mercury and Mars and in a stepping stone with Saturn.  There is a dynamic opportunity to awaken the mind/body connection and calibrate to a higher lens of consciousness, sparking innovative movement for our health and wellness, and the evolution of our communities.  The Aquarian Full Moon is conjunct Jupiter, highlighting the recent Mercury and Mars bridges with Jupiter, amplifying the current wake up calls and choice points for our own embodied consciousness.  Our thoughts manifest through the body as tangible expressions.  When our thoughts are unconscious, misguided, or unintentional, we manifest through that embodiment, choosing that expression.  When our thoughts are awake, elevated, and attuned to Divine Love, the possibilities for spontaneous manifestations of miracles and blessings unfold with grace and ease.  When we attune to that channel of Divine Love, we are operating at the speed of Light that matches the universal potential for creation.  When we manifest on behalf of All, our intentions are elevated and expanded, exponentially.  We must remember that Oneness includes ourselves.  If we leave ourselves out of the equation of Love, we’re not operating from Divine Love.  We must awaken to see the divinity in ourselves, equal to All Beings.


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Shortly after the Full Moon event, the Sun moves into Virgo, the sign of holistic integration, wholeness, integrity and alignment with the heart.  In Cosmic Consciousness, Virgo represents the Virgin Mother, the purest heart that births Christ Consciousness, the unified field of Unconditional Love and infinite possibilities.  The awakenings from this Aquarian Full Moon are now being integrated, digested, and embodied through our entire system – physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.  The journey of wholeness is critical, the lens of awakened wholeness is the gateway to ascension, the bridge that elevates and transcends 3D to 5D.


The practice this week is inner stillness and silence.  Find time each day to connect within, bring your undivided attention into the heart, and listen.  Be willing to sit with whatever arises, without judgment or resistance.  Allow your heart to open unconditionally.  Practice equanimity in the stillness, and allow a greater awakening to occur…through Divine Love.


“All that is necessary to awaken to yourself as the radiant emptiness of spirit is to stop seeking something more or better or different, and to turn your attention inward to the awake silence that you are.”
― Adyashanti    



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